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My rl friends are silly curious people who probably wouldn't read but would still judge, teasingly or not, nased on the summaries xD
4/2/2012 #61

Hmm, I guess I have a question. *thinks for a moment* How do I word this...?

Well, personally, I sometimes find myself wondering about violence in fics as related to rating... How much violence would be appropriate for a T fic before it becomes an M? Would you be put off of a fic if you thought it had too much violence in it (provided it is reasonable to genre and story)? I don't know... just sometimes I wonder how far is too far in a T rated fic before it becomes questionable. :S


4/2/2012 #62

I think anything that would literally make me very uncomfortable and torture related should be put to M. Like. Flailing off skin or whatnot. Minor shooting and stuff still seems okay for T in my opinion, as long as you're not graphically describing that wound getting infected and festering into a really ugly/descriptive death-threatening thing. It's all in the description and severity I guess. Rape/graphic related violence is an automatic M in my mind because it is sometimes trigger-y for bad experiences

I tend to have a semi high tolerance for this stuff, so I usually am not very put off by it. But once I read this torture (and recovery!) fic that I had to absolutely skip parts on because it was just whoa oww too descriptive and hnggg sounds so painful and wtf whyyyyy are you doing this ;__;

4/2/2012 #63

Hmmm, okay, I suppose that makes sense. I was just wondering because, if I remember, all the site says is "mild violence" or something along those lines for a T-rating. Sometimes I don't really know when I've "crossed the line", so to speak. I remember one person commenting that one of my one-shots was "scary", and it had a T-rating. I haven't written anything with an M-rating yet, but if I do, I want to know that it is rated correctly, you know? :/ I don't want to unnecessarily rate something M, because then it doesn't show up in the archive by default. Although I would agree that rape/torture would belong in the M category.


4/2/2012 #64

Actually I just realized one of my T fic had experimentation with a slight bit of torture. Oops. Nothing graphic, but one of my reviewers also said something like wtf and commented something along the lines of "why did you write this? did you just want to torture these characters?"

Ratings are really flimsy, but I wouldn't rate anything M unless you yourself would be somewhat uncomfortable reading/writing it since there is a good portion of people who avoid M fics. And you can always ask some other people for a back-up opinion.

4/2/2012 #65

Okay, I will keep this in mind. Thanks for the help. :D


4/2/2012 #66

Yep! Pretty much what Fayah said. As long as it isn't too descriptive it should be T. Something like: "The wound was bleeding," instead of there being a full out description of how much blood, what exactly the wound looked like, etc. 'Cause that can just get nasty for some people ^_^; I myself don't mind M fics at all.

4/3/2012 #67

When I was younger I avoided the hell out of M fics. Now I'm like "Ooo, looks interesting -sniffsniff-"

4/3/2012 #68
Wait. Why is second-person POV illegal on this site? It's just another way of writing. 'Choose your own adventures' and 'send in an OC' I can kind of understand, but why no second-person?
4/11/2012 #69
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Joe The reason 2nd person perspective isn't allowed is likely due to M-rated fics. Being that the site's youngest age to join is 13, (or users that join even younger... -_-;) the admins presumably don't want those minors to stumble upon M-rated fics featuring lemons/limes/yaoi/yuri/etc with You (them) as the person in it, which would lead to outcry from moral guardians.

Another could be a 2nd perspective that is too violent/scarring/without morals/features You as an irredeemable monster/etc...

My point is, minors could find (will invariably find) stories too mature or something for them that literally features them as the character and makes them think they are doing things they would never do, and potentially scar them.

If that sounds ridiculous, you may want to look up better examples of how much we all will go to protect children from everything.

4/11/2012 #70
All right. That makes sense, I guess. All for children!
4/11/2012 #71
I do have another question concerning illegal fics, though. Namely, OCs. I realize that having readers send in their own characters is kind of cheating out your own creativity and whatnot, but it is very common. I didn't even realize it was illegal until a week ago. But with fics like 'Fanfiction Universities' and such, where OCs are sent in by readers to be used as extras, and this happens, well, a lot. Can someone explain this?
4/11/2012 #72
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

I think it has to do with Interactive Stories, as making an OC for a story might fall into that.

Beyond this theory...not...really sure...why...

4/11/2012 #73
Huh, I thought second person was legal. I need to go check again sometime Submit your OC stories of any type, including for just extras, count as interactive fic and the rules explicitly mention that they are not allowed. However, ff.n admins are really slow at removing them from the site
4/13/2012 #74

Hey guys. I need some advice on posting this short horror story I got.

It's ultimatly a crossover between Rosario Vampire and Harry Potter. In it, Kokoa is attacked (and killed by) a dementor.

Now, the way I see it, I got two options for posting it:

1) I can list it as a Crossover between the two categories, and give it a title like "Kokoa Versus The Dementor" or something, making it clear that the thing that attacks her is in fact a dementor.


2) I can list it simply as a Rosario Vampire story, and give it a title like "The Black Specter" or something, making it more ambiguous and mysterious what the attacker is. It might add a little to the horror if I do that. And then if I go with this option, I can either reveal in an author's note at the end that it was a dementor, or never reveal it at all.

Anyone got any advice/suggestions which I should do?

5/30/2012 #75

And another question I have: About Polls: I've tried to vote in some polls without loging in, but I don't think it would let me. So do you have to have an account on this site now to vote in polls?

5/30/2012 #76
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

You need an account to do polls in now, yeah.

5/30/2012 #77

Right. Got it. Thanks P3 :-)

5/30/2012 #78

Hey, something else came up. You know that new Story Cover feature they're working on? Is there going to be a way you can check with some officials or something to check and make sure that the image is not too profane or anything so that it's safe to use? I mean if it's not okay to use, your entire account gets deleted. Is there a way to check and make sure it's safe before that happens?

6/3/2012 #79


6/7/2012 #80
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter
@Villian I believe the images run on the rating scale. As long as it's not mature or explicit (M-MA), it should be fine. Although if you really want to be safe, I'd keep your story covers at a PG level. There may be descrepancies on some T rated covers.
6/7/2012 #81

I'm worried about copyright stuff. The info for the image manager said something about it. So if I were to get something off say... google images and use that for my cover, would that be okay?

6/7/2012 #82
Unless you own the image or have permission from the owner, no.
6/7/2012 #83
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

If the picture is free domain use, then it is free.

You should check out to see if you can use an image after all.

6/7/2012 #84

So anything I randomly pick out from Google Images is safe to use?

6/7/2012 #85
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Technically, no. Check from the creator first, if possible. If you cannot find a creator, I would steer clear. but it is your call.

6/7/2012 #86

Is it possible to check with an admin about it first?

6/7/2012 #87
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

A admin?

6/7/2012 #88
Lightning Wolf-Jager

@Dux- It's supposed to be an Admin. I've noticed that you make that mistake quite a bit.

6/7/2012 #89
holospartoi258 - Alpha 01

Villain, if you can find a fanfiction mod then it would be great to discern with him, but I don't quite think it would yield very good results (you know how the FFN mods are like). In any case if you post something non-fanart then I don't think there's quite a problem. Like, for example, if you make a fic called "Ice" and you put a picture of ice, or if you write something for Kung Fu Panda and you use a screenshot from the movie/show and use a disclaimer. Refrain from using pictures of people, because you know, privacy.

But if you want to do something fanart, you should try to find the creator and ask for permission. Get the permission, credit the person, and there you have a cover pic. If he/she disapproves then it's pretty straightforward. But let's say you try and try and try and can't find the creator, or cannot contact him. And let's say the picture is really really original and can't be replicated. Then it's up to you to discern. Frankly I would avoid going there, though.

6/7/2012 #90
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