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Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Speak. Let us hear your woes, your triumphs, and remember...

He is watching...

Who is watching?

He is.

10/14/2011 . Edited 11/20/2011 #1
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

I am not amused.

10/15/2011 #2
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Wierd intro...

10/15/2011 #3
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

It is. I wrote it around 4 in the morning... So.. I am not surprised.

10/15/2011 #4
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

ok. Jager?

10/15/2011 #5
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Who here plays Age of Empires?

10/15/2011 #6
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

I do.

10/15/2011 #7
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I vote this one.

10/15/2011 . Edited 10/15/2011 #8
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Which ones do you have?

I have AOE2 and I'm downloading AOE3.

10/15/2011 #9
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Okay... Forget the AOE3 part. It was just the trial...

10/15/2011 #10
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Ah. Well, i love making my own world.

10/15/2011 #11
DragonKnight - Beta 26

cant say I remember playing it, but it does look like an enjoyable game.

never was much for RTS games thought. JRPG, FPS, WRPG......more my style.

10/15/2011 #12
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I have never lost in AOE2. I have a relatively small amount of villagers and the rest are soldiers. I mass up the soldiers and send them on a rampage through the enemy city.

10/15/2011 #13
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

I build massive defenses, so heavy where there are labyrinths lined with cannon towers, then rout the enemies through the kill zone. I also fill the city with the towers as well. I couldn't take my own city for how much defenses I make.

10/15/2011 #14
DragonKnight - Beta 26

oh, hey Dux. Thought of another ExS song idea for you.

Jet Lag by Simple Plan (feat. Natasha Bedingsfield)

Could be a seperation fic, Eragon and Saphira have been apart for weeks. They are missing each other, singing about wishing to be back together. Right at the last chorus, they finally meet each other in a field and run to each other (big fluffy hug scene) roll around, snuggle, hug, lick etc etc........

yeah, these just kinda come to me when i'm on my iPod....

10/15/2011 #15
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I only use Bombard towers on the coast. They have an attack bonus against ships.

For anything else I use walls and Watch towers/Guard towers/Keeps as sentries. In the last game I played the enemy had a nasty habit of using transport ships to get around and destroy my defenses. I ended up posting a few samurai as sentries to keep the enemy from killing my towers.

10/15/2011 #16
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

I shall say this. I have never lost when I got my defenses up. other then the occasional villager cutting a door for the enemy to walk through when woodcutting, I rarely lose.

10/15/2011 #17
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Dux Pfft, you wrote this as General Convo 5. Ergo, it is NOT general convo 4, you simply posted five while I posted four.

...Even if you did post it earlier, the number makes the diffference~

10/15/2011 #18
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

I fixed that earlier. =P

Besides, no one but Vormund voted!

10/15/2011 #19
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I voted.

@Richter- I didn't know you watched regular show.

10/15/2011 #20
perfect oblivion

I usually play maps that have certain points of entry, like rivers and black forest. I just place a group of towers at those zones and I'm good for defences.

10/15/2011 #21
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Dux You made it General Convofive. As such, itremainsas general convo 5, as I posted 4 BEFORE you changed the number.

It follows protocol, and protocol is not changed by "votes." Nor was the idea of voting ratified by the council topic, therefore it is exempt from any actual rule.

@Jager I really like it. Regular Show has the kind of crazy that amuses me. As does Adventure Time.

10/15/2011 . Edited 10/15/2011 #22
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

As I asked, vote peoples. I didn't want a argument, that is the reason for a vote!

But no, I changed it once I saw the incorrect number, a little bit before the last post.

10/15/2011 #23
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

And I never changed the other one yet, as people still haven't voted. So, there are two topic 4s.

10/15/2011 #24
Lightning Wolf-Jager

I like both of the shows.

Another game question.

Does anyone else play DIABLO 2? I have it, and it's expansion pack 'Lord of Destruction' and I was thinking of dabbling into some multiplayer.

10/15/2011 #25
Lightning Wolf-Jager

Well, my vote's on this one.

10/15/2011 #26
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Dux I "vote" for the original four since it actually follows protocol... (facepalm)

10/15/2011 #27
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

And so you know Richter, damn is the sarcastic swear. you say damn when you are either joking, or slightly miffed. At the very least where I come from. So, that is not meaning as a insult, if you see it as one.

10/15/2011 #28
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

to be honest, swears have very little weight from where I live.

10/15/2011 #29
P3MF Alpha 3-Richter

@Dux Wait, wait what? o_0 When was the word damn used for this discussion?

10/15/2011 #30
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