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Vampire Academy, the next generation! I've got a list of claimable characters, and then a form for O.C's! All new members are welcome!
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((I'm taking them off... I didn't know who else to make the kids after, so I made alot of siblings... but Dii also thought there were alot so, I figure, since nobody's claimed them yet, that there wont be much disapointment there XD))

6/27/2011 . Edited 6/27/2011 #31
Poppy Salvatore-Ozera

((Ok thankyou :))x))

6/28/2011 #32

(( I need to ask the others and make sure they're okay with taking Kara away though, c'ause she had alot of best friend requests. XD))

6/28/2011 #33
Headmaster Huxley

Name: Ambrosious

Surname: Ivashkov

Eye/Hair/skin colour: Blue/Blonde/Tan

Body shape/type: Athletic, muscles prominent and attractive

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): No...

Personality: He's pretty obnoxious, always treating dhampirs as if they don't exist around him and loves to party around with the other royals..

Family(please describe the family a bit too): Son of Alexander and Cordelia Ivashkov, Older brother to Catherine Ivashkov, Nephew of Queen Tatiana, and cousins of Zander, Tyler, and Luci....

Bio: Lived the childhood of any regular royal.... but lives a rather obnoxious lifestyle socially and politically, Is around 6"2', Usually flaunting around his family's name and shows his copious amount of false-pride a lot, loves Sports, partying, shouting, and spreading rumors, Flirts with Dhampir Girls in private, and He's always dreamed of taking his aunt's place on the throne as King someday...


Any special belongings(optional): A small crest Queen Tatiana gave him, told him it was a family heirloom...

If moroi, Element: Air

Age: 17

Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who: Tyler Ivashkov

Who do you want them to fall in love with: Ellie Mastrano

Best friends: Tyler Ivashkov, Adam Ozera, Zander Ivashkov

Species: Moroi

Rule Code: Purple Asparagus...

7/14/2011 . Edited 8/5/2011 #34

((Perfect! Go on and post!))

7/14/2011 #35

is it too late to jump in?

Name: Blaire

Surname: Evans

Eye/Hair/Skin/: hazel eyes with flecks of gold. long wavy light brown hair that she wears in two braids over her shoulders. cream colored skin.

Body Shape/Type: she has an atheltic body, has decent curves, and is agile. shes 5'2" and lean.

Markings: the tattoo of a phoenix on the inside of her right wrist. she also has bite marks on her neck from her aunts whorehouse in wales. there is also a small scar running from her left temple to eyebrow.

Personality: she can come off as kind of intense at first, but once you get to know her shes really not that bad. its hard to get her trust, but once you have it, she trusts you with her life and will do anything for you. very stubborn and outspoken, she'll always tell you what shes thinking and she wont lie to you. very smart and consumes herself with training and her studies. she tries not to get in peoples way and doesnt want to get involved with people because sooner or later they see the bite marks on her neck and assume the worst. she tries not to show people her emotions and is a very logical person, always thinking things through before she does them. she always has a plan and is slightly OCD. used to being the best in school and doesnt like to be shown up.

Family: an aunt in wales. none.

Bio: her parents died when she was too young to know them from guarding a moroi and she was sent to live with her aunt in wales. she was a whore so blaire was exposed to a lot of sex and abuse when she was younger but she doesnt let it deter her and it only makes her more determined not to be like that because she hated that life. she wants to be a guardian so that she can prove herself to her parents, even though they're dead, and wants them to be proud of her. she had been going to an academy in wales until she was 15, top of her class, when she ran away and went to the US to start a new life. shed been on the run when some guardians, tipped off by the academy in wales, found her and dragged her to st.vlads.

Special Belongings: none

Age: 17

Roommate: whoever she is put with

Love?: she doesnt believe in love...although someone might decide to change her mind...? maybe marcus or austin?

Best Friends: doesnt have any

Species: dhampir

Rule Code: Purple Asparagus

7/20/2011 . Edited 7/28/2011 #36

((Perfect! And no, it's not too late to start now =) ))

7/24/2011 #37

((is it too late if not heres ma charater))

Name Tanner

Surname Masyn

Appearence tall Black hair emo style emerald green eyes pale muscular

intersting mark bite mark on left bicep almost on his shoulder

personality shy smart sarcastic fiercly protective

family/Bio family all killed in a strigoi attack along with the love of his life Marie Black. he had a happy childhood was raised at academy

age seventeen

no set roomate

i want him to fall in love again. hes open for anyone who discusses it with me first

not alot of friends loner but an awesome fighter

species dhampir


10/14/2011 #38
Poppy Salvatore-Ozera

Heeey, welcome to the forum. As a Mod, may I just say that sounds an awful lot like my own character, Adam? Maybe change things a little?

10/17/2011 #39
Alessandra Romanoff

Name: Bella

Surname: CarmitKarmaCameron

Eye/Hair/skin color: Blue, Black with red highlights, a tan

Body shape/type: slim and well built

Any interesting or different marking on the body(scar, etc): a crescent moon on the forehead

Personality: loving,caring and loyal

Family(please describe the family a bit too): n/a

Bio: She was born a human but turned into a Dhampir.

Any special belongings(optional): n/a

If moroi, Element: n/a

Age: 18

Do you have a set roomate you want? If so, who: N/A

Who do you want them to fall in love with: N/A

Best friends: N/A

Specie: Dhampir

Rule Code: N/A

Anything I forgot: N/A

5/22/2012 #40

I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to you!! But perfect!! :)) The only think you need to fix, is to go to the 'rules' topic, read that, and then write in the code that we give so that I know you read them :)

9/13/2012 . Edited 9/13/2012 #41

Name: Hollyn

Middle Name: Alissa

Surname: Ozera

EyeColor: Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

skin color: Moroi pale.

body shape: Tall and slim.

Marking: A small scar on her bottom lip. (From biting a stapler)

Personality: quiet appearance. But she is sweet and bubbly when you get to know her, if she lets you. Extremely loyal.

Family: Vasilia, Christian. (Kara) (Adam)

Bio: She arrived at the academy 2 years after her siblings and immediately wished she had a friend.

special belonging: A ring from her mother and father.

element: Spirit

Age: 15

Species: Moroi

Rule Code: Purple Asparagus

12/2/2014 #42

Welcome :) Although many of the users stopped actually replying to the forum haha

12/21/2014 #43
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