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(Yeah, yeah. You know the drill.)

1/12/2012 #1

(I think we all do all to well Howl. :p)

1/12/2012 #2

Dashing through the forest, a scruffy and filthy little creature kept scanning his surroundings with clear desperation, wanting something to eat after so long without being able to scavange around or find berries.

The gray fellow with the messy fur was no more than eight years old, a wolf cub, really. He was a stranger to society whom didn't even know where he had come from. All he knew was that he was a survivor, an animal... and he was starving.

He spotted some huts through the trees, and was visibly confused. What was this?

1/12/2012 #3

a black furred hedgehog moved silently through the woods, as he looked around, the tee grumbling slightly to himself realizing he was thoroughly lost.

1/12/2012 #4

A light purple chameleon leaped between tree branches, her gold eyes flickering around, "Alright Nera," She muttered to herself, "Where to now?"

1/12/2012 #5

The scruffy wolf cub slowly approached the huts, hoping nothing would see him as he tried to steal some food.

1/12/2012 #6

Nera flipped out of a tree and landed not far from the huts. Her gold eyes flashed over the village.

1/12/2012 #7

"Come on West, lossen up!" a white furred mutt of a lion said to the visibly more well built dusty red furred lion next to him as they walked along the plains, "I said you should have a vacation"

"Yes, but not with you" West sighed. He couldn't believe he turned down working at Irina's farm for the week to do...this.

2/25/2012 #8

The feral cub lunged for a melon, grabbing the fruit in his small paws and then retreating back into the deeper woods.

1/26/2013 #9
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