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Lightning Wolf-Jager

Oh, it's turning out splendid. The gore! The beuatiful GORE! jk!

More than one person dies in this chapter. I have a feeling that I'm going to recieve a lot of hate mail. (No, Kate and Humphrey will be fine. Can you guess who will die?)

7/1/2011 #91
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I used it, changed it a little, but still used. You can use it if you please. I just changed it because I saw some errors and some other parts to suit my story better. I should get the chapter posted soon.

Well, alot of the less important people (random omegas and alphas ect.) are going to die. You guessed all the important characters that are going to die in the story. there are only three or four, but I won't tell you which. You'll have to read it to find out. Hmm.. almost 2,000 words and I'm not done with the chapter. This is going to be a long one...

7/1/2011 #92
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Hmm... That is a long one. I think this chapter is going to come out somewhere around 4000 words. I'm almost at the end of the fight. I used your idea as an entry point into a flashback. I shall soon start on the escape.

7/1/2011 #93
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Ahhhh... why can all of you speak bilingually? I can only speak English and a pinch of Chinese... 你知道吗?华语没有用的!! 试试学习,你会死... ...

By the way I'm getting lost with all these issues that you talk about. Mainly because I don't understand them, or I'm not part of them. Why am I, like, the only exception here??

@Story Whatever man. I would go to Rio to see Christo Redento and hang-glide, not to see Spix's Macaws... ==

7/1/2011 #94
Lightning Wolf-Jager

If you want me to explain something sciencey, then ask. I theorize that the universe has a shape. I believe it to be a fourth dimensional dodecahedron. In english terms, that's a 4 dimensional soccerball. We may never know for sure because of the background microwave radiation. Hmm... the after effects of the explosion that created everything also blocks our path to understanding one of the things we want to know most.

7/1/2011 #95
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I already knew about that. I wouldn't trust me with it though. I suck when it comes to current events.

7/1/2011 #96
Lightning Wolf-Jager

It would seem infinite wouldn't it? Four dimensional shapes seem to be infinite, always folding in on themselves. Another mystery I would like solved is what gives us our conciousness?

7/1/2011 #97
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01


By the way this is only a wild guess [since I haven't the faintiest clue of what Alpha and Omega is] is our brotherhood's system arranged lbased on that? Seems like it; I must try to get a DVD the next time... :/

7/1/2011 #98
Lightning Wolf-Jager

That's what my little brother believes. You know, the whole A&O thing.

7/1/2011 #99
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Ok... does that explain why it's 'zyphyr' and not 'zephyr'?

7/1/2011 #100
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Okay, I've just started the escape.

7/1/2011 #101
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Excuse me, what? [curse this ignorance, bleghhh]

7/1/2011 #102
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Word count is at 2600

7/2/2011 #103
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I am one messed up fucker! Another character just died!

7/2/2011 #104
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Screw it man; the best ending to a story is have everyone die! Genocide FTW!!!!

Haha, just joking. But honestly, it's ok to throw away characters due to self-sacrifice, or the signify loss of innonence, or to inflict sadness on the loved ones around him/her... it always add some sort of twist. [but maybe not when you kill most of the characters... :/]

7/2/2011 #105
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Just killed off another character. That's the last one for this chapter.

7/2/2011 #106
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I suppose you could say that... You'll find out in a little while. I'm almost finished with the chapter.

7/2/2011 #107
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I just posted the chapter. Word count is 3,596.

7/2/2011 #108
Lightning Wolf-Jager

The review count says 5 yet your review hasn't come up yet. I'll just have to wait a few minutes. The new T.V. is now operational and is loud as fuck! High quality surround sound. Now I just have to find a place to put the 250 someodd movies my family owns. You wan't to know how many books my mom has in this house? 1364. I know. I know because I counted. My mom has a miniature library in this house. We have six bookcases and several boxes stuffes to the brim with books.

7/2/2011 #109
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Hey guys I'm back from the Wikipedia page of A&O. Apparently the critical reception is atrocious, and I'm hoping desparately that someone convince me otherwise. :/ I just saw the name 'Christina Ricci' and I got hyped out [greatest voice... EVER].

7/2/2011 #110
Lightning Wolf-Jager

The movie is pretty good. It just ticked me off that it got bad reviews, and for what? Some slight sexual themes some little kids won't even understand! That's bullshit!

7/2/2011 #111
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

"With bland visuals and a dull, predictable plot, Alpha and Omegais a runt in 2010's animated litter"~Quote wikipedia. Though this makes me skeptical... CHRISTINA RICCI

And what sexual themes anyway? The prospect of being mates [no details]? The howling thingy? O_O

7/2/2011 #112
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I don't remember the whole list, but there was alot of stuff. The animation was actually pretty good. It's the 3d that's bad. Besides, the movie was designed for little kids, not film critics.

I may be wierd for saying this, but I love that movie! A&O RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #113
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I'm logging off for the night.

7/2/2011 #114
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

True dat... oh well. I looked at the plot [SPOILED FTW] and... yeah it's kinda predictable. But like you said... for little kids. Haha.

But its archive is abt 270 stories... that's very little for me to browse through to find out more. Currently I'm reading your favourites before I look at yours but um... yeah. [P.S. Sry for keeping ya; it's like 5:30p.m. here. O_O]

7/2/2011 . Edited 7/2/2011 #115
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

To be honest the creators of Rio did hell of a stupid job with the storyline. Too compact and the storyline is pretty ridiculous. I blame them for the writer's blocks that I often run into. :( Though on the positive edge, the graphics were great, the soundtrack was good and the voice acting rocked.

I wish I could see A&O. Then I would try to FanFic it and make it seem less of a failure [according to the critics].

7/2/2011 #116
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Um... no. I dunno, as in really attached [almost being part of the sotry] and love the story?

...Twilight. X_X

7/2/2011 #117
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Their characters and the way they're connected by this web of relationship is what people look for- to relate with them and side with particular ones. Of course, you have Humphrey [the Omega wolf who's the playful type and quite suave, yet has that soft side reserved for Kate' who's in love with Kate [the Alpha wolf who's more sophisticated, powerful and serious than Humphrey, making them total opposites that attract]. They go on this adventure that inevitably bonds them together, and that's where the audience is connected to Kate/Humphrey. Then there's this attractive idea of hierachy and the fate of the mate thingy... stuff like that. In movies like these [not Rio] all the humour is concentrated not on a side character but the main one and it is used appropriately. I would probably like it too if I see it.

7/2/2011 #118
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Hey guys, i'm back. I know I said I was logging off for the night, but I couldn't sleep (Stupid fucking asperger's! It actually causes sleeplessness.) so I went downstairs and watched a comedy special. Now I'm so happy that I won't be able to fall asleep for awhile. Anyways, I like A&O. I know the movie could have been better, but I just love it. I have always been a sucker for romance stories. I don't look for graphics in movies like A&O. Although, the graphics are suppossed to be a lot better in the second one. Anyways, I've seen and read it all. There is no romance plot I'm not familiar with. Just do me one favor though. NEVER MENTION TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fucking hate that movie! A&O may have a predictable plot, but there's nothing not predictable to me. Plus, I'm just one of those people who can tap into their inner child. As I said before, I don't look into graphics for these kinds of movies. Plus it's wolves. Wolves are cool! Now here's a cool thing. 'm in the Choctaw indian tribe, right? Well I am in the Wolf clan portion of the tribe. What really got me looking on fanfiction for A&O was the ending. I hated the ending because I thought it ended to quick. I get pissed and head here. Low and behold I find an A&O archive, then I start laughing like Gabriel Iglesias. Hehehehehehehehe! Look it up! I laugh just like him.

7/2/2011 #119
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

I figured that out only after watching Rio... LOL. Sometimes you need to know the basics before you write the story. I always keep this in mind, though. I want to keep the reader connected via a hooking plot... and whatnot. :P

7/2/2011 #120
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