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This forum/Roleplay is based off of the Vampire Diaries television series. It is based on the books by L.J Smith. Message me if you want to join or wish to make an OC character
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*Edit this to the character list*

8/31/2011 #1
Damon's Moon Chic

(im so glad u created this!!!!)

Ali: *lays back on the bed closing her eyes* Im going to have to talk to Stefan. we cant keep doing this

Damon: I was thinking something calm but had not really thought too much about it yet

8/31/2011 #2

(Haha. Thank God!)

Nikolai: I know that, But whatever you want or need to do is fine with me

Aksinya: Calm? Nothing is calm here

8/31/2011 #3
Damon's Moon Chic

Ali: I want to be with you Nikolai

Damon: Good point

(gtg but i night be on later tonight and for sure tomorrow)

8/31/2011 #4

(Bye! I might not be on later either but fer sure tomorrow!)

8/31/2011 #5
(Thanks for making this topic Reanna while I wasn't on!!!)
8/31/2011 #6

(No probs! I couldnt do character list cause Im on my phone)

8/31/2011 #7
Hope is an inspiration
(hey. What's going on?)
8/31/2011 #8
(nothing yet!)
8/31/2011 #9

(Aksinya and Damon made up. Nikolai and Ali talked. Ashley, We came up with a idea for Stefan. We were thinking to have Ali break up with Stefan and him go ripper again)

8/31/2011 #10
Hope is an inspiration
(poor Stefan, everyone breaks up with him...and I should get to decide if my char. Goes ripper or not but it sounds ok. I'll go with it)
8/31/2011 #11

(Thats why I asked. We came up with it and I was hoping you would get to come on so I could ask!)

8/31/2011 #12
(I planned to eventually bring Eva back and if I do we could always give them a go. If you want of corse ^_^)
8/31/2011 #13
(sorry gtg)
8/31/2011 #14
Damon's Moon Chic

(anyone still on?)

8/31/2011 #15

(I'm on now! I'm new XD)

9/1/2011 . Edited 9/1/2011 #16

(im here...hello? *echo*)

9/1/2011 #17

(So where are we exactly in the Roleplay? I am not reading through every single one of those topics!)

9/1/2011 #18

(Ah what the heck, I'm just gonna jump right in :) )

Bonnie: *sits down in the Grill* I'll have a coffee please.

9/1/2011 #19

(Anyone here???? Sucks to be alone -_-)

9/1/2011 #20

(Im here. i play Aksinya, Damons gf and Nikolai, Her brother)

9/1/2011 #21

(Cool, I now play Bonnie! Do you wanna roleplay with our characters? We could meet up at the Grill if you want?)

9/1/2011 #22

(Fer sure. They dont know eachother so we'll just have to go as strangers! :)

Aksinya: *Sits at bar in the Grill*

9/1/2011 #23

(Awesome!!! How we gonna introduce them exactly? I read that your a vampire, maybe Bonnie could sense her?)

Bonnie: *Sips her coffee and then feels a chill run down her spine*

9/1/2011 #24

(If you would like, That way works!)

Aksinya: *Takes drink* *Looks around*

9/1/2011 #25


Bonnie: *glances around before feeling a vampires presence, one that she didn't recognise*

9/1/2011 #26

Aksinya: *Looked over at Bonnie* *Didnt know her* *Looked away*

9/1/2011 #27

Bonnie: *Glanced around again, whatever it was it was strong* *Realizing who it was coming from, decides to talk to her* Uhh excuse me...

9/1/2011 #28

Aksinya: *Looks at her* Can I help you?

9/1/2011 #29

Bonnie: Are you new to town? I haven't seen you around before... Sorry I'm rude, my names Bonnie Bennett. *gives a casual Bonnie smile*

9/1/2011 #30
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