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Welcome to Saint Seiya: Present, Past and Future! We are honored to have you as a guest, and be sure we will do our best to tempt you to join our unique clique of die-hard Saint Seiya fans, and share your thoughts and ideas about our favorite anime and manga series. So, in sake of the peace and happiness of the forum, some rules are in order. Please read them carefully and keep in mind that, if you are going to participate, you are also welcome to make suggestions.

1. Any kind of insulting or rude post or commentary against any participant is completely forbidden. All comments should be written in a friendly, respectful and objective manner. If a participant fails to follow these statements, his or her comment will be eliminated. If said participant insists to post offensive comments, or shows any kind of unpleasant behavior against other participants, he or she will be banned by the moderator.

2. In this forum we encourage friendship between the participants, as well as to share some good writing and increase the interest of authors among the fandom. Considering this, all new topics should respect rule number one, and also include one or more of the following subjects:

a. The aforementioned series b. Any other work related to it c. Any work of the author, or other works that help to motivate the fanfiction writers to read or write fics of any fandom, as long as the topic also motivates the reading and/or writing of Saint Seiya fanfictions.

3. Any suggestions can be posted in this topic, or can be sent directly to the moderator in a personal message (the option is available in his profile). A suggestion posted in a different topic will be eliminated.

4. This is a free-access forum, any kind of discrimination is absolutely forbidden.

5. All the participants are encouraged to support their ideas with clear an understandable statements, in order to make them as comprehensible as possible. Any incoherent, wacky, or spam-suspicious comment will be eliminated (after a one-week notice from a moderator).

6. We will avoid as much as possible the replication of topics. New topics about subjects that are already being discussed in other topics will be eliminated.

So… Too many rules, uh? Or… there's something missing? Please feel free to give us your thoughts, we promise to take them in consideration. The best for you people, and thanks so much for reading.

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