After Breaking dawn RP
Have you ever wanted to know what happens after breaking dawn? Well when you join our role-play, you will be joined with a group of passionate Twilight fans also wondering the same thing you are. Together we will create our version of what happens after Breaking Dawn. Pick your favorite Twilight character, or make your own, choose your friends, choose your enemies, find love, or make a family. Come make new friends, and join today! *Mod positions open*
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Are you new at Role-Playing, and your just not sure how to start? Well then you have came to the right place!

Please read below to learn to Role-Play in the step by step, quick, easy, and enjoyable way.

First, you should state your character(s) name.

Why you ask? Because if you would like someone to reply to you, it would be best for them to know WHO, they are replying to.

So when you are about to post, make sure you start out stating your character(s) name.

Second, you should put, what character you are replying to, or who you are responding to.

You should do this, so everyone knows who you are talking/responding to.

Here is an example of how your post should look by now

Your Character @ The Character your responding

Third, you should supply your character with either dialog, or actions. Let's start with actions first.

Now, the main key to actions, is details, if you would like to keep things interesting, you should get your characters to do various actions. Each action should be put in between **

Here is an example.

*Slowly sits down on the couch, and turns the TV on* or *singing in the shower*

So this is what your post should look like now.

Your Character's name @ The character you are responding to: *Committing an action of your choice*

Now comes the last part of RPing, the dialog between the characters (This can come before or action a characters actions)

This is the easiest thing to do, all you have to do is state what ever it is you want to talk about with the character you are responding to.

Here is an example

Where in the world is my shoes? or How are you today?

Here is what your post should now look like.

Your Character's name @ The Character you are responding to: *slowly sits down on the couch* I wonder what's on Tv? *picks up the remote*

This is the one and only correct way to RP. If you have any further questions, please ask any moderators, or the owner.

Feel free to post below to practice these steps, just let an admin know, and you can practice Role-playing here

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