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Basically where the not-so-good kids hang out.
8/17/2011 #1
Owen was laughing and drinking beer with his 'friends' when he thought he saw that weird new girl and her seeing-eye boy from school heading toward him. He decided his brain was playing tricks on him and threw his beer away just to be safe.
8/18/2011 #2

"Elis, you sure you don't need help? "Ryan asked warily as Elis started to walk, using only her cane. "I'm fine. Stop treating me like a child," she told him. At that, she took off on her own, careful not to trip on anything

8/20/2011 #3
"Crap," Owen muttered realizing that the creepy new girl was actually walking toward him, "What's it -she- doing here?" Angrily, he walked over to her, "No sight, no service." Owen sneered.
8/21/2011 #4

Elis stopped when she heard the voice, "sorry, not really afraid of what I don't see." She gave a small smirk, "so, me being blind causes a problem for you?" "I can see you know, just in a different way."

8/22/2011 #5
Owen grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the edge of the ravine, "Listen to me," he growled, "No one's gonna protect you here and you will get hurt."
8/22/2011 #6

Elis tried to yank her wrist away, but the boy had a strong grip. "Is that advice, or a threat. You going to be the one to hurt me?" However, she could easily feel how close they were to the edge, and it did scare her a little.

8/22/2011 #7

Owen let go of her wrist and began walking away. He turned around a few feet from her and said,"It's your funeral, freak." before rejoining his friends around the fire.

9/14/2011 #8
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