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((So I'll just start this off, and anybody can just go on and write a bit after that))

I looked around the huge building and sighed. "This is going to be a long day." I held the paper up to the sunlight to shield my eyes and tried to see up to the higher levels. It was so stupid that I had to wait out here all night so that the stupid newbies who didn't realize that we sleep during the sunlight hours don't get lost. And this position was given to me by none other then Alberta Petrov, our new principle.

"Great job Allyssum, you stupid girl you." I muttered to myself. I went over to a tree to get some shade, and when I got to it, I tripped over a root sticking out from the ground. I shreiked and cursed. Why did you have to go and swear at the teacher Lyss? You haven't really even started proper school yet, you've only done the little kid kind. I looked around and saw someone who seemed to be my age, holding a map, seemingly lost. He was pretty cute too. He was also looking right at me and laughing.

"Ass." I muttered again angrily.

He came over and held out his hand, still chuckling. "You okay?"

"I'm fine." I brushed myself off and tried not to snap at him. "You're a newbie then?"

"What?" he screwed his eyebrows together and his brown hair fell in front of his face.

"You're new here." I stated slowly.

"Oh. Yeah." He looked down at his map. I looked up at him, and was able to easily. He was so tall that he shaded me from the sun.

"Well, inside there's another dhampir with another sheet of paper, who'd probably love to help you." I pointed.

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" he smiled.

"Wow, you catch on quick." I said sarcastically. "Now go, she's probably super bored." I pointed. He shrugged his shoulders and went in the direction I was pointing in and looked back every few feet.

"Will this night never end?" I asked the sun, and then looked away quickly, because it hurt my eyes.

((now you guys can jump in, cuz it'll make sense.))

6/2/2011 #1
Samurai don't need angels

Myra was off a little ways away, feeling a bit leery of asking the person by the tree for directions. She'd only been there a few hours, but she already sick of the place. She wanted to go home. Of course, that wasn't really an option as she'd already agreed to stay here for at least a year. Still, that didn't stop the desire.

Trying to muster some courage she walked up to Allyssum. "Excuse me, may I ask a question?"

6/9/2011 #2

I tried not to jump as I turned to face her. I smiled. "'Course. What's up?"

She looked as if this was the last place in the world she wanted to be, and I felt the same to some extent. I just didn't want to be here, as in under this tree, being scorched by the sun. She probably didn't want to be here, as in the Academy.

Well, she seems nice, and that's always a bonus when you're stuck staying up 'till all hours helping newbies find their way.... I thought to myself.

"I'm Allyssum by the way." I held out my hand.

6/12/2011 #3
Samurai don't need angels

"I'm Myra." Myra said, shaking Allyssum's hand. "I'm new here." She explained. "I can't find my room." She looked sort of uncomforable. "Sorry to be a bother, but can you tell me the way to the dorms." geeze, I sound like an idiot. She thought, wincing. I basically just asked for the same thing twice.

6/12/2011 #4

"Definitely." I smiled. I looked down my clipboard and searched the M's (we put our first names alphabetically and not our last names) and came to Myra. I traced over to her room and gave her the number. "306. Turn right when you get to the stairs at that building," I pointed, "and then it's the third door on your right." I smiled.

((Who do you want as roomates?? Or does it matter?))

6/13/2011 #5
Samurai don't need angels

((It doesn't matter to me.))

"Got it." Myra said walking away. "Thanks for your help." She then began the task finding the room. Despite the person's directions, she still got lost. She sighed, eventually found her room. She knocked twice just in case anybody was in.

6/14/2011 #6

I looked up from my twin bed, which was on the window side of the room, and raised an eyebrow. I then looked over to the bare other half-or should I say third? Two thirds?- of the room, closer to the door, and realized what or I guess I should say who, that was. I had decided to stay up, because I had been told that I was finally getting a roommate -or two, depending- and I didn't really want to be woken up for that. I marked the page, and closed my book, putting it to the side. I got up off my purple bed, and looked around my room. On my half, there were a few picture, a mirror, a dresser and a desk. My bit was hanging above my bed on the wall. I sighed and went over to the door.

I opened it and saw a girl holding a map. She had dark hair and dark eyes, and looked about my age. I smiled.

"Hi. I'm Ellie." I stepped back, opening the door wider. "I guess you're my new roommate." I waved to the two remaining beds. One was leaning against the opposite wall, just before the bathroom door, that opened inwards, and the other was situated about four feet from mine. There were two other desks, two other dressers and a lot of empty wall. They were all twin beds as well. We got one of the bigger rooms, but with three people, it was going to get pretty noisy, if we did get three, if not, they'd clear out the extra furniture.

6/14/2011 . Edited 6/14/2011 #7

I grabbed my gym bag and headed out my room, pulling a hand through my wild hair, trying to settle it down. It was useless and I knew it so I just gave up and continued walking quietly through the dorm hall and then out of the building where I was met by a blinding light. I hated the sun.

It was early in the morning, or very late at night, depending on how you wanted to put it and so the sun was still out and brightening up the drab school buildings. I didn't usually get up this early but I couldn't sleep properly next to Adam's loud snores. Adam Ozera is my roommate and a generally cool guy. He was quiet and kept to himself most of the time and so people found it funny how the two of us were friends.

I was headed to the gym. Most people find it hilarious when they hear that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to go to the gym and workout but as soon as the school wakes up, the dhampirs take over the place so the morning was really my only chance to get in. We moroi didn't really need to work out but I liked to keep up a good image, and there was always the ladies.

Speaking of ladies… I looked up to see an orange girl, no literally orange, leaning against the gym's wall, watching me. When she saw me looking she gave me a wink. At first I was puzzled by her appearance but when I came closer I realized that she was just tanned, very tanned.

"Well hello there gorgeous," she smirked, making her way over to me.

"Same to you," I said giving her a little wink. "I don't seem recognized you. Are you new here?"

"Yep, and I'm already loving it," she said. I couldn't tell whether she was being sarcastic or not.

"Zander Ivashkov," I said holding out a hand.

"Nice to meet you Mr Ivashkov," she said grinning, showing me a perfect set of white teeth. "Hey can I ask you something?"

"Sure anything for the new girl," I say, not missing how she hadn't told me her name.

"Why is that girl over there staring at us?" she said, inclining her head to someone behind me. I turned around to see Allyssum Kyle leaning against a tree, eyeing the two of us with a sour look on her face. I couldn't help the slow smile the crept up on my face. I noticed the new girl frowning at this change in my expression.

"That's Allyssum. She's one of the cool girls, come on I'll introduce you two," I said easily, tugging 'nameless-new-girl'. She seemed to not want to oblige so I just put my arm around her waist and she basically just melted into me. Yeah, I had that effect on girls.

I could see Allyssum's face growing curious as we got closer.

"Hey there Lyss! Watcha' doing awake so early in the morning? A princess like you needs her beauty sleep," I said giving her a wink. Allyssum just scowled at me and I turned to 'nameless-new-girl' who was looking up at me with a pout. "She loves me really. Everyone round here does. Isn't that right Lyss?"

"You wish," she said, like it was the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. Ouch.

((Sorry, it's a little longer than I intended))

6/14/2011 #8
Samurai don't need angels

Myra extended her hand glumly. This just looked a little too much like home for her. "Myra." She said. Her dark black eyes flickered to the door, as if she was wondering if it was too late to bolt. "I'm sorry if I woke you up." She appologized. Without another word, Myra entered the room, and picked the bed that wasn't bein used. She began to dig around in her bag for her pillow and blanket. She'd get the rest in the morning.

6/14/2011 #9

((lole just like Lyss))

Zander looked sort of pissed about what I'd just said, but he smirked and forgot about it, his little orange girl glued to his side as if the only thing keeping her alive was his arm wrapped around her waist. I almost barfed.

"How're you liking campus... umm... well I don't exactly know your name do I?" I put my hand on my hip, holding my clipboard in the other hand. I pursed my lips at Orange and Zander just looked as if he couldn't have enjoyed himself any more then he was at that moment. Ass. I thought. There are just so many fo those, aren't there?


"Hey Myra." She looked as if she was wishing she could bolt, and I didn't blame her. I'd felt like that too at the beggining. Hey. We all have our reasons. That filled the second of the three beds. Now all we had to do was wait and find out if we were getting another roommate or not. I decided to leave Myra to unpack, and go out to see Lyss. I'd heard she was outside doing newbie duty.

Before I left the room I stopped at the corner and asked Myra, "Do you want to come and meet my friend Allyssum?" I asked.

6/14/2011 #10
Samurai don't need angels

Myra nodded, even though she really justed wanted to go to bed. "Sure. Sounds" She said, crossing her arms. Or torture. It sounds a lot like torture. She found herself wishing for some of her old friends. Hell, even some of her old enemies sounded nice.

6/14/2011 #11

Myra looked really reluctant to go. It's her choice, and she said she's coming, so I'm not going to fret over it. I led the way, and we finally came to where Allyssum was standing with Zander and a girl with an orangey tan. Attractive. I thought sarcastically.

"Lyss!" I called.


I heard the voice of Ellie and rejoiced inwardly. I waved her over, and saw that Myra girl following her. Oh ya.. that was Ellie's room... well I guess I know who her roommate is now. I wonder if they're getting another one.

"This is Ellie." I pointed to Ellie, so Orange would know, "and this is Myra. She's new." I pointed to Myra for the benefit of both Zander and Orange.

Everyone looked a little sour right now. I couldn't blame them though. It's was really late at night. Something like 12 now. 1 maybe? I couldn't tell anymore. Orange pursed her lips rudely. I couldn't wait to hear what she had to say.

6/14/2011 #12

Myra didn't look like she really wanted to come, but that was her problem. I didn't force her to come. She was probably just trying to be polite. Or somtheing like that. Maybe.

We approached where Allyssum was standing with Zander and a girl wit an orange tan. She was glued to the side of Zander, who was smirking and talking with Allyssum which was probably torture. I called over to her to try and ease that torture as much as I could.



I turned my head when I heard my name called and saw Ellie followed by Myra, the new girl. I guess they were roommies. Relief flooded me when I saw them and I waved them over. I turned to Orange and pointed to the two as they neared.

"That's Myra, the new girl, and that's Ellie." The first was for the benefit of both Zander and Orange.

I guess she's not going to tell us her name...

I shurgged that off as the other two came close enough to hear. My hero's. Or is it heroines?

6/14/2011 #13
Samurai don't need angels

"Hey." Myra said to Allyssum, vaguely reconizing the face. She felt a bit better being able to see a fimilar - well sort of - face. She looked at the girl in orange and wondered who the heck it was. It's a pain not knowing anybody. She thought. She also studied Zander.

She gave a brief nod to the rest of the group, looking like she still wanted to be swallowed up. Preferable by something just as depressed as she was.

I'll feel better tomorrow. She told herself.

6/14/2011 #14

((Can we write who's POV we're writing from so we don't get confused. Zander POV ;) ))

I sighed impatiently as we were joined by a Allyssum's friend Ellie and a new girl, called Myra. I quickly sized them up and gave Myra my most charming grin that I knew the girls loved. She blushed.

I noticed Allyssum staring at my arm around 'nameless-new-girl' and I automatically loosened my grip, moving my hand up to my hair

"Why's everyone awake so early?" Allyssum asked us.

"Oh we just came to see you," Ellie told her smiling, answering for a bored looking Myra.

"Actually I'm headed to the gym..." I trailed of warily.

"You work out?" said 'nameless-new-girl', her lips in a perfect 'o'. I grinned at her.

"Of course babe, this body doesn't come free you know," I said, waving my hand down my body. 'Nameless-new-girl' giggled and the others just rolled their eyes.

"That's soo cute! I bet those muscles look better without the t-shirt though," said 'nameless-new-girl', gliding a hand along my body.

"You bet, hey maybe you can see for yourself sometime?" I teased her.

"Now that would be interesting," she replied, her hand massaging my arm. Allyssum pretended to retch and gave us a disgusted look. I lifted up an eyebrow.

"So Lyss, what are you doing out and about so early in the morning?" I asked her.

6/15/2011 #15

((Kristel POV)

I watched the red-haired girl make a few introductions, frowning when she didn't tell them my name. And then I realized that I hadn't told her my name in the first place. Silly me.

Zander Ivashkov was so hot. No like really, really swoon-able hot. I knew I'd like him as soon as I saw him. But I don't think the two of us can ever be involved, no - we were too much like each other in that area.

Though throughout the other's exchange, I noticed that Zander's eyes never left Allyssum. Did he like her? Actually, I found it extremely rude that he'd even given her a second glance while I was standing right next to him.

I had to admit I enjoyed flirting with Zander a little too much. But Allyssum's face made it totally worth it.

6/15/2011 #16

(( Ugh.... do we have to wait for our characters to be accepted or can we RP right away?? I post now but it can be deleted if it's not allowed :D ))

Lily walked around the academy, thinking about how cute Marcus was. He was a dhampir, yes, but she didn't care. She was never biased about that nor will she start now. She started whistling and put her hands into her pockets. What a beautiful day... she thought, looking around.

6/16/2011 #17

((OMGEE I my cpu was messing up so I didn't realize that the first one had been posted.. i thought it had just erased on me... so those two i put beside each other, more or less the same chapter thing. my bad. And Allyssum's POV. and yeah, as long as you have the password it's cool =) ))

"I'm helping the newbies find their way. Speaking of which, you still haven't told us your name." I turned to Orange. She played with a manicured fingernail, and pretended to be really interested in them. Finally, she pursed her lips and smiled, flashinf perfect white teeth.


Zander looked extremely pleased with himself and was smirking, with his hand running through his hair again. Why is he doing that! He seemed to realize what he was doing and dropped his hand back down to his side. "How nice of you Lyss." he smirked.

I rolled my eyes. "It's not as if I had a choice. This year, I am one of the people who have been here the longest, not including the teachers, and so, they made me do the helping. Why weren't you forced to as well? You've been here almost as long as i have."


((Ellie's POV))

Zander looked like he was going to reply, but before he did, I said, "I'm going to go back-" I yawned, "and sleep." I looked over at Myra. "Do you want to chill here or do you want to come? And Lyss, if someone else comes and is in our room, please tell them to be quiet."

"Okay." she waved it off absent mindedly, staring at Zander. I rolled my eyes.

6/18/2011 #18

((and I'll have Lily meet Ellie when Ellie leaves, with or without Myra, depending on what she decides))

6/18/2011 #19

((Thanks :) Zander POV))

Kristel. So that was her name. I was beginning to worry that she had a really weird name and was ashamed to tell us, but Kristel was cool. Well to be honest with myself, I didn't particularly like the name Kristel. It was too... pretentious?

Ellie and Myra were conversing about whether to go back to their dorm and I focused back on Allyssum (now that was a nice name, not pretentious at all) and what she had just asked me.

"Are you kidding me? The teacher's love me, they'd never put me through torture," I gave Kristel and Myra a haste glance, "I mean, it's not torture... but you know, waiting in the sun and all that... Anyways. You want me to have a word with Alberta for you, she adores me."

Both Kristel and Allyssum spoke at the same time.

"I can fight my own battles," Allyssum huffed, glowering at me. I shrugged back at her, putting my hands up in surrender. God, is that what a guy gets for being nice around here?

"Everyone seems to love you, huh?" Kristel giggled. I was about to reply with a flirtatious comment when I caught Allyssum's death glare and decided to not saying anything would be best.

"So I'm going to head of to the gym... you girls do umm, whatever girls do," I said wryly. "See ya around Kristel. If you need anything, come find me, but otherwise I'm sure Allyssum will love to help you.

Allyssum gave me a sarcastic laugh and I had to admit that the last bit was a little cruel but I just couldn't help myself.




((Kristel POV))

There I told them my name. It wasn't a secret or anything. But I definitely didn't like the way that girl spoke to me, Allyssum or whatever her name was. I thought I'd annoy her a little by taking my time in answering, like I couldn't remember my name or something. Hah. I made myself laugh sometimes.

I zoned out as the others were rambling on about something or another, until it became clear that Zander was going.

He made it very clear in enunciating my name, but I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing.

He let me know that if I should need anything, to find him. I couldn't help but think of a double meaning to the words and smiled to myself.

"I'll be sure to see you around, babe," I said grinning at him with a last wink. After a quick glance at Allyssum, god that girl was beginning to annoy me, he gave me a crooked grin and headed towards the gym building.

I turned to Allyssum. Great. This is going to be fun.

6/18/2011 #20

((Allyssum's POV and I hope this is kay with you, what I get Kristel to say, if not, then tell me and I'll fix it.))

I counted to ten silently in my head, calming myself down, and breathing in and out deeply. Finally, I turned to Kristel and put on my best you're-pissing-me-off-and-there's-nothing-I-can-do-about-it-so-I'm-going-to-act-nicely face and smiled. "So, do you need some help finding your room?"

She sneered a little at me. "Let's cut the crap. I don't like you, and you don't like me. So, why don't we quit pretending?"

"That's fine with me." I growled. I then looked down at the sheet. She didn't share a room with anybody I knew, thank the Lord. "Room 131." I pointed her over to her building and gave her directions, and she strutted away, looking as if she thought she'd won. Only time would tell if that was true or not.

My watch beeped and I looked at the time. 1:30. I was allowed to leave now. Someone else would take my place within the next few minutes. "'Kay, I'm going to go and sleep. See you guys tomorrow, or something like that." I yawned and walked away.



-------((Ellie's POV))

I watched Lyss leave and turned to Myra. "Well, now, we might as well just go back. I don't know about you, but the sun is murdering my eyes."

6/18/2011 #21

(( Lily's POV ))

I walked towards some students. " Hi... I'm Lily Landgraab but call me Lils. " she said, smiling.

(( can you tell me who plays Marcus and when that person is usually on? ))

6/18/2011 . Edited 6/18/2011 #22

((this is a pretty new forum so at the moment we don't have anybody who is playing Marcus, unless you wanted to invite somebody to or smthn-- Ellie's POV))

I turned to the girl and smiled. "You new here? Because if so, Allyssum was helping the newbies, and she just left. I can point you in the right direction for another helper though if you need it."

6/19/2011 #23

Lily's POV

I rolled my eyes. " I can find my way around here... Adrian Ivaskov, my older cousin, showed me. " I said.

6/19/2011 #24

((Ellie's POV))

What's her problem?I asked myself while frowning. "Oh. Then what do you want?" I asked, trying my best not to sound rude. I probably should've gone with 'then what's up' or 'then what can i do for you?' but there was no going back now.

6/19/2011 . Edited 6/19/2011 #25
Samurai don't need angels

Myra looked between the two girls, and folded her arms, somewhat interested. She tilted her head to the side, observing the new girl, her dark eyes seeming to try to peer into her soul.

6/19/2011 #26

Lily's POV

I narrowed my eyes. " To greet you? Get to know you? But if you are that braty... than please forgive me for daring to talk with you. " huffing, I walked away, muttering.

6/19/2011 #27

((No its all good :) Kristel POV))

The nerve of that girl! She actually growled at me. She dared growl at Kristel Lazar, who did she think she was? Just wait till my father heard about how rude these non-royals were at this school.

I easily found my way to Room 131, disappointed when I realized that the dorms were all split up - boys/girls and dhamphir/moroi. Not that I wanted to hang out with dhamphirs, they were too below royals like myself. But an eyeful of hunky boys wouldn't have hurt.

I crossed my fingers silently as I opened the door to my new bedroom and sighed in relief. The room was made for two people but apparently nobody else had moved in yet. Good. I stepped inside and found all my bags in place - yeah my Dad had sent my stuff earlier, saving me the pain of carrying all this stuff up by myself. I grabbed the closest suitcase, one of the four bright pink flowery bags I had, and started rummaging through to check if everything was in place. It was a procedure I planned to do with every other bad - you could never trust these people.

The room was awfully small, especially as it was meant for sharing. I quickly sized it up and guessed that it was only about half the size of my dressing room back at home. Hmm, I think I might need to have a word about that with my Dad.

((Hope my writing wasn't too descriptive but I didn't know what else to write about :L ))

6/20/2011 #28

((Ellie's POV))

"Wait! Lily I'm sorry... " I called over to her. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, ruffleing it. Why do I always react so quickly? I shook my head. Great job Ellie, great job. I looked over at Myra and sighed.

"Don't I just have a way with people?" I asked sarcacstically

6/20/2011 #29
Samurai don't need angels

"If you mean 'I really screwed that one up', you certainly do." Myra remarked folding her arms. "Could have been worse though." She yawned. "Can we go back already?"

6/20/2011 #30
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