Steel vs Silver: A New World Order
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1. The plot at the moment is as thus. Ness, a Anti-Soldier of Amalgam, is currently attempting to kidnap Kaname Chidori. Due to the various tramua's he's faced in the past, he's determined to protect Chidori. Phantom Sweep, a special group inside Amalgam wants Chidori because she is a very special whisperer. Chidori is the only one who can operate the still incomplete TARTAROS: Telechrono Alternation Reactor Transfer and Response Omni-Sphere. The TARTAROS literally has the power to change the world, allowing the user to warp reality how they see fit. Phantom Sweep sees Chidori as not only nessary, but they see her as the perfect one too change the world because shes not a soldier, not a politian and not a leader, shes a regular girl.

2. Ness's father, the one who murdered his mother and sister, as well as destroying the island Ness lived on, is STILL ALIVE. He's a general in Mithril's ranks and is very similar to Sousuke in the fact he only understands things in military terms, but unlike Sousuke he's incredibly callous and cold. He's kept the mission he launched against the island secret, labeling OPERATION: Double O 80.

3. Dr. Zealot is determined to have Chidori use TARTAROS. She'll first try to win Chidori over by demonizing Mithril, showing memorys pulled from Ness's head as well as personal persusation. If those don't work, she'll erase Chidori's memorys using the drug Fluid Karma.

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