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Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

This topic is for Alphas and Zyphyrs only.

Here is where we debate changes to the brotherhood, and put it to a vote.

8/29/2011 #1
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Should we delete the Ranked Conversation: gamma?

8/29/2011 #2
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Already did. =)

8/29/2011 #3
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Dux Mind if I spell check the Guide and RULES?

8/29/2011 #4
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Not at all. Feel free to go ahead, and if possible, elaborate more if you can. =)

8/29/2011 #5
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

XD I can't with the RULES locked. The irony, considering I was the one who said they should be locked.

8/29/2011 #6
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

The key has been turned, you can enter at your leisure.

8/29/2011 #7
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Bringing this up again... I know, I know... Please comment on all issues, please.

1 -Remove other ranks other than Alphas/Zephyrs. If the BotP were set to improve writers, everyone would become a beta anyway. So it is a bit fruitless to use ultimately. Or perhaps the numbers would rise to infinity and beyond! :P Up for debate.

2 -Take a note of Forum construction from say, The Domain. Up for debate.

3 -Rules should be better defined. See for a good set-up of a rules system. Up for debate.

4 -Only job should be Hunter. Any others are needlessly complicating the process. Up for debate.

8/30/2011 #8
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

1. Makes sense, but should be voted on.

2. No clue what that means.

3, As I said, if anyone wants to give elaboration, be my guest.

4. We will also need people who can teach new writers. so, maybe thetas will be gotten rid of if anyone wants it.

8/30/2011 #9
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

If we remove rankings, then how would we categorize new writers? That would strip down the List of Members topic to just a listing of names and story qualities.

8/31/2011 #10
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

It's important right now because I just got a new member and sent out about 6 invites to active members. I'll need to know this rather quickly.

8/31/2011 #11
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Comment I said it was up for debate, nothing is anywhere near in action...

But hey, is there anything you wished to bring to the improvement table?

8/31/2011 #12
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Here is a new draft of the rules, please give your opinion and vote.

Codes of Conduct:

1. Respect all members, as well as nonmembers, and their opinions. Discrimination or insults on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, racial background, etc. is not allowed by FFN guidelines, and it will not be tolerated here.

2. This forum is partially intended for the general improvement of writing skills and creativity. As such, members should do there utmost to uphold FFN guidelines in their stories, and give constructive criticism wherever it is needed or desired.

3. U r not allowd 2 tok lik dis, or @ leest u r discouraged frum doin so. In following the idea of improving upon our abilities as writers, members are obligated to post intelligibly. No chat speak or 133T! speaking, if you can help it. Additionally, while profanity is not against the rules, it is discouraged and best reserved for fitting situations. Editing profanity to replace a letter with an asterisk is makes it slightly acceptable.

4. No member shall be forced to perform an action against his/her will. This is not a dictatorship, after all, and we do value and consider the opinions/beliefs of our members. If you don't want to, say, post a review in the Ratings thread, you don't have to. However, in keeping with Rule One, you are not allowed to use this as an excuse to Troll, break the rules, falsify your rank, etc.

5. Members below the rank of Alpha are not allowed to accept applicants from the Membership Applications thread unless explicitly instructed by an Alpha.

6. Ranks (see "Ranking System," in the Guide to the Brotherhood thread) carry some weight as to authority here, so if a member of a higher rank requests that you stop doing something, such as chat-speaking, it is generally considered respectful to follow their wishes. Similarly, treat the moderators with respect, as they generally act for the good of the Brotherhood. Arguing disrespectfully with a mod regarding forum policy and other important (as well as less important) topics may land you with a temporary/permanent ban.

7. Please refrain from spamming in the chat threads. Spam does not contribute to the conversation, and merely takes up useful space. If you do feel a need to spam, post in the Green Eggs and Spam thread. On that note, don't abuse the Announcements thread. While we do value what you have to say, useless and inane posts such as what you had for lunch generally aren't approved of (unless it was something exotic and weird, like puffer fish or eel).

8. These rules extend beyond the bounds of this forum and its threads. If you are a member of the Brotherhood, you represent us in everything that you do on FFN. We do not allow for members to be courteous and respectful while in our forum, and then go gallivanting off to write rule-breaking fics and troll elsewhere. Respect is key.

Special Rules: Alpha

1. All Alphas are moderators in the Brotherhood HQ forum.

2. A new Alpha is chosen by the current body of Alphas, and must be voted in unanimously, or, if the number of Alphas at that time exceeds five, be voted in by majority rule. The nominated Alpha must meet the prerequisites for the Alpha rank, being that he/she has written at least four stories (this may be adjusted at the discretion of the reigning Alphas, if the nominee is below the number requirement, but has written/is writing a larger fic) and is considered to be an able Beta.

3. When recruiting new members from the Members Application thread, Alphas have free reign in selecting those that may join, as well as determining their starting rank. However, the chosen starting rank may only be up to the rank of Beta, with the only exception being if that Alpha does not have a Zephyr, and wishes the new member to take such a position. In the event of Zephyr selection the moment after joining, the remaining Alphas are permitted to request an in depth review of the new Zephyr.

4. An Alpha may authorize a member to recruit from the Members Application thread. However, that Alpha is to be held responsible for all the actions of that member, in addition to the applicants that member approves for membership.

5. Alphas may vote for a member to receive a promotion that they are not qualified for based on their number of stories, but the vote is by majority rule only. Conditions may also be added to the voted-upon promotion, such as requiring that member to reach the proper number of stories based on their rank by a certain date.

6. For the sake of identification, all Alphas are required to post their rank and number in their penname and profile.

7. There are typically only four Alphas, though as the forum expands, more may be voted in as necessary to represent the various fandoms, so long as the ruling Alphas agree to it, along with the majority of the Beta- and Zephyr- ranked members. (This vote by the majority of the entire Brotherhood and unanimous vote by the Alphas does not include those members that apply to head the various chapters and Brotherhood Outposts.)

8. All Alphas are allowed to choose one member of the Brotherhood to succeed them in the event of death, retirement or disappearance for a period of over six months. These successors are immediately promoted to the rank of Zephyr, with no vote by the remaining Alphas necessary, unless an objection is made. Zephyrs may not vote in the Council Chamber, but may post their input on matters being discussed. Zephyrs are required to post their rank and number in their penname and on their profiles.

9. Should a consecutive tie occur in the decision-making process, the Betas may nominate a temporary Alpha to serve as a tie-breaker. The elected member is then promoted to Alpha for the course of the vote, after which they will return to their previous rank.

10. Alphas may propose to make a major change in the Brotherhood's structure, and request a public vote to take precedence over the Council Chamber. A poll thread will be created, and forum members will decide. Alphas may not participate in the public vote, only present their opinions and ideas about each option.

11. Alphas may overturn a public vote, but only if the entire Council Chamber of Alphas is in agreement, meaning the vote must be unanimous and all Alphas must be present when the final decision is made. If the Alphas' ruling vote is successful and the public vote is overturned, all members of the current reigning body of Alphas forfeit their positions to their Zephyrs and are permanently demoted to Betas. An Alpha demoted in this way may only become a Zephyr, and later an Alpha, if they are selected, reviewed thoroughly, and voted unanimously to become a Zephyr by the reigning Alphas. That newly-promoted Zephyr is then placed under a three month period of probation, in which they may not be promoted to Alpha for any reason. Demoted Alphas that wish to create a Brotherhood Outpost chapter, or continue leading a preexisting chapter, must be voted to that position by a public vote, and even then are no longer allowed in the Council Chamber, unless they return to the position of Zephyr.

Special Rules: Zephyr

1. Zephyrs are chosen on an individual basis to act as an Alpha's second-in-command, and are not required to be voted into their position by the Council of Alphas, unless an objection is made by one of the Alphas. Granted authority almost matching that of their Alpha, they are tasked with performing the same basic functions as their superiors, picking up the slack while their Alpha is sick/not present, and to replace that Alpha should they retire, die, or disappear for a period exceeding three months without prior indication.

2. Upon promotion to Zephyr, a member may request to be made a moderator of the Brotherhood HQ forum. This request is then reviewed by the current Alphas, and given a green light if the member's reasoning for the request is sound.

3. Zephyrs are not allowed to vote in the Council Chamber, but they may post their thoughts and opinions on the matters at hand in that thread.

4. Zephyrs are required to post their rank and number on their profile and penname

9/1/2011 #13
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

How would everyone feel about a random thread, for fun and silly posts?

9/2/2011 #14
Compass Indigo

Special Rules: Sigma

1. Sigmas are exclusively selected by the Alphas, with only one Alpha's approval required for promotion to Sigma rank.

2. The rank of Sigma is divided into two categories, being Class 1 and Class 2. A Class 1 Sigma is tasked with making excursions into the fandom(s) of their choice, leaving constructive reviews and inviting authors that they feel are good candidates for recruitment. Respectful and courteous conduct are required in all interactions inside and outside the boundaries of the Brotherhood. They are forbidden from accepting membership applications from that thread. Class 2 Sigmas serve the same basic function as Class 1's, but are allowed to accept applicants to the Brotherhood.

3. Upon promotion to Sigma, a Class 1 Sigma is placed on probation for a two week period, during which they are not allowed to be promoted to Class 2 for any reason whatsoever.

4. The rank of Sigma does not confer any particular special privileges regarding decision-making within the Brotherhood, and are to be treated as Betas for the purposes of voting, so on and so forth.

Guide to the Brotherhood

1. Purpose

The Brotherhood of the Pen is a forum devoted to furthering the writing skills of its members, in addition to leaving constructive criticism both for those authors that desire it and those that need it. It also serves as a social gathering place for writers, and as a place to compare notes on creative and skillful writing.

2. Ranking System

The Brotherhood of the Pen's members are subdivided into various ranks meant to categorize the level of authority and responsibilities of our members. Experience, story content, conduct, and prolificacy regarding stories/story length are all taken into account into the ranking process. Ranks are assigned to members when they first join, though promotions are available to all members, with only a few exceptions (see Rules Thread, [Special Rules: Alpha] for additional details) There are four main ranks in the Brotherhood, though more may be created and delegated to members should developments occur that would make such an action be necessary.

The four ranks are as follows:

-Alpha: The highest rank available in the Brotherhood, there are normally only five. Alphas are the leaders and moderators of the HQ forum, and are each assigned to watch over our holdings in different fandoms through Brotherhood Outposts. Alphas are responsible for deciding on any major structural changes to the forum, as well as selecting the rank of and accepting new members through the application process. Alphas require four stories as a prerequisite for nomination.

-Zephyr: These are the handpicked second-in-commands of the leading Alphas, and generally perform the same functions as their superiors. If an Alpha is sick or unable to perform his/her duties, their Zephyr is meant to step in and pick up the slack until the Alpha returns. Zephyrs are not allowed to vote on major decisions in the Council Chamber, but they are allowed to post their input on matters there for consideration of the Alphas. There is no story requirement for Zephyrs, aside from the single story required to join the Brotherhood, unless the Zephyr is being promoted to Alpha, in which case they may be required by the Alphas to meet the Alpha requirement before they can be promoted.

-Sigma: Generally considered to be the equal of a Beta in the overall ranking system, Sigmas are the recruiters of the Brotherhood. They are tasked with making excursions into their fandoms and leaving constructive reviews and inviting authors that they feel are good candidates for recruitment. They are required to be courteous and respectful, regardless of where they are posting, as they represent the Brotherhood to the rest of FFN. Sigmas are divided into two classes, simply designated by a 1 or 2. A Class 1 Sigma is not permitted to accept members from the Membership Applications thread, and may only do so when they reach Class 2, as promoted by an Alpha. Class 1 Sigmas begin under a two week long period of probation, during which they may not be promoted to Class 2. Sigmas are preferred to have published at least two stories.

-Beta: This is the first-attained and most common rank in the Brotherhood, and simply means that you are a member. Betas are encouraged to share helpful advice and compare notes on writing, in addition to participating in the forum's various threads. Feedback and suggestions for improvement on the Brotherhood as a whole are also encouraged, and can be posted in the Suggestions Box thread for the betterment of all. Basic applicants must have at least one story published to be considered for recruitment.

Members are not necessarily confined entirely by their story count, but it is generally preferred that they meet the required amount to best increase their chances of acceptance into the Brotherhood, promotions, etc. Members are capable of advancing in rank if they are considered to be skilled writers, and it is agreed upon by the presiding Alphas.

3. Rules

The Rules for members and special rules exclusive to higher ranks are found in the RULES thread, here:

4. Expansion

Upon achievement of certain numbers of members, the Brotherhood Alphas will start accepting applications for new forums endorsed and supported by the Brotherhood as a whole. Members that apply must be of Beta rank, have published four or more stories, and understand how the Brotherhood as a forum is operated. That member, if elected into the position by a majority rule Alphas' vote, is then immediately promoted to Alpha rank and given command of the desired fandom's chapter. Chapter-leaders are required to create a Brotherhood Outpost forum for the fandom they desire to oversee (if such a fandom is not already being overseen by another Alpha's chapter); while the chapter-leader is still under the command of the Brotherhood as a whole, they are in charge of recruitment, ranking, and promotion within that fandom. The main body of Alphas at the Brotherhood HQ retain the right to promote and recruit members from that fandom, even if the chapter-leader has rejected the applicants previously. Should this occur, the chapter-leader may still request a review/inquiry of the applicant in question.

Outposts are required to possess some similarities to the main HQ regarding basic organization. Specifically, the following threads must be created in the Outpost prior to the creation of any other threads:

---a. Guide to the Brotherhood thread (exact copy of original)

---b. RULES thread (Exact copy of original)

---c. Membership Applications thread (exact copy of original)

---d. List of Members thread (List only includes the members recruited at that Outpost)

6. History

The Brotherhood was founded on June 09, 2011. The first Head Alphas are as follows: Storylover Alpha 01, Enchanted to meet you Alpha 02, ROxas Alpha03, P3MF Alpha 4-Richter. The Brotherhood was founded by Storylover Alpha 01.


I've included a few more checks and balances in here, as well as the suggested rules for Sigmas (Hunters). I might make a Beta rules version, but I don't think it's necessary.

Also, I believe that a Randomonium thread might be useful, but you might as well use the suggested Green Eggs and Spam thread for that.

9/2/2011 . Edited by P3MF Alpha 3-Richter, 9/2/2011 #15
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Sigmas are not a rank, they are a group, and have their own internal ranking system. =/

9/2/2011 #16
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

I realized that although the BotP is a help in writing group, our Writing Tips topic isn't

Since we have a general conversation, I suggest we could make a conversational Topic for how to write fanfiction, fanfiction don'ts, advice from authors and such. A topic only for original stories and improvision and fanfiction in general.

Of course, to make such a thing, we would have to first ask if members are going touseit. A topic for helping with fanfiction can't be sitting in the dust after maybe only 34 posts or whatever if it will help with anyone.

The Writing tips section and this are differing in that the tips is mainly that, random tips and knowhow. The Writing Fanfiction topic on the other hand will have active conversation, so that members can ask for help, or say what they think fanfiction is

And also, it is fanfiction/original story talk. Not just random posts, not just talking about how your day was, how super-freaking-uber-cool-thing is, and etc. Mainly fanfiction, with side things being involved to fanfiction and/or helping.

Unfanfiction posts could/will be baleeted. Like if say one says, "How would Character X react to this?" and the next person says "I saw that movie with X in it. I loved that." Second post shall be baleeted.

Again, first we need to know if everyone/more than one member every two weeks/definitelty more than one person every three MONTHS will post in the topic.

9/12/2011 #17
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Should we hold some vote on which stories to include in The_Brotherhood_of_the_Pens_list_of_recomended_Stories/89230/99/0/1/ ?

9/24/2011 . Edited 9/24/2011 #18
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

ok then. any stories to vote on?

9/24/2011 #19
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Let's see... What are our favorite stories, and are they worthy of recommendation?

9/24/2011 #20
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

United by given inside?

9/24/2011 #21
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

Angela's Gift, by the same author.

The Future Begins, by fresh blood

Tears of an Oracle, by Riverstyxx

Broken Daggers, by Leonette

Brothers in Arms, by Arty Thrip

Blood and Steel, by DualKatanas

Here are just a few that I absolutely loved.

9/24/2011 . Edited 9/24/2011 #22
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Absolute Truth by Nightgon

9/24/2011 #23
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Alright guys, after some consideration and advice, I've come up with some suggested changes to be implemented to the forum.

1. We're going to scrap the job system. People can go about without an official title doing what they think shall be beneficial for the forum.

2. We are NOT going to scrap the ranking system, but instead we'll revise the system. From now on every member shall be judged by story quality, not quantity, by a panel of judges. The questions here would be- who are the judges? (I would personally prefer the 4 Alphas at that) And are we going to revise all the existing members' ranks with this new system in place? Details of the system needs to be discussed as well.

3. In addition to this new system, a feature named the Button shall be created. Any member who feels that his rank is wrongly assigned and wishes for a change in rank can request for one by pushing the Button. Judges would then go and revise the rank if necessary.

4. Unused threads have to be removed, of course, and the rules have to revised. Which threads and rules need to be discussed now…

So yeah. After this we can implement the changes and I'll be done for the day. Please tell me what you think, thank you... X)

6/30/2012 #24
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

I'll talk about each point then.

1. I can agree with this actually. There is the idea of limiting thyself to a single job, but if one thinks about it, there isn't really a need for it. Everyone should be keeping the peace in general when somethingis going "it hits the fan." Giving advice and helping other authors is the point of the FAQ we have, and is really usable by anyone.

2. I was (And still somewhat am until convinced otherwise) rather dead-set on not having ranks at all. Although quality is a far better indicator than quality if common copy&paste profile quotes are to be believed. It should likely be the Alphas to be doing so. We would/will need to revise existing member's ranks based upon what changes occur and how the details will affect them.

3. I'm okay with members asking to change their rank by having someone judge if a change is need, but...a Button? I guess that name works, but... eh...

4. Which rules and unused threads... I'll have to think of some, so give me some time to think it over.

7/1/2012 #25
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Regarding number 2, P3, I did provide the option to scrap the ranking system. However nearly everybody disagreed, and with reason, just to name a few:

"If we take the communist approach, the brotherhood will lose its purpose entirely. The brotherhood was founded to gather the best writers on this site, and help each other achieve beautiful, quality fanfics to a site filled with little more than grammatic trash. If we just start bringing in anybody, we will become just another conglomerated chat forum on this site, which we are still slowly becoming by the way."

"I think [abolishing ranks] would pretty much do nothing but screw over any chance we have of helping the low-quality authors. We NEED ranks as an emblem of skill - of the worth a person has as a teacher to a lower-quality writer."

"If the BotP is going to be about writers helping writers, good writers must have recognition as well as writers who have started out poor but have improved."

I'm not so sure how to phrase 3, basically it's just requesting for, you know, revision of ranks. Although I forgot to say that the Button, um, needs a week downtime before it can be pressed again. Sorry, forgot to mention that xS

As for 4, take your time to think.

7/1/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #26
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Well, I already gave my vague opinions on these things before I left, but since I've been summoned, I shall reply.

1. Good plan. Official titles don't really do anything except add bravado, and even that means very little.

2. Also good. We need the ranks or it will descend into anarchy. I believe that the four Alphas should be the judges, yes.

3. This Button thing... Makes a vague amount of sense. I say that we shouldn't have to revise all existing members UNLESS they push the button. Some people are happy with where they are.

4. Great. We have a lot of unused threads knocking about and cluttering this place up. I say we keep the general convos and the threads that are important (Most of them are flagged). We should also keep the Suggestion Box (Just in case). But the rest are pretty unnecessary, in my opinion.

Feel free to comment on any of this stuff.

7/7/2012 #27
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Hspar Threads we can destroy due to much inactivity unless otherwise noted for other reasons-

\Writing tips and pointers (We already have our FAQ topic for this)

\Hunting requests

\Ratings section

\Brotherhood Writing challenges

\The Pit

\Video Games

\Radio Station, Brotherhood style

\Critic requests

That's all from me.

7/7/2012 #28
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

For writing tips and pointers, we can delete it but I'll have to ctrl-c-ctrl-v everything there to the FAQ topic.

\Hunter's den

\Suggestions box? (FAQ/GC/NMC makes this redundant)

\Rules Brotherhood Outposts (ctrl-c-ctrl-v into the guide)

\Free story ideas?

In addition, I suggest the adding of one more thread.

/Voting Square, in conjunction with the Announcements thread. I think next time I'll announce the stuff I have it'll be in the latter; if it needs to be voted on this shall be the place for all the members.

7/7/2012 #29
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Guys? Anybody wants to say anything? If not I will go and make all the necessary changes to the forum right now... if anybody has any objections please speak up, otherwise I'll go make the changes ASAP...

7/21/2012 #30
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