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Lord of Chaos 28

(Why the sudden urge to kill?)

10/31/2011 #4,921

(People in my math class p*** me off...a LOT.)

10/31/2011 #4,922
(zeta can kill some people X)
10/31/2011 #4,923

(Dark: I will, pick me! Me!

Scourge: Shut up loser.

Dark: Make me!)

10/31/2011 #4,924
(hi slade, i think it was your post. Who is going to win this battle?)
10/31/2011 #4,925

(Um depends will the outcome of the fight affect Zeta's overall arc?)

Blade reappeared sending a volley of ice spears at the missiles to intercept them, spinning into a whirling slash at Zeta with his twin short swords as they glowed with energy.

10/31/2011 #4,926
(kinda, those machines are important to his plan to kill sonic....that and take iver the planet to stage attack on all planes of reality to kill every sonic, in every tome, in every dimension.)

The missiles dodged and weaved though the spears, but most detonated. Zeta brought his swords up and blocked the blade, used his free hand to try and slap a power drainer on blade in a blink of an eye.

10/31/2011 #4,927

Blade's body froze to subzero in moments as he slashed at Zeta. If the device touched him it would shatter instantly from the temperature change.

(Alright. I guess they can lose this time...)

10/31/2011 #4,928
(they can win if you want them to, i have another plan that would definitly work)
10/31/2011 #4,929

(I don't care either way.)

10/31/2011 #4,930
Lord of Chaos 28

(I could just have Shadow blow everyone up, then you both lose.

Shadow: I like that plan.)

10/31/2011 #4,931

(Storm: Um hello... Uncle Shadow, your nephew? The one your somewhat fond of?)

10/31/2011 #4,932
The drainer shattered, but zeta took his chance and sent a massive and powerful mick to blades chest in his frozen state.
10/31/2011 #4,933
Lord of Chaos 28

(Shadow: With the exception of you teleporting out of the way. Screw everyone else.)

10/31/2011 #4,934

(Heading home guys, be back on soon.)

10/31/2011 #4,935


10/31/2011 #4,936

(Missed her again! Oh well...)

10/31/2011 #4,937

(I'm back. are you still on James??)

10/31/2011 #4,938

(Went trick or treating with my brother.)

10/31/2011 #4,939

(cool I'm getting ready to go with my sisters)

10/31/2011 #4,940

(Nice. I went dressed as a hoodie version of Ghostface form the Scream movies! Also if you can can you read and review the story. One per chapter would be nice if it's okay)

10/31/2011 #4,941

(I'm a woodland sure i'll read them)

10/31/2011 #4,942

After a while, Brian starts to finger the strings to his guitar, which I notice. "I'm impressed, kiddo. Who taught you how to play?" I asked, recognizing the tune as the guitar portion of 'Lucifer's Angel,' which was a song that I liked to listen to during high school.

10/31/2011 #4,943

Rose took a deep breath and tryed to focus on her target. She opened her eyes and tossed her dagger at the tree hitting just off of where she wanted.

10/31/2011 #4,944

(James, you on?)

11/1/2011 #4,945
11/1/2011 #4,946


11/1/2011 #4,947


11/1/2011 #4,948

(*poke* Can't be on long will after school)

11/1/2011 #4,949

(Kay. Well this one is basically filled up, so...Other thread?)

11/1/2011 #4,950
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