Opinions on the new Reboot
DC is Rebooting it's entire Universe at the End of Next August. I would just like to have a place where different people can share their thoughts, views and ideas on this subject
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After the global event Flashpoint DC Comics relaunched the comics, starting all the titles from #1, retconning a lot of heroes' histories, and also absorbind former Wildstorm heroes into DC universe.

How do you feel about the changes in DC Comics?

11/21/2011 #1

I just want to know where Garfield, Rachel, and J'honn are! Did they get totally deleted?

6/16/2012 #2

Beast Boy appeared in new Teen Titans, then Ravagers series.

J'ohn Jonzz is a part of Stormwatch.

Raven made a cameo appearance in Teen Titans #1 (when Robin/Tim Drake is looking at the disappearances of teenage superheroes).

7/25/2012 #3
The Hazard

To tell the truth I wish they didn't retcon so much. But this gives the next generation of writers a chance to make money as well and create new beginnings and new things for the comic book fans everywhere to remember. Whether it's a bad memory or a good one, there will be a memory made. It would've made more sense if they had done like Marvel always does and make more than one version of everything. Like how Marvel has Earth 616 as their main dimension for superheroes to be added to. DC should have made a seperate dimension for the new domain of their new storylines. This way the storylines we know and love would continue while different storylines go on in different versions so people that want to hear a different way a heroes story began. Starting everything we ever knew over was not only unnecessary, but now we cannot continue the stories that were unfinished so that the retcon could happen.

11/21/2012 #4
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