Night of Skulls
What will the Night of Skulls be like; how will Sammy and Casey act as a couple, what hudson, grams,Marissa, dot, Holly, Warren, and HEATHER will think of them as couple! :
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I must say... everyone MUST hurry up and read Night of Skulls! :) I don't want to give too much away and ruin it (I was one of the first people to get the book via the nook), but I'm very sure everyone will like it. Heather has a breakdown, Danny... isn't what he seems to be. New Couple alert... annnddd, Casey and Sammy are by far the cutest couple ever known to man... and that's saying alot! (sorry to Twilight fans, but Edward/Bella is a piece of... crap, if you all will. And they will never compare to Cammy... EVER!) :D

10/12/2011 #1

I know!!!! I didnt think i was going to get it till friday, but i got it on Tuesday!!! I'm finished!!!! The new couple, wasn't expecting THAT! I was way off. and danny! DAAAAAANG!!!!! And cammy is the cutest couple ever! whenever they went to 'their place' I squeled like a little girl, and I've reread the scenes over and over again. I wonder what their going to do about their 'issue'? So far, only Billy knows...does he know the whole story though? What will Marissa, Dot and Holly say about their 'problem'? I cant wait. at all. But I did find 2 or 3 grammer mistakes...i felt like a nerd XD. Good book though. It makes me want more Cammy. and the whole Heather's window thing? Man. And the whole time during the big reveal of the criminals, i was laughing my face off! Sammy with the hoe?!!! what she was saying?! "BAM!. we all stared at marissa like 'woah'.. 'uh, sorry.'" Dude. I was laughing SOOOOOO much! and when Sammy was laughing hystarically at Hudson's? I do that sometimes. and Casey and Billy using puns and all that? Ahhhh. Wendelin says Justice Jack is waaaaay funnier, maybe even the funniest yet! IT COMES OUT NEAR MAY!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH! I cannot wait. I want Sammy to have a stalker!!!! What will Casey say? O_o


I can just picture it.

"Why hasn't Casey been hanging out with us?" Marissa asks

"Uhhhhhh." I say

"Did you break up?" asks Holly

"Uhhh, no." I say back.

"Then what?"

'"Well you see, we're kinda-"

*yeah, i cut it off. Just so I can torture the people who haven't read it yet


I so want a scene like that. I SHOULD MAKE A FANFIC!!!!!

10/13/2011 #2

awww!!! this is SOOO making me wanna re-do my entire story over! well... not EVERYTHING, because how i had it planned has to be that casey and sammy aren't and DIDN'T get together yet. but i don't wanna abandon it because i was like the second person to publish a story in the sammy keyes fanficdom (yes, honor thy creators before thee!). and yes, call me crazy, but i'm still hanging on to it (hint, just look at the publish date). anywhos, it was supposed to be from the end of "Dead Giveaway" and um... well, anyways, how about YOU take a look at it? It's called "Sammy Keyes and the Worse Case Scenarios" and tell me whatcha think, eh?? ehh??? :D

10/15/2011 #3

wow, honors to you, man. One of the first people here on SK fanfiction? All the oldies left. CharlieShultz, newgirlintown212, MeIsBe... and all the great fanfics are unfinished, (If I Fell, and Confessions of an Obsession) I know CaseyIsMyValentine is still writing, it's just on her SK blog, but she hasn't updated in forever :( NewYorkAngel is pretty cool too. *Sigh* I wish I could be an oldie.

And I know what you mean. I gotta finish "My Life's what Now?!" and another fic I have for Percy Jackson, but I have all these other ideas, or I try and find time. I'm never going to give up on them, it's just that it might take me some time. I hate unfinished stories, becuase 1) I like to know what happens (ex-Confessions on an Obsession, you don't know who the person really is! grr.....) and 2)I sometimes write them, not fanfics just imaginary stories, and I feel terrible about not finishing it, even though people won't really even read it. In fanfiction, many people are waiting for you to finish, and if you don't, if brings disapointment, which I hate. I usually stick to one-shots becuase you never have to go back and finish it, and you can't really 'give up' on it.

And sure, I'll take a peek at it! :) I think I read it a couple years ago, or something, but I can't really remember all of it.

10/15/2011 #4

you got dat right! i just can't believe what heather did. It's all her fault they can't be together. Well, not normally anyway.

I seriously was in love at first sight with that book. I devoured it. I guess Billy/Marissa was okay-ly, Danny was just never cool.

He sucked.

Forever and always, in sickness and health, and everything else.

He just sucked.

But I do agree with you, Casey is so cute, he was all like, 'You're totally worth it,' and Sammy's like 'It?' and he's like 'Everything.' Then they kissed.

My heart got all bumpity bumpity when ever they kissed.

I just love it.

They are the cutest couple ever known to man.

And that's that.

XOXO Cammygrl

2/21/2012 #5
They most decently are the cutest couple ever! If only I guy would tell me that I am worth everything! And I totally didn't expect Billy and marissa, but after reading a few fanfics wry them together i love it! Thank god she got over Danny! I hated him and his smooth talk. I can't wait for justic jack! But it's not out until July! It is so long to wait!
2/21/2012 #6

Small correction: on, it's released on June 10th! So if you have a kindle, or nook you can get it in mere seconds!...Or you can wait for it to come through the snail mail. :D Anyway, I just thought you should know that. You know, so you don't have to wait until July, because that would sorta suck. ;D


2/22/2012 #7

I hear Wendelin is talking about the last Sammy books on her blog next week :) For some reason, I think Justice Jack is going to be one of my favorites-she says it'll be super funny, so I have high hopes. And is anyone else excited that someone will be "looking up" to Sammy? Like admire her? I mean, you gotta admit, she has mad skills. Wait, how old is Justice Jack? Is he her age, younger than her, 15-17 years old or an adult? I think it would be cool if he was her age/maybe younger but...I don't know. Has Wendelin said anything about that?

JUNE 10!!!!!!!?????? When I went on Amazon last, it said July, so Kgorange might've been a little late on the update like me. Last month, Wendelin was saying May, Amazon was saying July. So June 10, right in the middle, is perfect :)

By the way, why do you think Sammy's heading to Las Vegas? Is it

a) Lana and Warren are getting married

b) Something that involves Marissa's dad

c) The FBI thinks Sammy's incredible and ask her to do a super cool mission (haha, I wish)

d) Other?

Who will go with her? Man, I actually want Lana to be in the next few books. Although Lana is a terrible mother, I think the Sammy/Lana bond (now, after WC) is sweet. I mean, in Hollywood Mummy? AWWWW! And in WC when Lana came to Sammy's rescue with the vice principle? OH! And I also can't wait to see how the new Vice Principle treats Sammy, like a lady, or a monster now? ;)

2/22/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #8

Whoops! It was July! I'm so embarrassed! Sorry! I think a lot of people look up to Sammy, I mean, Mikey, Elyssa, Tippy, (Obviously maybe not Joey...) but they all have special bonds with her, and she helped them all in special ways. Mikey is more confident in himself, (he's Spy Guy!) Elyssa doesn't run away, Tippy has a great family now...they all have special bonds, you know, so I'm not surprised someone would look up to her, lots of people do! And WVD is gonna talk about some new Sammy books next week, I'm SUPER EXCITED!!! I think the dude's gonna be and adult, or maybe like, late teens, early adult.

I think maybe she's going there because of Marissa's dad, and something to do with Officer Borsch maybe? Think about it, if they have enough money for plane tickets, well Marissa's in a crisis, maybe Officer Borsch would pay for it. It would be awesome if it were the FBI, super awesome but I'm pretty sure that's not the

Another idea is maybe, Warren and Lana want to take Heather, Casey and Sammy on a trip, (to bond or something) and they choose Las Vegas (even though it's full of drunks and smokers there, and disgusting.)

I'm also excited to see how Mr. Foxmore comes into play with this, I don't think Sammy likes him.

Also, I'd love Lady Lana, but she did slap Sammy, she's dating her boyfriend's dad, she barley even recognized that Sammy saved her life, she thinks she can parent from Hollywood, and she left Sammy when she was 11. I know Sammy loves her, but sometimes Lana is a bit ridiculous. I mean, who slaps their daughter, besides drunks who hate having kids.

Sure, she's done some good things, but those can't all be covered up so easily by the bad things she's done.

That's all I gotta say for now, again, I'm super sorry about my date misread.

Also, when are you going to update some stories, girl, we love ya, but we'd love an update! ;D

XOXO Cammygrl

2/24/2012 #9
Heck I even look up to Sammy even though I am 2 years older than her! I too have some problems with Lana sometimes! Like when she got all mad at Sammy for the note she 'gave casey' without even hearig her side of the story! But she also told Casey what happens and fixed it all which I guess is good! I can't wait to hear some more about Justice Jack on Wendelin's blog! I just finished re-reading the Sammy Keyes series and I must say the first two are two of my favorites now! I can't wait to read Justice Jack, it sounds so funny!
2/25/2012 #10

I'm...about her age..I guess...well she's thirteen now, i'm 14, but I only just turned 14 in december so..I guess i'm older...:D

I'm pretty much always mad at lana, i mean look at it now, she doesn't think sammy and Casey should hang out at the graveyard together...why not? I mean, Heather are Candi won't let Casey see her, so why not?

I think WVD sorta forgot that she was supposed to tell us about JJ, 'cause this weeks post was about the Oscars. And while do agree with her on everything she said, I miss Sammy. :(

i cant WAIT for JJ to come out, this time, I'm gonna buy it on the day it comes out and read it all in one day. I thnk Mrs. Wedgewood is gonna play a major roll in JJ, according to WVDs post a while ago. She also said that JJ's gonna be the funniest, which means Billy'll prob be in it..right?

I also can't wait for SC (Sammy Keyes in Sin City) cause she'll find out who her dad is, and she's going to Las Vegas (which btw, i find disguisting) and I'm SOOOO excited. I just wish patience was one of my virtues. :( unfortunatly, it's not. :(

Hey, r u gonna post some more stories? Ur an awesome writer, everyone loved what you posted last


2/27/2012 #11

I'm older than sammy. I'm a freshman (like Casey) and I'm about to turn 15 in May. Dang, I'm old. Four more years until I'm an adult. that's a downer. Any who, Lana: She is a j*** to sammy. She can be selfish and irrisponsible and all that, but for some reason, i get all teary when i read when sammy and her mom actually do get along. I mean, Lana isn't perfct. Sammy isn't perfect. I think their relationship is going to improve though.

I need JJ!!! and SC!!!! I might die. I need to know what's going to happen!!!

Oh, and I've been having writer's block. If you have any ideas on what i could write, or any requests, just tell me. I might do them. :)

2/27/2012 #12
I think it is so too! I think might be finally realizing that she needs to be there for Sammy and actually be her mom, not just a person that Sammy sees every few months. I know I saw that on her blog too and I was so disappointed because I really want to hear about them! I really hope she does another post this week about it! And I don't know if I am going to write anything soon. That one just kind of came to me so I wrote it while it was there and fresh, but I don't know if I will be coming up with anything soon. Thanks so much for what you said about me being an amazing writer! It means so much, especially since that was the first thing I have wrote that wasn't for school. Keep up the amazing writing! I love all of your stories!
2/27/2012 #13

Do you guys think that by the end of the series, Lana and Sammy might be actually, you know, living together? Or will Sammy live with her dad? Or grams? Or switch off between the 3 or something? I'm glad you like my stories, that's exactly what I'm aiming for! I try to update everything once a day, but sometimes it gets hard to balance everything, especially now that I have another story on my hands. And! I found the perfect solution for the whole 'name thing' so everyone's happy! In the new story I just posted, the baby's name will be Kylie. And for my other story (the one I originally needed the name for) I'll use Cameron. See? Everyone's happy! Your story really was great, especially since it was a first one. If you go to the first chapter of 'Shocks and Surprises,' (that was my first story) You'll see exactly how much my writing's improved. Yours was great for a first time. ;D Absolutely wonderful! If you ever do get any ideas, please post them! While I love updating, I love reading stories just as much.

Also, TibbiToo, since you seem to be really good at reading between the lines, do you think you could tell me the exact date of Sammy's birthday? I know it's in the first week of April, but I know nothing more, and it drives me crazy!

XOXO Cammygrl

2/28/2012 #14

Seriously? I go to ur profile because I needed to see what stories you'd written so far (and not finished) and I got completely distracted! It was like, okay, go down to her stories, wait! What's that? It took forever to get to your stories.

Question numero uno: Are you ever gonna do a spin off of 'Jacked Ro and Jul'?

Question numero dos: Are you ever gonna finish 'My Life's What Now!'?

Question numero tres: Why don't you just think up three random things and write a story on it? I do that sometimes.

And for the record, you're not old. Old is...old. 50, 60, 70...and up.

Also, I do too. If I don't get JJ and SC soon, I'm gonna die. :O

XOXO Cammygrl

2/28/2012 #15

Okay so from what I can figure I believe that it is between 2nd- 7th. Because I believe that Hudson was talking to sammy and she said tomorrow was her birthday and then she said it was the first week of april, so that takes out the first because april already started to it wasn't the first. But wouldn't be funny if it was the first. She was being fooled all her life that she was an year older but she wasn't. I have a feeling it is either the 2nd or 3rd. I don't know why but I do. I hope this helps

Oh and I can't wait for them either! I totally wish they both were coming out this year, but sadly they aren't, only one.

I don't know if sammy will be living with lana. I mean that would mean that either lana lost her job, or sammy moved to hollywood (I hope not!) Unless the producer was allowing her to live far away, but I don't think they would. To tell you the truth I always pictured her either with Grams or Hudson (you know because Grams married him!). I don't really picture her dad much, so I don't really she her living with him either. I wonder who it is? I would love it to be officer borsch. Oh the irony there. If only it could be true. I hope it's not someone she nows though. That would stink. To now someone for a long time and then find out he is your dad! That would be terrible!

2/28/2012 #16

LOL, ya it'd be ha-larious if it were on the 1st. but then WVD would probably add billy in there, doing something silly that no one ever thought of. ;D I think it'd the 3rd...the reason I'm asking is because it's almost March. Meaning, in April, we need 2 celebrate her birthday! ;D

And I guess having one of the books will allow me to survive for a while...I can read it over and over and over until I get the next one! After all, this one's supposed to be the funniest one...right? Man, Imma have lots of bookmarks!

What if Lana moved to live with Sammy? Sammy always says how she hates Lady Lana, but really, she does love her, I mean, she's her mom. And while Sammy's dad very well could be Officer Borsch, (her dad lives in SM remember?) but I'm not sure WVD would make it that easy. Whenever a crime happens (on anything regardless, tv shows, books, real life, etc.) it's always the person least suspected. Someone who was maybe in the shadows, or something. Officer Borsch was mentioned in every single book. Would she really make it that easy? It's also mentioned that Sammy's dad doesn't know he has a does he even know her?

What if we tried to list every single man (from important to unimportant) in all the books. Then we could take out the people who (obviously) aren't Sammy's dad... You said you just re-read the books, right? do you still have Sammy Keyes and the sister's of Mercy? There were two hints about her dad in them...I just don't remember what they are right now...

XOXO Cammygrl

2/29/2012 #17
No I just returned it! Darn! I hope he doesn't know because I would hate that he knew and he never cane after her! That would be terrible! I like the idea of listing people that could work. (it problem one of the guys Sammy always mention but never gives a name too). And yeah we should totally celebrate her birthday! If only Steph still had her blog so we could celebrate on there! But she does have a good reason for not keeping it.
2/29/2012 #18

Man, but listing all the guys names would take so long...there's 14 books, that's a lot of guy's names. Obviously, it's not someone like Billy or Casey, (that would be awkward...) But it's probably someone minor, small...Is there any one who plays a sorta minor character, but maybe is in a lot of the books? When I say 'minor character' I mean, like, in the shadows of the book?

So technically, we have about a month until her bday.

We could...sorta do it on here...some how...I don't really know how...but...anyway, I think my writers block is gone (the cure was soda ;D) so I'll be able to update more maybe....

Also, another thinking question: What do you think Hudson did before he retired?

If you have any ideas, please post them! I have nothing to read, except old stories, or my own!

XOXO Cammygrl

2/29/2012 #19

Why did Steph deleate her blog? Was it because she couldn't have fanfiction if she publishes a book? Did she ever give anyone a heads up? Sammy4ever deleated her blog too. :( The only people who have blogs now are me, XxSammykeyesxX, The (Not-so) offical Sammy Keyes club and Life the Universe and Sammy Keyes. Sigh. Everyone's leaving. They're all growing up. :'(.

Some minor characters I can list off the top of my head:


-TJ/his dad

-JUSTICE JACK!!! HAHAHAHA! (probably not, but hey, it could happen)

-Diane's brother in Art of Deception. I haven't read the book in a long time, but doesn't it say he lived in Santa Martina for awhile? Wait, but isn't he OLD!!!???

-Mr. Caan

-Mr. Foxmore


-Someone in Chauncy's family?

As to what Hudson did before he retired...well, he's got a whole library, a bunch of tape recorders, knows a lot of stuff, is really good at solving mysteries and is reflective. A private eye? A detective? Ummmm, a reporter? Maybe he's ex-military?! Hahaha. I have no idea...what else does Sammy say Hudson has/is.

As for Sammy's birthday, do we just want to assume? What day do we want it to be? The third?

2/29/2012 #20
Okay so I looked up April 2006 (because that was the year that psycho kitty queen was written) and the first Sunday was the 2nd, so if wendelin was using a calendar, this would be her birthday. And Steph did delete her blog, but she made a new one! If you go Wendelin's blog Steph gives her reasons why, (which I totally understand). I think Hudson was a shrift in the the Midwest. Why you may say? Well for one his boots and two he has all of that police stuff, but who knows I could totally be wrong. I hope that her dad hasn't really been in any of the books because then she has seen him and she knew him as one thing but then she would learn that he was her dad. What if we ask wendelin about her birthday to see she had one set of her? I mean at least we could try.
2/29/2012 #21

LOL, since Psycho Kitty Queen was in 2006, and it's 2011, Sammy's been 13 for 5 years! ;D I know she has a new one, but that ones more for book reviews. I'm not sure if she'll wanna throw an online birthday party on her book review blog. :D I actually don't have a blogger account, but maybe you could ask WVD? I know you have one, at least...It's not like it gives away something huge or anything, so she should give an answer...right? I don't see any harm in telling us her birthday... I think it would be pretty dang awesome if Hudson, were, like, an FBI agent or something. (Sorry, I'm a crime show freak. :))


2/29/2012 #22

Oh believe me, TibbiToo, I'm not gonna grow up. When I'm 80 and my sister has kids, but I don't, I'll still be reading Sammy Keyes. :D No matter what! Steph has a blog, but it's a book review blog, so it's a BIT different. I never actually thought of TJ...(I don't think his dad, he's flat out OLD!) and I think Diane's brother (what's his name again?) was a one time know? If Cisco were my dad, that would be an awesome life. Cisco seems so...awesome. LOL! :D But why would Hudson be ex-military and not tell Sammy? What about, like, a job where when you retire, you're not allowed to say anything about it? (There's such thing...right?)


2/29/2012 #23

I know isn't it funny that she has been 13 for that long! I would love to be 13 for 5 years! Wouldn't you?

Yeah I don't think she would want to either. There needs to be a Sammy fan blog/website run by actual fans not just someone who wants to promote the book. All of the good ones have been deleted!

I will definitely ask her for you! Hopefully she tells us the date!

2/29/2012 #24

Great! Thanks! Please tell me when she responds!


3/2/2012 #25
I luv cammy

i just went to las vegas and it was pretty but the fact that they randomly give out *certain pictures* is disgusting

8/27/2012 #26

That's just sick (and on the good way). Did you see Sammy down there ;) Anyways, do you think Casey will be in Sin City? I'm pretty sure the "news "he" (probably Casey) tells Sammy is that their parents are getting married. Some parts of Vegas (and where they get married) can actually be very beautiful.

8/27/2012 #27
I luv cammy

i wish i did see sammy there =D

i hope casey will be in sin city and that is probably the news - i liked the eifil tower n pyramid casino in lv

8/29/2012 #28
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