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Vampire Academy, the next generation! I've got a list of claimable characters, and then a form for O.C's! All new members are welcome!
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So, here's the deal. You don't read the rules, and you can't post. If you don't post, you can't role play, and if you can't role play, well, there's no real point in being here. So here are the rules:

1) No murdering/ killing off without the character's creator (which in the case of the children of rose, dimitri, christian, liss, etc. is me) and then my permission, so that it is final.

2) You can be all hatey with other characters, or fight with them a bit, if they're okay with it, but drop it if they're not. So, really, it'd be best not to fight at all.

3) Pranks and the like are okay, but please ask me first, or I will have to ban you for a few days. I need these rules followed.

4) I have the right to ban you- if you want to know, then P.M. me and I will tell you.

5)No excluding! If you do, or are the reason for it, then you'll be banned.

6)You can have up to 6 characters and only 1 of the ones that are claimable!

7)Nastiness and non-stop swearing are not acceptible and will result in banning.

8) if you need to write something like I don't get this or please help me out, please put two brakets around it, so I know, and the others know that it's not part of the story. ex. ((I don't get this!))

9) No exceptions!!!!

So yeah, you've read the rules, now, put this code in when you make your characters so that I know you've read them: Purple Asparagus

Spelling of that doesn't matter, the gist is all i need.

6/2/2011 . Edited 6/2/2011 #1
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