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One condition with me starting the RP, don't do a huge amount, and I read over some talking about having a meeting which would be good to do now, as Melina is not related to any other the other characters so she wouldn't be there.

6/24/2011 #1
Lord of Chaos 28
Shadow and a younger version of himself walked down a street, "I still don't see why you want to go to this stupid reunion."

Zane looked at Shadow, "I just want to see Mother for a bit."

(We at earth or Sonic's world?)

6/24/2011 #2

(I don't know...)

Why today? Why today of all days? The blue hedgehog cursed skidding under an Egg-pawn's lance. I'm late and Blaze is gonna kill me... He thought grimly as he tried to decide whether to just kick Egghead's butt or ditch him...

6/24/2011 #3

(I didn't think about that issue.....Let's say Sonic's.)

6/24/2011 #4
Lord of Chaos 28
A black blur destroyed a Few of Eggman's robos, "You really late because of this? Don't you have the emeralds with you? You've gotten weak over your years of marraige." Shadow critizised to Sonic
6/24/2011 #5

"Uh, let's see here three are back home, you've got one... and tails is borrowing a fifth one. And I'm not weak! I wasn't ready for these losers..." Sonic replied spin dashing several bots. "You go on ahead, I'll catch up in a minute..."

6/24/2011 #6

(Gotta go eat dinner guys...)

6/24/2011 #7
Lord of Chaos 28
Shadow turned and grunted, "Whatever." then he sped off.
6/24/2011 #8

(Just doing this to do it.)

Melina leaned back in a tree, and repositioned the pouch on her waist. 'Okay I have both sacks good.' Melina thought, feeling the silk pouch that was within the larger one.

6/24/2011 #9

(Ok, we'll say that Maylene is Tails' daughter so she can go to the reunion.)

"Come on, Dad, we'll be late!"

6/24/2011 #10
Lord of Chaos 28

Shadow and Zane reached the reunion, and after a quick chat with Rouge, Zane turned and left.

6/24/2011 #11

Tails and Maylene arrived at the reunion.

"Not a lot of people have arrived yet..." Tails noted.

6/24/2011 #12
Lord of Chaos 28

Shadow glanced at Tails, "Sonic is busy with Eggman, I assume his wife and child will arrive later, I'll be leaving in just a moment after I speak with Rouge, but she's talking with Knuckles at the moment."

6/24/2011 #13

"I see..."

"Hey Shadow! Look, I got my sixth tail! I'm so proud of myself! Where's Zane is he here? Is he?" Maylene waved frantically at Shadow

6/24/2011 #14
Lord of Chaos 28

Shadow gritted his teeth slightly, "Zane went out somewhere after speaking with his Mother. He's probably still around if you wish to see him."

6/24/2011 #15
Lord of Chaos 28

(Hey Envy, want to be a member in my evil group? I need three more people, and I could message you the basic stuff about their goal.)

In a far away mansion, a red hedgehog with a black underbelly stood in a large room with a round table, with seven chairs, "Number four, I would like to meet with you in the Phoenix Chamber if you can."

6/24/2011 #16

"Yes sir." A blood red wolf said, before heading to the Phoenix Chamber.

6/24/2011 #17

(Yeah! I'd like to :P)

6/24/2011 #18
Lord of Chaos 28

Kain sat in one of the chairs, "We have confirmation that Tails is in possession of one Chaos Emerald, as is Shadow, then SOnic has three, we don't know about the last two. Any luck on your side?"

6/24/2011 #19

"I have reasons to believe a white fox that goes by the name Melina is in possession of one, sir." Houndra said.

(I need to go soon, and I won't be able to get on til Monday.)

6/24/2011 . Edited 6/24/2011 #20
Lord of Chaos 28

Kain nodded, "Any idea on where the Phoenix's Temple is located?"


6/24/2011 #21

"No sir." Houndra said.

6/24/2011 #22
Lord of Chaos 28

Kain growled slightly, "We can get the Chaos Emeralds time and time again but without the Temple's location it's pointless....Hmmm, what to do, what to do."

6/24/2011 #23

"My apologizes sir." Houndra said, not showing any emotion at all.

6/24/2011 #24
Lord of Chaos 28

Kain waved his hand, "It is in no way just your fault. We are all at fault, all seven of us, for not finding the Temple. We must work harder." Kain broke out into a fit of violent coughs.

6/24/2011 #25

(Made my other charrie :D)

"Sir, are you okay?" Aphrodite asked as Kain coughed.

6/24/2011 #26
Lord of Chaos 28
Kain stopped and breathed heavily, "Yes, my heart is acting up is all."
6/24/2011 #27

"Oh, your heart? That doesn't sound to good..."

6/24/2011 #28
Lord of Chaos 28
Kain glared at her with his black rimmed, red iris, black pupil eyes, "Obviously."
6/24/2011 #29

"Sorry..." Aphrodite shivered at the look.

6/24/2011 #30
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