After Breaking dawn RP
Have you ever wanted to know what happens after breaking dawn? Well when you join our role-play, you will be joined with a group of passionate Twilight fans also wondering the same thing you are. Together we will create our version of what happens after Breaking Dawn. Pick your favorite Twilight character, or make your own, choose your friends, choose your enemies, find love, or make a family. Come make new friends, and join today! *Mod positions open*
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1.This is a bully free area you are not pemitted to bull at any point in time. / If broken you get one warning, if it continue you will be banned from the forum, and reported.

2. Keep swearing to a minimal / If broken you get three warnings, if it continues you get reported.

3. Keep everything rated T, that includes actions, and words / if broken you get two warning, if it continues you will be reported, and banned from the forum (May change in time)

4. The characters have to stay true to their real self's. / if broken you will be warned, if continued they will be asked to leave the forum, if they refuse they will be reported, and banned.

5. No Character's mates can be mixed up or messed with / if broken you will have two warning, if continued you will be banned from the forum.

6. If there is a Character that is taken that you wanted PM the person who owns the Character, don't PM me or the Moderators.

7. All moderators will be treated with respect/ if broken you will not be accepted in the forum, will be banned, and reported.

8. If you have a character you must let the moderators know when you will and won't be on atleast every two days/ if broken you lose you're character, and must ask for it back.

9. Any problems or Issues you may have with the forum or anyone in it please contact Alida1901 for help

10. This forum is for the simple enjoyment of role play, combined with the love for twilight, take it seriously and respect all the work put into this.

11.This is a drama free zone, so what ever you have against someone stops as soon as you get to the forum / if broken you will be warned, if continued you will be asked to leave.


12. YOU must sign in and sign out of this RP. This is the strictest rule./ If caught broken twice you will lose you're character, or get banned from the forum.

13. HAVE FUN!!

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