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Everyone seemed to be talking about some sisters grimm movie and it was sposed to come out like, a year ago. What happened ? And also, I can't find the ninth book ANYWHERE! Am I crazy?

6/26/2011 #1

i dont think its happining

7/8/2011 #2

same i cant find the 9th book ether didi it evan com out?

7/8/2011 #3

The ninth book is not coming out until no sooner than Winter 2011 so... We've got a little ways. ;)

7/16/2011 . Edited 7/16/2011 #4

I've always wondered if there's going to be an epilogue showing the characters in their later lives like they did for Harry Potter....I hope so!!! XD

7/24/2011 #5

that would be awesom. i wonder what would happen to red, daphne, and mustreed { my fav peoples it the books}it would be funny if puck and sabrina didnt get married evanthough that what everybody thinks.... maybe it would only be funny to me . well anyway i hope re and mustaredseed and blue and daphne get together .... prob. not cuz im like the only one who like those parings. .

7/24/2011 #6

Red and Mustardseed? That's an extreme new.

8/2/2011 #7

yes but i think i would be cool... what am i the only one?

8/2/2011 #8

LOL, it might be pretty good. Have you written a story about it?

8/7/2011 #9
Ya kinda. I was gonna post it but I wright my storys in my note book and it takes forever to transfer it to the computer. >.> and I suck a typing lol it funny cuz it the story Daphne gets to play match maker .... Yup total randomness
8/7/2011 #10

Sweet. You should totally post it. :)

8/7/2011 #11
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