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Create your own Vocaloid...Claim Originals...In this Rp you have to defeat The Demon Lord to make peace in the world.Before everything is e on I know you like these kinds of things!
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I Am The Raptor

Ryu grinned widely and hugged the girl Ryu as tightly as he could. Aiko smiled as well. Ryu finally pulled away from the girl Ryu.

"So...what now?" He asked. He suddenly felt a huge jolt of pain go up his body, but he didn't show it. He already knew what it meant. He looked at Aiko with a sad expression on his face. He cleared his throat.

"Uh...do you guys know if there's an Angel I can talk to?" He asked slowly.

9/26/2011 #331

"Yeah...I am a freaking Angel...what do you need? I know everything about Heaven...and all this...,"Euclairessa smiled but was a bit worried.

Girl Ryu was still unconscious but she was alive.

9/26/2011 #332
I Am The Raptor

"I need to talk to you...alone." Ryu said, and pulled Euclairessa away from the group. He took a shaky breathe.

"OK, well, I don't know if you'd be able to do this, but...it's about Aiko. She didn't die before she was turned into a Demon, and I'm the one who made her into one. When a Shadow makes a deal with a Human, the Human agrees that when the time comes, the Shadow will eat the Demons soul...and..." Ryu took another breath.

"Tomorrow is Aiko's last day before I have to take her soul. Do you think you can convince the other Angels to post-pone the next challenge so that I can make it special for her? Oh, and don't tell her...please?" Ryu asked.

9/26/2011 #333

((Can I not make Aiko soul not be taken? Please!!!? :D ))

Euclairessa sighed and then looked at him and thought about something.

9/26/2011 #334
I Am The Raptor

((Not make Aiko's soul not be taken? Are you using reverse psychology on me, or was it a typing grammar error? xD))

Ryu raised an eyebrow at Euclairessa.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked.

9/26/2011 #335

((Lie do a ritual or something or do something so Aiko's soul wont be taken... XD ))

Euclairessa looked at him."I want to see if I know anything about all this...and such...,"she replied as she continued thinking.

9/26/2011 #336
I Am The Raptor

Ryu sighed and rubbed the back of his head.

"Wait, I thought Angels hate Shadows?" Ryu asked, smirking at Euclairessa.

9/26/2011 #337

"I am a different kind of Angel. I hang around Demons too much so yeah...,"she said and then a gold book appeared in her hands.She looked through it.

((I might have there be a loophole so Ako wont lose her soul! But instead Ruki! XD ))

9/26/2011 #338
I Am The Raptor

((Lol, that is MEAN! Although, I don't think it would work since Ryu made a deal with Aiko, not Ruki...hm...*Reads through random book of Demon rules I found convieniantly on my computer desk*))

Ryu sighed and waited for Euclairessa to be done with her book.

9/26/2011 . Edited 9/26/2011 #339

((LOL!!! But I will find a loophole XD ))

Euclairessa growled when she couldn't find anything and she closed the book."I can't find a loophole...,"she sighed."I might need the Demon book..."

9/26/2011 #340
I Am The Raptor

"Hm..." Ryu said, and reached into his pocket, which strangely, his whole arm could fit through. He dug around for a while, now up to his shoulder.

"Leaning so far at this angle is not comfortable." He said, and then pulled out a black book decorated with skulls.

9/26/2011 #341

Eucaliressa took it from him quickly eager to read but to her surprise a bit it burned a bit."Ow~!"she winced as she dropped the book. She then looked at her burnt hands."Gah~ I forgot about that contract...I made...,"she sighed and then tried to open the book but got burned again."THis is why I wish I didnt make that contract and I was a demon!"she pouted as she blew on her hands.

9/26/2011 #342
I Am The Raptor

Ryu sighed and picked up the book, starting to flip through the pages.

"What do you want to know?" He asked.

9/27/2011 #343

"If there is a loop hole for that contract with shadows and humans...,"Euclairessa replied as she rubbed her burnt hands.

9/27/2011 #344
I Am The Raptor

Ryu scanned through the book, and stopped at one page, which read,

'The Contract'

Ryu started to read out loud.

"The Contract is when the Human and the Shadow make the deal. The Shadow then imprints his/her mark onto the new Demon, linking their souls together. The Contract can never be broken, but there are two ways to break it.

One: The Demon dies in a way that they can not be brought back.

Two: The Demon kills his/her Shadow.

For option one, the Demon would most likely be killed by an Angel, cut up into too many pieces, killed by some other super-natural being, or slaughtered by the Demon Lord himself.

For option two, The Demon would have to slice up his/her Shadow into as many tiny little pieces as their weapons can cut and scatter them at least 300 yards away from each other, therefor, the Shadow's wounds could never heal. Ouch." Ryu finished. He closed the book and sighed.

"So, I guess that settles it. I have to kill Aiko, or Aiko has to kill me. Great." Ryu said sarcastically, throwing the book to the side.

9/27/2011 #345

Euclairessa growled and then noticed something! "No! You don't have to da any of that! Ryu's cross! That's it! Ryu's Cross! Why have I been so stupid! That was the key!"Euclairessa said jumping up.

9/27/2011 #346
I Am The Raptor

Ryu raised an eyebrow at her.

"Are you sure that would work?" He asked. But then sighed.

"We might as well try it...but what's to lose? Oh yeah, Aiko's SOUL." Ryu said sarcastically and bitterly. He wasn't in the happiest mood right now.

9/27/2011 #347

"Oh shut up! That's not what I meant...Ryu's cross is the key of all souls. It can bring back or take away all the souls trapped inside. That means everyone who has died their souls go into that cross. But one wrong move and we could bring back all the most horrible souls and bring those people back to life so we have to be careful when we all go inside...,"she said smirking.

9/27/2011 #348
I Am The Raptor

Ryu stared at her for a moment.

"Wait, did you say we all go inside? Oh jeezum, what are you thinking, you mad woman?" Ryu asked.

9/27/2011 #349

"Oh bejezzuss. I am not a mad woman. Just trust me ok...we need to do this before sunrise tomorrow...or else we all get trapped until Girl Ryu dies...,"she siad.

9/27/2011 #350
I Am The Raptor

"Well, that wouldn't be good, now would it?" Ryu asked, smirking.

"So...how do we do this, anyway?"

9/27/2011 #351

"Well. We have to wake Girl Ryu up...which won't be pretty. SHe hates being woken up...,"she said."Well come on let's do this!"she smirked as she pulled Boy Ryu back to the others.

9/27/2011 #352
I Am The Raptor

((Lol, evil Ryu, ACTIVATE!)

"Let me wake her up." Ryu said casually, carefully walking up to the bed. He slowly reached gently for the girl Ryu's shoulder and...

He yanked off the covers and shoved her off the bed roughly.


9/27/2011 #353


Girl Ryu fell to the floor with a yelp."Who did that!"she growled dangerously as she slowly got up black snakes slithering up her arms now hissing. Euclairessa gulped and shivered. As did the rest of the group mostly Yuri. Kenshiro was not at all scared. Ruki was however.

9/27/2011 #354
I Am The Raptor

Ryu laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"I did...that's Aiko's normal wake up call..." He said, sweat dropping. Aiko face-palmed.

9/27/2011 #355

Girl Ryu glared at him and then noticed something."Y-you don't hate me? You don't love Ruki? Y-you...you...your the old Ryu! "she smiled tears of joy falling down as she tackled him with a hug."I missed you!"she said as she continued to cry happy tears.

Euclairessa smiled.

9/27/2011 #356
I Am The Raptor

Ryu hugged her back and patted her head.

"Yeah...remind not to drink anymore strange and shit tasting fluids that look like pepsi, okay?" He asked her with a smirk.

9/27/2011 #357

"Sure will!"she smiled as she looked at him and kissed him on the cheek."I love you...,"she smiled.

Euclairessa smiled."So Ryu how do we travel inside your Cross?,"she asked. Girl Ryu looked at her like she was crazy.

"Uh...I have to open it but I accidently gave the key to a boy when I was younger...,"she said referring to little boy Ryu but she didn't know who it was at the time so she doesn't know she gave Boy Ryu the key.

"Wow...,"Euclairessa sweat-dropped.

9/27/2011 #358
I Am The Raptor

Ryu the boy groaned in frustration.

"This is just great!" He said angrily. Aiko riased an eyebrow.

"Why do you need it?" She asked. Ryu panicked.

"N-NO REASON! W-WE J-JUST W-WANT T-TO...S-SEE I-IT! Y-yeah...see it..." He said and laughed nervously like an idiot. Aiko sweat dropped.

"Oookaaay..." She said.

9/27/2011 #359

Euclairessa looked at her and then Boy Ryu."Wait...do you remember what the boy looked like?,"she asked.

"Well he had black hair...and blood red eyes...he was a cute little boy and...,"she said trailing off.Girl Ryu then remembered who she gave it too."Oh shiz...,"she sighed as she tackled Boy Ryu and dug around in his pocket. Her arm was all the way down deep inside. Soon she felt something that felt like a key but she couldn't reach it."Shiz!"she growled as she tried to reach it."I knew I gave it to him...,"she mumbled as she stopped trying and pulled her arm out."I can't reach it...,"she said crossing her arms pouting.

9/27/2011 #360
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