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Girl In the Library Corner

Hello all!

Knight's Queen, Laura, came up with this idea.

She asked: If you could rewrite any scene in King Arthur what would it be? And more importantly, how would YOU write it and change it?

6/7/2011 #1
Knight's Queen

Ok here are my two...

1st I would DELETE the sex scene between Gwen and Arthur... I found it annoying and meaningless to the storyline. in its stead I would have had more of the tavern scene with the knights, and explain where Dag was and why the heck was he WET?? HHMMM.

2nd I would rewrite the ice lake scene. I would have them all cross (as they obviously did anyway) and have the knights crack the ice midway as the saxons came across.. there was NO NEED for Dag to DIE and I am not even gonna address my love Tristan getting killed cause it stresses me OUT.... and NO I don't watch that part.. I close my eyes...


6/10/2011 #2
Knight's Queen

OK here is another annoying scene... I would sew up Gwen's dress so it WOULD NOT hang all seductive off her right shoulder in the ramparts scene. I mean REALLY.. you're going to stand all seductively like she poses when you are looking down at flicker lights of an army of over a thousand Saxons. I mean REALLY? GAH! That one thing takes aways from this immensily important and dramtic scene, in my opinion.

OK.. I vented about Gwen's portrayal once again.... and I am not saying I am sorry....


6/10/2011 #3
Girl In the Library Corner

Okay, first of all, I totally agree with you about the Arthur and Gwen scene. Completely irrelevant and a waste of time. Second, when you are talking about DAgonet being wet, do you mean after the battle where they meet Germanius?

And third, I agree about the ice scene. Dag should have lived!!


6/10/2011 #4
Knight's Queen


If you notice in the Tavern scene when he comes up to Bors his hands are dripping wet, you can really notice it when he takes a drink. And Bors says "where have you been, we have plans to make." so I have always wondered Where was Dag??? and why are his hands soaked....


6/10/2011 #5
Girl In the Library Corner

Huh. I never noticed that. Time to watch the movie again! (as if I need an excuse, haha)

6/11/2011 #6
Knight's Queen

yes do we EVER really NEED and EXCUSE to watch the movie???? UM NO....

and I will say to you what my children say to me "Mom, stop licking the screen everytime Tristan's face comes up. EWE let that be the last of that!"

baahaa~~ enjoy your weekend


6/11/2011 #7

I utterly agree about the Guinevere stuff. She annoyed me beyond belief in that scene. If I was Lancelot I'd have said "Um, would you like a tunic or something? You know, it's a bit chilly out, to be wearing an innapropriate dress. Or do you want to make sure that every single person up here knows exactly what you two have just been doing? Just...cover up a bit, can't you?"

and I think theer should have been much more of the knights just talking and being mates. It would make a nice contrast ot the rest of it.

And I'd cut the "Take me to heaven" pick up line, because Lancelot can do a lot better, even though I can't see why he'd want to...

8/26/2012 #8

Tristans death.

I would prefer if he had lived and even if he really had to die, then please while taking out other soldiers and getting shot by an arrow.

This was just way too sad.

11/18/2012 #9
Knight's Queen

Wolken--- I could not agree -- I cannot bring myself to watch it.. I cry and weep truly... I lvoe this movie and goddess knows I watch it at least pnce a day... no lie... any how... that is the sadest scene... had Gawain not gotten the arrow..Arthur would have made it to fight Saxon and Tris would not have gottent the worse of it...


11/18/2012 #10
Girl In the Library Corner


Believe me, EVERYONE who has ever watched the movie agrees with you. I bet the screen writers and director are looking back going "what were we thinking?!" Haha.

-GLC aka Katie

11/20/2012 #11

The worst part about Tristans death is when the hawk flies in the sky.That really did it for me, the saddest part

11/20/2012 #12
Knight's Queen

I love Tristan

11/21/2012 #13
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