The Kane Chronicles Roleplay
It's just an RP of the Kane Chronicles. Its going to be based on a random story line and not about he red pyramid or the throne of fire. Plot and characters inside.
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These are the characters in the story :]

I will put your name near the characters to show that it's taken


Sade Kane: CeCe The Bomb Dot Comb (It's Cecelia btw)

Cater Kane:

Bast: Chick With Brains

Zia Rashid: Animal Charmer 11


Other Characters:



Isis: CeCe The Bomb Dot Com




Ruby Kane:

*You can only be one canon but you can be as many of the not so important ones because they do not show up as much. And for the Carter and Sadie parts, they are automatically Isis and Horus

6/11/2011 . Edited 6/17/2011 #1

Can I have Zia?

6/11/2011 #2

Sure :D

6/12/2011 #3
Chick With Brains

Can I be Bast? For some reason, it seems like it would be a lot of fun to be a cat goddess. =^..^= See? That was a little cat made out of punctuation. :D

6/15/2011 #4

Okay! :D

6/15/2011 #5
Can I please be Carter Kane? He is one of my favorites. Other than Zia Rashid, of course! Thank you!
6/18/2011 #6
Hello??? Can I be Carter?? PLEASE?!?!?!?!? 0-0
6/24/2011 #7

Can I be Ruby? Please

7/8/2011 #8
C00K13 QU33N

Can I be Anubis? :3

8/3/2011 #9

Can I be Carter?

8/17/2011 #10
A Girl's Instincts
May I please do Set?
11/28/2011 #11
Could i be horus?
12/2/2011 #12

Can I have Carter?

12/31/2011 #13

Can i have Anubis?

6/2/2012 #14
xX Sunset Shadow Xx

Can i have Neith? you know, the war and weaving goddess in the serpent's shadow?

6/12/2012 #15
xX Sunset Shadow Xx

NEITH is my most FAVORITE goddess! Can i PLEASE HAVE NEITH??!!

6/12/2012 #16
xX Sunset Shadow Xx

Can i also be carter and sadie's mom? i think it would be really cool to be a ghost.

6/12/2012 #17
xX Sunset Shadow Xx

Can i also be carter and sadie's mom? i think it would be really cool to be a ghost.

6/12/2012 #18
Can I have nephthys?
10/7/2012 #19
Lady Ibara Phantomhive

Can I make up my own character? If I came, her name is Willow Parr.

11/11/2012 #20
Marik Goldcherry
Can I be Khufu and Carter :D
4/28/2013 #21
Wonder Woman 12

Could I be Carter and Horus? :)

5/16/2013 #22

hello darling. Might I make my own character?

1/18/2014 #23
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