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I mentioned this awhile back, and i got a TON of song suggestions. Some were pretty damn good, others... not so much. So, I thought I'd sort of formalize it, just for fun and amusement.

So, for the first.... thirty or so chapters, I think the song Best Friend by Toy Box is pretty damn appropriate.

From 30 to current, I think Hot by Avril Lavigne is the best.

What do you think? What would Dave's theme be? Katie's? Riley's? I will of course post more song choices when the appropriate chapters come up. Note: The formating for these posts is broken. -__-

6/22/2011 . Edited 6/22/2011 #1

"On the Verge" by Collin Raye would be perfect for describing Mindy's feelings for Dave as they stand now, since she's starting to move beyond lust but hasn't QUITE reached the point where she realizes that it's love.

"Flirting with Diaster" by Molly Hatchet could, I think, describe anyone who chooses to be superhero, but especially Dave.

There is a song that could be used to describe either Katie or Riley, but I can't tell you what it is because even writing out the name of the song or the group gives me bleeding stomach ulcers.

6/22/2011 #2

Oh really now? You do realize you can't just leave it at that, especially with that bit of commentary. So come on, cough up a name.

6/22/2011 #3

Fine. It's . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It's . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls, OKAY?! Now that I think about it it's really more Riley's song than Katies - hurrrrrrr . . . Damn, now I'm puking up blood. I hope you're happy, you dick.

6/22/2011 #4

Well, I was going to suggest posting a link, but that'd still require you to type the name out.

That said... yeah, I can see that.

6/22/2011 #5

Christ All-Friday, WHY are you, me, and Vanathor the only ones on these forums?! Are we the only ones who give enough of a damn to talk about the goings-on of PC?!

6/22/2011 #6

Actually, it's pretty much just you an me talking. ^_^; Anyway, I remembered that there was a song on the actual soundtrack the fits... well, pretty much any story set in the kick-ass universe post movie/comic. Can't Go Back.

6/26/2011 #7

"Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood actually describes Mindy pretty well, if you twist your neck and squint.

6/27/2011 #8

Well, if you want to do that much work, "Why Can't I" by Liz Phair would make a great Dave/Mindy song.

6/27/2011 #9

Yeah, that totally works. I also find that "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga fits Dave/Mindy as well.

6/27/2011 #10

And maybe the best Dave/Mindy song I've heard is "The World" by Brad Paisley.

7/10/2011 #11

Quickly replaced with "Shotgun Girl," by Jane Deer Girls.

7/22/2011 #12

"Quickly replaced with "Shotgun Girl," by Jane Deer Girls."

Aside from the words 'shotgun' and 'girl' (I'm assuming that you had Mindy in mind), the lyrics for this song are a bit awkward in an urban setting.

As for soundtrack suggestions, I'm coming up blank, one reason I've avoided this forum for a long time. The best I can think of is a little dated; it's Bonnie Tyler's '84 recording of 'Holding out for a Hero,' which, admittedly, isn't too original, but how can it NOT have a place in the Kick-Ass universe (Mindy's thoughts about Dave, perhaps)?

Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if someone's suggested this one already, as I've paid little attention to KA soundtrack brainstorms in the past.

8/7/2011 #13

It's mostly the chorus, and it makes more sense if you're familiar with the original meaning of the phrase "riding shotgun."

8/12/2011 #14

A great song that really describes Dave (Comic!Dave more than Movie!Dave) well is "Man Against the World," by Survivor, because it really fits his desire to escape from his own nihilistic worldview and give himself some worth.

8/14/2011 #15

Dave: tubthumper- chumbawamba

Mindy: Hollywood undead-city

Dave/Mindy: Hollywood Undead - Levitate

The first because Dave is the living embodiment of the song, and the second because she would burn the city, and the last because when I hear it it puts the image of an older Dave and Mindy

11/22/2011 #16

I'm not sure yet to what extent Dillon is smitten with Mindy, but if he's got it bad for her (and by bad I mean "willing to overlook her strong-arming him and still try to be friends"), the song "Wink" by Neal McCoy might described his feelings for our dear little Miss MacCready.

11/23/2011 #17

One song that just occurred to me (after rewatching the opening to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) was "I Can't Break Away," from the 1980s Australian pop/rock band Big Pig. Some of the lyrics could definitely be applicable to Mindy, including references to a parent (the parent is identified as "Mama," but that could easily be changed to "Papa," specifically, Damon) telling a girl--when she was very young--to stand tall, insisting that she's number one, and could be whatever she wanted to be, yet the girl remains unable to "change the course (or "break away," hence the title of the song) of [her] destiny." Because if there's one recurring theme in KA fanfics, be it yours, TBFs (his KA Santa story explained it better than I can, or others), it's that Mindy has an addiction to the violent vigilante lifestyle, that her destiny is to inescapably hardwired into that lifestyle forever. It also expresses a frustration with the singer's inability to be something more than she is, an inability to soar. This could be interpreted as growing pains, or inability to compete with the girls who flock around Dave. Not to mention, it's a rather badass song.

2/9/2012 #18
I don't know the song, but I think I'll have to look it up now. I'm working on a list of songs to put up, but I can't recall most of them at the moment, but I will say that "Gives You Hell" by The All-American Rejects is rather appropriate at the moment.
2/9/2012 #19

I always thought for the first 30 chapters: You're My Best Friend- Queen (Toy Box is good but too bubblegum for Mindy)

For the parts when Mindy was just ''hot'' for Dave: Let's Spend The Night Together- Rolling Stones

For the current situation- Avril Lavigne was the best choice

Dave's theme (for the current situation): You've Got to Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles (also Young Girl by Gary Puckett if you like that type of REALLY old style music)

Mindy's theme: I Want You to Want Me- Cheap Trick (I know these songs are old but what can I say just look at my username)

2/15/2012 #20

For "Only Her," I think the song "Got My Heart Set on You" by John Conlee is highly appropriate.

7/11/2012 #21

The intense lyrics of the song, Help, I'm Alive, sung by Emily Haines of the Canadian band, Metric, contain a strong undercurrent of danger, the lyrics "I tremble, they're going to eat me alive, if I stumble, they're going to eat me alive" would be appropriate in describing Mindy's private trepidation when facing a large number of intimidating adversaries ("my heart keeps beating like a hammer"). If she slips, she's dead, but the song is about overcoming one's fear, so she'll prevail. Also, the words: "Hard to be soft, tough to be tender" could represent the conflict between her tough, killer persona, and her feelings for Dave.

Other lyrics mention few or no regrets in her life, and getting whatever she wants or needs, very much in character for Mindy. A beautiful, yet strong song, too. I first heard it recently, played over the credits of the 2010 film, Defendor (another fine DIY superhero film, a la Kick-Ass--check it out, if you can).

7/17/2012 #22

I think that Dave's fight music should be the appropriately named Kick Ass by Egypt Central:

And another good song for Mindy would be Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne, much as it pains me to suggest it:

7/28/2012 #23

The back-and-forth between Mindy and Marcus about pros/cons of the RL superhero movement, pre-Time Square (whether those in law enforcement are capable of protecting the city against Chris's hordes, or if they're in way over their heads) reminds me of Disturbed's cover for Genesis' song, "Land of Confusion." Yes, I know that the song orginally had strong political/military implications, but nearly all the lyrics in the song are appropriate for a KA setting. And given what they're up against, the darkness and menace in the song's lyrics are all too meaningful.

The danger from the army of supervillains represents "the marching feet...moving into the street," the nightmarish source of "a thousand dreams, haunted by a million screams," their "fires still alight, burning into the night." The impotency of the police in the face of the menace (or even the corruption represented by the Gigantes on the take) is captured by the lyrics describing "the men of steel, these men of power...losing control by the hour." The lyrics preceding it "Oh, Superman, where are you now, when everything's gone wrong somehow," are glaringly appropriate, when you remember that "supermen" (i.e., people with super powers) are virtually non-existent in the KA universe, the only hope left in the world resting in the hands of the non-powered costumed heroes, taking matters in their own hands, using those hands to "start trying to make [the world] a place worth living in/fighting for." And I'm sure Marcus is far too familiar with the meaning behind the lyrics "I won't be coming home tonight. My generation will put it right." Not only does Mindy's (or Dave's) crusade against darkness cause them to drop off the map overnight, remaining incommunicado for God knows how long, but the words "We're not just making promises that we know that we'll never keep" are a rebuke against Mindy's elders, a slam against a system which has failed to protect those it was supposed to.

10/4/2012 #24
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