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Name: (first and last)

Nicknames: (if any)

Age: (if you're not sure, just estimate)



Appearance: (hair, eyes, build, height, weight)

Clothing: (what they normally wear)


Good, Bad, or Neutral:

Background: (make this as descriptive as possible)

Love Interest: (if any)

Other: (optional)

Picture: (if you have one)

5/28/2011 #1

Name: Lacey

Nicknames: Lace

Age: Kitty's age


Species:white-winged crossbill

Appearance: she has a baseball cap on at all times,you can't see her hair, bright hazel eyes, 4'5,79 lbs (Wich is average for her type of animal)

Clothing: She normaly wears a pright pick tank and a pair of jeans

Personality:Smart-talikin,yet hard workin

Good, Bad, or Neutral:Good

Background: She is a normal girl,untill she went to T.U.F.F,She is the first girl to give advice....

Love Interest: None that she would tell yah!

Other: She has a secret crush,and she speaks with a new york sorta way... (like how people say they talk weird...I think they are wrong thouh....


Name: Mary

Nicknames: Mar

Age: kitty's age



Appearance: She has long black hair,She has yellow eyes,4'9, average weight

Clothing: She wears a red Tee and jeans

Personality:Kind and smart,and she always knows whats best

Good, Bad, or Neutral: Neutral

Background: She ad a horrible childhood,she never had a fmily...Kitty had offered her a spot in T.U.F.F,she declined her..

Love Interest: None

Other: She always has a plan,and everyone (good and bad) usually talk to her


Name: kevin

Nicknames: kev

Age: Duddleys age


Species:Dog,golder retriver

Appearance: he has a golden coat,shiney green eyes,4'5, Average

Clothing: he wears a green hoodie and jeans


Good, Bad, or Neutral:bad (none knows

Background:He is a secret undercover agent for D.O.O.M,none knows this though...he is very sly at his job...

Love Interest: None yet

Other: none


Name: Max


Age: Dudleys age


Species:A German sheperd

Appearance: Same as an any german sheperd...Blue,4'6,Average

Clothing: A Camo shirt and jeans


Good, Bad, or Neutral:Good

Background: None that is important

Love Interest: None

Other: He has a freindship with Daisy,who is actually Poison


Name: Daisy Marson

Nicknames: Poison

Age: early 20s


Species:Lion,Tiger,Panther,Leopard mix

Appearance: light brown hair,darkgreen eyes,skinny,normal height,99.8 pounds

Clothing: Anything,yet usually jeans and a tee-shirt


Good, Bad, or Neutral:Bad (D.O.O.M)

Background: her parents were mixed,so so was she...she is kind and wants someone who likes her...she is very atractive...yet no one seems to like her for her

Love Interest: Fransisco

Other: Her fur changes from Leopardskin to creamish to Black to Tiger striped


Name: Alex Patterson

Nicknames: Alex 'Scorch'

Age: 18


Species:Siberian Husky

Appearance: black hair...,grass green eyes,Strong figure,A little bit shorter than snaptrap,102 pounds

Clothing: Black hoodie+jeans

Personality:Dark,loner,yet helpful

Good, Bad, or Neutral:Good TUFF

Background: Alex had left his siter with DOOm when he figured out they were badguys...he knows some of DOOms info and tried to help TUFF,Dudley acts like a brother to him and Kitty is weary of him...thinking he is still a badguy even though he isn't

Love Interest: Kitty or Ellie

Other: He is very calm under pressure


Name: Alexia Patterson

Nicknames: Allie 'Jynx'

Age: 8


Species:Siberian Husky

Appearance: White and black hair...shoulder length,Icy blue eyes,Strong figure,Larrys height,87 pounds

Clothing: Purple skirt+shirt+shoes+socks


Good, Bad, or Neutral:Bad DOOM

Background: Allie had been borna nd abandoned...when Snaptrap found her he left her...untill Ollie went back and took her and her brother Alex...she grew up thinking of Ollie as her father...refering to him as 'Daddy' or 'dad'

Love Interest: Dudley or Jacob

Other: She is allergic to several things

5/28/2011 #2

Name: Thunder (I dunno a last name yet..)

Nicknames: N/A

Age: same as Dudley's

Gender: Boy

Species: Wolf


Clothing: (Looking)

Personality: Kind, Caring, Helpful, Loyal

Good, Bad, or Neutral: Good

Background: (Still thinking.)

Love Interest: None yet

Other: N/A


6/11/2011 #3
Name: Cam E. Leon Nicknames: Cam Age: 10 Gender: Male Species: Chameolon Appearance: Smaller, younger, and darker tone of green than his father. Clothing: Same suit as the Chameolon, allowing him to shape shift. However his is water proof. Personality: Loyal, trust worthy, dedicated, and can be tricky. Cam is a loyal T.U.F.F. Agent devoted to doing everthing he can to fight D.O.O.M. or any other evil. Cam is very eager in his work and wants to do his best. Good, Bad, or Neutral: Good. Background: The son of T.U.F.F. Enemy the Chameleon, Cam joined T.U.F.F. rather than follow his his absent father's carrer. Love Interest: none Other: Picture: None
6/12/2011 #4

Both accepted!

6/12/2011 #5

Name: Jason Katson

Nickname: (If Any) Idiot/Moron

Gender: Guy/Male/Dude whatever you want to call it

Species: Cat (more specifically whatever cat Kitty is)

Appearance: Medium length Pitch Black hair, Jade green eyes, kinda tall, weighs whatever a normal cat weighs. He looks like a male version of Kitty, and is mistake for Kitty on several occasions, He denis that he looks Kitty and hates it when people confuse him for Kitty.

Clothing, He wears a red long sleeve shirt under and short sleeve pitch black T-shirt, and Blue Jeans, Has a silver pocket watch in his right pocket, and sometimes a red ring and blue ring on his right hand.

Personality: He's Random, He isn't a total genius, but he isn't completely dumb. He tends to make a joke about whatever situation he's in. He tends to get in and out of situations rather easily. He's a trouble maker, reckless, and tends to do stuff that most people (or Animals) would think dumb (As in zip line on electrical poles, bungie jump off building, etc.) He's funny and wants to live life to the fullest. He has made terrible decisions that catch up with him in life.

Good Bad or Neutral: Appears good, really Neutral

Background: He was Dudley's best friend since the age of 5. Jason doesn't know his parents and is an orphan. He was a trouble maker as a kid and still to this day gets in bad situations. He meet Dudley at a summer camp he was forced to go to. Jason took an interest into martial arts and playing with stuff he wasn't suppose to be. Together He and Dudley along with neighborhood kids did reckless stuff as kids, but had fun doing it. Jason was in T.U.F.F. 3 years before Dudley was, but after a year was sent of to do missions around the world. He comes back to find out Dudley had join T.U.F.F. with his old friend Kitty.Jason's most prised possesion is the pocket watch he carries around, he has no idea what it represents but he fells thats the only thing he has left of his parents. He also has a bit of an anger problem, only when someone dares call him "cute" He hates that more then anything.

Love Interest: At the moment none, unless you consider Orange soda, Candy, And Music a love interest

Other: Jason tends to get easily distracted by Shiny things, also by things that seem to be cool.

Picture: I only have a few sketches done, nothing professional, so I won't post any pics at the moment.

6/13/2011 #6

I forgot to add the age, sorry

Age: However old Dudley is

6/13/2011 #7


I shall make the rp fourm!!!!!!!!!

6/14/2011 #8
how long till it's up?
6/16/2011 #9

Name: Onyx Tear (Bringing her back)

Nicknames: Agent Tear/Brat/That Annoying Kid

Age: Around 8 1/2.

Gender: Female

Species: Raccoon

Appearance: Brown hair in a ponytail, neon green eyes, 4'7, 90 lbs.

Clothing: She usually wears a purple outfit like Kitty's and wears purple boots.

Personality: She is usually very nice and happy but can be mean is she wants. She's also very sneaky and good at hiding. She can control shadows (Nothing huge, just make them move by themselves, etc.)

Good, Bad, or Neutral: Good

Background: Onyx was born on October 12th, 2003. She had the most NORMAL childhood as possible until age 5 when her mother sent her off to a TUFF Acadmey so she could protect herself and they wouldn't have to bother with her anymore. So she's just really been training for some years in the academey and finally got sent to a real TUFF base.

Love Interest: NONE....she's 8. XD

Other: If you are wondering how the heck she can control shadows, her father tinkered in the black arts and always tested spells on her....one was a WEE bit too strong.(XD) Thats when she got sent off.

Picture: NONE

6/17/2011 #10


6/17/2011 #11
Menacing Kitten

Name: Rosalee murah ann

Nicknames: Rose

Age: 21 (human years)

Gender: female

Species: panther

Appearance: black long straight hair sharp green eyes 120 kg 6'00

Clothing: black body suit

Personality: sneaky sly and mysterios

Good, Bad, or Neutral: neutral

Background: after her parents one good one bad had divorced and left her to an orghanage she started helping the chamelion then turned him in (got out though)

Love Interest: none yet

Other: wants a friend but is scared that they will use her,

Picture: (if you have one)

6/24/2011 . Edited 6/24/2011 #12


6/24/2011 #13
Menacing Kitten

Gives AnnLay virtual high five

6/24/2011 #14

Name: (first and last) Nicole Wolfstene

Nicknames: (if any) Her friends call her Niki.

Age: (if you're not sure, just estimate) About Kitty's age, a tad younger.


Species: Wolf

Appearance: (hair, eyes, build, height, weight) Is a dark black, which she kepts in curls. She has curled in bangs and whears a purple headband. Her fur is a pure white and her eyes purple in the shape of Kitty Katswells. Instead of people thinking her pupils are wierd they good exceptionally well with her coat making her a picture of beauty. She has a hourglass shape and is 80 pounds, 5' 1''.

Clothing: (what they normally wear) She likes to wear a purple tennis skirt with a black heart belt. Her high healed boots are also black and have a purple hear on each acting as a buckle. She wears a a purple crossovertop along with her purle headband.

Personality: Nikki is Kind and Smart. She is also Sassy due to the part she pretty and she knows it. Whengetting infomation out of an incorperative suspect she likes using charm instead of brude force. But If you mess with her clothes, say hello to death because your meeting him soon. Nikki also belives in super stitions and is stronger than most people think.

Good, Bad, or Neutral: Good

Background: (make this as descriptive as possible) Niki grew up in a good family with two little sisters, and one brother. From her first mintue in kindergarden she's had admirers, and the gifts are getting bigger. From cookies from snack time to lockets in middle school these presents have made her a little cocky. Soon she discovered the mall, and since her mother owns a clothing store grew up in the world of shopping. As she grew she learned to win arguments, business oprotunities, and hearts. Her aunt Kitty(Yes her sister married to a wolf its not that wierd and Nikki isnota hybrid. Her senses are just sharper. Her sisters are kats while her brothers a wolf. Simple.) is her role model and has been teaching her languages (hundred more to go!) and karate. Everything was well until she went to fashion college. At the end of the year on the final assignment, the Chamelion snuck in to steal her fashion trunk. Aparently a part of his new scheme was hiddin in the chest, btu to her it looked like it was a student trying to steal her ideas. By the time the police came,the crimanal was hanging by the ceil tyed up and gagged while Nikki stared up at him, finally relizing what she just did. She's just come to the agency for acidentally kicking the Chamelons butt and can't wait to work with her aunt.

Love Interest: (if any) Not any yet!

Other: (optional) Do not, in any cercomstances, mess with her clothes. Or you die. Literally.

Picture: (if you have one)


Name: (first and last) Janquiele Anler

Nicknames: (if any) Flaunter, Jackie

Age: (if you're not sure, just estimate) 19 in human yrs


Species: Antelope

Appearance: (hair, eyes, build, height, weight) Her hair is long and dark black, and has the traditional model, over the left eye style. Her eyes are a deep brown, and she has a hourglass shape and is 79 pounds, 5' 1''.

Clothing: (what they normally wear) Jackie wears all sorts of clothes and changes into different outfits for almost every activity, but in the field wears a one shoulder spandex white shirt wth blue cherry blossom design in the corner, a white skirt and boots, and blue tights and belt

Personality: Jackie is kind and smart, and somehow always finds a way to acomplish something without messing up her hair. She usually likes fighting with disguised weapons, and even when she's fighting does everything perfectly. Somethine she can exagerate things. For example:


"What's wrong? Is snaptrap trying to blow up Petropilis with that cheese bomb again?"


"Then what's wrong?"

"I-I -"


"I BROKE A NAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Good, Bad, or Neutral: Good

Background: (make this as descriptive as possible) Jackie grew up with a CIA father and a FBI mom. She loked watching her parents solve cases, and has even cracked the Saphire Code, a top seccret key tat noone could figure out when she was five, just by using some crayons and paperclips.During a case in a shoppingcenter, the theif almost got away. Jackie ended up casing him through several tunks of fabric and ended up running into a pole and getting swung ariubd. She finally got him, but looked in the mirror and saw she had accidently got into a dress and her hair was out of its pigtails and straightened. wile she tried to get t off, someone noticed and her career as a model began. She still works at TUFF, though has a secret identity and gets background info.

Love Interest: (if any) Not any yet!

Picture: (if you have one)

10/27/2011 #15

Name: (first and last) Paige Colette Pawteene

Nicknames: (if any) Little Miss

Age: (if you're not sure, just estimate) 21 in human yrs.


Species: Golden Retriever

Appearance: (hair, eyes, build, height, weight) Blond hair in pigtails, blue eyes, frecles, ourglass figure and is 4' 9''

Clothing: (what they normally wear) Overalls with daisy on front pocket, red ascott and cowboy boots

Personality: She looks sweet, and she is, but she gets ticked off easily, and is very proud off herself. She's also loyal and will stick to her friends, and will always come back.

Good, Bad, or Neutral: Good

Background: (make this as descriptive as possible) Her and Dudley went to summer camp when they were kids and he sat next to her at lunch one day, when she got picked on, Dudley stepped in to help, but he really didn't need to. By the end of the day, everyone but her and Dudley were so sore, they winced when ever they moved. Dudley and her became best of friends along with Rodger, and he was heartbroken when she moved. Espically since he had gained a small crush on her. They remain friends, and contantly write up until a few months ago when they started emaailing. she grew up happy, storng, and proud, particapating in several rodeo's and horse riding competions.

Love Interest: (if any) slight one with Dudley

Other: (optional) she has a good country drawl, and loves to dance and sing. she's good at cooking, but can get a little stressed out. And when Paige is stressed out, no one is happy. She's very strong and alert, so sometimes when some one surprises her, she sccidently body slams or flips them over in surprise

Picture: (if you have one) puppy&order=9&offset=0#/d3bv512

10/27/2011 #16


3/3/2012 #17
Lord Fennekin

Name: Blaze firel

Nicknames: B (Only called like that by Dudley)

Age: one less than dudley

Gender: Female


Appearance: Eyes blue, and appearance as a Husky siberian dog

Clothing: Nothing

Personality: Bowser's personality mixed with Dudley. Also, likes to hug Dudley very much.

Good, Bad, or Neutral:Really good

Background: When she was bornt, she started to save the planets and the whole cosmos.

Love Interest: Secretly, Dudley

Other: Dudley's best friend

Picture: None

Other: When she finally killed piger, she started working for tuff.

3/30/2012 #18

Name:Obsidian Black





Good,bad ,neutral:newtral

Appearance:Red eyes, black scales, large wings(leathery) sharp teeth

Clothing:Black skinney jeans, red shirt, black jacket

Personality:Very open, a little random, hates it when others get hurt, overall, a nice person, but she CAN fight, so don't underestimate!

Background info: She is fairly new in the city, so she dosent know sho the villans are, although she did here of T.U.F.F her parents died before she hatched and has lived with her other, reptile freinds,(snakes, lizzards) but moved into Petropolis 3 months ago for some unkown reason.

Other:Last dragon of her kind (NightmareDrake)

3/24/2013 . Edited 3/24/2013 #19

Name: James Howette Wolfen

Nicknames: Wolf (his name as a merc), Wolfy(from the women who got smitten by him much to his annoyance)

Age: 20s(two years younger than Kitty)

Gender: Male

Species: Grey wolf

Appearance: grey fur, messy white hair who's bangs nearly reach his left eye, deep blue eyes, medium but well-toned build, three inches taller than Kitty, good looking with his rough appearance, He doesn't remember his weight.

Clothing: navy blue Long sleeve shirt under a black leather jacket, fingerless gloves, black pants, and very dark boots.

Personality: cold, the most serious person that Dudley would meet, straight to the point, committed to his work, solitary, underneath that cold exterior lives a beast who wants revenge.

Good, Bad, or Neutral: Neutral but appears bad

Background: James was a young pup almost like Dudley until he returned home to see his house's a wreck and his parents not breathing, since then he became the most feared mercenary in the world even most of the bad guys who hired him show fear because of the feel like he can look into other's souls, he put himself in so much training and pain so that he can find the one who destroyed his life and took his family away from him. To the day wolf still do not know who did and vowed to not rest while the one who did this to him. He usually would stay away from Petropolis and not because TUFF is there, unless the pay is high.

Love Interest: Kitty (very secretly)

Other: When working for one of the bad guys(like snaptrap and Bird brain) he wished he was working for someone who can actually pay him or for a better criminal boss, or if he should work for T.U.F.F. instead, he's like the TUFF Puppy version of Batman, and he's afraid of heights especially he doesn't have a means to save himself. He still has his pup like charms.

Picture: (nope)

3/28/2013 #20

Ok, I was babysitting and the kids were watching TUFF puppy, and i was figuring out what to draw. I started watching it and this character poped into my head.

Name:Seven Puppy

Nick Names: Patch and scamp

Age:starts out at around 4, and she gets to be about 19 or 20


Species: a mutt, like Dudley, but a hint of cat in her

Appearance:jet black hair, green eyes, built like Kitty, i don't know how tall she is XD, and she weighs about 97 pounds

Clothing:when she's a kid wears a black spaghetti strap shirt and white shorts. When she's older she wears a black t-shirt with a 7 on it and medium length white shorts.

Personality:excitable, childish but mature, hot head, very smart, and a bit shy when meeting people, athletic, and has a lot of curiosity

Good, Bad, Neutral: she's good, but sometimes hangs out with DOOM.

Background:Keswick was trying a new invention out were you could put any kind of DNA and other things for personality, then it'll create a living creature. Kitty put in a strand of hair, they also put in an encyclopedia for intelligence, a magnifying glass for curiosity, a martial arts book for athletic, a stuffed animal for being a bit childish, and a manners book for being mature. Keswick's machine takes an hour to register the items and 24 hours to create the living creature. When Keswick and Kitty went to go to to chief, Dudley came into the lab 5 minutes later. He saw the machine and walked up to it. Thinking it was a spit can like from the old west, Dudley hacked up a bunch of saliva and spit in the machine. Finding no more interest anymore, Dudley left. After 24 hours Keswick gathered Agent puppy and katswell and the chief in his lab to see his newest creation. Keswick explained that this new invention can help with creating new perfect agents if needed. But Dudley said he thought it was a giant spit can. But before Keswick could disagree the machine poped out a white puppy with a caramel brown patch on her left eye and the tip of her left ear was a caramel brown as well. Everyone than knew that Dudley spit in the machine during it's one hour process. Keswick explained that this pup had a a part of genetic code from Kitty and a genetic code from Dudley. Which kinda means that the pup is, in a way, their child. Everyone decided to call her Seven Puppy. Mainly because there were 7 things to create her and that she looked a lot more like Dudley. Sooo...ya

Love interest:none, unless I end up making another Tuff pupy Oc that's a guy then ya

4/18/2014 #21
Name: abbigail malt Nickname: abbie Age: 17 idk Gender: female Love interest: dudley Apearance: a blonde retriver with brown hair in a pony tail as hazel eyes about 5 foot in height Clothes: casual clothes anything comfortable Personality: funny, a bit dumb but actual smart in a way but knows how to fight Good
10/14/2015 #22

Name: Renée Barker


Age: (if you're not sure, just estimate)



Appearance: (hair, eyes, build, height, weight)

Clothing: (what they normally wear)


Good, Bad, or Neutral:

Background: (make this as descriptive as possible)

Love Interest: (if any)

Other: (optional)

Picture: (if you have one)

11/28/2015 #23

Name: Duke Katswell

Nickname: DK2K

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Species: Kat with a bit of dog mixed in

Appearance: Black hair, Orange eyes, Moderate Build, 5'3 Tall, 210 Pounds

Clothing: Blue Jumpsuit with tears in the shirt and pants with a Tiger mark on his left arm

Personality: Mostly funny but can get serious

Good, Bad, Or Neutral: Good

Background: Son of Dudley and Kitty and has 3 brothers (4th child and the youngest but is the same age as 3rd brother DJ)

Love Interest: A girl ninja name Amethyst

Other: none

Picture: none

1/2/2016 #24
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