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Kagahara Tobi





Cutie Mark:

5/27/2011 #1

Name: False Floor.

Appearance: An earth pony with a coat as black as a starless night, False's build is vaguely reminiscent of a weasel. His eyes, colored a dull grey, are constantly looking about the room, observing important details and noting escape routes should things go sour. His mane is a silver color, most of it tucked under the exquisitely cared for top hat that he uses to hide the fact that he isn't a unicorn. His tail is long and thin, a cane of black wood topped with a brass knob tied to its end.

Personality: False Floor is the quintessential trickster. Eternally playful in his dealings, his speach is peppered with unnecessarry contractions, outdated slang, and good natured insults. He's also a compulsive lier, never telling the truth if he can avoid it.

Unicorn/pegasaus/normal/alicorn: Normal.

Cutie Mark: A square contained in a circle. He still has no idea how he got it or what it means.

5/31/2011 #2
Pinstriped Apocalypse


Appearence:Gray flank with darker gray mane, streaked with pink. Her eyes are green and she wears a pink rose in her hair

also here:

Personality:Calm and gracious, but a bit blunt and brutally honest. She's good with kids, but her special talent is matchmaking, as well as helping others in their relationships.

Unicorn/pegasaus/normal/pegacorn:Normal Earth Pony

Cutie Mark:Pink broken heart with a pink arrow with a green end through it.

6/6/2011 #3
Kagahara Tobi

Both are accepted...sorry for being all late and stuff ^.^' bad forum mod

6/22/2011 #4
Kagahara Tobi

Name: Cupcake sprinkles

Appearence: White, black mane with an assortment of rainbow colors

Personality: Spazztastic and loves to eat cupcakes....with sprinkles on them

Unicorn/pegasaus/normal/pegacorn: Unicorn

Cutie mark: lets take a guess here.....Cupcakes....with sprinkles (yes i am obsessed)

6/22/2011 #5
Kai Yukimura

[eh why the heck not XD]

Name:Rain Storm

Appearence:She is a dark blue pony with a almost blackish blue main and tail. Her eyes are ice blue.

Gender(cause I think it should be added):Female

Personality:She tends to be quiet and not really sociable but when you get to know her, she's quite kind and caring. She can stome have quite a temper


Cutie Mark:A cloud with a lightning bolt

6/22/2011 #6
Kagahara Tobi

aqccepted...although idk what the actual name for a unicorn with wings is

6/22/2011 #7


Appearence:Will post the pic later,but is a light blue phillie sized pony with a circle wuth a star in it as her cutie mark

Personality:Independant and sweet,careing,sorta a can-do atitude


Cutie Mark:A circle with a star in it

6/22/2011 #8
Kagahara Tobi

accepted ^.^

6/22/2011 #9
Kai Yukimura

I think the correct term is Alicorn. But heck I know. Could be Pegacorn. Some people call it both.

6/22/2011 #10
Menacing Kitten

Name: Loora

Appearence:Brown furred ,light blue eyed , black braided mane and tail , with golden braclet

Personality: shy

Unicorn/pegasaus/normal/alicorn: alicorn

Cutie Mark: microphone

6/24/2011 #11
Kagahara Tobi

accepted ^.^

6/25/2011 #12


Appearance:a white mane,wears a small set of glasses,yellow eyes,has a french beret on his head,and a brown jacket.His cutie mark is a croissant.

Personality:He loves cooking,but there is one problem,he can't cook croissants.He owns his own pastry parlor and is very clumsy,which isn't good for his buisness.


7/6/2011 #13

(This is my first RP on FanFic so hopefully I wont screw up. ^^')


Appearence:Purple,yellow mane,glasses,and a red scarf

Personality:Can be very dramatic and picky. She likes poetry but isnt very good at writing it.


Cutie Mark:Fountain Pen

7/7/2011 #14
Kagahara Tobi

Both accepted

dont worry first forum on FF was Dead you know how difficult that was lol...but now i have lyk 7 forums so it all turns out good ^.^ (but is really on 13 or 14)

7/7/2011 #15


Appearence:Light pink with a yellow mane and tail

Personality:Sweet and playful, likes having fun and joking around. Very silly and funny, and not one to turn down a challenge.


Cutie Mark:a dark pink heart with two wings on either side and a halo over it



Appearence:White with dark blue mane and tail, and light blue patches over both her eyes

Personality:Tricky and a bit full of herself, but likes joking around and having fun. Doesn't like to be wrong, and gets grumpy easily


Cutie Mark:light blue star with dark blue fire around it

7/8/2011 #16
Kagahara Tobi


7/9/2011 #17


7/9/2011 #18


Appearence:Gray coat with short jet black mane kept in a pony tail.

Personality:Inkheart is a bit shy at first but once know, is brainy and nice. Her talent is wrinting .


Cutie Mark:Cutie mark is a fountain pen writing on paper.

(Inkheart is from a place where being a pegacorn doesn't mean your royalty, though she always wears a shirt or dress so ponies in ponyville don't know yet.)

8/12/2011 #19
Name: Era Apperance: Short, spiky, dark, orange mane. A long silky dark, orange tail. A small light orange streak in her mane. She has pink-ish red-ish coat. Usually wears a scarf, the scarf is always cyan or neon green. Coat is filth and dark when she goes outside. Falling over makes her tail tangled and messy. Her horn is always sparkling pink. Personality: Era's personality is very different, she is calm and sleepy. But she tends to tumble over a lot. With her friends she can be a little bit mire energetic and funny. She likes to be indoors, but sometimes she goes outside when only sunny. Sleepy, she tumbles and falls over causing her to dirty her coat. Outside you find her coat and tail messy and a bit filthy. Unicorn/pegasus/normal/pegacorn: Era is a unicorn, her horn is very pointy, with a hint of softness. Cutiemark: Era's cutie mark is a planet with items from different eras. (e.g. Cowboy hat, king staff, etc)
8/27/2011 #20
The Faster Blade

Name: Napalm Bright

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: Almost harmfully cynical, and easily amused by the citizens of Ponyville. Compassionate in the least expected moments.

Appearance: Shiny apple red coat, flame orange mane and orange tail. A cluster trio of small flames as her cutie mark. Green eyes. Filled out, strong frame.

Bio: Noted as a highly controversial scholar for her teachings of being able to stand on ones own two hooves, Napalm is often brought up in scorn around Canterlot. Most who listen with their flanks instead of their ears feel that she is in opposition to Princess Celestia and the magic of friendship. Fed up with the misunderstandings, she moved out to Ponyville, initially to conduct a social experiment on the cliches of frienship holding ponies back from their potential.

Species: Unicorn

Strengths: High-budget of common sense.

Weaknesses: High-deficit of humility.

Side: Neutral Good.

11/4/2011 #21


Appearance: dark brown mane with grey fur.

Personality:bookish and nervous around new people,and always stating random facts to lighten the mood.

Unicorn/pegasaus/normal/pegacorn: pegasus

Cutie Mark: blue book. after obsessively reading every book he got hold of, he decided to become a librarian.

"7 in every twenty unicorns develop horn rot in old age."

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #22

Hi. the moderator doesn't come on and approve people anymore, so you can go ahead to the RP

1/6/2012 #23
Zalden the Maniac

Name: Distract SilverSpawn


Appearence:white alicorn with black mane, with blue stripes running down the middle. same with tail. Eyes are different sizes, one a dark blue and one a lighter blue, also wears weird rings on his horn, and is wearing slight body armor.

Personality:crazy, bent on power, and wanting to release discord. also, he is pretty cruel to people.

Unicorn/pegasaus/normal/pegacorn: Alicorn, please

Cutie Mark:same as Twilight Sparkle's, only purple.

this guy be evil, one of princess Celestia's students when he was younger, now is a crazy Discord worshipper.

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #24
Star spinner Appearance: midnight black coat with a fiery red mane and tail red feathers under the normal black. He has silver eyes. Personality: happy and energetic always ready to have fun extremely loyal to friends Race: alicorn Has no cutie mark yet Age: 8 ( I don't know what I'm doing thought this might be fun)
3/30/2012 #25
Name: Lightning Crackle. Appearance: Dark purple with ice blue eyes and a scarlet red mane. Personality: Charming, graceful, and loves playing practical jokes. Pegasus. Cutie Mark: Two crossed ice blue feathers with yellow electric sparks.
3/31/2012 #26
DJ-step Light gray body with a brown and blue Maine blue eyes Loves dubstep and is a DJ PFF with vinyl scratch Pegasaus Record
2/14/2013 #27

Name: Sketch

Appearence: sky blue for coat, black with hot pink streaks for mane and tail, purple eyes

Personality: kind-hearted, tough, and A fun pony to be with.

Unicorn/pegasaus/normal/pegacorn: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: a pencil

(She does fly almost as fast as Rainbow...thus making her the second fastest flyer.)

4/23/2013 #28
Code Cupid
Name: midnighy dream/appearence: bright blue coat and dark blue mane and tail. She has two pink silly bands on her right leg and a gold bracelet on her left leg. She also wears a necklace. She keeps her mane short and her tail has a ribbon at the base with no bow./personality: she is a pony who isn't very sociable. She's almost always busy with her job so she hardly ever speaks./cutie mark: three stars in the shape of a triangle.
4/23/2013 #29
Code Cupid
Name: midnighy dream/appearence: bright blue coat and dark blue mane and tail. She has two pink silly bands on her right leg and a gold bracelet on her left leg. She also wears a necklace. She keeps her mane short and her tail has a ribbon at the base with no bow./personality: she is a pony who isn't very sociable. She's almost always busy with her job so she hardly ever speaks./cutie mark: three stars in the shape of a triangle.
4/23/2013 #30
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