X Men: Evolution
Professor X must train a growing class of X Men to fight Evil and other things that may come their way. Inspired by the hit Show. Advanced Roleplay. Paraplay. Status: REBOOT
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Heres the school where learning and training will take place for the new class of X Men.

6/9/2011 #1
Alex sat in class next to Tony. She stared at the clock, wanting to go do a simulation instead of book work.
6/9/2011 #2
Scarlet sat a few seats away from the two. She had wrote down everything the teacher had said before he even started speaking. She looked around at the others who were still writing and smiled to herself. She loved her powers.
6/10/2011 #3
Tony's mind drifted off as he thought about playing his guitar. Since he sat near the back of class, he snapped his fingers together, sending a small powerless shockwave into the air. Alex rolled her eyes at him but ultimately smiled.
6/10/2011 #4

The teacher dismissed the class for lunch.

Scarlet got up and stuck her books in her back pack, then headed out the door.

6/10/2011 #5

Flask got up and silently walked towards the door.

6/10/2011 #6

Misty shifted her bag to her other shoulder as she stood outside the huge castle. She was nervous and didn't know if she wanted to go in or if she was even wanted there. Despite what Mr. Xavier said to her when he found her.

Storm sensed a power like hers and took a step out of the castle doors to see a young girl standing there nervously. "Are you going to fidget or are you going to come in?" She asked with a warm smile on her face.

6/10/2011 . Edited 6/10/2011 #7

Flask went towards the lunch area, because he had no clue what to do next.

6/10/2011 #8
Scarlet walked into the lunch room and grabbed an apple. As she started to walk back to a table, She began to hear everyones thoughts at once. "Shut up." She mumbled to herself.
6/10/2011 #9

Flask took a seat in one of the corners, preferring to be alone.

6/10/2011 #10

Scarlet used her telekinesis to raise the apple up off the table. She watched as it spun around and lifted higher then lower. Finally she grabbed it and took a bite of it.

6/10/2011 #11

Flask watched Scarlet for a second, then went back to looking around at the others. Telekinesis? Interesting..

6/10/2011 . Edited 6/10/2011 #12
Alex and Tony got food and sat next to Scarlet. "That class sucks." Alex mumbled.
6/10/2011 #13

"Whats your power?"Scarlet asked Flask in his mind.

Scarlet looked at Alex and Tony. "Tell me about it. Its just as boring reading his thoughts as it is to listen to the words when they finally come out of his mouth."

6/10/2011 . Edited 6/10/2011 #14

Flask nearly paniced, but then understood. He looked towards Scarlet. A small stream of water began flowing around the lunch area. Water.

6/10/2011 #15

Misty nodded walking into the building. It was amazing and big and felt so warm. She hadn't had anything like that in so long.

"Yeah, its pretty amazing. The other students are in the cafeteria eating lunch. You should go get some then I'll take you to your room." Storm told her as she escorted her to the lunch room. They walked in.

6/10/2011 #16

Scarlet smiled and looked at the water. "Interesting. I'm Scarlet."

6/10/2011 #17

Flask nodded once, then let the water funnel into any nearby drains. Flask.

6/10/2011 #18

"You can sit with us if you want." Scarlet said to him. "Then I wouldnt have to talk to you inside your mind."

6/10/2011 #19

Misty grabbed some fruit that was out and a bottle of water before turning and stopped in her spot. She didn't know anyone here and she didn't really know where to sit.

6/10/2011 #20
Tony went and got something to drink and started to walk back to the table Alex and Scarlet sat at. "Sorry." He said when he bumped into Misty. "Are you new here?"
6/10/2011 #21

Flask paused, contemplating. Then he grabbed his tray and made his way to them.

6/10/2011 #22

Scarlet smiled. "Sorry for prying. Its just that everyones thoughts pass through my head and I heard yours about my powers, so I figured Id talk to you."

6/10/2011 #23

Flask just nodded.

6/10/2011 #24

"Its hard to tune them out sometimes." Scarlet said. "Ever have trouble controling your powers?"

6/10/2011 #25

A small smile came from Flask. He remembered the time he first learnt about his power, that definitely was out of control. He had been jumped by some bullies and, before he knew what was happening, he was alone. The ones that jumped him miles away at Cuba.

6/10/2011 #26
Alex looked up from her iPod. She smiled and removed her headphones. "Hello, I'm Alex." She said to the new kid at the table.
6/10/2011 #27

Misty looked at the guy who bumped into her. "Yeah." She nodded, still feeling nervous.

(Sorry, had to help my roommate, She's leaving to go back home for a few weeks."

6/10/2011 #28

"Interesting story." Scarlet said before realizing she was in his mind again. She bit her lip. "Im really sorry about that."

6/10/2011 #29

"Flask..." Flask said. He rarely used his voice, so when he did it sounded slightly raspy from under-use. "And it's okay, I don't mind... Too much."

6/10/2011 #30
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