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P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Here's where you can let out your frustrations, anger, and general need to really rant about something that's bothering you.

9/9/2011 #1

Allrighty! Hm, let's see... *runs through mind database* Oh, this one! Makes me mad all over again, even though it's some stupid complainy little thing!

Okay, so our French teacher is SO annoying. We have to have a seperate French binder. We can't just put our French papers in another section of our binder, because NOOO, we have SO much work it won't all fit. But of course it does! She just likes being annoying like that, bleh! And I have French 4th pd, which is annoying, because to go to my locker to get my French binder would be a huge detour, and I already have to walk so far as it is. Which means I have to carry around that damn binder (it's sparkly and blue~) all over THE FREAKIN PLACE plus my textbook, and that's only for French, so otherwise I have my huge fat binder, my book, pencil case, and ALSO my laptop that I have to carry around that's SUPER heavy, even more so because the laptop bag is thick and heavy. This already puts a big strain on my shoulder, so it aches ALL the TIME, which is bad because I have to use that shoulder, and it hurts, especially in horse riding (blatant lie). But to make things worse, all of that stuff is too big of a pile to just carry along like that, so I have to put my French binder AND textbook in the computer case, so it's super fat and HEAVY and my shoulder hurts like hell and then I have to go running all over the place. Sometimes I also need to carry extra stuff, and it's just SO MUCH and it's unbearable (not really) and I CAN'T STAND IT.

Phew. Glad I got that out. Expect more soon.

9/10/2011 #2
1Past and Present1

Do you know what really grinds my gears?


Not looking at boobs, or touching boobs, or the mere fact that boobs exist. Just owning boobs. My boobs.

They get in my way. When I want to roll over and lie on my stomach while reading a book, I can't, because some stupid insignificant little rock decides to jab me in the bosom. Or when I'm cold, I can't wear a clingy shirt, because ZZZZAP! and there goes my friend's eyes. And when I lie on my side, they push together and it's really, really heavy and awkward. And when I want to hug someone, it hurts, because the knockers get crushed. And the sheer number of times I end up being poked, punched, prodded, elbowed and head butted in the cushions...

Boobs. Just boobs.

And the funny thing is, I wouldn't ever want to lose them because I love them despite it all. So I write this with the hope that you can find some amusement in my suffering. My rant is finished.

9/10/2011 #3

I'm with you there, PaP.

Olly is back, with another rant! My friend and I stole my brother's 3DS and were messing around with the Mii thing. We had just watched the Arceus movie and passed our respective judgements on it (e.g. Marcus and Damos are awesome), so were making Marcus and Damos Miis. BUT THE DAMN THING IS SO UNSPECIFIC. They have no red hair/eye color option, the colorists. And no spiky hair! It makes me RAGEFUL. So, you might say, that's not too bad. I admit, it isn't super bad. But here comes the worst part... You know how, if you take a picture with the 3DS, the system automatically creates a Mii based on that picture? Through face recognition and fancy stuff like that. If you didn't know, now you do. If you did, congrats. So, I looked up a picture of Zero, and we took a picture of him. But it didn't build a Mii. You know why? *suspenseful background music* They didn't recognize his face. THEY DIDN'T RECOGNIZE HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE. AORHJAUSCASFBDLNCEAIFBKCL;EWRFOCBDLSAFNOCECRRAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGEEEEOAFNCME

9/10/2011 #4
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

Okay, so I'm really annoyed by the fact that my school has replaced our awesome psychology/us history with a teacher that could know less about history if she tried. In the short weeks I've been in her class, by her logic, the Constitution was written in the 1400s, Manifest Destiny was god's plan of expansion from the pacific to the atlantic, and the North was the most holy thing EVAR during the Civil War and the south were all horrid, stubborn d!cks.

...I worry about the state test I have to take in the spring...

9/10/2011 #5


9/13/2011 . Edited 4/16/2012 #6
1Past and Present1

Would everybody please STOP TOUCHING MY HAIR! What is this, a petting zoo? I'm not a puppy. Well, okay, maybe I am. Fine. Just don't pull it too hard, m'kay? Humph! Grumblegrumblegrumble...

9/22/2011 #7

Sheena. Shee. Na. ARGH.

Okay, first of all, 'transcend the confines of time and space?' :S Time and space are not confines, they are what allow us to move freely and do our duties. Without them, we would not even exist.

Then she thinks she's 'all that,' running around protecting ruins with her precious Kevin, and 'connecting to the hearts of legendaries.' I mean, seriously? She boasts about her 'amazing skills!' Then when everything's all worked out, she goes and does her whole arm thing and the 'transcend the confines' thing to 'connect to their hearts' to say 'thank you.' WHAT. And you couldn't just say that aloud? You had to show off?

Apparently she has some of Dialga's and Palkia's power. I sincerely doubt they, of the creation trio, would give a mere human their power and trust like that. THEY'RE DIRECT DESCENDANTS OF ARCEUS.

When Dialga puts in all his efforts to send them back in time to save the world, he literally exhausted himself. When they came back, she didn't even bother thanking him, or try to heal him. No, she just went on and on about how 'they (meaning she) saved the world, and it was all us!' Sheusedhim. If she can see into their hearts, can't she heal them? Oh no she can't, she can only talk to them in a way that would be COMPLETELY PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for someone to say OUT LOUD.

I could probably say more, but I haven't seen the movie in a while...

/ranting over now XD

10/23/2011 . Edited 4/16/2012 #8
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Okay, we all know about Rainbow Dash and the controversy surrounding her sexual orientation. This rant is not directed towards her (because she is awesome, YMMV) but at her exploitation regarding this in the MLP fandom. And I am as pissed as hell for this.

What are the clues hinting that she's lesbian, you ask? I'd ask the same thing; seriously do you have any concrete evidence that sh'es gay?! The answer hurled back is that she has a rainbow mane with a masculine voice, not to mention her hate for everything girly and her passion in action and flying and adventure. Also, don't you geniuses notice that her best friends are female, and did you see her tension with Applejack?

And we all know how people love to ship. So since RBD is a perfect target for everything that's everything, we shall ship her with -wait for it- everypony!


Wow. You people are really original. Not only did you manage to stereotype RBD's sexuality based on a teaspoon-full of character traits, but you spare her nopony to engage in a romantic relationship.

You people are really amazing.

First of all, you guys are idiots. Did Ep9 ever teach you anything about not judging a book by its cover? Sure RBD is tomboy; I'm not going to deny that. But just because she is doesn't mean she is gay! I have seen girly-girls becoming lesbian as well; and just because she acts like the opposite gender means she has a higher chance that she's homosexual?! I mean, even is she truly is lesbian (despite Faust and Hasbro's stance that all of the ponies are hetero) why do you people automatically assume it is so? Maybe she's straight. And if we portray it that way you all say that it's disgusting and horrible. Societal stereotyping at its finest, fillies and gentlecolts.

We'll forgo RBD's sexual orientation for a while. What I am truly upset about is you people pairing her up with anypony willy-nilly, even if it truly cannot exist. I've seen her shipped with all the other mane 5 and any of the CMC or background ponies or whatever. What is wrong with you?? There are plenty other shippings that exist over here and you all choose to EXPLOIT RBD. I'm really proud of you people. But I must ask- why do you all target RBD? Because she's haughty and has power so you can take it all away? To make her fall in love and suffer for it- or, even worse, she is horny and wants to be with other ponies? Really, what is your proof?!?! Why do you do this to some innocent pony who just happens to be supremely fast and loves adventure? Why people, why? Seriously!

And RBD isn't even an exception. I have seen numerous other slash pairings that do not make sense. TwiXie is one of them that I don't really support; yet it is super rampant. I'm exasperated as it is with RBD's eploitation in the MLP fandom; this just adds salt to the wound.

Thanks guys. Thanks for ruining shipping within the MLP universe forever and degrading the fans' impression of RBD forever. Now it's unfixable and I really can't ship Dash with anypony now even through analytical viewpoint. I salute you people.

11/1/2011 #9


11/12/2011 . Edited 4/16/2012 #10


People poke me and wiggle their fingers on my legs thinking that I'll just giggle and tell them playfully to stop.


I'll SMACK you if you touch my legs. I hate my legs being touched! Every time someone touches them, I squeal and jump because it's so uncomfortable for me, and plus, it tickles (not in the good way) me like HELL.

Even if you accidentally brush your fingers, I'll back away immediately or cringe away.

My friend Angie and I were sitting on her couch while studying and she wiggled her foot under my legs so she could stretch out and I yelped and smacked her legs because it felt so horrible.


11/27/2011 #11

Bah, well, it's pointless for me to say 'I'm sorry', but... that sucks DX Yeah, I know how it feels to have a very sensitive part... *winces* My ear(s)...

11/27/2011 . Edited 4/16/2012 #12
DragonKnight - Beta 26

*lightly flicks Olli's ear*

*runs away as she chases him with comically oversized mallet*

11/27/2011 #13

GAH! D:(

11/27/2011 #14
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Little fact here. Here in america, optimism is bordering on some kind of psychomania. Everyone in this country wants to be fucking happy. They are as follows: "I really want to be happy. I will try my best to be happy. I don't care if it drives me fucking insane!" The whole fucking country is covered with these teethed freaks going "Have a nice day! Have a nice day!" That sounds like a tress to me. I will have what ever fuckin kind of day I want! You mind your own buisness!

The intelligent and insane are alot more realistic about the randomness of life, the untold cruelty for no reason. People tell me have a nice day, and I tell them GOOD LUCK! Seriously. What the fuck is with all these people wishing me a nice day every 5 fucking seconds!? It makes my hopefully good day into one were I am generally annoyed!

12/7/2011 #15
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Nobody fucking understands me. Seriously. It's like my Chinese teacher hates me because I can't speak the fucking language, for the love of Christ, and she singles me out every fucking lesson. It's like my Advanced Math teacher finds me stupid and annoying even though I'm actually good at the fucking subject but he won't listen to my logic. My essay's analysis of the poem is not what the teacher wants, and because of that my eight-page essay is marked down like shit. My friends hate me because I don't take Chinese, and because of that I got highest in class. My friends don't understand that my screw-ups are unintentional and all throw me off as some burden. My parents don't understand my stress or my feelings and therefore think that the Internet, MLP and Lady Gaga are satanic. My Christian friends condemn me because I lost my faith, and my non-brony friends hate me because I'm a brony.

Can you all just understand that I just want to be myself? How would you fucking like it if you were all fucking autistic and had to cry himself to sleep every day and had to live life like a retard? How would you like it if you can't even speak your native language, can't express himself well in English, can't make friends and finds comfort in the most insipid of things? Why can't you understand that I want to be angry sometimes? Sometimes I want to be mad and angry and want to yell 'FUCK THE WORLD' into the air, and I want to let it all out- but no. You tell me that I should chill. You tell me I should let go of what's important to me and move on as if the world wasn't fucking against you. Well I can say- go fuck a donkey, because we live in hell. We live in a place where you can get beaten up with no justice served yet get lectured for using the word 'hell', where the only medium of free speech is being constantly attacked and we can't do a shit about it, where nobody cares about you. No fucking body. And yet you want to tell me that I can't express my emotions?!

You know, I sometimes WANT to be angry. I feel content when I'm emotional and sorrowful and infuriated. I want to remind myself that the world's a bitch and you don't owe it anything. Sometimes I want to grab the kitchen knife and deface as many people as possible. I know that I'm a fucking retard, and that I love the most unpopular of shit (Twilight, Lady Gaga, MLP, you name it). You just don't want to empathise with me. I've tried very hard to do that to you- and I know why people are happy. I respect that- but you don't do the fucking thing to me! You just say that I shouldn't be like this, I shouldn't do this, I should like this instead of that. Well I happen to have my own mindset, thank you fucking much. I don't need you. The only people I consider friends actually consider my opinions and don't bitch about it. We have opinions, our own stuff. It's alright if it's different. But why impose yours on mine? Why say that optimistic people win, when I say(and know) they don't? Why tell me that God actually exists, when I don't think so? Why say Lady Gaga is satanic when I love her and think that she's a genius?

Honestly, I don't know why you guys can't put yourself in my shoes and tolerate me. I'm disappointed to say that some people in the MLP fandom, my own family, even the Brotherhood of the Pen don't understand me. Why can't you let me be? Why can't you understand that my Chinese stinks more than a sewer, that I think Stephenie Meyer is a genius, that I don't want to be like you? Why? You call me retarded and pathetic- well, I could say the same thing to you for liking your shit, but I don't. I want to respect people, but if you can't do that to me, why should I? Why should I waste my time on you guys who ostracise people who think differently from you? Why should I do things for this world when it won't give anything back to me? Why should I give a fuck about you guys? Why?

I know that I'm supposed to be good and kind and try to benefit this world. And I know that some people actually understand and respect me, while accepting and even rejoicing in my choices and mindsets. But why should I do good to somebody who constantly kicks me down when I'm out and won't stop to help me?

Why should I try to understand you, when you don't even want to understand me?

2/25/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #16
UltimateFanJob123 - Beta 27

Somethings really bother me in life. But none moreso than really poor traffic light programming. It's the same with drivers who can see there is no-one coming from either direction at an intersection with a Give-way sign, and they want to turn... and THEY DON'T FUCKING MOVE! I mean, come on! There's no-one fucking coming and they FUCKING JUST SIT THERE! It drives me insane. And yesterday I had a rant at traffic lights. The main street through the CBD where I live had about a dozen through roads, and one of them is really, REALLY crap.

I was driving up said street yesterday, light on the traffic light was green, and ten meters beyond that is the reason for my First World Problem. Another set of traffic lights. Which are red. And coming the other way are people who are allowed to turn, both onto the main street and down the smaller one running parallel to the main street. And the light allowing me to move forwards is still green. Just doing its job, at a double set.

You know those traffic lights that have six lights instead of three. Those ones. And the right turn light turning north from west (myself heading east) is also green, allowing cars to turn straight through a green light coming right at them. I mean, that turn is just encouraging t-bones galore, as well as road rage, cause as soon as the people heading east can move on through the main road, which is straight north-south, the other lights which people sit at when it's green like a red light, turns yellow.

FUCKING YELLOW!!!!!What kind of FUCKED UParrangement is that! SHIT PROGRAMMING!!!!!

3/15/2012 #17

This is not really a rant, but I guess I need to say it in some discreet online location

I feel really lost in regards to where my life is going. My parents are steering me on a path they think is best, and I really don't have the heart or energy to refuse them. Arguing with them has just made me horribly tired and depressed.

And now I'm in a different state, all alone with almost no close friends. My closest friend is on the other side of the country and she's busy with her boyfriend and her own school life drama so I don't want to be a bother to her. My second closest friend is also far away and she's busy being a general boss in life. We make time for each other, but I hate heaping my problems onto theirs (because what if they get tired of me if I complain too much?)

I just kinda desperately want a hug from them right now. And I want to get together and sing karaoke to disney songs like hakuna matata and smile and laugh and feel like I belong somewhere, because even though I tell my parents that I like my school, I really feel alone and incapable of socializing because I feel a bit out of my comfort zone. And it's frustrating because that's kinda pathetic and sounds wimpy even to myself.

I need to really get my shit together. But it's so hard, and I'm so far away from my usual support system and I'm just absolutely lacking in energy argasldjfa;sjafs;kfsdf :C

4/2/2012 #18

D: *hug* I know I can't substitute... But I hope that we, your new friends at the Brotherhood, can help you a little. As for the lost part... Is there anything you truly enjoy doing? Like, you feel like you could spend hours doing it and love every minute? Even if it's something really insignificant, it could be applied to something bigger. Such as... if you like flowers (not saying you do [but you might]), you could apply that like to something bigger, like general gardening, and try to become a gardener! Oh this is a weird example ._.

4/2/2012 #19

-virtual hug- It's okay, I get a ton of support from lovely online communities and online methods and it's wonderful. I still can't help but miss the physical aspect of course, but the warm fuzzies are still there :)

Honestly I don't feel like I can do something and enjoy every minute without having a voice on the back of my mind saying "YOU SHOULD GO WORK ON HOMEWORK AND STUDYING AND GETTING AHEAD AND STUFF." I guess I do enjoy doing work and being good at it because then everyone is happy with the outcome (parents happy, I'm happy, friends are congratulatory), but that may also be the parental brainwashing speaking.

I've been trying to find that something for a while. No real success yet sadly

4/2/2012 #20

*hug* I'm glad we can offer at least some help :)

Then make it a part of getting ahead! Once you find something you love, make it an essential part of your day, as essential as homework and stuff! (Although you should still do homework first XP ) Kinda like how I like trumpet playing. (Oh geez here with the trumpets again, I can never shut up about them.) I really love playing trumpet and I try practicing every day, even if I stay up late to do it~ I also read a lot of books and get a lot of help so that I can learn more about it! Before I liked the trumpet, I had no idea what direction my life was gonna go in. I had some vague ideas about becoming a lawyer, but I wasn't all that excited with it. Now I definitely wanna become a professional trumpeter :) Join the army band or something.

I'm sure you'll find it! It just takes some time ^_^

4/2/2012 #21
1Past and Present1

You liar.

Why do you tell me this is one hundred percent orange juice? It is not.

I know it is not because you have slyly told me so. The heading says '100% ORANGE JUICE'in big, bold letters - yet, when I allow my eyes to scroll downwards, I see that the comparatively tiny and vague legend beneath the heading says 'orange and other fruit'. Not 'this is purely orange juice, no lies'.

That right there is a contradiction.

If you were to take this statement literally, that would mean that no, this is not one hundred percent orange juice. It is such-and-such percent orange juice, with such-and-such percent grape and such-and-such percent apple and such-and-such percent banana, or whatever other fruit juices, added in to make this mixture taste more like orange.

HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK? And don't think I haven't read an article on some humour website somewhere that told me about the zombie oranges!

6/14/2012 #22
UltimateFanJob123 - Beta 27

I recently (as in 15 minutes before this waS posted) a blatant display of copyright infringement. It has to do with a browser game called Light of Nova, and one of the adds they have on this sight.

A Sabre.

More specifically, the YSS-1000 Sabre fighter from HALO FRICKIN' REACH! I mean, come on! Anyone who's played Halo: Reach would instantly recognize that! How the F**K did you come up with F**KING idea of use the property of another gaming company to advertise you own which has NOTHING to F**KING do with the image! ONLY AN IDIOT OR SOMEONE WHO WAS BLIND WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO TELL YOU F**KING RIPPING OFF HALO, ONE THE BIGGEST GAME SERIES TO EVER EXIST! HOLY F**KING SH*T ARE YOU DUMB!

6/27/2012 #23

Two years ago my neighbor moved away.

He was like one of my best friends. I would go over to house or he would go over to mine and we would play basketball together. We trusted each other with secrets and we were really close.

And when he moved away (To Lebanon) we talked a little bit, we would Facebook message and email each other and we still were getting along really well. Then out of nowhere he stops talking to me. And I know he's online because he updates his Facebook status like every fifteen minutes!

And here we are a year and a half later, and I've forgotten all about him...well sorta.

I was depring around on Facebook, and like fifteen minutes ago (4:15 AM over here because I can't get sleep.) he tried to call me on Skype. My parents and my sister is sleeping and my step-sister is annoying enough with fingerling over One Direction so I declined and decided to message him, and I was still shocked over the fact that he has the nerve to call me after pretty much breaking our friendship.

And then he has the nerve to ask why I didn't pick up the call.

1) He should know I still live in Houston where the time is completely different from where he is.

2) He doesn't contact me for a year and a half and he thinks he can call me and everything can be alright. Lolno.

I told him both these reasons. And he didn't even apologize for not talking to me for that period of time, he was like "I called u cuz i want 2" And I have no idea if he was drunk or something but he makes me SO MAD!

And then I try to put everything behind me and I told him what I was up to in a longish type message and this is his reply...




For some reason I think he was drunk though...I don't really know. And I really hate him now...but at the same time I can't hate him.


7/7/2012 #24
UltimateFanJob123 - Beta 27
Okay... So. Recently, I've gotten alerts for two fave stories saying that they have new chapters. One I got at 8 o'clock a.m AEDST, the other I got at 9:30 a.m AEDST. Now thats not the problem. The problem is that the website says takes UP TO 15 minutes for a story to be updated... It's been 2 and a half FREAKING HOURS! And I still can't read either story. WTFH! IS THERE SOMETHING #@&$ING WRONG WITH THIS #@&$ING SITE! First they decide to get rid of all stories with any violence or sexual themes instead of doing the smart thing and adding the MA raring back to the site, and now they change how long it takes to upload a new story/chapter and not bother to tell anyone ir change anything! HOLY #@&$ING #@&$!
7/20/2012 #25
1Past and Present1

I was refused access to my account today. Yeah. A whole bunch of times.

First time I thought, 'Well, that's strange. I got the Captcha wrong? Oh, okay? But I'm sure I got all the letters in... meh, maybe not. Silly me!'

So, shrugging and rolling my eyes, I tried again.

'Login failed. Aargh. These codes get trickier by the day.'

And again.


And again.


And again.

'Dammit, I keep getting these Captcha codes wrong. But how? Those... are the exact same letters as I've typed in. I know they are.' Now I was frowning. 'This is annoying. Let me just try one more time...'

Enter the details yet again, same results.

Eyetwitch. 'NO! I'm not crazy! Log in, dammit.'

So I tried again and again and again, continually getting the 'Invalid Security Code' message each and every fucking time until I was getting a little panicky and wondering when the site admin would get the chance to fix the problem, which for all my years here, I have never encountered before.

Wait. Calm down. Coffee's finished. Come back.

Try again. No dice!

And again.


'Oh no.'

Try a few more times, getting increasingly frustrated as the minutes continue to tick by with the SAME. ERROR. IN. RED. TEXT. LIKE. IT'S. MY. FAULT. "Login failed. You're an idiot."

I searched the forums for an answer. "Lol, no."

I asked my old friend the Internet. He wasn't sure, either, amidst all the textspeak and "LOL I'm so mad"s.

I decided to try one last time. Do or die.

'AAAAARGH! Screw this!' I clicked New Code rather than enter the current one. 'I'mma enter this fucking randomised code, bitch! Eat it!' (Please note; not actual quote)




7/22/2012 #26
UltimateFanJob123 - Beta 27
Lol's. I've had that happen to me as well. Was nearly tearing out my hair in frustration.
7/22/2012 #27
UltimateFanJob123 - Beta 27
Okay, so here's my problem. Recently Yahoo has undergone an upgrade. That's fine... Until you get to the fact that they've suspended my emails until I verify my account. Only problem with that statement is that I need to verify my account with another yahoo account. ... ... ... What the fuck kind of logic is that! I only want one FUCKING ACCOUNT! I don't want to create another account I'll never use! Why can't I just verify it through my current one! HOLY SHIT FUCKING BALLS! Not only that, you make me go create the account through the pohmie Yahoo!? WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/22/2013 #28
UltimateFanJob123 - Beta 27
This was not intended to offend any British people on this forum. I'm Aussie, and that is Aussie slang for the British. The POHM part means Prisoner of His/Her Majesty, as Australia was a penal colony until the late 19th early 20th centuries. So we Aussies in all our bluntness just decided to call the British the Pohm's.
3/22/2013 #29
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

You know what really grinds my gears?

When fan fics get toted as the best thing every, when, in fact, they are so terrible that it somehow hurts my thoughts themselves.

I'm not a great writer. I don't even consider myself a good writer, but when I read a fan fic that has a thousand plus reviews and almost as many favorites, and the story is so bad that it makes my own writing a direct gift the god himself, all while being told that it is, in fact, the best fan fiction around, it kinda bugs me. There are writers that work their butts off to create a presentable and well thought out story, and, somehow, they get knocked to the wayside by what looks like a obnoxious clown parade of words.

I know that sometimes good fics get ignored, and some badly made ones don't, but when the bad fics are closer to the quality of my immortal, it bothers me.

6/19/2013 #30
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