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Have you ever wanted to know what happens after breaking dawn? Well when you join our role-play, you will be joined with a group of passionate Twilight fans also wondering the same thing you are. Together we will create our version of what happens after Breaking Dawn. Pick your favorite Twilight character, or make your own, choose your friends, choose your enemies, find love, or make a family. Come make new friends, and join today! *Mod positions open*
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*Sequel (if there is one)




Before Twilight. Bella has been raped, and left pregnant. When the baby is about to be born, the handsome doctor Edward Cullen delivers her baby. The pregnancy was what she had expected but what she didn't expect was for her doctor to end up turning her. Will Bella be able to raise her child, while living a vampire life? Will she fall in love with Edward? How would things be different?

Read This book here: Birthmark

The sequel to this book can be found here: Stitches

The book in Ebook form (can be bought from the iLibrary) Birthmark

Wrote by: o-NeonQueen-o (select to see more information on this author)

A Twisted Twilight

what if before Twilight happened the Cullen's received a bunch of books from the future, and they all decide to read them together

Read the book here: A Twisted Twilight

Wrote by: o-NeonQueen-o

7/21/2013 . Edited 7/22/2013 #1
Noel Madden

Title of the book: Time Changes

Description of the book: The hundred year war has ended and Aang and his friends try to help restore peace and balance to the world. In their future-someone is already thinking of a way to make the world his ing a strange force Aang and his friends end up travelling in time, from the year Avatar Aang dies... to 17 years in the future,into Korra's time! What adventures are waiting for them?

*Link to the book:

*Sequel (if there is one): None yet, maybe later...

Author: Avatar Korra in Action

7/24/2013 #2

Title of the book: The Fairytale Continues

Description of the book: Part 1 of 3 of Vampire Bella Trilogy. Begins after Eclipse and follows Edward and Bella as they make it through their wedding and Bella's change. Rated M for adult material.

*Link to the book: e-Continues

*Sequel (if there is one): My First Year as a Cullen

Author: My-Bella

7/24/2013 . Edited 8/7/2013 #3

Title of the book: Beastly:

Description of the book: The beast is what stirs inside me. I am her, she is me, we are one. Melanie Pierce is a monster. She has rage pumping through her veins. But can a certain wolf by the name of Jacob Black tame her? (JacobxOC) Rated M for some language and lemons in later chapters.

*Link to the book:

*Sequel: N/A

Author: Dreaming Dauntless

7/25/2013 #4
Noel Madden

Title of the book: The Dragon and the Wolf

Description of the book: Seven months after the end of the war, Suki was killed. While the Avatar and his friends and allies are trying to figure out who killed her. Meanwhile, back at the Fire Nation, Zuko asked Sokka some help with his sister, trying a different approach. What will happen? And is Suki really dead? Warning: This is a Sokkla fic.

*Link to the book: nd-the-Wolf

*Sequel (if there is one): None yet

Author: Avatar Korra in Action

7/29/2013 #5

mighty man noodles

mako tells bolin about puberty

equalistmako 8/6/2013 #6

Title of the book: Forever Young

Description of the book: This takes place right after Breaking Dawn. I'm trying to stay as close to the books as I can, but throwing in some of my own twists. Please read and review! I will keep writing as long as you keep reading!

*Link to the book: g

*Squeal (if there is one): Restless Hearts

Author: IsabellClair

8/6/2013 . Edited 8/7/2013 #7
Xx The Lone Wolf xX


Title: Reliving Twilight

Author: currsedangel

Category: Supernatural & Romance

Rating: T

Summary: Post-Breaking Dawn. Bella goes on a hunt with the family and some unknown force causes her to pass out. When she awakes it's her first day at Forks high and she's human again. Will the Cullens be able to help her return to her own time? What happens when they don't know who she is? Can she gain their trust again?

Link: light

8/10/2013 #8
Xx The Lone Wolf xX


Title: Dead of Night

Author: currsedangel

Category: Supernatural & Horror

Rating: T

Summary: Nearly a year after Edward left Bella she moves back to Phoenix with her mother. She thinks things can't possibly get any worse after losing the love of her life but she is very wrong. The world as she knew it is very different. A disease breaks out and has swept the globe causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. Will the Cullens be able to save her from the outbreak or will she be forced to fend for herself?

Link: t

8/10/2013 #9
A. M. Brossart

The Undying

When you're the Volturi's secretary, your greatest challenge is staying alive. After accepting the position, Dahlia decides that she will do whatever it takes to survive. But the longer she stays, the deeper she sinks. Once you're in, there's no getting out.

Rating: M (for violence, language, and some sexual content but nothing too extreme)

Genre: Drama

Status: In progress

Written by: andimarie

9/29/2013 #10
Merida Jane

Title: Becoming Renesmee

Author: meridajane

Rating: T

Summary: Rejected by the cold arms of her hating father Edward, young Renesmee reaches her breaking point and runs away to avoid further blame for Bella's death. Their paths cross again years later, but this time she is the loving and kind-hearted Carlie Masen. Can she keep her identity a secret while proving worthy of her father's love or will she expose it trying to save her family?


4/15/2014 #11
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