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Vampire Academy, the next generation! I've got a list of claimable characters, and then a form for O.C's! All new members are welcome!
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Claimable characters:

Kara Ozera: Black hair, green eyed. Really outgoing, bubbly, quirky. Looks alot like her mum. 16 years. Moroi ((I know I said that I'd take her off too but i realized how many people requested her as a best friend, including myself... so with the permission of the people who wanted her as a best friend I will take her off but until then I'll keep her here, and she can go to school at the Court for now.. I'll ask in the RP1 as well to make sure everyone's seen this....))

Adam Ozera: Black hair, Green eyes. Quiet, funny, charming. Needs to warm up to you first. Looks like his father. 17 years.Moroi

Marcus Hathaway-Belikov: Dark brown hair, wavy. Brown eyes. Taller then most people. Like his mum in every aspect except his gender. 17 years. Dhampir

Siliya Hathaway-Belikov: Long dark brown hair, straight. Brown eyes. Taller then most people. Sarcastic and fun, protective and loyal. 16 years. Dhampir

Destiny Castiles(daughter of Eddie and Mia): Blonde hair to her chin, blue eyes. Shy, quiet. 15 years. Dhampir

Austin Castiles: blonde hair, blue eyes, 18 years. ((you can choose his personality)) Dhampir.

Marysiya Alto ((figure it out, use that God-given noggin)): any age but has to be old enough for the academy, any personality. dhampir, girl.

Daniel Alto: any age but has to be old enough for the academy, any personality. dhampir, boy

Ellie Mastrano: make it up, same rules as the above character. moroi

Mark Mastrano: ditto moroi

Tyler Ivashkov (son of Adrian and Sydney): ditto moroi

Zander Ivashkov: ditto moroi

Luci Ivashkov: ditto moroi

And those are the claimable ones, and all moroi can have whatever element you choose. Here's the form for the O.C's:



Eye/Hair/skin colour:

Body shape/type:

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc):


Family(please describe the family a bit too):


Any special belongings(optional):

If moroi, Element:


Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who:

Who do you want them to fall in love with:

Best friends:


Rule Code:

Anything I forgot:

((And that's it. I'll put my first one up right after this is posted.))

6/2/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #1

Name:Allyssum 'Lyss' for short


Eye/Hair/skin colour:Blue, red, curly, to her shoulders, really creamy, freckly

Body shape/type: not very shapely, but pretty. Skinny.

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): No.

Personality: Bubbly, energetic. Outgoing. Doesn't really care about other people's opinions.

Family(please describe the family a bit too): Orphaned. Was left at St Vlads early in her life.

Bio: Her parents were killed by strigoi and she never had any siblings. She was brought to St. Vlads when she was nine.

Any special belongings(optional): Necklace that her mother gave her. A dragon on it with ruby eyes and silver everywhere else.

If moroi, Element: Fire

Age: 16

Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who: Siliya Hathaway-Belikov

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Zander Ivashkov ((so please make Zander close to her age))

Best friends:Siliya Hathaway-Belikov and Kara Ozera and ____________((whomever asks for her first))

Specie: Moroi

Rule Code: ((I made the rules, and I need to know you guys read them, and aren't just copying the code from me))

Anything I forgot: ((well, if I forgot something, I wouldn't remember for this.))

6/2/2011 . Edited 6/3/2011 #2
Samurai don't need angels

Name: Myra

Surname: Key

Eye/Hair/skin colour: Eye color: Black, Hair color: Black, Skin color: Creamish brown

Body shape/type: Not curvy, not sexy, not anything remarkable.

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): Her back is covered in scars.

Personality: Soft spoken, sensitive, rather shy, a listener, but tends to go a bit beserk push her to far. She also hates surprises.

Family(please describe the family a bit too): She doesn't know her mother, but her father was nice guy named Zak before he was....done in. She got his smile they say.

Bio: Myra was born in Japan, and lived their until her 17 birthday. After that her father was killed by his best friend right in front of her. She has never told a soul of the incident, because the man who killed her father threatened to kill her too if she said anything.

Just recently transfered to her current school. Came from the Academy in Japan.

Any special belongings(optional): A dark red ribbon bracelet her father gave her for her second brithday, and a pocket watch that was her mother's.

Age: 17

Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who: Ellie

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Tyler Ivashkov

Best friends: She just transfered, so she hasn't had the chance to really make friends.

Specie: dhampire

Rule Code: Why Purple Asparagus?

Theme Song: Your gonna go far kid -The Offspring

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #3

Purple asparagus just because that's my team's mascot for softball XD and of course you can decide later and stuff =)

6/9/2011 #4
Samurai don't need angels


6/9/2011 #5

Zander Ivashkov has been claimed, just to let everyone know. You know who you are, I PMed you about it =)

6/13/2011 #6

Thanks Prince's-Mayflower :) So...

Name: Zander

Surname: Ivashkov

Eye/Hair/skin colour: Emerald Green/Wavy Gold Blonde Hair/Light Tan

Body shape/type: Slim and Muscular ;)

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): Tattoo accross his left upper arm; Arabic Scripture

Personality: Cocky, Arrogant and a Ladie's Man

Family(please describe the family a bit too): Parents are Adrian and Sydney. Siblings include Tyler and Luci Ivashkov.

Bio: Tyler is his older brother and Luci is his twin. Nothing much to say, grew up with his family, been at St Vlads for ages though and the teachers have a love/hate relationship with him.

Any special belongings(optional): A ring belonging to the Ivashkovs, Tyler didn't want it.

If moroi, Element: Water

Age: Just turned 17

Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who: Adam Ozera

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Allyssum Kyle

Best friends: Adam Ozera and Marcus Hathaway-Belikov

Specie: Moroi

Rule Code: Purple Asparagus (Neat)

((Hope you don't mind me making him a twin and all the other stuff. Oh and can I ask, how did Dmitri and Rose have twins? :L ))

6/14/2011 #7

((*kids even))

6/14/2011 #8

((I was really pissed that Richelle Mead did that, with the whole dhamp's can't reproduce, and I thought that their kids would be so pretty/hot and stuff and I just figured, screw it. There have been so many stories with Rose and a kid anyways, I figured, one more, wouldn't hurt XD. And, of course I don't mind the twins thing. The others will have to follow it, because you did it first =) ))

6/14/2011 #9

((I'm going to take one of the characters... sorry any who wanted her..))

Name: Ellie


Eye/Hair/skin colour: Blue, russet, creamy

Body shape/type: Not very remarkable, dancer's form.

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): Belly button ring, a dragonfly. Also has a small nose ring

Personality:Bubbly and really defiant. Will do what she wants, and isn't a goody-goody. She isn't Rose though. Not even close.

Family(please describe the family a bit too): Jillian Mastrano is her mother, the father is Simon Carman ( He had red hair and blue eyes, same year as her mother at st vlads), Mark Mastrano is her brother ((I'll not put his age yet, or his looks so you guys can do that))

Bio:She's had a pretty normal life, and it hasn't been bad, just normal. She's been at St. Vlad's for awhile now.

Any special belongings(optional): A bit for a horse, that was her horse's before she had to go to St. Vlad's. The horse died soon after she left.

If moroi, Element: Earth

Age: 17

Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who: Myra Key ((So we can keep the stry going ;) ))

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Ambrosious Ivashkov

Best friends: ((Again, I'll decide later))


Rule Code: Purple asparagus ((gotta change that soon...))

Anything I forgot: Nope

6/14/2011 . Edited 7/14/2011 #10

((Haha well to be honest, my VA story has rose and Dimitri having kids so I guess I'm not want to talk, was just curious :L and cool :) ))

Name: Kristel

Surname: Lazar

Eye/Hair/skin colour: Ice blue/Platinum blonde and straight/very, orange tanned

Body shape/type: really curvy and tall

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): nope

Personality: flirty, bit of a blonde, not liked by everyone

Family(please describe the family a bit too): Lives with her dad who spoils her to bits, never knew her mum.

Bio: She was home school'd but then her Dad decided that she should go to St. Vlad's for her last year to see how life is in the real world. She likes being popular and a bit snobby too with lots of expensive designer clothes. A true Daddy's girl.

Any special belongings(optional): nope.

If moroi, Element: Earth.

Age: 17, nearly 18.

Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who: nope, anyone generally thought to be slutty would be perfect though

Who do you want them to fall in love with: she can go out with zander for a bit, but not too sure as to who she falls in love with...

Best friends: no one yet... new girl.

Specie: Moroi

Rule Code: Purple Asparagus

6/14/2011 #11

Name: Lily

Surname: Landgraab

Eye/Hair/Skin color: coal black eyes with a hint of gold/platinum blonde hair with pink highlights/snow pale skin.

Body shape/type: skinny with curvys in all the right places.

Any intresting or different marking on the body: None

Personality: Outgoing, likes to make friends and enemies, likes studying and doing pranks, pretty much a sweet girl who hidding the rock girl beneath all that sweetness.

Family: Andre ( father ), Myra ( mother ) and Rosalia ( sister ). Her family was killed by strigoi when Lily was two years old, than she was adopted by a dhampir family who treated her like trash.

Bio: Family killed when she was a baby, Lily remembers only the brutality and punishments of her adopted family as her childhood. She keeps it a secret and would like it to stay that way.

Any special belongings: A golden necklace her mother left her. Myra had put the necklace into her daughter's crib before dying, and Lily was allowed, luckily, to keep it.

If moroi, Element: Spirit

Age: 16

Do you have set a roomate you want? If so, who: Noone since Lily likes her privacy (( but she can be with someone if needed. ))

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Lily had a crush on Marcus Hathaway - Belikov since she enrolled into the academy, escaping her family's clutches. But she knows that there won't be anything happening with that, so she has no hope with Marcus even liking her...

Best Friends: Siliya Hathaway - Belikov, Kara Ozera, Destiny Castiles

Species: Moroi ( royal but not that important... like 12-royal-families important. she's a distant cousin of the Ivashkovs... ))

Rule code: Purple Asparagus (( english is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes... also I agree with the rules ^^ ))

6/16/2011 . Edited 6/16/2011 #12

((If you don't mind my asking what's your first language.. it's my ambition to become a world famous linguiste and publish some books along the way XD and since Lily is friends with both Siliya and Kara then Allyssum will be one of her friends too, 'cause Allyssums best friends are Siliya and Kara.))

6/18/2011 #13

(( Okay Ally can be too... it's serbian. I don't like it. but what can I do... ))

6/18/2011 #14

((You don't like it?I hate being native english. I am fluent in french but it'd be nice to have a different language to come home to))

6/18/2011 #15

(( Nope, I don't. I can speak spanish,italian,latin,russian,serbian,english,german and a little of french. ^^ ))

6/18/2011 #16

((and all of them fluently? I'm jealous. ^.^))

6/19/2011 #17

(( Yeah. English and german since I was little, the others later on. I study russian and latin in my school ^^ ))

6/19/2011 #18

((My school only gives us spanish, italian, french and english, and then spanish and italian are on saturdays, not actually during school ))

6/19/2011 #19

I will take Luci Ivashkov ^^

Name: Luci

Surname: Ivashkov

Eye/Hair/Skin color: stormy grey/ash blonde/snow white

Body/Shape type: Skinny and curvy

Any intresting or different markings on the body: None

Personality: Hot - headed and stubborn as a mule, can be sweet and kind when she wants to ( mostly only to friends ), likes reading,dancing and drinking

Family: Adrian And Sydney are her parents. She grew up beign loved and cherished just like her brothers, playing all kinds of sports and meeting a lot of people.

Bio: Growing up in a family that loved her beyond anything, Luci was demolished when her aunt died and they kidnapped her (Luci). She spend a few years as a prisoner, but eventually found a way back to her family... on the other hand she was never the same again.

Any special belongings: None

If moroi, element: Spirit

Age: 17

Do you have a set of roomate you want? If yes, who: Kara Ozera ( if not her, than Siliya Hathaway - Belikov or both of them )

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Adam Ozera

Best Friends: Kara Ozera, Siliya Hathaway - Belikov, Ellie Mastrano.

Specie: Moroi

Rule code: Purple Asparagus

(( And yeah that's so cool! I wish that I could study french... well I do have french in my school, but only a few selected students from different classes study it. I study russinan, others german. I've learned German so I could understand my family that lives in Switzerland ^^... what about you? ))

6/22/2011 . Edited by call-of-the-mind, 6/23/2011 #20

((Perfect! Luci is all yours! And at my school it's an obligation to learn french whether you're in core(meaning you only get a dummed down version) or whether you're in immersion(where you have science, social studies--both history and geo-- religion --we go to catholic school XD-- gym and of course french, in french.) and that's what I do. My friend is actually teaching me german right now, but I live in Canada, so German isn't really one of the big languages here. It's more French, Spanish and Mandarin. Are you guys in europe or something? 'Cause I don't know many places where french isn't taught much....))

6/22/2011 #21

(( YAY!!! And yeah we are in Europe. ... lucky you with that school... ))

6/22/2011 #22

((oh I just noticed, but Luci needs to be 17 'cuz Zander and her are twins, and Zander is 17... and I wish I lived in Europe. XD))

6/23/2011 #23

(( Oh okay... I didn't know that. Be lucky you don't. ^^ ))

6/23/2011 #24

((It can't be that be that bad in Europe... at least it's not snowing for half the year.))

6/26/2011 #25

(( Yeah... not really. It's kinda sweet living here actually. I wouldn't change a thing,but it gets boring after a certain time. ))

6/26/2011 #26
Poppy Salvatore-Ozera

Name: Adam


Eye/Hair/skin colour: Green/Black/Pale

Body shape/type: Slim/Very good looking/Striking/Emo/Looks like Christian

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): Snakebites ((Google image if you don't know)) 10mm Plugs.

Personality: Stand offish at first. Good friend when you get to know him. Quiet, funny, charming

Family(please describe the family a bit too): Dad - Christian Ozera, Mom – Vasilisa Dragomir

Bio: Grew up at the Royal court. Went to the Academy just after his 15th birthday. No siblings. Very close with his dad.

Any special belongings (optional): A ring he wears on a chain round his neck.

If moroi, Element: Fire

Age: 17

Do you have a set roommate you want? If so, who: Zander Ivashkov

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Eventually Luci Ivashkov. Flirts with all his girl friends in the meantime but they all know it's just him playing about.

Best friends: Zander Ivashkov, Marcus is close because of their mothers but they only really hang out at the Royal Court.

Specie: Moroi

Rule Code: Purple Asparagus

6/27/2011 #27

Oh thank you Poppy!!! :D

6/27/2011 #28

((Adam has two siblings-- see the character list-- sorry if that ruins any plans ^^))

6/27/2011 #29
Poppy Salvatore-Ozera

((I'm so sorry :) I didn't realise... but I think I might make them go to school at the Royal Court for now if that's ok? Just till everyones settled with their characters? But if anyone wanted to claim them then I could change my plans? Thanks :))

6/27/2011 #30
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