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Well because of the good idea of my friend Sunrise, I think this topic should be for those who want to place their stories in the community we have created for the fandom of saint Seiya, which is located at:

You can also see that the topic invites us to talk about why we love this beautiful anime, as my friend Sunrise suggested me, I think that before placing any fiction, it is important to detail why do you like the story, so give us a pre-image of this before reading it, and promote a little bit the story.

By the way, I do not want explanations like, "Oh, is just that the characters are nice and it seems to be a very nice story," So? Very nice story can be and all, but… that's it? The story seemed to you very deep, I was reminded of something special in your life, moved to tears, etc. People we are intelligent and we have the gift of the word, and if we have that gift, we must exploit it in writing, so that others feel comfortable with it and see the passion that our imagination has to read, comment or write fic. I'm sorry if I'm very strict, but I just want the best for the fandom of Saint Seiya, anyway, I also accept any kind of suggestions for the community. One more thing, staff members can add stories of their choice without posting on the topic, if given the proper notice to the moderator, otherwise it will have to submit for discussion if we have to delete the history or not in this topic.

I'll start by saying that the stories that I put on the community at first seemed very wonderful, because each one has those details that makes my imagination fly to the sky and also they attract my senses in a way that few stories do, and they move me a lot and make me believe that this would have been a great way for Kurumada had made the series.. Well ... I await your response and thanks for reading.

The link of the community is this one:

5/30/2011 . Edited 5/30/2011 #1

Well... let's see. What I've read of Intensify, I've enjoyed. I would recommend her Shun-centered trilogy: Darkness overpowering Light, The King of the Underworld, and Rose of Death. If you are a fan of Hades-Shun, you should go for it! I also loved her Regulus story First Love, really sweet and well written.

But, if you would like to read about kid Shun, you should go for the epic Love You, Kill Me, by Jenny DeVic.

I also read some of the many stories by AuroraExecution, and so far I like them, but it was a while ago so I guess I have to check them again before I make any specific recommendation.

Well, that´s it for now, but I'll be back with more. :D

7/18/2011 #2

Unfortunately there aren't many great or long SS stories in English genre besides the ones you mentioned because, as I have already mentioned before, the English SS fandom is underdeveloped. Aside from the already mentioned, most English SS fics are short one-shots. Nevertheless, I happen to have already read all the stories Rihannon already recommended except for First Love and I agree that they are worth mentioning in this topic. I hope they get added. jenny is a superb writer and i know that I wouldn't be half the writer I am today if it wasn't for her. Love You, Kill Me is a unique gem of SS literature that doesn't get half the reviews it should have (although it already has plenty:)), and Intensity and Aurora Execution are also great writers.

Fantasy Magician also has good SS fics, most revolving around Shun, Tenma and the Saints of Gold.

7/23/2011 #3

Second Chance by Plantress is a good story. It's an AU where Aiolos survives Shura's assault on him. It's mostly focused around Aiolos's relationship with Athena and her Bronze Saints and around his efforts to make a difference in the canon events while attempting to recover his power. It's got a lot of fans, apparently.

10/20/2011 #4

This is not suggestion but i do not know where else to post this.

I am looking for fanfiction that the lost canvas character meet the characters from the original series.

Help is really appreciated.

7/27/2012 #5

I don't really understand what you are looking for darling. I think I get your point, but it's just that I have something on mind that you'll probably like or maybe not. Can you please give me some details before I put it on the forum?

7/27/2012 #6

I do not really care for the details i am just looking for characters all or one is fine too from the original saint seiya to meet any or one character from the lost canvas.

For example: Seiya meeting Tenma. or All the gold saints from saint seiya meeting all the gold saints from LC.

7/28/2012 #7

Okay I don't if you'd like these ones but if the best I found:

7/28/2012 #8

Thank you i will give them a tryXD

7/28/2012 #9
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