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Lightning Wolf-Jager

Humans... Not one of those species that are radiation resistant. I've never heard of that theory for the dino extinction.

Well, I'm going to log off for the night. It's 1:07 A.M. (YAWN) Night guys!

6/30/2011 #31
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

For the record, Dragongod, you are the greatest person I ever knew. You are the only person who could possibly turn the subject of FanFictioning into one of astronomy down the line political history. I am not sarcastic when I say, that takes some work to do. You are simply too great for me. X_X Anyways I don't know what you speak of... I'm just a fifteen-year-old kid on the other side of the planet here, where it's afternoon and stuff and I don't really know this astronomy things... :P

By the way the people who create is DON'T really care. If you want to see serious policing you should go to dA. They scrutinise your JOURNAL ENTRIES just to ban people. ~_~ TO R0xas: don't you wish you could rewind life at any time at all? Just so that a mistake you made would not carry on thru the generations and stuff... much like how the IR and globalization has done to the Earth and stuff.

My opinion of PWP: It's just lemon for the sake of lemon, nothing to hook any sane [in terms of not fantasising about inappropriate things for the sake of it...] person onto a good story. Just a huge lemon placed on your plate. Or worse- a really, really SICK and NASTY lemon that is just... REALLY bad and corrupt. This is usually the part where I break down and scream at the sky 'WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO' but I'm too lazy to... Meh. But really. Why can't anybody just write a decent, STRAIGHT, plot-worthy and INcorrupt T-rated story for fans to enjoy? Is it so hard for some genius to just post [even a ONESHOT that has some sort of quality in it] a story that I can savour without spitting it out in disgust?

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #32
Jack Alpha 03

Holy crap I don't look at forum for a day and I miss an entire conversation. Man ive been out of it ever since i came back.

6/30/2011 #33
Jack Alpha 03

Anyone else playing a good video game currently?

6/30/2011 #34
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

I remember reading a site that made fun of Fanfiction's...less reputable authors. I'll find a link...

Ah, here it is.

Sadly, my psychology teacher left this year, so I won't be able to take a higher psy. class next year...

Can't believe I'm going to be a junior this fall, my, my, time goes by...

6/30/2011 #35
Jack Alpha 03

That is a hell of a lot of games. I'm only playing Front Mission: Evolved, Batman Arkham Asylum, Halo: Reach, and Red Dead: Redemption.

6/30/2011 #36
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Mornin' guys! I just got done with an entire crap load of chores. (UGH... My hands smell like bleach! ME NO LIKEY!)

Well, I thank you for the compliment, but there is a quote I heard somewhere that I think we can all learn from. "Greatness is a virtue that can only be found through hard work and the ingenuity to do so, and will continue to grow as long as those two motives are maintained." Don't you all feel a bit wiser now? I have a lot of criptic quotes like that, and will spit them out when I find it necessary, or when I just want to.

Let's see, I play COD: MW2, COD:BO, AC: Brotherhood, NFS: Shift, Fallout 3, Diablo II, Alot of Sims, and A flight simulator. (I must admit that landing a space shuttle is difficult.)

6/30/2011 #37
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I'm going to be a sophmore. Ugh... I have two classes of algebra. I may seem all smart and know a bunch of formulas, but truth is I HATE MATH! I'm a free thinker. That's why I'm here and why I focus more on theories, rather than well known laws.

6/30/2011 #38
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Colleges will give degrees and teaching permits to anyone. My first grade year was a real pain in the arse. I was significantly smarter than my first grade teacher and she took notice of it. Then she decided turn my life into a living hell. I was labeled a troublemaker from there. That title still sticks with me. Well being this smart isn't all that bad. For the past three years I failed most of my classes because I was the laziest fuck in the room. The teachers knew I was smart and decided to move me to the next grade anyway. One way that I proved this is by getting a college reading level in the third grade. That's also stuck with, thank God.

6/30/2011 #39
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I never took an IQ test, but I do know that every state standerdized test I took, well... I scored off the charts. Those tests aren't that hard.

6/30/2011 #40
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Never have I, but two years back, I scored the highest of my eigth grade district and got a 200 dollar savings bond for acing the english portion of standardized testing. (It may have been due to low test scores, but I didn't keep a record on my district's grades...)

From what I've heard, IQ tests are irrelevant by today's standards because they were made by a past generation, and generally not dumb part of today's youth is advanced enough to score well on it.

Well, I just beat Final Fantasy 4. Good day, it is. :)

6/30/2011 #41
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I'm always the first to finish the test. I'll be thirty minutes into the test period, and someone will look at me wide-eyed because my test is finished and I'm reading a rather large book. I look up cock an eyebrow at them, and they turn back around, pissed at my intelectual abilities.

6/30/2011 #42
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

I did that once in english, finishing a test way before my peers and the teacher didn't believe me and wouldn't accept my test. So I waited a few minutes and turned it in.

I got a perfect score. (The scowl on my teacher's face was too funny for words...XD)

6/30/2011 #43
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Why must the inteligents always be mixed in with the ignoramuses? I know all of us are inteligent. But the idiots I go to school with don't even know haw to spell their own name. I got pelted with water baloons on the last day of school for some reason. I walk out of the english building (Ahh... the sweet smell of literature.) and suddenly a water balloon hits me in the face. I got pissed! I just grabbed the bucket of water balloons and dumped it over the numbskull bitch that pelted me. Lucky me she was fairly atractive. (Good/bad, depending on how you look at it) news she wasn't all that smart. She was wearing a white shirt with a black bra. The bra was already visible through the shirt but when the water hit... Hmm... I'd place her somewhere around a double C. IDK I'm not that good with breasts sizes. I am a dude. I see boobs and I just smile and nod. It works. While she was freaking out about the water logged shirt, I handed the bucket to her idiot friend (Male) and got the hell out of there while they guy was still focused on her clevage. The events I experience the wierdest yet coolest moments. I'm odd that way.

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #44
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Perhaps we should make a thread with pointers about writing fanfiction? We could list common errors (posting without checking grammar, illegal fics that aren't allowed on the site that many don't know are in fact illegaletc), helpful tips, etc.

So...I just found out I have Asperger's syndrome. :/ Doesn't really "affect" me, but it's nice to know a bit of why I do the things I do and am.

6/30/2011 #45
Lightning Wolf-Jager

That's the mental disorder I spoke about. While it does affect me (Speech impediments, impaired motor skills, ect.) It actually increases my brain's processing power. People don't relize this, but people with syndromes or disorders like aspergers or autism are usually smarter than those who don't.

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #46
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Looks like the conversation just died.

6/30/2011 #47
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Hey storylover, I'm geussing I was recommended by someone since my name in the members list says story quality: Unknown, so I'd like to know who recommended me?

6/30/2011 #48
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Sure. I took a look at the hunter's den and it sounds like a job that would suit me. The answers a yes, but what kind of training are we talking about here?

6/30/2011 #49
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I can leave a constuctive review. I might need some work in deeming a writer 'good' with opinion differential that might be involved. Finding a story should be easy enough. All that's left is when and where.

6/30/2011 #50
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Oh, yeah that... Well, good news is I have a few PMs from him. I'll post them here.

Look, I understand. Really, I do. I didn't want to make Kate sided with Garth in Twist of Hate: Garth, BUT, I felt that the story was going nowhere, so, I thought "I need to make this more interesting", so, that's what my idea was. To make Kate sided with Garth. Believe me, I didn't want to do it, but I felt as though I had to. In the other Twist of Hate stories, (Humphrey, Lilly, Kate), it won't be like that. There will be just one bad guy, promise. And thank you for saying I write good, but I also know waht I write in my stories is...somewhat of a shock to some people. But, anyways, I do appreciate your reviews, and I hope that you'll keep on reviewing in my stories. And like I said, the other Twist of Hate stories, will not, and I mean, WILL NOT be like Twist of Hate: Garth. -The1Omega.

Well, no harm done, at least not to a person. Your stories have good ideas and are well written, just... try not to introduce to many things at once. In the course of two or three chapters you had Humphrey supposedly die, Kate gave birth to Garth's pups, and Kate sided with Garth. That's a bit much for some people.-ME

I know. Im still getting used to this writing stories thing...I write poetry, and one of my good friends told me about this site, and said I should start writing stories. So, that's what I did. I hope to get better in the future, I just need that support, ya know?-The1Omega.

I know what you mean. When I first joined this site a few years back, I was horrible at writing. Look at me now. I'm alot better, and have a more in depth understanding of the careful art of crafting literary masterpeices.-ME

I haven't read your story that you have up now. But, but, but, I am in the process of writing the next chapter, (and maybe the last) of Humphrey the Lone Wolf. Now, that story, may or may not, have a sequel...It depends. Truthfully, I write the story/chapter as I go along. Whenever I wrote the whole "Kate being sided with Garth and her hving his puppies" thing in Twist of Hate: Garth, THAT shocked me, and I was the one writing it!-The1Omega.

There were more, but those were just from a miscellaneous conversation that followed. Okay, now to go read...

6/30/2011 #51
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Okay, I posted the review on your story. Sadly I could not post another review on the twist of hate thing. Well, The1Omega knows that I like the story and all (Really high quality work, although it does have some loopholes in the plot)I just hate when people make me want to hate something that I don't hate. He just keeps surprising me with his plot twists. First, Humphrey supposedly dies(Ahhhhh.... I'm sad.) Then Kate gives birth to Garth's pups (WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!) Then Humphrey is back(...) and finally Kate sides with Garth [Grinds teeth(I am displeased)] overall good story, just gives me issues. Can't wait for the big battle, and I can't decide if I want Kate to die or not...

6/30/2011 #52
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Hey, you guys want to see/hear something funny? If the answer is yes, then look up Gabriel Iglasias on youtube. I'll post some links here. Yes this will seem racist, but you can't stop yourself from laughing. (OMG... FRIED CHICKEN!) Funny, yes Racist, eh... questionable.

just look up anything else you find. This guy is fucking hilarious! The last one you have to comit to watching. It's seriously fucked up! Don't say I didn't warn you.

Eh! It's Fluffy!

6/30/2011 . Edited 6/30/2011 #53
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Well, now I'm venting my anger on japanese imperial carriers on a sub game every now and then. But seriously, you have got to look up this fat funny mexican. My all time favorite comedian.

6/30/2011 #54
Lightning Wolf-Jager

That's the racist one! LOL! I just saw one. Gabriel is in korea and he's talking to his girl friend and she starts talking sexual to him. Turns out their talking on a monitered line. After awhile a guy asks "what else would you do?" "sorry, Proceed proceed! (LOL bullet proof bib!)

6/30/2011 #55
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I didn't know everyone left. Well, now to continue reading.

6/30/2011 #56
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I've started the next chapter, but it won't be done for a while. So many possible scenarios, only one will make sense. I just have to figure which one it is.

6/30/2011 #57
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I just scrapped what I was working on so... yeah. I will need help.

6/30/2011 #58
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I have some details planned out in my head already but need help putting them toghether. I trust you have read my story so far.

Kate and Humphrey wake up to go hunting like where the second chapter leaves off. During the hunt they are ambushed by demons. Logan gets the worst injuries, reasons why will be revealed in the chapter. I don't know weather to skip the fight or write it out. Anyways, they all make it back to the alpha den. Later the valley is overrun by a horde of demons, forcing everyone to leave in a panic. Someone is killed in the escape, (Eve dies, I hate her) and later the reasons for Logan's extensive injuries are revealed in partial. The chapter ends soon after that. Now, to turn that into 2,000+ words.

6/30/2011 #59
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Wow. I missed the conversation. :/

Sooo...I found a funny thing downplaying the "dummies" of fanfiction

A million monkeys on a million typewriters, also known as FanFiction.Net, is one of many pus-filled boils on the tender ass-cheek of the internets. This site is a battle-ground between Animu fantards, yaoi Nazis, furfags, emo fucks, and 16 year old girls. (Preview an ED paragraph)

6/30/2011 #60
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