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(damn hang on i'll find the link for cmt)

9/5/2011 #91
Xander: Love you too. *they leave and go to the club*
9/5/2011 #92

(wth they took it off cmt)

9/5/2011 #93
(O.o damn)
9/5/2011 #94

Courtney*goes to the bar and orders a bottle of whiskey and the bartander pours it into a glass but she grabs the bottel and heads to the dance floor with it and starts dancing sedutively with the bottel in her hand and does the finger thing for Xander to come join her*

(ok maybe this one will work they might play an add though)

9/5/2011 . Edited 9/5/2011 #95
(No -.- I am officially aggravated) Xander: *grinned and joined her, grabbing her by the hips and pulling her close*
9/5/2011 #96

(sorry g2g curfue and let me know if they link wirked or not and we can pick up here later if you want)

9/5/2011 #97

(damn i'll post a few more tommorow)

9/5/2011 #98
(Kay! Byez!)
9/5/2011 #99

( if these dont work i give)

9/6/2011 #100

(also try typing it in youtube)

9/6/2011 #101

Courtney*grinned and wrapped one arm around his neck and kissed him on the lips*

9/6/2011 #102
Hope is an inspiration
9/12/2011 #103
Damon's Moon Chic

Ali: *uses magic to find the perfect wedding dress and has someone brings out a tux for Stefan to change into*

9/12/2011 #104
Hope is an inspiration
Stefan:*changes Into the tux and meets. Her in the chapel. Whispers in her ear* you look so beautiful.
9/12/2011 #105
Damon's Moon Chic

(,r:5,s:46&tx=73&ty=59 hope that link works)

Ali: You are very dashing yourself *smiles as elvis comes out at starts the simple but a very beautiful ceremony*

9/12/2011 #106
Hope is an inspiration
(can u post the link on my rp...I can't view it here on my iPod)
9/12/2011 #107
Damon's Moon Chic

(Just in the normal chat area?)

9/12/2011 #108
Hope is an inspiration
(yeah, that's fine :) )
9/12/2011 #109
Damon's Moon Chic

(okay. they are links to a pix of Ali's dress and the wedding ring)

Elvis: Aliana Llewelen will you take Stefan Salvatore to cherish and to hold him for as long as you both shall live?

Ali: I do *smiles up as stefan*

Elvis: Stefan Salvatore will you take Aliana Llewelen to cherish and to hold her for as long as you both Shall live?

9/12/2011 #110
Hope is an inspiration
Stefan:i do* looks at her like she's the most precious, important thing/person in the world.*
9/12/2011 #111
Damon's Moon Chic

Elvis: In the power vested in me I now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride

Ali: *knows he is the one person she never wanted to lose*

9/12/2011 #112
Hope is an inspiration
(aww...I love them both, especially the dress!!!)
9/12/2011 #113
Damon's Moon Chic

(if you find a ring you want for stefan that you like better go ahead. thst was just one that caught my eye and im glad u like the dress)

9/12/2011 #114
Hope is an inspiration
Stefan:*kisses her so passionately and lovingly he never wanted to stop doing so. He loved her so much*
9/12/2011 #115
Damon's Moon Chic

Ali: *thinking how she would never let go she kept kissing until Elvis unfortuntly had to interupt them*

Elvis: Im sorry but this is a popular place so can you two finally stop kissing? we get it. you two are in love

9/12/2011 #116
Hope is an inspiration
Stefan:*glared at Elvis as he took alis hand and guided her away from the chapel.*
9/12/2011 #117
Damon's Moon Chic

Ali: *smiles happily as she finds a place for them to have their first dance to the song I dont wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith* Now Mr. Salvatore would you like to dance?

(do you know that song?)

9/12/2011 #118
Hope is an inspiration
Stefan: of course( we have guitar hero aerosmith version, so maybe)
9/12/2011 #119
Damon's Moon Chic

Ali: *lets him pull her onto the dance floor and once they started dancing she laid her head against his chest* I love you so much Stefan, my husband *smiles when she says that*

9/12/2011 #120
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