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Monthly challenges for writers eager to expand in their writing capabilities. And yes, this is a contest.
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Syberian Quest

Welcome to the 39 Clues Monthly Writing Prompt! :)

And if you feel like you've seen this before, then you probably have. I stole this idea from FictionPress and have finally forced myself to make a forum for it. XD

So. Let's get to it.

What is the Monthly Prompt?

- It is a challenge for anyone who would like to develop their writing skills. All are welcome.

What will the prompt be?

-It could be anything. A sentence, idea, character, genre - you name it, that could be it. Some months it may be more general, such as "broken relationships," and another month it could be rather specific, such as an actual sentence you must include in your story, along with Sinead Starling. Who knows? It could be just about anything.

Does my story have to be a one-shot or multi-chap?

-It doesn't really matter. Although, if it is a multi-chap, please have more than 1000 words up by the end of the month.

Can I use an existing story if it qualifies?

-No, sorry. The point of this is to force you to think "outside the box," and if you've already written a story for this, challenge yourself to write a different one.

Is this a competition?

-Of sorts, yes. Every month, you can go to the topic that I've created for that specific month and "pledge" to join. That means that you will review the winner's story, if it doesn't happen to be you. If you pledge and then back out, that's okay. Pledging doesn't automatically mean that youhaveto do it. It's just nice to get a general idea of how many people are joining for that month.

How do I let you know when I've written my story?

-Just post a link to your story in the month's section saying that you've completed the challenge.

How does a person win?

-Around the very end of the month, I will create a poll with all the stories entered. You may vote for the one you think best. But please, read all the others first. Don't just vote for yourself.

Do you have any sway in who will win?

-No. I may even join myself sometimes. But if I see a particular story that isn't very good winning by a ridiculous amount, I may start to wonder. Overall, however, the story is chosen by the people, not me.

If I win, what do I get?

-Free reviews from everyone else that entered. You don't review the winner, you can't join the next month. Also, your story will be added to a special community just for winners of the prompt.

Do I have to join every month?

-Absolutely not. The prompts will be every month, but only enter the ones you are able to.

When do the prompts come out, and when does my story have to be submitted?

-Prompts will be given out at the very beginning of the month (think the first or second). Just whenever I can get them out. Submissions must given in three weeks later. I will give a specific date for each prompt. You're late, and I can't accept it. Sorry. After the poll is put up, you can't join,unless you have a very good reason. PM me if you have a reasonable excuse, and I will add you when you can submit. But be warned, because your story will be at a disadvantage if added to the polls later than the others.

And I think that pretty much covers it. Any questions are free to be asked here. :)

5/22/2011 . Edited 5/26/2011 #1
Kaye Nightshade

Hi, Syberia! :) This is a very nice idea. I would like to join! I really do need to improve. -.-

So, let me ask: Are drabbles accepted OR it has to be a one-shot/ multi-chap? :/

5/24/2011 . Edited 5/24/2011 #2
Syberian Quest

Glad you found this, Kaye. :D The more the merrier!

As for drabbles, I think I will allow them, but there are a few *requirements.* Here's what I'll say: If you write a drabble, it has to be a NEW story, at least three drabbles or 1000 words must be up by submission, and you must strictly follow the prompt. That's why I'm a bit leery of putting drabbles in - some months it will be rather difficult to follow the prompt for every drabble. If you want to continue with them after the month is over with a new topic, that's fine, I suppose.

So, yes. Drabbles are welcome, although they might be a bit difficult for some months.

Hope this helps, and I hope to see you joining June's prompt! :)

5/24/2011 #3
Another Artist

Fun, fun, fun. I'd love to participate, so hopefully I'll be able to. My fingers are crossed. :)

5/24/2011 #4
Kaye Nightshade


Yes, I was just lurking around the forums while in my grandma's dinner party when I found this. :) YEY!!! :D

Well, maybe I won't really write drabbles. o.o I was just asking but thanks for the answer, anyway. :) I would be writing one-shots instead of multi-chaps. o.o Because school is coming this June so, I won't be updating much. (Even though, I don't update my other multi-chaps. :P)

Yes, I will be joining June's prompt! :D

5/24/2011 . Edited 5/24/2011 #5
Syberian Quest

Lovely! I shall be revealing June's prompt on the first of the month and unlocking the forum, so make sure to come back then. (Based on time-zones, I'm assuming it will probably be the second for you, Kaye)

And feel free to tell others. :)

5/25/2011 #6

Hi Syberia! Can I join?

5/25/2011 #7
Syberian Quest

Absolutely, Silver. :)

Just come back on June first when I'll have the first prompt up.

5/25/2011 #8

Okay then. I'll mark it.

5/25/2011 #9
The Cahill-Demigod Witch

Ah... hi there :)

I was wondering if I could join. I love a good writing challenge. But since I go back to school in... *checks calendar* June 13, I guess I have the time, but I won't be able to update frequently. Is that okay?

Um... yeah, guess that's all I have to say. :D

5/26/2011 #10
Syberian Quest

Glad that you can join!

I understand that some people will be heading back to school soon (Philippines, right?), but you'll have about three weeks to get it done. And if you make a one-shot, then that shouldn't be a huge problem. :)

5/26/2011 #11
The Cahill-Demigod Witch

Alright! Thanks! :D

Yes, that's right. Enough time for me to do several one-shots. It usually takes me a few hours to do a one-shot... hah... dunno why. :)

5/26/2011 #12
limping llama

Well, Syberia, this seems interesting. I'll see if I can try to write. I am starting a new school in Japan in late June, (which is like the end of the first semester of school).

By the way, how long would you define a one shot? Just wondering...


5/27/2011 #13
Syberian Quest

That's great, Ballet! :)

Honestly, a one-shot could be just about any length. Trust me - I've seen it all. Some are almost like drabbles, but ones with real plotlines are generally at least a thousand words or so. As long as it's well-written, it doesn't particularly matter.

5/27/2011 #14
Kaye Nightshade

*sigh* I have to go back to school on... June 6. -.- It's nearing. *screams and runs around in circles* I'm scared. o.o

5/27/2011 #15
The Cahill-Demigod Witch

Hi there, Kaye! :) I go back to school on June 13 *mutters to self* As if that's important... two days before the preschoolers in my school go back. Aaaah...

I'm not scared. I can't sleep because of excitement. :D

5/28/2011 #16
President Snow

Eek. Another challenge. Sounds interesting- so, we get the whole month to work on the one prompt, right? :S I'll check back. :)

June 1st... I have vaccinations that day. :O Four injections in one day... D;

5/31/2011 #17

May I join, Syberia?

5/31/2011 #18
Syberian Quest

Everyone is free to join. :)

I'll be posting the prompt tomorrow, so make sure to check. Also, Snow, you will have until basically the end of the month to work on it, yes. I'll give an exact date in the prompt.

5/31/2011 #19
The Cahill-Demigod Witch

Ah, Syberia? Is it supposed to be a one-shot or a drabble?

5/31/2011 #20
President Snow

Mmkay, thanks Sy! :) I'll join, then.

6/1/2011 #21
Syberian Quest

Sam: It can be a one-shot, multi-chap, or drabble. Whatever you choose - as long as you follow the regulations.


June's prompt is officially up. :)

6/1/2011 #22
The Cahill-Demigod Witch

Alright, thanks, Syberia! Lemme check it out :D

6/1/2011 #23
Cascading Rainbows
I'm participating, but one question: how long will the contest be? I'm debating on whether or not I should make a Drabble multi-chap, depending on how many prompts there will be.
6/3/2011 #24
Syberian Quest

Well, the way it works is that there is one prompt per month. If you do drabbles, then the rules are that you need to create a new story with three drabbles for that particular prompt. Hope that helps. :)

6/3/2011 #25
Kaye Nightshade

Syberia; I think, I have some bad news. o_o I think, I can't join this challenge anymore. :( It's just that even though it's just the third day of school, I am already that busy. *sigh* I'm so sorry, if this upsets you but I would really love to help in any way. :) Helping you monitor or something. ;) [For the stories, of course. :)] I only have enough time for only one contest and that's for Amy's. [I still didn't even start anything for the next prompt. -.-"] Hope you understand I can't join. :) But in any way, I would love to help you, just not writing any stories just yet. :)

6/8/2011 #26

Oh, Syberia, I would at least like to try! May I do the June prompt? I have an idea... oh, and I don't have to join next month, right? Just want to clarify. :)

And I have to review the winner, correct? Sure, I can do that. :)

Uhhh... and it's a short story, right? Uhh... yeah, I think that's my idea. :D It's still in the examination stage, I think, but I like it so far.


6/13/2011 #27
Syberian Quest

Kaye: That's all right. If you ever get "less busy," feel free to join again another month. There are plenty of other months to join in. :)

Rage: You got it. Short story, if you want, long one - it doesn't really matter. As long as it follows the rules and goes with the prompt. :)

6/13/2011 #28

Okay, thanks, Syberia! I'm typing it now, actually... I'm liking it so far.

Real quick, though... does it have to have that quote in there, "Give me freedom, or give me death"? I just want to make sure.

Mine is going to be a short story... maybe a page or two, but most likely about a page and a half... I hope that's enough words... I'll try to prolong it a bit. :)


6/13/2011 #29
Syberian Quest

That's great. :)

No, it doesn't need those words. That was just my lame title for the month. xD

All you need is a topic that revolves around freedom. Whether or not they actually find freedom is up to you.

6/13/2011 #30
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