Twilight of the Gods
One man's ego could bring about the end of all things, as two great armies of gods clash, bringing chaos to space and time.
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"ARE THERE OTHER GODS BESIDES US!!!!!!" thundered Zeus.

5/28/2011 #31
Quill of Thoughts

Athena had made it to the Underworld quickly and found her father with ease. "Father. We found a spy," she said.

5/28/2011 #32
Captain Happiness

"Ah, right. Well, apparently." Cronus replied calmly. "Not in our part of the world though, nor our universe. I seem to recall Rhea swapping housekeeping tips with a few of them though." He glanced up when Athena came in, lifting a hand in a lazy greeting.

5/28/2011 #33

Zeus held up a hand for Athena to wait. "And?"

5/28/2011 #34
Captain Happiness

"Oh, you want more? Very well - many of them have much the same responsibilities and personalities as us. For example, some of them are obnoxious and egotistical, just as yourself."

5/28/2011 #35
Quill of Thoughts

Athena didn't greet Chronos, yet she waited for her father to finish.

5/28/2011 #36

"Names, powers, writings?"

5/28/2011 #37
Captain Happiness

"That depends which pantheon you're speaking of. For example, Rhea's best friend was always the Morrigan. Creepy looking woman though." Crons replied smugly.

5/28/2011 #38
Quill of Thoughts

Athena kept quiet, letting her father deal with the Titan.

5/28/2011 #39

"I don't know what they're called. They're fond of hammers and animal skins."

5/28/2011 #40
Quill of Thoughts

"I believe we've figured out that they're Norse..." Athena said softly, looking down.

5/28/2011 #41
Captain Happiness

"Oh. Them." Cronus grimaced. "Ugly buggers. Well, they've got a pantheon rather like ours, except it's mostly male-dominated. Much the same powers as ours, their ruler, Odin, traded his eye for infinite wisdom..maybe you should try it sometime, Zeus? They already know when they're going to die...they call it Ragnarok. It's basically the end of Valhalla, their home, wherein they all die. Ehm...well, they're constanty fighting the giants, one of them is in fact of giant descent, but I can't for the life of me remember his name. God of lies anyway - he repeatedly tries to bring about the downfall of the rest of them, and as I recall he was tied up in a cave with a poisonous snake for a while. Oh - and the bridge to their home is an enormous rainbow...Bifrost, I believe it's called. And that, son of mine, is all I know."

5/28/2011 #42

"I see. Well, my thanks. I will speak to Hades presently." Zeus stood up to leave, beckoning Athena to follow. "Oh, one last thing, Father. One does not attempt to control a prophecy without becoming a tool of it. Have you ever stopped to consider whether my siblings and I would have risen up if you hadn't swallowed us?"

(Seriously, am I the only one who notices that? Attempting to control a prophecy only brings it about? I've seen it time and again.)

5/30/2011 #43
Quill of Thoughts

((I don't think you are, considering I've noticed it several times also...with the sole exception being Zeus swallowing his wife which resulted in Athena, who according to a prophesy would rise up against Zeus...))

Athena followed behind Zeus, not wishing to linger longer in the Underworld, and around Chronos more than neccesary.

5/30/2011 #44
Captain Happiness

Chronos merely shrugged.

"Always worth a try." He muttered. "See you in Elysium."

5/30/2011 #45

(I know how you can get out! Denizens of Elysium are allowed to choose to be reincarnated. If all goes well they can earn passage to the Isles of the Blest, those who have died three times and three times achieved Elysium.)

Zeus rubbed a temple with a formidable knuckle. "Now, daughter. What's this about a spy?" He strode up the hill towards Hades' black palace.

(I'll play Hades on an as-needed basis until we find a permanent space filler.)

5/30/2011 #46
Quill of Thoughts

"Some norse guy, disguised as a lizard, was found listening in on us. We're currently waiting for you so that we might interrogate him," Athena said as she followed her father. "And you realize that you don't have to talk to Hades immediately for Chronos to be sent to Elysium...Just some time before the world ends."

5/30/2011 #47

"You, my dear girl, are smarter than I, and as such do not readily make oaths on the River Styx. If I do not staisfy the oath promptly, misfortune may come to me in battle. This I cannot afford. You, however, are free to leave and assist the other children in conducting the interrogation."

5/30/2011 #48
Quill of Thoughts

"Of course, Father. I shall interrogate the prisoner," Athena said, ducking her head before leaving for Olympus.

5/30/2011 #49

Zeus chuckled slightly. All of the other gods were sorely uncomfortable in the Underworld. Come to think of it, so was he. Few knew that Zeus, King of the Gods and Lord of the Skies, was claustrophobic.

(Makes sense, no?)

5/30/2011 #50
Captain Happiness

Cronus smiled as he made his way to Hades' palace, though he shivered slightly as he passed from the lush fields of Elysium to the black ash of Hades' domain.

5/31/2011 #51

Two skeletons, one a Roman legionnaire and the other a Japanese samurai, stepped in front of the Titan and leveled their weapons at him. They chorused, "What is your business with the Lord of the Dead, Crooked One?"

5/31/2011 #52
Captain Happiness

"Negotiations that are not for your ears...well, ears if you had them." Cronus replied smoothly.

5/31/2011 #53

The two looked at one another with empty eye sockets. They did see Cronus leave the ELysian Fields, and all denizens of Elysium were permitted to appointments with Hades. Still, something tingled up their vertebrae, saying something wasn't right.

Nevertheless, the two cracked their jaws shut. "Pass on."

5/31/2011 #54
Captain Happiness

Cronus did so, entering the palace with a confident smirk on his face.

5/31/2011 #55

Hades stiffened in his throne. "I sense a presence. A presence I haven't felt since..."

5/31/2011 #56
Captain Happiness

Cronus entered, smiling slightly at Hades.

"Hello, son."

5/31/2011 #57

"Hardly. I still have nightmares about your lower intestine. What in....well, you want?"

5/31/2011 #58
Captain Happiness

"As Zeus may have told you, I am now a denizen of Elysium. And as the custom goes, those who reside in the Elysium Fields are afforded the luxury of reincarnation should they so desire." Cronus gave Hades a crafty look. "Is that not true?"

5/31/2011 #59

"Well, er....I," Hades snapped his fingers and one of the Furies alighted on top of his throne spawned a twenty foot long scroll of parchment. Hades perused it in a panic. " words, legal words, legal words.....oh, damn you to me."

5/31/2011 #60
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