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DragonKnight - Beta 26

Ah.....nothing like some amusing and touching CxA stuff to make me smile before work. :P

2/28/2012 #5,971
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Dragon! You called me stubborn and difficult when I wasn't here! Gah! Do not make these observations behind my back! *chuckles* (However true they might be!!!) :P

2/28/2012 #5,972
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
XD ... Anyway... If she DOES seek me out for a conversation about love, I can finally get all this stuff off my chest. Whether they approve or not doesn't matter to me. They might not have heard me clearly, though. Sometimes my words slur without me realizing it.
2/28/2012 #5,973
DragonKnight - Beta 26

*mock rage*

Well if you would just take a compliment for once, I wouldn't have to say those things! And nor would I have to plan out how to fly Comment to England without both sets of parents noticing!


2/28/2012 #5,974
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

*sniggers* How can I accept compliments if I don't think they're true, eh? (Maybe I should keep on rejecting them just so you fly Comment here to resolve it :P)

@Comment I still think you should tell them... I mean, I'd tell my mother if it wasn't for August. I want to, but I can't.

2/28/2012 #5,975
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

*slowly drinks her exotic thing with a spoon* Y'know, using all the powder and half the recommended water was probably not a good idea, Arty. This is soooooooo strong XD Still, isotonic, so... XD

2/28/2012 #5,976
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
I need to find the right time to do so. As per protocol, I have preempted it with a change in my relationship status on facebook :P
2/28/2012 #5,977
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

You did what?! XD (I changed mine from 'Married' to 'It's Complicated'. Nobody appears to have noticed. Phew XD)

2/28/2012 #5,978

*Looks from the game* Oi! I'm going to be helping with the tickets too!

2/28/2012 #5,979
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
XD I put it as complicated as well. And I didn't single you out. Your mother is probably watching my profile.
2/28/2012 #5,980
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Probably. I think she'd notice... Though you CAN set it so it doesn't appear in the news feed... Still, I've seen her on my profile page a couple of times... Plus, don't half your family watch your page?

2/28/2012 #5,981
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
Arty, even *I* don't watch my page. I don't use facebook often enough....... But my dad DID just comment half an hour ago on my relationship status change...
2/28/2012 #5,982
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Precisely... He commented? Should I be intrigued...?

OMG, I have twenty emails... I WAS ONLY AWAY ONE DAY *begins to shift through inbox* Ah, six from the chaplain and five from this automated Yearbook making thing... We're making our Yearbook already? *sniffles* But... But... We're not leaving until June!

2/28/2012 #5,983
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
If you recall, I was in Yearbook class all year last year and we started making it in NOVEMBER! And you COULD be intrigued if you want to be :P
2/28/2012 #5,984
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Can I be intrigued enough as to ask what he said? :P

Yeah, but... But I'm not ready to think about leaving yet. We've got a whole 'nother term after this'un! And what am *I* supposed to write in this Yearbook? And I need two photos... Two? Do I even HAVE two decent, recent photos of me?!

2/28/2012 #5,985
Commentaholic - Alpha 02

Well, there's that naked photo you sent me... That's fairly recent...


He just said that all relationships are complicated. I commented back, saying 'Aye, some more than others.'

2/28/2012 #5,986
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Oh, ha ha. NOT :P

So now they've REALLY sussed you. You have to tell them, really... That, or they'll ask.

2/28/2012 #5,987
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
I wouldn't have changed my relationship status without a good reason. They know that. So yeah, I guess they might ask. I believe in honesty only with the necessity of knowing and the curiosity of asking. Basically I will tell them when I'm ready to do so or if they ask.
2/28/2012 #5,988
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Mmmhmmm... Good plan, that.

*looks at her blank Yearbook profile* Right, let's start with the simple stuff... Date of birth...

2/28/2012 #5,989

*Looks away from the game, his eyes bleeding from it* Guys... I suggest everyone plays it.It's just an hour and a half long but my god do I enjoy it...

Here's a link if you're wondering what I'm talking about.

2/28/2012 #5,990
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
29th of Rain's Hand, Second Era 594
2/28/2012 #5,991
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Second Era? Oh, sheesh... XD That's aaaages ago :P

Email, done. Mobile, done. House, done... Nicknames... *taps fingers on legs* Now, I can't come out with this whole spiel about my nicknames - though I have SO many - because a lot of people seem to think I have no life... Hmm...

2/28/2012 #5,992
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
Arty Thrip for one. :P
2/28/2012 #5,993
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Yup. I'd whack Arty on there, if only for 90% of the year to be like WTF?! Most people call me either by my first name or my surname... 'Cept I really hate my first name, and don't like answering to Hannah. In fact, some people just reel of the whole of my name as if its one word when they're addressing me...

2/28/2012 #5,994

*Finishes the game* Now that I have my mind off of that I remember that there is a special topic for games xD

2/28/2012 #5,995
Arty Thrip - Alpha 04

Gah... I should have got a life five years ago, that would have been useful...

'About Me:' ... I started this school quite timid and tbh naff all has changed. I don't speak to anybody unless I have to and spend my whole life on the computer. Fun times, eh?

Yeah, like I can write THAT diatribe of truth in this thing...

*sigh* I'm going to chemistry clinic.

2/28/2012 #5,996

But then you wouldn't have met Comment D: (And I wouldn't enjoy enjoy staying in this forum as much as I already do)

2/28/2012 . Edited 2/28/2012 #5,997
DragonKnight - Beta 26

....that could be taken the wrong way, Rodny. It almost sounds like you're only here for Arty....

*crouches into protective stance*

2/28/2012 #5,998
Commentaholic - Alpha 02
-pats Dragonknight's head calmingly- Down, boy. Arty and I are together. She would never ditch me for Rodny. It would tear us apart inside.
2/28/2012 #5,999
Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis

Hey guys.

2/28/2012 #6,000
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