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((I'm here, Chaos.))

7/28/2011 #571
Chaos Lord Bahamut
(OK, sorry! D8)

"Judge Magister Gabranth, former warrior of Chaos, I can completely kick peoples butts with my helmet on, blah blah blah. And you are?" Gabranth replied.


7/28/2011 #572

"... Vincent Valentine," the normally silent gunslinger responded. "And what do you mean 'warrior of Chaos'?" He had high doubts that this Gabranth meant the entity sleeping and raging within the red-cloaked man's very soul.

7/28/2011 . Edited 7/28/2011 #573
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"Uh...Chaos, the god of Discord? The only Chaos in this world? Well, except for..." Gabranth shuddered, remembering a most unpleasent encounter he had had in the Rift.

(I did it again XD...speaking of Feral Chaos, is he gonna be in the RP?)

7/28/2011 #574
Mikura looked at Vincent briefly, aflash of interest in her eyes. Then she said to Chaos, "Long story made short, I pissed Nemaethor off." she pointed to the scar on her neck and shoulder, then jerked her pant leg up so he could see the N-shaped scar and the tick mark. "He drank my blood, and almost slashed my arm off trying to get me to scream."
7/28/2011 #575
The red-garbed man narrowed his eyes. Multiple forms of Chaos? "I see."
7/28/2011 #576
Chaos Lord Bahamut
Chaos' eyes narrowed. The god stood and summoned smaller versions of the giant swords around the Edge. "Where is he? I don't care if he's one of my warriors, he won't go unpunished. Fighting one of his own allies is treasonous."


Gabranth raised an eyebrow. "So who summoned you here? Chaos or Cosmos?"

7/29/2011 #577

Slowly, Vincent looked away, putting his clawed hand to the spot in his chest where the Protomateria was embedding beneath his flesh. "... Chaos..." he muttered.

((Mind if I have, due to the 'laws' of this world, the Chaos in Vincent go out of control?))

7/29/2011 #578
Chaos Lord Bahamut
(I don't mind! ^^)

"Very well. I'll take you to meet him." Gabranth motioned for Vincent to follow, and began to walk towards the Land of Discord.

7/29/2011 #579
"He tortured me in the Chaos Shrine. I don't know if he's still there or not."
7/29/2011 #580

Alas, Vincent would not be able to take a single step... before he collapsed to his knees, his hand over his heart. He grunted in pain... and felt the Protomateria, his crystal, unknown to him, vanish from his chest cavity.

Like a bursting dam or opening floodgate, a malevolent aura washed over the area. A very familiar and very powerful malevolent aura.

An orb of blackness engulfed Vincent Valentine, who had been so caught off-gaurd by the lack of the Protomateria... and only mere seconds later, the orb exploded with a roar echoing from its dark depths.

In Vincent's place a more creature stood. A white mane framed frame a blue furred, wolfish face, with two prominent crescent horns rising from the cranium. Much of Vincent's garbs had been torn apart in the transformation, leaving a musclar furred chest exposed while the shoulders and legs were covered in black and the remained of the cloak were worn like a fauld. His claws were adorned with steel.

The Galian Beast had been unleashed.

((I decided... Galian Beast, first. XD I'm sure Chaos will sense the connection either way.))

7/29/2011 #581
Chaos Lord Bahamut
Abruptly Chaos' head snapped up as he felt something. "...Impossible! That's-"


Gabranth stared. "Uh...crap."

(I had a funny idea just now!)

7/29/2011 #582

The demonic wolf-like creature snarled, brandishing its claw as flames gathered in teh back of its throat. Then, the Galian Beast fired off an intense fireball.

7/29/2011 #583
"What's wrong?" Mikura asked, stretching out her hands as if she could help somehow. (funny idea? i like them! ;D)
7/29/2011 #584
Chaos Lord Bahamut
"OH SH- er, CRAP!" Gabranth jumped out of the way.

(What if Vincent's Chaos, Feral Chaos, and normal Chaos have a three way slugfest?! EPIC!)

7/29/2011 #585

((Lol. It occured to me.))

The white-maned beast leaped for Gabranth, bringing down his claws.

7/29/2011 #586

Mikura rolled her eyes and muttered, "Men." she began to walk away, walking until she reached Order's Sanctuary, where she sat down and put her head in her hands, trying very hard not to think about what had just happened to her.

She wasn't doing so well.

7/29/2011 #587

Samantha appeared behind her. "Hello,"

7/29/2011 #588

Mikura looked over at her, a frown pulling her lips down at the corner.

"Hello." she said tonelessly, pulling up her shirt and her sleeves down, trying to hide the scars from her.

7/29/2011 #589

She rolled her eyes. "Save it. I know what he did to you, remember, he did the same thing to me." she grabbed Mikura's arm and examined the scar.

7/29/2011 #590

Mikura's arm twitched slightly, but she didn't pull away.

"I've got those all over now." she muttered. "And he cut my freakin' hair!" She pointed at the edge where her bang used to be. "I can grow it back, but it'll take hours to get it just the way it was." she then proceeded to call Nemaethor a variety of names you heard around truck stops and dingy bars.

7/29/2011 #591

Samantha laughed lightly. "Your hair still looks nice," she offered. "but I can help you change it back if you want,"

7/29/2011 #592

"Oh, no, it's fine." Mikura waved a hand airily. "I've had to grow my hair back before- when that army general in Gaia got hold of me he cut my hair so short I looked like a boy. There's nothing I can do about the scars, though. My range of magic doesn't cover that." she looked at Samantha, frowning again.

7/29/2011 #593

"Same, that's why I still have them," she said before waving a hand in front of Mikura's face, staring at her hair as it started to grow.

7/29/2011 #594

"Oh!" she was a little surprised. "Thanks." she touched her hair lovingly. Then her smile disappeared.

"Why are you talking to me, anyway? I lied to you. I two-timed you."

7/29/2011 #595

She smiled carefully. "You never lied to me, technically,"

7/29/2011 #596

Mikura snorted. "Technically."

Then she frowned and looked down. When she spoke, her voice was very quiet.

"Kefka got mad when I told him what happened."

7/29/2011 #597

"What happened with Nemaethor?" she asked as she sat down next to her.

7/29/2011 #598

"I went to the Chaos Shrine, just thinking I was gonna get a good fight, y'know? And he sneaks up behind me and pricks me with something, a dagger or something like that, and I passed out. When I wake up he's got me tied down, and he starts asking me why I helped you out. He gave me some crap that made me tell the truth, and then he started torturing me. He made that damn N on my leg and a tick mark, and then he just started randomly started hacking at me, cutting my arms and legs and neck. He told me to scream near the end and I wouldn't, so he got all pissy and nearly cut my arm off. Then you came." she shrugged.

7/29/2011 #599

She listened carefully. "Nemaethor isn't fair, that's exactly how he kidnapped me the first time. What was Kefka upset about? The torturing or you sitting next to the Light Tree with me? 'Cause I can see he'd be mad at both."

7/29/2011 #600
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