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El Fonz0

*troll face*

7/24/2011 #211

Not sure how that changes anything...

That's illegal in 7 states apparently, but hey... I got a second head in my bellybutton, my ability to declare others freaks is skewered.

Say hello mr bellybutton.

7/24/2011 #212

So am I allowed to make it here by the way?

7/24/2011 #213
El Fonz0

Wut's illegal in 7 states?

7/24/2011 #214
Vulaan Kulaas

._. Not the troll face! Anything but that!

7/24/2011 #215

Yeah you are Helleos.

The reason you can't get married is illegal in 7 states Dan. :3

7/24/2011 #216
El Fonz0

Wut reason? o3o

7/24/2011 #217
Vulaan Kulaas

Wut? Ya'll are confusing meh.

7/24/2011 #218

And the joke goes whooosh...

Never mind, I'll tell ya when you're older.

7/24/2011 #219
El Fonz0

Everyone, I'm the Ship in da Pikmin RP!

7/24/2011 #220

Really? Cool, now I can stab you for interrupting my fights with pointless cutscenes. DEATH!!!!!

7/24/2011 #221
El Fonz0

Hah! I can fly into the atmosphere and leave you to die!

7/24/2011 #222

Sadly, I have no problem with oxygen, and there is plenty of food down here, whereas you will run low on fuel and come crashing down to earth, where I shall make babies with your remains. }:3

7/24/2011 #223

Then we won't repay the debt and you'll be sold for scrap metal!

Also, you can't because you don't know the lines. =w=

7/24/2011 #224
El Fonz0

Ah! But you seem to have forgotton of the horrid, indigenous creatures that are on the prowl during the nighttime!

(I suck as Ship, anyway.)

7/24/2011 #225

You forget that I am human, and they are quite squishable.

7/24/2011 #226

We'll hide in caves. Solar System for the win.


7/24/2011 #227
El Fonz0

...Fecal matter.

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #228

So...dragonsandpikminrock, do you want to pick?

....and is there something else I can call you?

7/24/2011 #229

Fecal matter, no T lol.

We could always bunk out in an onion I suppose. I would love to be part pikmin.

7/24/2011 #230

Speaking of that, what do you think happens in the bad ending of Pikmin 1?

7/24/2011 #231
El Fonz0

Olimar turns part Pikmin.

7/24/2011 . Edited 7/24/2011 #232

Well, yeah, but after that.

7/24/2011 #233

I'm not gonna pick. I won't be on much for a while. And you can call me DSPR.

Hocomin. Pikotanian. Olimin. Pikimar.

7/24/2011 #234

Yeah, so what happens in that scene though? Olimar gets out I'm assuming, then what?

7/24/2011 #235

Seizes control of the pikmin and ushers in a new era of...

wait for it..


Many of his journal entries talk about how he wishes he could be a pikmin.

7/24/2011 #236

XD More like Pikmin world domination actually.

7/24/2011 #237

Well peace for the Pikmin, I dunno about anyone else. :P

7/24/2011 #238



7/24/2011 #239

The Bulbocaust...

7/24/2011 #240
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