Maximum Ride New life in New york
Role play as the flock & made up characters. Mail me for more info! The flock have escaped the whitecoats and have a new life in Canada a small place called Quesnel. Fax and Niggy other relationships with new characters. i suck at summerys XD
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Hi please add ur info about my characters here is mine i am bagging max!

Name: Maximum Ride

Age: 16

Likes: chocolate chip cookies

will finish soon ;)

5/28/2011 #1
Rise of Albion

Can I be an OC?

2/20/2012 #2

Sure! Please enter the following details! Ok, i have edited this for my character Max!

Name (Full): Maximum Ride


Type: (Human, Avian hybrid ect) Avain Hybrid

Likes:Chocolate chip cookies, making out with Fang

Dislikes: Fly boys, Jeb, Dylan, Erasers

Possible Relationships: (Not Fang, he's mine!) Fang :))

Relationships to other people: (Nudge Angel Max ect): Brother and sister relationships to the flock, but Fang. Half sister Ella, Mom and Dad Dr Martienz and Jeb

Anything else:


2/20/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #3
Rise of Albion

Name (Full): Reyne Halloway

Age: 16

Type: Avian Hybrid

Likes: Flying, Ice-cream, Writing, and Iggy

Dislikes: School, swimming, peanuts

Possible Relationships: Iggy or an OC

Anything else: She's really agile and fast. She's extremely powerful.

Powers: Can control the elements.

Can I also be Nudge?

2/21/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #4

Ok, cool beans, sure you can go with Iggy, How old do you want him to be? If for now it's ok, i was hoping mabye to leave Nudge, see if anyone else wants her, If not then sure you can have her :)

2/21/2012 #5
Rise of Albion

Thanks! Can he be 17 or 16? Then he can be around her age. I won't take Nudge then, but thanks for approving my character.

2/21/2012 #6

Yeah Sure! :)

2/22/2012 #7
Rise of Albion

Will we start an rp soon or wait for others to join?

2/22/2012 #8
Kitty Bane

Hi there! Is it alright If I make an OC?

Also, I'd like to be Iggy ^^

3/17/2012 #9

Well sure make an OC, Enter details similar to mine :)

3/18/2012 #10
Kitty Bane

Name (Full): Lunabelle Marie Carlisle

Age: 17

Type: Lupine hybrid

Likes: Writing, Reading, Singing, Dancing, and Drawing.

Dislikes: School, other people, and strawberries.

Possible Relationships: no one currently.

Anything else: she has wolf ears and a tail. She can transform into a wolf at will. She's very quick and acrobatic.

3/18/2012 #11
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