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(I'm getting kicked off, be back as soon as possible.)

6/4/2012 #1,501

(Bye howl)

6/4/2012 #1,502
Lord of Chaos 28

Solaris turned, his hand coated in lightning, and grabbed the sword, then threw a fist at Blade with his other lightning covered hand, as electricity coarsed through blade's sword and toward him.

(DBZ forum's up on the KBC links, Shade.)

6/4/2012 #1,503

Blade snarled as he flipped back into a bladed kick at Solaris' chin a spike emerging from the toe of his boot the electricity crackling over the sword as he released it and continued to flip back away from the punch.

Scythe groweled as she sent a surge of lightning at Solaris in a small explosive sphere.

6/4/2012 #1,504
Lord of Chaos 28

Solaris inched back, dodging the kick, as the lightning attack from Scythe was simply absorbed by the lightning going over his body, "Hah!" In a flash they were all thrown back by a heaven wall attack, "With a sprinkle of Heaven Walls technique." he smirked.

6/4/2012 #1,505

Blade flipped back several more times as Scythe snarled hands crackling uselessly with power as Sonic recovered and charged at Solaris from behind sword glowing with wind as he spun into a whirlwind like slash.

6/4/2012 #1,506

(Quick question, can one be a sayian and have a scouter?)

6/4/2012 #1,507
Lord of Chaos 28

Solaris turned and raised his hand, catching Caliburn by the blade, "Blitz!" Then Caliburn was electrocuted, the lightning shooting onto Sonic as well.

6/4/2012 #1,508
Lord of Chaos 28

(Scouters are kinda mandatory, so yeah. Raditz Nappa and Vegeta all did. The charry's have to be in Frieza's army, and he provides scouters for his minions. Quick thing about Sayain's though, no outrageous hair colors, I didn't use Zane in this just to not mess up their anatomy, the sayian charry's should have black or brown hair one. And brown tails only.)

6/4/2012 #1,509

Sonic bit back a yelp as he ripped the sword free Caliburn shuddering in his hands as he zipped back for the moment out of the way Blaze slipping up behind him with a Sol barrage attack.

6/4/2012 #1,510

(I've got that up but my only real watching of the scouters was abridged so thanks)

6/4/2012 #1,511

Melina came around the side and threw a needle at Solaris.

6/4/2012 #1,512
Lord of Chaos 28

Solaris smirked, then froze as the needle and attacks hit, "The hell?" He muttered, "Blitz should've fried those attacks, first the heaven walls, then the lava, now this? What is going on with my god style techniques?" he mumbled.

6/4/2012 #1,513

Sonic smirked "Not as all powerful as you thought huh?" he chuckled shooting by Solaris with a chaos barrage attack as Blade drew his short swords and skated past with a pair of slices to the side.

6/4/2012 #1,514

"Perhaps even 'gods' have their limits." Melina said, throwing another needle.

6/4/2012 #1,515
Lord of Chaos 28

They were all knocked back, as well as their attacks by a massive heaven wall blast, "Something's going on here, one of you fools is doing something to mess with my techniques."

6/4/2012 #1,516

sonic rolled to his feet as Blaze slid to a stop near him "Iv'e been trying to touch the emeralds this whole time...think I did something?" she muttered.

Sonic shrugged "DUnno but don't stop." he muttered back twirling Caliburn.

Blade skidded to a halt on his back pushing upright once more as he waved his swords through the air "Chaos bolt!" he called a wave of ice spears forming and firing at Solaris in rapid succession.

6/4/2012 #1,517

Melina rolled to her feet, and threw three needles at Solaris.

6/4/2012 #1,518
Lord of Chaos 28

A heaven wall blocked the attacks, "Let's see, emeralds are still completely under my control, the rip in the fabric of time and space is progressing normally, what's different?"

6/4/2012 #1,519

"Maybe we're just better than you." Sonic taunted shooting up into a downward slash at Solaris caliburn glowing with Chaos energy.

6/4/2012 #1,520

Melina threw another needle.

6/4/2012 #1,521
Lord of Chaos 28

"No that's utterly ridicoluos, I've been destroying you all this whole fight despite the number differences." Solaris commented off handedly, grabbing Caliburn and tossing him and Sonic at Melina's needles.

6/4/2012 #1,522

Scythe snagged Caliburn in mid air with her whip spinning him and the blue blur holding on around to barrel back towards Solaris in a whirlwind of wind and chaos energy.

6/4/2012 #1,523
Lord of Chaos 28

"Gravity increase." Solaris said, as the gravity got thirty times heaiver, slamming everyone to the ground but Solaris, stopping Sonic's momentum.

6/4/2012 #1,524

(Getting kicked off again. Bye guys.)

6/4/2012 #1,525

Sonic grunted as he slammed into the ground (hm...would you guys count a dimensional rip vortex as out of direct sunlight?)

Blaze grunted as she dropped to her knees attempting to lift a hand enough to fire a Sol cannon attack.

6/4/2012 #1,526
Lord of Chaos 28

(Uh yeah, I would.)

"Gravity return." Solaris muttered, the gravity wearing off, "Hmph, this is ridiculous. What could be going wrong."

6/4/2012 #1,527

(Dang it the reason for its out...but...)

Sonic groweld as he stuck Caliburn in the ground point first as his form bulged and swelled as he shifted from hedgehog to werehog as soon as the gravity returned to normal a massive fist shot out towards Solaris from relatively close range.

6/4/2012 #1,528
Lord of Chaos 28

Solaris caught the fist, "Yeah, not impressed." He said, twirling Sonic like a lasso before throwing him at Blaze.

6/4/2012 #1,529

Blaze ducked as Sonic dug his claws into the ground slingshotting back and then forward again black flames rushing over him as he returned to normal snagging Caliburn as he barrelled towards Solaris engulfed in chaos energy sawblading.

Blaze rose and fired off another Sol barrage attack as Blade fired off a wave of spears.

6/4/2012 #1,530
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