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This forum/Roleplay is based off of the Vampire Diaries television series. It is based on the books by L.J Smith. Message me if you want to join or wish to make an OC character
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Character list: (Open or available characters will have a : next to their names. Taken characters will have a username next to the name) Roleplaying takes place at the Salvatore boarding house, though characters can go anywhere in Mystic Falls.

33 Character Spots are now open!If you want to play any of those, just hit the PM button and tell me!


I am aware that this might be accidental, but please do not ignore people.

Character couples that are not from the books, need my permission before getting together

Please try not to make it too dramatic all the time. I know that the show is about drama, but making it unrealistic and having it go on all the time is not like the show.

FORUM RULES HAVE BEEN UPDATED! Please read Forum Rules-Please Read!

Cannon Character List

Stefan Salvatore: ItsYouandMeStefan.Always

Damon Salvatore: Damon's Moon Chic (Is on vacation-the character of Damon is being played temporarily by FatSams)

Elena Gilbert: xoxodovelove

Jeremy Gilbert: smartchickloser (X)

Jenna Sommers: Danica Blazenka

John Gilbert:

Rose: ElizaJay (X)

Sage: Dono Della Parlantina


Jules: Lovrs4evr

Emily Bennett: InsanelySarcastic (X)


Jonathan Gilbert:


Isobel: SnowWhitexx

Lexi Branson: CheckItOutGirl (X)

Logan Fell:

Richard Lockwood:

Mason Lockwood: KTREVINO

Giuseppe Salvatore:

Joseph Salvatore:

Zach Salvatore:

Lorenza Salvatore (Damon and Stefan's mother)

Raphael Salvatore: Dono Della Parlantina (Damon and Stefan's brother)

Pauline Bennett:


Lucy Bennett:

Nevena Petrova: (Katerina Petrova's mother)

Dragomir Petrova: (Katerina Petrova's mother and wife of Nevena Petrova)

Rayna Petrova: xyueuchihax (X) (Katerina's daughter born in 1490)

Grayson Gilbert:

Miranda Gilbert:

Barnett Lockwood:

Benjamin Lockwood:

Jeffrey Lockwood Hamilton:

Sheila Bennett


Caroline Forbes: (Being temporarily played by WerepireGirl1994)

Tyler Lockwood: Havah Kinny (X)

Anna: kate882 (The character of Anna is up for someone to play temporarily)

Andie Starr: Danica Blazenka

Bonnie Bennett:

Matt Donovan: salvatoreintothesunset (X)


Trevor: Jasper VS Damon (X)

Vickie Donovan: Book-BoyObsessed956439 (X)

Alaric Saltzman: Immersion

Klaus: TAKEN

Carol Lockwood:

Elizabeth "Liz" Forbes: OneStepToYourHeart

Elijah: troubledteen1864

Katherine Petrova Pierce: Guinever.S

(Note: I will allow users to create seven originals since there are nine and the two we know of so far are Klaus and Elijah. People who want to create Originals, just PM me their names and history and I'll put it on the character list)

Original Character List

Original 1:Emma (Played by LolaWorld)

Original 2: Alistair Goldwen (played by A.Writer663) Will hyperlink the username when I can)

Original: 3: Ava (played by fashionnightmare)

Original: 4: Coal McGraw (played by LostieWinchesterSalvatoreLinus)

Original: 5: Eclipse Rose (played by): KAJ 4783

Original 6: Lucrezia Agnella de Luca (played by Princess Taylor)

Original 7: Elianella Petrova Pierce (played by bloodstained letters)

(That is it for the seven Original spots-If any of these spots becomes open in the future, I'll open the spot back up for taking)

(OC Character sheet-Please note: Until more cannon's are taken, the option of creating an OC will be unavailable)

Olivia Graviet : ItsYouandMeStefan.Always

Casey Anderson: Oceangirl122

Kristen: damonXelenaXforever

Rory: FatSams

Fang: kingdomhearts56

Ali Warner: Damon's Moon Chic

Stella Salvatore: Lalapaya

Shadow Blade: physchokitten

Ana Riverwood: Evergreen forever

Evangeline Forbes: Storm0Caster

Mishi (Michelle) Splendora Pierce: trueloveisnotreal

Savannah Catherine Blackwell: LightHope1

Amaris Isabella Pierre: AlisaPhenom

Spot 1: Madeline Deleon ( Lorraine salvatore)

Spot 2: Courtney Bri Shutt ( xyueuchihax)

Spot 3:Aksinya Anastasia Drago ( RatedRReanna)

Spot 4: Cassandra Grace Gilbert ( PAIGEandMARY)

Spot 5: Sapphire ( PaintedinAllColors)

Spot 6: Kasi Rayne Lockwood ( FrankieRae)

Spot 7: Skylar O'hare ( walmsley.the.panda)

Spot 8: Sarah Faith Wattson ( Sarah Faith Salvatore)

Spot 9: Lydia Rosalie Wilton-James ( WerepireGirl1994)

Spot 10: Oliver Keith ( JAM11)

Spot 11: Isabelle Salvatore ( Sucker 4 Vampires)

7/14/2011 . Edited 7/19/2011 #1

Hello, may I have Bonnie or Miranda?

7/15/2011 #2

(Hey! Anyone on?)

7/15/2011 #3
Hope is an inspiration

(i am, if u still r?)

7/15/2011 #4

(Im here!!)

7/15/2011 #5
Hope is an inspiration

(so do u know what's going on in the rp lately?)

7/15/2011 #6
(Why no one here today??? Do you all hate me? D:)
7/15/2011 #7
(YAY!!! People are here! Are you guys getting on Paiges RP too? I'll get on your too YouAndMeStefan.Always!)
7/15/2011 #8

(No, I love you! Haha. Ill get on her too!)

7/15/2011 #9
Eva: *she left Oliver a note saying she went out for a drink before quickly leaving. Once there she ordered a coke and sat glumly sipping it*
7/15/2011 #10

Aksinya: Hello partner *Sits next to her*

7/15/2011 #11
Eva: *smiling at her* Hey! I've got a question, I went to the police station earlier and I was wondering, is it sad that I know all of the officers and they all know me?
7/15/2011 #12

Aksinya: *Laughs and takes sunglasses off* I dont know. Maybe. I guess in a way yeah. Wow, You got around!

7/15/2011 #13
Eva: I was a bad kid growing up-f*cked with me and I tore you to shreds, but I have more patients now. *grins even bigger*
7/15/2011 #14
Hope is an inspiration

Olivia:*entering the grill*Hey, so whats going on?

(hey, u said u were going on my rp, but you haven't should jump on in...)

7/15/2011 #15

Aksinya: Fiesty little thing! *Laughs* I didnt know you were from here

7/15/2011 #16

Aksinya: Hey Olivia. I just showed up, Just talking *Smiles*

7/15/2011 #17
Eva: *To Olivia* Not much, just chatting. *smiling at Aksinya* Yep, my whole life, you know Liz, the Sheriff?
7/15/2011 #18

Aksinya: Dont really know, But I know the name...What about her?

7/15/2011 #19
Eva: She my mom. *grimacing* She's a the one who always arrested me ironically.
7/15/2011 #20

Aksinya: Your kidding? *Laughs* Does she know your a werewolf?

7/15/2011 #21
Eva: *darkening* The whole council knows, I was there attack dog. Literally.
7/15/2011 #22

Aksinya: *Laughs* See, I was your guard dog and now yours there! This is too crazy!

7/15/2011 #23
Hope is an inspiration

Olivia:*laughs*Wow, just wow.

7/15/2011 #24
Eva: *not laughing as she began rubbing at the scars around her neck* Ha.
7/15/2011 #25

Aksinya: What happened to your neck?

7/15/2011 #26
Eva: Every dog needs a collar. *she mumbled, repeating her mothers words to her* I may have been on 'Their side', but I was still a danger. Shock collars are a b*tch. *takes a drink, glaring straight ahead*
7/15/2011 #27

Aksinya: Shock collar? Wow!

7/15/2011 #28
Eva: That was their way of straightening me out. *shrugs* Did something bad and-Zap! Bad doggie. *grimaces then shrugs* Its in the past.
7/15/2011 #29

Aksinya: Thats crazy though! Yucky! *Laughs*

7/15/2011 #30
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