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Bea's Spoiler-Filled Primer for Teen Wolf

Seriously, don't read this unless you want to know everything I could remember.

This is basically just a character list but whatever.


On the surface, Teen Wolf is a show about a group of teenagers with a primary focus on werewolf Scott McCall. He and his friends (sometimes accurately and sometimes inaccurately) are referred to as the pack. Members of the pack include werewolves, banshees, kitsunes, kanimas, and humans.

It used to be super fun and campy but now it takes itself too seriously, but I can't stop watching. Send help.


» main

Scott McCall [all seasons] — Above everyone else, Scott is the main character. At the very beginning of the series, he's a regular, awkward teenager with a severe case of asthma. In the first episode, he's bitten by a rogue Alpha werewolf (Peter Hale, to be discussed later on). Romantically, Scott has been linked to Allison (since the first episode). Even though they eventually broke up, they were still pretty romantically involved until she died in the season 3B finale. After her death, he moved on (slowly) with the new girl from New York, Kira. They are still together. Scott was an omega, then he sort of became a beta in Derek's pack (though he was technically always an omega). In the season 3A finale, Scott became a True Alpha, which essentially means that since he's so good and wholesome, he became an Alpha without killing another Alpha. Scott wants to be a vet, so he works in Dr. Deaton's animal clinic—which is super helpful later on, because Dr. Deaton is kinda in on the whole supernatural thing and saves them a lot. He plays lacrosse.

Stiles Stilinski [all seasons] — Stiles is the fan favorite hands down. He's kind of quirky, has ADHD, and is insanely smart. He doesn't have a first name in canon—he does, but apparently it's Polish and really hard to pronounce—so he goes by Stiles. The Powers That Be sometimes hint at his first name, like on a school file, but it's never actually revealed. At the beginning of the series, he has a massive crush on Lydia Martin, who doesn't even look at him. He mostly gets over that and eventually they're partners-in-crime. He's been Scott's best friend since they started school, basically. Stiles is human; he even refused the bite from Peter Hale in season one. He plays lacrosse. Currently, he's in a relationship with Malia Tate which is actually very wrong, but we'll get to that later. Oh, and his mind was taken over by a demon that was a thousand years old. Because of that, he's indirectly responsible for Allison's death. Yikes.

Allison Argent [seasons 1 – 3] — The absolute badass of the original trio. Allison is an extremely skilled archer, which comes in handy since her family is the oldest group of werewolf hunters to exist. She doesn't know about the family business in the beginning, though. Which is why she unknowingly starts dating actual werewolf Scott McCall. Her mother, Victoria, kills herself after then-Alpha Derek bites her in the process of saving Scott, who she's trying to kill. This is a fun show!

Derek Hale [seasons 1 – 4] — Derek probably has the saddest backstory. He's a born-werewolf and almost his entire family of werewolves and humans were killed in a house fire started by Allison's aunt, Kate Argent. He unknowingly had a hand in it. He, his sister Laura, and his uncle Peter survived. Peter was comatose so he and Laura moved to New York. Eventually we find out that his younger sister, Cora, survived as well and has been in South America? I'm confused, too. Cora's dying so Derek uses his werewolf powers of taking pain away on her, but he does it too much and loses his Alpha status.

Lydia Martin [all seasons] — She used to pretend she wasn't smart, but she's actually a genius. Like, knows archaic Latin genius. She was dating Jackson, but that ended (completely) when he moved to London at the end of season two. She had a thing with one of the werewolf twins (too complicated and unnecessary to explain), Aiden, but he died. Lydia is a banshee and immune to the bite. She was manipulated into bringing Peter Hale (who Derek killed to become Alpha) back from the dead in season two.

Jackson Whittemore [seasons 1 – 2] — Jackson was an asshole, then he was less of an asshole. He accidentally killed a bunch of people when he became a kanima after accepting the bite and then he moved to London. He was best friends with Danny.

Isaac Lahey [seasons 2 – 3] — I don't remember much about Isaac, to be honest. He was one of three werewolves that Derek made when he became an Alpha and he's the only surviving one, even though Chris Argent left him in Paris after Allison's death? Okay. His father was super abusive but now he's dead. He was in love with Allison and now she's dead. I don't know what to say about Isaac, man.

Kira Yukimura [season 4 – current] — Kira is a kitsune, which is like a werefox. Her mom is super old. There's really not much to say about Kira at this point. She's incredibly brave and kinda melted into the pack.

Malia Tate [season 4 – current] — Malia is the daughter of Peter Hale and the Desert Wolf, but we don't really know who the Desert Wolf is. It's super confusing because apparently she's a werecoyote? She was in a car accident that happened because she shifted when she was eight. Her dad survived, but her mother and sister didn't. She lived in the woods in a primal state as a coyote until we find her in an asylum. So, she should be like eight years old but she acts like a teenager, which is. Uhm. Also she turns into a human after eight years and has perfect eyebrows.

» supporting

Chris Argent [seasons 1 – 3] — Allison's dad. The only good hunter, apparently. His sister went crazy and killed the Hale family, his wife was a straight-up terrible person, and his father was even worse. He left with Isaac for Paris after Allison's death.

Sheriff Stilinski [all seasons] — STILINSKI FAMILY FEEEELS. He puts up with a lot. Stiles' mom died when he was like 10. All we know about it is that Stiles blames himself. Seriously, one of the most underrated characters of the series.

Melissa McCall [all seasons] — Scott's mom. They have the best relationship. She finds out he's a werewolf at the end of season…one? She's a nurse at the local hospital and a total badass.

Vernon Boyd — Boyd died and I'm sad. One of Derek's betas.

Erica Reyes — Erica also died and I'm sad. One of Derek's betas.

Danny Mahealani [seasons 1 – 4] — Jackson's best friend. Openly gay. Plays lacrosse. Disappeared season five.

Dr. Deaton [all seasons] — He's an ancient werewolf whisperer or something, but he works as a vet. Scott's dad figure. Annoyingly right most of the time.

Kate Argent — She killed Derek's family and Peter killed her, only she came back to life as a were…something? I can't keep up. Anyway, I think she's dead again.

Peter Hale — He suffered severe burns but he woke up and killed his niece, Laura, to become the Alpha. He bit Scott and killed Kate. Derek killed him, but Lydia brought him back. He died again but it was kinda hinted he might come back later…?

Jordan Parrish [season 4 – current] — I don't know much about him but he's a deputy and possibly a love interest to Lydia. Supernatural somehow. Resistant to fire.

Liam Dunbar [season 4 – current] — BABY WEREWOLF. Not much to know about him yet, though.

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Ellie's Primer for A Tale of Two Castles

The Basics

A Tale of Two Castles is a two-part mystery series written by Gail Carson Levine, author of Newbery Honor book Ella Enchanted and of a number of other excellent books for middle grade children. The books take place in the fantasy kingdom of Lepai, which is populated primarily by humans but also containing ogres, dragons, and small, peaceable creatures called brunkas. The setting is influenced by French culture, and the first book is very loosely based on the fairy tale "Puss in Boots."

The Characters of A Tale of Two Castles

Elodie (a.k.a. Lodie): Elodie is the main character of the series; she is the first person POV character in the first book and the primary third person POV character in the second book. She is twelve years old and is a native of the somewhat backward island of Lahnt. She has a keen mind and a healthy amount of curiosity, as well as a strong penchant for acting, or mansioning, as it is called in Lepai. At the outset of the first book, she is leaving Lahnt on a ferry for the capital of Lepai, a city known as Two Castles because it contains the castles of both the king and the ogre nobleman Count Jonty Um. Her parents want to have her apprenticed to a weaver, but her interests lie in mansioning as a trade. She soon discovers that the free ten-year apprenticeship for which she had planned to apply no longer exists, and after a failed attempt to convince the head of the mansioners to take her on anyway, she becomes an assistant to the dragon Masteress Meenore.

Masteress Meenore: Meenore is a dragon, which, as everyone in Lepai knows, means that IT keeps ITs gender to ITself. Meenore is dull in color and decidedly ugly, except for one feature: ITs wings. They resemble a stained glass window and look just as fragile; but in fact, they are stronger than steel. IT smells strongly of sulfur, something IT cannot control, and ITs emotions are easy to discern by the the color of the smoke rising from ITs nostrils. IT is nothing short of brilliant and could easily go head-to-head with Sherlock Holmes in the field of learning about a person or situation from infinitesimal details. Meenore offers services in "induction, deduction, and using common sense" to solve mysteries and find lost items - for a fee. On the side, IT sells skewers of bread and cheese, which IT toasts in ITs flame. IT is stingy and conceited, but ITs heart is far softer than IT would like to believe, particularly in regard to Elodie.

Count Jonty Um (a.k.a. His Lordship): Count Jonty Um is an ogre, but not the traditional conception of one; he merely resembles a rather handsome eleven-foot-tall man. He is capable of changing into any animal he wishes, though he cannot retain full consciousness of himself while in that form. Unfortunately, cats have the ability to force him, through sheer will, to transform into a mouse so that they can chase him, and there is an abundance of cats in Two Castles. He is hated and feared without reason by the people of Two Castles, and he deeply craves their acceptance. He is shy, awkward, and exceedingly sweet, as attested by the fervent devotion of the servants at his castle. His greatest love is his fleethound Nesspa, and he is a true friend to Elodie and Masteress Meenore.

Nesspa: Count Jonty Um's enormous but good-natured dog

Thiel: A lovable scoundrel, Thiel is the son of the late Two Castles miller and is a thief by trade. He is extremely handsome and beloved by most of the single women in town. His poor clothes and bare feet serve still more to make him an object of affectionate sympathy, but he is not to be trusted. He can steal you blind right under your nose, and if he doesn't, his devious cat Pardine will. Elodie falls for him initially, but she eventually comes to see him for who he really is.

Princess Renn: Your first impression of Princess Renn would be of a flighty, dramatic, somewhat simple-minded girl who is extremely used to having her own way. *spoilers* You would be wrong. That voice that wanders the register from high to low and that excessively cheerful demeanor hide a schemer skilled in the art of poisoning and unafraid to use it - the "whited sepulchre," as Elodie's mother would say.

King Grenville (a.k.a. "Greedy Grenny"): Hated by his subjects for his cruel ways and exorbitant taxes, King Grenville cares only for rich food and watching others be hurt and humiliated. *spoilers* His plans to marry his daughter off for his own advantage provide the motive for Princess Renn's crimes.

Goodwife Celeste: A sweet elderly lady, Goodwife Celeste helps Elodie through her sea voyage to Two Castles, giving her a peppermint leaf for seasickness and gently informing her of the abolishment of the free apprenticeships. To Elodie's surprise, however, she is distant and less friendly when she encounters her later in the city. *spoilers* In fact, she and her husband Goodman Twah are spies from the neighboring nation of Tair.

Goodman Twah: Goodwife Celeste's husband

Master Dess: Another of the passengers on the ship heading to Two Castles, Master Dess seems to like animals better than people and is a skilled veterinarian. His gentle "Honey, honey" as he croons to his animals makes him a comforting presence whenever he appears.

Master Sulow: The chief mansioner, Master Sulow recognizes Elodie's skill in acting but refuses to take her on without the fee. He later regrets his decision when the apprentices he did take on turn out to be good for very little, but Elodie has grown loyal to Masteress Meenore and has found other ways of using her passion for mansioning. He comes off as vaguely untrustworthy, making Elodie's decision to stay with Meenore a relief for more than one reason.

Master Jak: Master Jak is Count Jonty Um's somewhat explosive cook. He is frequently heard roaring the phrase, "By thunder!" but is later shown to be truly fond of the count and a decent fellow at heart.

The Characters of Stolen Magic

High Brunka Marya: The leader of the few members of the brunka race on Lahnt, High Brunka Marya is quite powerful but overly trusting of people, especially the "bees" (human assistants) who work for her. She lives in the mountains in a cavern known as the Oase and is the guardian of the Replica, a small representation of the island of Lahnt that, while on its pedestal, prevents the volcanic Mount Zertrum from erupting. She is a figure to be respected. Masteress Meenore, however, scorns her trusting nature and considers it carelessness when the Replica is revealed to have been stolen, leaving only days until the long-dormant mountain will erupt and kill everyone on it. The high brunka can shoot rainbows from her fingers, which fascinates Elodie.

Ludda-bee: The cook of the Oase, Ludda has a sharp tongue and a persecution complex. Don't cross her.

Ursa-bee: Another of High Brunka Marya's bees, Ursa is far more sweet-tempered than Ludda.

Johan-bee: Clumsy, foolish, and having an unfortunate tendency to need the restroom at awkward moments, Johan is the brunt of most jokes at the Oase, particularly from Ludda. And everyone has a breaking point.

Dror-bee: A young man fairly new to the Oase, Dror was given the choice by his father to become either a soldier or a bee, as his father saw he was no good at farming. Dror chose to become a bee because he loves to help others, but he is not truly satisfied with the role. He is originally from the volcanic Mount Zertrum.

Mistress Sirka: A barber-surgeon by trade, Mistress Sirka is a visitor staying at the Oase. She is big-boned and friendly, with a smile of the kind that normal people only wear in moments of sheer ecstacy. She has been hopelessly in love with Dror-bee since she was a child, but bees are not allowed to marry, and thus, she resents Dror's father for forcing him to make such a choice.

Master Uwald: Master Uwald is the richest man on Lahnt and an inveterate gambler. In his youth, he was madly in love with Master Robbie's grandmother, but she turned him down, distrusting his penchant for taking wild chances. Now that she has died, Master Uwald has become Robbie's caretaker, and Robbie is now the heir to his marvelous estate on Mount Zertrum. *spoilers* That is, he would be, if Master Uwald had not lost the estate in a gamble.

Master Robbie: A young boy around Elodie's age, Robbie is the one native of the Oase Masteress Meenore and Elodie feel they can trust. He, too, has an inquiring mind and some budding skill in inducing and deducing. He is also decidedly attracted to Elodie.

Master Tuomo: Master Tuomo is a friend and employee of Master Uwald. He is taciturn and grumpy, his primary concern being for the safety of his seven sons back on Mount Zertrum.

Albin: A helper on Elodie's parents' farm, Albin is the one who first sparks Elodie's interest in mansioning. He is somewhat elderly and very beloved by her. He calls her "Lady El." Coincidentally, Albin happens to be visiting the Oase when Elodie, Meenore, and Jonty Um arrive.

Han: Elodie's father

Bettel: Elodie's mother

The Ships

A Tale of Two Castles doesn't lend itself well to shipping, but there are a few possibilities:

Lodie Um (older!Elodie/Count Jonty Um): This is my personal favorite. The close friendship and deep affection between Elodie and Jonty Um could very easily develop into something more as Elodie grows older. Yes, there is a fair age difference and an even larger size difference, but nothing that could not be overcome. Jonty Um deserves someone who can love him for who he is, and Elodie is just that person. He, in turn, can be a stabilizer and a source of strength for her.

Robodie (Master Robbie/Elodie): This is the obvious choice, based on Stolen Magic, and could quite conceivably work, given the passage of a few years. Their shared experience in the Oase gives them a definite connection, and their similar level of intelligence would make them stimulating company for each other.

Thienn (Thiel/Princess Renn): This ship is canon, as King Grenville does ultimately allow Princess Renn to marry Thiel. Both get what they want out of this: Renn a handsome husband, Thiel money and power. At face value, it doesn't seem like much worth writing for, but with my own personal interpretation of Thiel, I think it could be.

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Che's fandom primer to seaQuest DSV



In "the near future" (the show opens in the year 2018), humanity has conquered the Earth's last great frontier—the oceans. In the decade and a half before, the world's nations grouped themselves into confederations, each laying claim to their undersea territorial regions and reaping the benefits of advancements such as underwater mining, farming, etc, as well as colonization. This understandably stirred up political tensions as confederations sought to stake out their "claims" to undersea property. With the collapse of the United Nations in 2006, the eight primary confederations each saw the others as the enemy and prepped themselves for any eventual major conflict. The North Pacific Confederation (NORPAC for short) began design and building plans on a high-tech war submarine, the seaQuest DSV.

In 2017, the expected conflict nearly occurred at the Livingston Trench between NORPAC and several other confederations; had shots been fired, the world would have descended into all-out nuclear war. This incident was a wake-up call to the various governments, who banded together to form the United Earth Oceans Organization (UEO for short). Over the course of a little over a year, seaQuest was overhauled and refitted under the auspices of the UEO to become its flagship: a scientific research/exploration and peacekeeping vessel. And this is where our story begins....

**watch this space for updates**

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Lamia of the Dark

Lamia's Primer for Final Fantasy VIII

(For now I'm only putting up what needs to be known to understand the drabble I've submitted to Shipping Week)

Storyline basics: Takes place at a mercenary-training academy.


Squall Leonheart: age 17. The main character of the game. A broody loner who has no idea how to properly interact with other human beings in social situations. Passes the exam to become a fully-fledged mercenary shortly after the game begins.

Quistis Trepe: age 18. Passed the exam to become a fully-fledged mercenary when she was 15. Passed the exam to become an instructor when she was 17. She has been in love with Squall since they were children, and attempts but fails to confess her love to him the night after he passes the mercenary exam.

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Dragon MoonX

Dragon's Primer for Harry Potter

(I'm going to do what Lamia did, and post some basics so you can understand the stories I'll be submitting for challenges here.)

Storyline basics: my story Family Life takes place after the Second Wizarding War. Voldemort, the main villain in the Harry Potter series, has won the war and is in charge of the wizarding world throughout most of the UK. Because he is in charge of the Ministry of Magic, as well as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the villains have been given free reign to do as they wish. And those who are born with non-magical parents, people who are muggleborns as they are called in the books, are being hunted down, captured, and turned over to the Ministry by a group of Voldemort's men known as Snatchers.


Scabior: he is the leader of the Snatchers. He gets paid to hunt muggleborns and turn them over to the Ministry of Magic. In the book series, his werewolf companion Fenrir Greyback was the leader of the Snatchers. However the film adaption put Scabior in charge of the group. And since my stories are based more on the films than the books, Scabior will be leader of the Snatchers in all of my stories. He is considered a minor character in the books and little is known about him in canon.

Draconius Rose (my OC): Draconius is a healer who works for St. Mungo's Hospital of Magical Maladies and Injuries. She's the magical equivalent of a doctor/surgeon. She is married to Scabior and is the mother of his daughter Melody. She is quite stubborn but has a loving heart. And even though she is married to one of the villains, she does not practice dark magic, and prefers to use her abilities to help heal and care for those who are sick or injured.

Melody Rose (my OC): the daughter of Draconius and Scabior. She is very much like her father, and prefers getting dirty and camping out in the woods over feminine things like dresses, tea parties and dolls that most children her age are interested in. She is a bit of a tomboy. And as she gets older, her attitude and personality gradually becomes more like her father's. But despite her attitude and sometimes crude, unladylike behavior, she has her mother's kind heart. She just doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut and often speaks without thinking first.

This is just basic overview since I'll mainly be writing about these characters in the stories that I submit for challenges. If you would like more information on these characters, you can read about the characters, as well as history, places and locations that are relevant to my stories here.

  • Scabior, Harry Potter Wikia page -
  • Second Wizarding War -
  • Fall of the Ministry of Magic -
  • St. Mungo's Hospital For Magical Maladies and Injuries -'s_Hospital_for_Magical_Maladies_and_Injuries

For a more in depth look at my OCs, you can find pictures as well as character bios here.

  • Melody Rose -
  • Draconius Rose -

Please note that this primer also covers a majority of my other Harry Potter stories, since I mainly write about these characters. This also covers my Scabior's Rose series, Scabior's Rose - In Sickness and in Health series, Marital Bliss, and all three versions of Snatcher's Library.

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Jo's Primer for All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

TW: there's just like a major suicide trigger warning for the entire fandom. fyi.


Violet "Ultraviolet Remarkey-able" Markey: she's depressed bc her sister died in a car crash that she survived. she uses this as a reason to get out of school things ("extenuating circumstances"). she has a very nice family. doesn't drive anymore. she's a really good student or at least she was before the accident. liked to write before the accident. used to be one of the popular kids but hasn't connected with them since the accident.

Theodore Finch: except he's just called finch. high risk suicidal. his guidance counselor mentions bipolar disorder at one point but he gets really mad bc he hates labels. he changes his identity constantly like "nerd finch" and "80s finch" bc he can't decide who he is. has no modesty at all. whenever he goes into his depression swings he curls up in his closet for a few months. he's got a really dysfunctional family. he's actually a pretty nice kid considering.

Eleanor Markey: violet's dead sister.

Ryan Cross: violet's exboyfriend. he's like not bad but also could be better.

Amanda Monk: violet's old best friend. she's kinda played off as super flaky. is later revealed that she has attempted suicide twice and suffers from bulimia.

Gabe "Roamer" Romero: ur typical bully. one of the populars. we don't like him.

Brenda Shank-Kravitz: one of finch's friends. eventually becomes one of violet's best friends.

Other Things:

  1. so violet and eleanor used to run a blog together called that was about like books and life and stuff but after the accident violet couldn't keep it up and eventually she gives up the domain and ceases to care. by the end of the book she's starting a new blog called with all her new friends.
  2. violet and finch bond over things like quotes because theyre both the most giant book nerds ever. he writes songs sometimes. there's this whole thing with sticky notes finch does to remind him of things and violet kind of adopts that and there's this cute scene where they write a sticky note wall together it's actually a pretty big plot thing.


!!! SPOILERS !!!

so like finch and violet meet on the top of the school bell tower and he talks her back of the ledge and everything tada life saved. he can't stop thinking about her. history teacher assigns a project to get to know their state, indiana, and finch partners up with violet. he's super excited about the whole thing and he makes a giant list of places to go even though they only need two. cue "try to get violet to like you without being gross and pushy about it" scheme. and she does fall for him duh. so okay now they're in a relationship.

meanwhile they're dealing with a whole bunch of life issues and trying to get back into the world that kind of stuff. also they go exploring to a bunch of places. finch helps violet learn to live again (which sounds really cheesy it's not that cheesy). at some point in there violet's parents disapprove of the relationship but that doesn't stop anyone.

then eventually finch falls into one of his depressive moods again and violet tries being supportive but he's pushing her away bc he doesn't think he's worth her affection. eventually he completely disappears with very little trace. about a month later he writes people mysterious emails which violet uses to 1) figure out where he is and 2) that he has killed himself. she's really upset and angry for a little while. eventually she finds clues he left for her to travel to new places y'know for the school assignment? and he's left traces of himself in each place so violet leaves something too and with each place she slowly sets herself free from her depressive mindset. the book ends with her hopeful for her future.

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Rebecca's Primer for The Chronicles of Narnia

Note: Since the fanfiction that I'm writing this primer for is set during the first book in the series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, this is mostly a primer for that. Also because trying to write a primer for the whole series would just be too darn much.


The Chronicles of Narnia is a seven-book children's fantasy series written by British author CS Lewis. Originally published from 1950-1956, the books are now considered classics and have been adapted multiple times into miniseries, films, and stage plays. In the first book of the series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (during which my fanfiction is set), the main characters are four siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie, who are evacuated from London to the English countryside during the London Blitz of World War II. In their country home, the children discover an enchanted wardrobe that leads from the human world into the magical realm of Narnia. There, they help Aslan, a talking lion, save Narnia from the evil White Witch, who has cast a spell "so that it is always winter in Narnia... but it never gets to Christmas."


After converting to Christianity in adulthood, Lewis become a lay theologian and authored several works about Christian apologetics before writing the Narnia series. Although Lewis claimed that he didn't intentionally insert Christian concepts into the books, they are widely accepted as an allegory for Christianity. For example, Aslan the lion is the son of the unseen Emporer-Across-the-Sea and is referred to as the King of Beasts. After sacrificing himself to save Edmund Pevensie, he is bound, shaved, stabbed, and apparently killed by the White Witch and her henchmen, but he miraculously appears alive and well soon after -- an obvious metaphor for Jesus Christ. The books have always had a large Christian following and are frequently used to promote Christian ideas. In the Narnia forums on this website, you can find posts like The Lion's Song: Prayer Requests and Is it odd that there are non-Christian Narnia fans?


  • Peter, the oldest and the leader of the four Pevensie siblings, is 13 in the first book. Since the children are evacuated to the countryside without their parents, Peter decides that it's his duty to protect his younger siblings; though well-intentioned, he gets a bit bossy and full of himself at times. In Narnia, he is appointed General of Aslan's Army and leads the charge with the battle cry, "For Narnia, and for Aslan!" After the White Witch's defeat, he is crowned King Peter the Magnificent.
  • Susan Pevensie, 12, is beautiful, kind, compassionate, and other stereotypically female adjectives. In the book, she doesn't fight in the battle against the White Witch (although she did in the 2005 movie), and she is crowned Queen Susan the Gentle. Her depiction has led to many accusations of sexism, including strong disparages from fantasy authors JK Rowling and Philip Pullman.
  • Lucy, 8, the youngest of the siblings, is the first to cross through the wardrobe and discover Narnia. Your typically happy, imaginative youngest child, Lucy loves animals and befriends all the creatures in Naria, including Mr. Tummus the talking faun, the first creature that she mets there. She is crowned Queen Lucy the Valiant, in of her faith and hopefulness, and she never stops believing in the world of Narnia.
  • Edmund Pevensie, 10, has more personality than his three bland siblings put together. In the first book, he is depicted as spiteful and mean, particularly towards his brother Peter, whom he sees as pompous and bossy (which isn't entirely untrue). During his first visit to Narnia, he unknowingly falls under the spell of the White Witch, who feeds him enchanted candy (symbolizing sin) that causes an immediate, raging addiction. Edmund tries to turn his siblings over to the Witch in exchange for another fix, but when he fails to do so, she nearly kills him. He is saved by a rescue party sent by Aslan, who bring him to the camp of the good army, where he grovels and begs for Aslan's forgiveness. (The lion sacrifies himself for Edmund.) Made wiser and more mature from the experience, he is crowned King Edmund the Just, although his dark reputation always lingers... and I LOVE him for it!


Lucy enters Narnia: "She did not shut it properly because she knew that it is very silly to shut oneself into a wardrobe, even if it is not a magic one."

Edmund takes candy from a stranger, the White Witch: "Probably the Queen knew quite well what he was thinking; for she knew, though Edmund did not, that this was enchanted Turkish Delight and that anyone who had once tasted it would want more and more of it, and would even, if they were allowed, go on eating it till they killed themselves.

Susan and Lucy watch the White Witch kill Aslan: "I hope no one who reads this book has been quite as miserable as Susan and Lucy were that night; but if you have been -- if you've been up all night and cried till you have no more tears left in you -- you will know that there comes in the end a sort of quietness. You feel as if nothing is ever going to happen again."

The kids leave Narnia to return to the human world: "It isn't Narnia, you know," sobbed Lucy. "We shan't meet you there. And how can we live, never meeting you?" "But you shall meet me, dear one," said Aslan. "Are -- are you there too, sir?" said Edmund. "I am," said Aslan. "But there, I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there."

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Spell's primer for the anime Psycho-Pass

Basically, in this world you have to stay calm and happy. Otherwise your Crime Coefficient goes up and the police will come and shoot you. Futuristic sci-fi dystopia (or utopia, as Sybil would say).

The Lingo

  • Sybil System: Omnipresent governing entity that is said to be completely computerized and therefore free from human fallacy. Helps you decide what to eat and who to date and what job to get. Also where your Psyho-Pass readings come from.
  • Psycho-Pass: Consists of your Hue and your Crime Coefficient. Calculated based on cymatic scans. In other words, they read your brainwaves.
  • Hue: Shows how mentally agitated you are. Powder blue and clear is good. Black and cloudy is bad. It's a gradient (kind of) so the cloudier you are the more likely you're gonna get shot by the police.
  • Crime Coefficient: A number that tells how bad you are. When you commit a crime it goes up. It can also go up if you go through extreme trauma like being kidnapped or watching someone get shot by a Dominator. Under 100 is good. 100-200 means you'll get paralyzed when hit with a Dominator. 200 means you die.
  • Dominator: The guns that the police use. Can only be unlocked by registered users, i.e. Inspectors and Enforcers. They have four forms: locked, paralyzer, lethal eliminator, and destroy decomposer. To use it, you aim at a person, and it shows their Psycho-Pass. If it's too cloudy or too high it will change shape and the trigger will unlock. Lethal mode makes flesh swell up and 'pop'. Icky. Destroy Decomposer is used on dangerous non-human threats and looks very scary when you use it. Basically vaporizes the target upon contact.
  • Inspector: A police officer. They hold the leashes.
  • Enforcer: Latent criminals who have spent time in the isolation facility and are hired to chase other latent criminals. They are the hounds. They can't go anywhere without an Inspector and they have like no rights because they're criminals.
  • MWPSB: Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau. Sometimes just PSB. AKA the police.

Season 1 Characters AND SPOILERS

  • Tsunemori Akane – Graduated at the top of her class and joins Division 1 as a rookie Inspector. She has a strong moral compass and inner grit. She has a more innocent view of the world and treats the Enforcers as co-workers and humans. The first season tracks her development from a noobie to Senior Inspector. She is shown the true nature of Sybil and is extremely horrified by it but understands that if it were to be destroyed society would be in chaos. Has a short stature.
  • Kougami Shinya – Former Inspector, demoted to Enforcer following the gruesome series of murders collectively known as the Specimen Case. One of his Enforcers, Sasayama, had been killed and he is now hellbent on revenge. He is very intelligent, doesn't waste words, smokes cigarettes, and has a subtle sense of humor. He is also well-versed in the art of Silat martial arts. He has a strong instinct to protect people, especially Akane. His personality is actually very similar to a wolf's. He ran away about into season 1 and became a fugitive in order to chase down Sasayama's killer. He ends up killing Makishima, and eventually leaves Japan.
  • Ginoza Nobuchika – Senior Inspector of Division 1. Hates latent criminals because his father was labeled as one while Gino was still young. People thought criminal status was kind of contagious back then, so Ginoza got bullied a lot until Kougami rescued him one day in high school. They've been best friends ever since, until Kou became an Enforcer. Gino is just as good of a detective as Kougami, but he is much more pedantic and has issues with self-worth. He scowls a lot. His greatest fear was that his Psycho-Pass would climb until he became a latent criminal like his father. Warns Akane to keep her distance from the Enforcers. Sees both Kougami and Masaoka's falls as personal betrayals. Then his dad dies saving him, he loses his left arm, and his Pass goes too high. Also has a husky named Dime.
  • Masaoka Tomomi – Division 1 Enforcer and also Gino's dad. Used to be a police detective, but wasn't able/willing to adapt to the Sybil way. Plays the role of father/grandfather for the whole team. Pretty close to Kougami because they worked together in Division 3 when Kou first became an Inspector. Kou even calls him 'Pops'. He is on the tall side, probably around his late 40s, and built a little stockier than the others. He also has a metal arm. He's pretty mellow and paints pictures in his spare time. He and Gino generally pretend that they aren't related, though in the second half of the season their relationship gets a little better. Then he dies saving Gino from a bomb.
  • Kagari Shuusei – Youngest Enforcer of Division 1. Flagged as a latent criminal at age 5, though it's never revealed what the heck a 5-year-old can do to be called a criminal. He hates Sybil, and the fact that he's little more than a hunting dog, but prefers life as an Enforcer to being locking up in the isolation facility. He's the fun one of the group and is always smiling. He's very chatty and prone to joking around, but when it comes down to it he's an effective Enforcer. He plays video games in his downtime, and his desk is covered with plastic figurines and a jar of jellybeans. He hates paperwork and calls everyone pet names, like Akane-chan or Gino-san (rather than Tsunemori-san or Ginoza-san). He's skinny and has orange hair that's held back with blue bobby pins. He gets to see the true nature of Sybil but is also killed by Chief Kasei.
  • Kunizuka Yayoi – Division 1 Enforcer. Used to be a guitarist in a rock band, but got mixed up with an anarchist. She has long black hair that she wears in a ponytail. She doesn't show a lot of emotion, and is usually the one running tech support on the ground. She enjoys painting her nails in her off-time, and acts like an older sister to Kagari (she whacks him on the head a lot). Lesbian.
  • Karanomori Shion – Computer/information analyst but also sort of a doctor. I think she's just for Division 1 but I'm not sure. She's blond and wears revealing clothes because she thinks it's funny. Spends most of her time in her computer room and often is the one who digs up the information that the Inspectors want. She's also very good at hacking. Bisexual.
  • Chief Kasei – Police chief. Likes to fiddle with a Rubix cube-type thing when she talks to people. Has the appearance of an intimidating woman in her early 50s. She's actually a robot that's controlled by one of Sybil's brains at all times.
  • Makishima Shougo – Primary antagonist. He can control his Psycho-Pass at will and so he's never been flagged by Street Scanners. Dominators won't shoot him either. He's ruthless and kills people with the ease (and sometimes the boredom) of someone flipping through TV channels. He is very intelligent and often quotes from books like 1984 or Titus Andronicus. He is very thin but just as good – or even better – than Kougami at martial arts. He has shoulder-length white hair, golden eyes, and a smug smile on his face. His ultimate goal is to get people to stop being sheep and think for themselves for once in their life. Eventually killed by Kougami.
  • Choe Gu Sung – Makishima's right-hand man. He's an expert hacker from Korea with artificial eyes that glow red and orange. He often acts as the middle man between Makishima and his cronies. Sees the true nature of Sybil and is killed by Chief Kasei.
  • Sybil System – Supposed to be the world's best governing system because it's completely computerized and thus free from human taint. In actually it's a collection of brains. One brain at a time can control Kasei's body, and the rest run the programs of judging crime coefficients and playing matchmaker and all that stuff. Many of the brains are from people like Makishima who for some reason cannot be properly read by Sybil. Subject to the whims and bias of the individual brains but more or less runs on what is the most logical decision to make.

Season 2 Characters AND SPOILERS

  • Tsunemori Akane - Akane is confident, calm, and more-than-adept at doing her job. She still has a strong moral compass and still treats her Enforcers as people. She has a working relationship with Sybil, though ultimately doesn't like the System.
  • Ginoza Nobuchika – He's taken the role of his father: offering insight and advice and staying cool under pressure. He's really mellowed out and doesn't wear glasses anymore. He and Akane have a pretty steady friendship now that they're not on opposite sides of the whole being-friendly-with-Enforcers thing. He has a metal arm now, and he got to keep his dog.
  • Shimotsuki Mika – In season 1 she was a student at Oso Academy whose friends were disembodied. Comes to Division 1 at the very end of season 1. In season 2 she promptly gains the hate of like everyone in the fandom. She's a lot like the Ginoza of season 1, but she's super smug in her treatment of the Enforcers. Actually I think she treats them a lot worse than Gino ever did. She is also a big rule-follower, and tends to push any blame onto something or someone else. For obvious reasons, she and Akane clash a lot. She is deemed the 'ideal citizen' by Sybil, who chose to reveal the brains to her as a test to see how the public might respond. She thinks it's marvelous and glorious and makes the audience terribly annoyed.
  • Hinakawa Sho – Enforcer of Division 1. He has a shaggy head of red hair and is very shy and quiet. He has a bit of a stutter and calls Akane 'onee-san' (big sister). He is very skilled with anything related to Holograms, including Holo costumes. Had/has some issues with depression and takes pill medications (or he's an addict idk.)
  • Togane Sakuya – Enforcer of Division 1 in season 2. Slimy disgusting sketchy man. Finds pleasure in turning the Hues of his Inspectors black and therefore making them latent criminals. He is actually kind of a science experiment because he was tested as a child for Hue studies. His mother is one of the brains of Sybil. Manipulates Shimotsuki and thankfully dies in the last episode. Good riddance.
  • Kurito Kamui – Antagonist of season 2. He is actually a whole bunch of different people because there was a plane crash and everyone died except for him. A doctor managed to save his life by transplanting the dead people's (Kamui's classmates) parts onto Kamui. Because of that, he cannot be read by Sybil at all. Seems kind and gentle and smiley. He's on a mission to steal Dominators, which he can use since he kidnapped an Inspector and took one of her eyes. He makes pills that lower someone's Psycho-Pass, which is usually enough to convince people to work for him. Leaves "WC?" at each crime scene, which stands for 'what color?' His ultimate goal is to judge Sybil's Psycho-Pass, because they are a collection of entities just like him. Akane brings him to Sybil and he gets his answer (black, in case you were wondering). Now he can be judged by Sybil and predictably his Pass is really high so then Akane shoots him.
  • Sybil System: After Kamui comes, Sybil kills off all the brains that make its Psycho-Pass dirty. Now it has a Crime Coefficient of 0.


These are ones that I like. Only one of them is canon because the writers didn't want to focus on romance.

  • ShinKane – Kougami Shinya and Tsunemori Akane. Most popular due to the fact that these two have a lot of on-screen interaction. General consensus is that post-ep 11 is when the sparks really start flying. In season 2 Akane lights cigarettes and lets the smoke waft around her. Canonically, this is to help her think because it reminds her of Kougami (she uses the same brand he does) and his awesome detective skills. Shippers will say that it's also because she's in love with Kougami.
  • GinAka – Ginoza Nobuchika and Tsunemori Akane. Not as popular of a ship but those who like it are very firm in their support. Most agree that this relationship would be a slow burn, and about half would say Akane would be the initiator and half say Gino. Most GinAka fics take place after season 1, because otherwise that wouldn't make a lick of sense.
  • KouGino – Kougami Shinya and Ginoza Nobuchika. Probably a little more popular than GinAka. Stems from the fact that the two have been best friends since high school, until Kougami's fall from grace. Their relationship is clearly strained in season 1, but there isn't any real hostility between them. These fics tend to be angsty, unless they're in an AU.
  • ChoeMaki – Choe Gu Sung and Makishima Shougo. Stems from the fact that Choe is the closest thing Makishima has to a friend. Since neither gets much screen time, let alone with each other, this relies heavily on headcanon speculation. One instant of canon support is when Kasei shows Makishima a cracked phone, which had belonged to Choe. That's how Makishima learned of Choe's death, and he appears to show some distress, which is more emotion than he shows in all the rest of his screen time combined.
  • Shion/Yayoi – Canonically confirmed to be in a sexual relationship.

Important Episodes

  • Season 1, ep. 11 is the big one here. It's the climax of the plot, because the pre-11 Akane is a kid and the post-11 Akane is an adult. Here, Makishima's existence is revealed to the MWPSB and Akane chases after him. He has one of her best friends as a captive and threatens to slit her throat. Akane can't use her Dominator on Makishima, but when he tosses her an old-fashioned gun she can't bring herself to just kill him either. So then he goes ahead and kills her friend right then and there. Everything after this is falling action (albeit very exciting falling action) as they work towards catching Makishima.


  • "Detective's Intuition" is kind of a joke. Masaoka and Kougami are said to have it, and that's why they're so good and catching criminals/solving cases. Gino says it's because they are criminals and so they know how criminals think. His reasoning is not without merit. He also is reluctant to proceed in a case just because of Masaoka or Kougami's 'intuition'. Believes that it's not solid enough evidence to justify a police raid. Akane wants to learn detective's intuition, which is partly why she spends so much time with Kougami.
  • "Ojou-chan." Translates to 'missy' or 'little miss'. What Masaoka calls Akane. Significant because in season 2 Gino also calls Mika this.
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Dragon MoonX

Dragon's Primer for Final Fantasy VI (aka FFVI)

(Once again posting some basics so you can understand the stories I'll be posting for challenges.)

Storyline basics: a thousand years ago three gods, known as the Warring Triad, descended upon the world and fought for dominance. The conflict became known as the War of Magi, during which the gods transformed humans and animals into creatures called Espers, giving them magical powers. The gods realized the war was destroying the world and turned themselves to stone, their final wish being that the Espers prevent their power from being abused. The Espers took the gods' statues and fashioned a new dimension where they could live peacefully away from humans, and to hide away the gods.

In the present, the world has experienced a technological revolution while magic has faded into legend. To the south, the Gestahlian Empire led by Emperor Gestahl discovered the entrance to the Esper World, and kidnapped several of the creatures. The Empire discovered a way to drain the Espers of magical energy and imbue humans and machines with this power; this technology is known as Magitek. Humans who have been infused with Esper magic are known as Magitek Knights, and work to serve the Gestahalian Empire.


Kefka Palazzo: he is Emperor Gestahl's court mage and the first ever Magitek Knight created by the empire. However the process of infusing humans with Esper magic hadn't been perfected when they began experimenting on him. Kefka went mad as a result of the experiments, and became a psychotic killer who is prone to violent, destructive outbursts.

Celes Chere: she is also a Magitek Knight. But by the time she was infused with magic, the process had been perfected and she was able to maintain her sanity while also gaining the ability to use magic. She is a strong, independent woman who can fight and stand up for herself.

General Leo Christophe: unlike Kefka who prefers to slaughter anyone who opposes him, Leo is a compassionate person who would much rather spare an enemy's life than take it. He is a trained fighter and a skilled swordsman, but will not kill someone unless he has no other choice. Kefka despises General Leo and does what he can to annoy him and make his life miserable.

Terra Branford: a half-Esper, half-human girl kidnapped from the Esper World when she was two years old. She was raised by the empire, and was born with the ability to use magic naturally. Kefka is very attached to her, and in some cases their relationship can be seen as controlling and possessive, which Kefka going to great lengths to isolate her and keep her to himself.

Please note that these are the main characters I will focus on in my stories. There are others, but since these are the ones I'm writing about, I'll start by providing some basic information about them.

For a more detailed, in depth look at the characters featured in my stories, you can find pictures as well as character bios here.

  • Kefka Palazzo -
  • Leo Christophe -
  • Celes Chere -
  • Emperor Gestahl -
  • Terra Branford -

You can also read more about the locations mentioned in my stories here.

  • Imperial Palace -
  • Vector -
  • Gestahlian Empire -

Basic information on Espers and Magitek can be found here.

  • Espers -
  • Magitek Knight -
  • Magitek -
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Iris's guide to The Hunger Games

Full of many spoilers!

What it is:

Hunger Games is a three-book, four-movie young adult series set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Basic Summary:

Hunger Games - The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, volunteers to replace her younger sister in an annual televised fight to the death. Complicating matters is Peeta Mellark, thNe other individual selected from her district (roughly, town), who saved her family from starvation several years prior. Because she has been providing for her family by illegally hunting for years, Katniss is well-prepared for the Arena. She and Peeta work together, and eventually, the Capitol (ruling district) declares that they can win together if they are the last two standing. However, when they do get to the end of the Games, the Capitol reverses its decision. Katniss suggests that they commit suicide together, and just before they do, the Gamemakers decide that they can both win. They go back home to District 12.

Catching Fire - Six months after the events of The Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta are sent on a tour of the other districts to celebrate their victory. They discover that Katniss' actions several months before have been read as rebellious by people in the other districts, and a rebellion is brewing. President Snow, the main antagonist, is not pleased, and he declares that there will be an all-star style Hunger Games, with all the competitors being former victors. Katniss and Peeta are both selected, so they must go back into the Arena. There, they team up with several other victors, all of whom are active in the new rebellion. They manage to escape the Arena and head to a previously-unknown district which is actively fighting against the Capitol. In retribution, President Snow has District 12 destroyed.

Mockingjay - Panem is now in full-out war. Katniss takes refuge in District 13, an extremely austere society led by President Coin. Peeta has been taken prisoner by the Capitol. Katniss becomes the face of the revolution, the 'mockingjay', and is used as a propaganda device. Peeta's capture and torture limits her effectiveness, as Katniss knows that they punish Peeta for her actions. Eventually, Peeta is rescued. Then, they invade the Capitol. Katniss' mission is meant to be for propaganda purposes only, but after her commander dies, she takes command of the group herself, leading them on a mission to assassinate President Snow. They are unsuccessful, and many of those in her group die. Her sister is killed in a bombing attack designed by her longtime friend from District 12. However, the rebels do take the Capitol, and the war is won. Katniss is allowed to kill President Snow, but instead she murders the equally evil President Coin, ushering in a new era of peace in Panem. Broken, she returns back to District 12 to rebuild, and she is joined by Peeta, who she eventually marries and has 2 children with.


Katniss Everdeen - Our protagonist. The Hunger Games books are told from her point of view.

Peeta Mellark - Katniss' district partner, friend, and eventually lover. He's a baker's son and loses a leg in the first book. Generally sweet guy

Gale Hawthorne - Katniss' friend from before the Games. Gale was Katniss' hunting partner for years (and he wants to be a bit more...), and during the rebellion, he joins District Thirteen's army and helps design weapons. He ends up creating a weapon that blows up Katniss' sister, which puts a bit of a damper on things for them.

Primrose Everdeen - Katniss' younger sister. She's a sweetie. And she dies.

Haymitch Abernathy - Katniss and Peeta's mentor. He's a drunk, but a lovable one. He won the Hunger Games 24 years before the first book, and he's been drinking his feelings and living alone ever since. Turns out, he's also working with the resistance.

Effie Trinket - A Capitol citizen who helps the tributes and Victors navigate the Capitol.

President Snow - President of Panem and the big bad.

President Coin - President of District Thirteen and the slightly smaller bad. Basically President Snow in a wig.

Cinna - Stylist (basically fashion designer) who works with Katniss. Nice and talented as heck, and surprise! he's with the resistance too.

Finnick Odair - Victor. Hottest guy in the world. Works with the rebellion. Also my husband

Johanna Mason - Victor. Works with the rebellion. Sassy as fuck.


Finnick/Annie - Odesta. Probably the most common ship written for on this forum. Look at the MOC entries sometime. It's a little frightening. But also wonderful. It is actually canon.

Katniss/Peeta - Everlark. Most common ship in the fandom. Is actually canon.

Katniss/Gale - Everthorne. I don't know if anybody but Gale actually ships this, but it has a name, so /shrugs/

Haymitch/Effie - Hayffie. They are the cutest and I can't even. They were basically canon in the books and actually canon in the movies.

Johanna/Katniss - Joniss. The only at-all-common slash ship in the fandom. They're not canon, unfortunately.

Thank you so much to Mei for writing this portion!!

Setting: Panem

Geographically the nation of Panem equates to roughly the North American landmass, however the landscape has been changed through nuclear war and subsequent rising water levels. Panem is ruled by a authoritarian-totalitarian dictatorship led by a single President (President Snow during the time of the trilogy) from the the Capitol, exerting its control over the Districts.

The Capitol: A city built within the heart of the Rocky mountains. Its citizens, known as Capitolites, lead indolent and extravagant lives. They are known for massive body modification and a preoccupation with vanity and decadence. Their main entertainment focuses on the yearly Hunger Games which are intensely followed.

-notable Capitolites: Cinna, Effie Trinket, Plutarch Heavensbee, Caesar Flickerman, President Snow, Cressida

The Districts: The rest of Panem is divided into twelve districts, each one focused on either harvesting a natural resource or maintaining a particular industry in order to provide the Capitol with its opulent way of life. The District citizens, by and large, suffer from extreme hunger and other privations. They are constantly monitored by Peacekeepers sent from the Capitol to ensure that Panem's strict laws are closely followed. The District borders are guarded by electrical fencing, ensuring that citizens of different Districts do no interact and therefore are in no position to foment rebellion. Escaping the from a person's District, while difficult, is not impossible.

District 1: luxury items

-notable tributes: Marvel and Glimmer (74th Hunger Games), Cashmere and Gloss (75th Hunger Games)

District 2: masonry, weaponry, and recruiting Peacekeeprs, Panem's equivalent of police officers/militia

-notable tributes: Cato and Clove (74th Hunger Games), Brutus and Enorbaria (75th Hunger Games)

District 3: electronics

-notable tributes: Beetee and Wiress (75th Hunger Games)

District 4: fishing

-notable tributes: Finnick Odair and Mags (75th Hunger Games), Annie Cresta (70th Hunger Games)

District 5: power

-notable tributes: Foxface (74th Hunger Games)

District 6: transportation

-notable tributes: the morphlings (75th Hunger Games)

District 7: lumber

-notable tributes: Johanna Mason and Blight (75th Hunger Games)

District 8: textiles

-notable tributes: Cecelia and Woof (75th Hunger Games) -other characters: Bonnie and Twill

District 9: grain

District 10: livestock

District 11: agriculture

-notable tributes: Rue and Thresh (74th Hunger Games), Seeder and Chaff (75th Hunger Games)

District 12: mining

-notable tributes: Haymitch Abernathy (50th Hunger Games), Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (74th and 75th Hunger Games)

-other characters: Prim Everdeen, Mrs. Everdeen, Gale Hawthorn, Delly

Districts 1, 2, and 4 are considered "career" Districts, meaning they train children to take part in the Hunger Games with the express purpose of winning. Volunteering is common in these Districts and rare in the others.

District 13:

District 13 was once responsible for maintaining Panem's Eastern nuclear arsenal. Seventy-four years before the start of the trilogy they rebelled against the Capitol and, according to Capitol historians, were obliterated. Every year stock footage of the ruined District 13 is broadcast to the other Districts as a reminder of the consequences of rebelling against the Capitol. Rumors that District 13 had survived and is in fact a haven for those fleeing from the Capitol are first told to Katniss by Bonnie and Twill, two escapees from District 10. This rumor is later confirmed after the 75th Hunger Games, when Katniss is taken to the District to take part in the rebellion planned by its leaders. District 13 is run as a strict commune society. Every resource is carefully guarded and allocated. There is little personal freedom, since resources are scarce and they are under the constant threat of Capitol retaliation. By the time of the trilogy, its citizens live mostly underground and the District is run by Alma Coin.

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Dame Selena

Selena's guide to Naruto

Spoilers ahead, believe it!

What it is:

Ninja kids doing ninja things.

Rules about the universe:

Takes place in some alternate universe Japan. Around 80's level technology, I mean they have movie theatres, and clunky desktop computers, but no cars or cell phones.

A millennium ago, the world was terrorised by a rampaging, colossal monster known as the Ten-Tails. Eventually, through the combined efforts of the twin brothers,Hagoromo and Hamura Ōtsutsuki, the Ten-Tails was defeated and sealed within Hagoromo, becoming its jinchūriki. Throughout his travels, Hagoromo used the Ten-Tails' power to perform many great deeds and promote peace during his lifetime, causing him to be revered as the "Sage of the Six Paths". Towards the end of his life, Hagoromo, knowing the Ten-Tails would be unleashed on the world again when he died, split itschakra into nine living entities called the tailed beasts.

There are 9 powerful tailed beasts who carry extraordinary powers. They are sealed within 9 humans who are stigmatized and resented because of the negative associations with the tailed beasts.

In this universe there's this energy called chakra which allows ninja feats like body-splitting and stuff to be possible.

Basically people go to the ninja academy to learn how to be ninjas, there are 3 classes genin, chunin, and jonin. The characters pass the genin exam at 12 and earn their iconic ninja headbands with their country's symbol on it. Once they become genin they are split into 3 man cells (2 male 1 female) under guidance of a jonin ninja.

Main characters:

Uzumaki Naruto- Main character (Manga's named after him). Energetic, dimwitted at times, class clown. His dream is to be the Hokage. Is super-powered because he has the powerful nine-taled fox sealed inside his body, a lot of the story is him learning to control it.

Uchiha Sasuke-Angsty pissy pretty-boy whose goal for the longest time is to kill his brother to avenge his massacred clan. As a Uchiha he has the rare sharingan eye ability.

Haruno Sakura-Book-smart, exasperated by Naruto's antics, her goal is to be Sasuke's girlfriend.

Kakashi Hayate-The jonin ninja who mentors the above 3 characters who are under him in Team 7. He's a laid-back guy most of the time, openly reading his porno novels. His personal code is that ninjas who abandon their teammates are less than garbage. He wears his headband to protect his one sharingan eye he got from his best friend Obito.

Hyuga Hinata-Shy girl in who is secretly in love with Naruto but is too shy to confess to him.

Sai-Monotone boy who is emotionally stunted from his conditioning. Apparently he's handsome but I dunno I thought he looked like a girl in the manga....

Naara Shikamaru- A lazy-ass genius. Catchphrase is "what a drag".

Yamanaka Ino- Girly girl florist's daughter who's also in love with Sasuke but switches to Sai.

Akimitchi Choji- A fatass.

Jiraiya- One of the legendary 3 Sage Ninjas, when Naruto first met him he was spying on girls as research for his porno books which he writes and Naruto accuses him of being a pervert. He denies it saying " I not just any pervert, I'm.... A MEGA PERV!" *Two thumbs up*

Lady/PrincessTsunade(-hime)- Another one of the legendary 3 sage Ninjas. The granddaughter of the first Hokage, she is becomes the fifth Hokage. Chest size is remarked by other characters to be 102cm or H cup.


Konoha-The village hidden in the leaves, it's the home of the main characters. Their headband symbol is a stylized leaf.

Ninja terminology:

Shinobi-A ninja. Naruto talks a lot about his "Shinobi way" which is to never give up.

Hokage-The leader of the country, he/she is the strongest ninja. Their faces are carved on the mountain for all of history. Naruto who was always ignored and marginalized wanted to become Hokage because everyone would acknowledge him, but later he learns that people become Hokage because they are acknowledged.

Chakra-Basic energy to perform ninja techniques, mostly activated by using hand seals.

Ninjutsu-Broadest ninja technique, includes fire breathing, body splitting, walking on water etc...

Genjutsu-Mind illusion ninja technique.

Taijutsu-Physical body ninja technique.

Sharingan-The Uchiha eye ability where they can copy techniques by observing them. There are up to 3 pinwheels, activated by emotional trauma. To obtain the most powerful Mangekyo Sharingan you have to kill your best friend.

Byakugan-The Hyuga eye ability where they can see chakra (meaning they can block it with pressure points called the gentle fist)

Kyuubi-Humans with a tailed beast sealed inside of them. Naruto is one of them. There are 9, one in each country.

Inside jokes:

Make out Paradise/Make out Tactics-Porno books written by Jiraiya. Kakashi is a huge fan.

Dattebayo-Nonsense word Naruto says because he's a sloppy impatient guy. His catchphrase.

Dickless-A recurring name that Sai calls Naruto.

Thousand years of pain-Technique where you form the seal of the tiger with your hands.... Then ram it up someone's butt as far as possible. Not ninjutsu.

Naruto and Sasuke's first kiss-Was with each other by accident when they were growling at each other and then this kid accidently shoved Naruto on top of Sasuke.

Sexy jutsu/ harem no jutsu- Naruto's iconic jutsu where he transforms himself into a sexy girl, he can even multiply them into a harem. Later he learns the reverse, where he transforms himself into sexy boys. Don't write this technique off though, this is legit the technique he used against the big boss in the final battle.

Okay sorry there is no way Naruto can be summarized in one post, there's just too many characters and clans and politics and history but I'll edit this to explain anything fannish in my fics.

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cristina rosales

Mags' primer for The Mortal Instruments

Basic Stuff:

The Mortal Insturments (shorten to TMI) is a six book series written by Cassandra Clare. The books are comprised of City of Bones (CoB), City of Ashes (CoA), City of Glass (CoG), City of Fallen Angels (CoFA), City of Lost Souls (CoLS), and City of Heavenly Fire (CoHF). They are seriously some of the best well written YA fiction ever (like 3rd person!)



Clary Fray is our main character goes to this all age club in New York City. There she meet people all in black and tattooed killing a demon, and is introduced to the world with demons, Shadowhunters, fairies, vampires, werewolves, and warlocks. Clary falls in love with Jace - a snarky Shadowhunter - and becomes close friends with his crew: Isabelle and Alec (who are sister/brother). Clary brings along Simon - her best friend - who is turned into a vampire, for the ride too.

It turns out Clary's father is Valentine a Shadowhunter who tried to destroy all the Downworlders (fairies, vampires, warlocks, and werewolves) and control the Clave - a council of Shadowhunter that run things. Clary defeats him, and all is well. Then, it turns out Clary's brother - Jonathan - is alive (he was killed durning the batter with Valentine) and tries to take over the Clave and burn the world to the ground - because he's demon. Jonathan is in love with a Clary, and wants her to be his queen (incest much?). Jace is soon bounded to Jonathan, for some time, and they try to take over the world. In the end, it's a battle against Jonathan and he's killed, and it's all these weird stuff happens with Simon. The end!

Summary Book by Book:

City of Bones: Clary takes her and Simon to a club, and she sees Jace, Isabelle, and Alec killing a demon. It turns out she's a Shadowhunter - half angel/half human creature. Jace takes Clary back to Institute - a refugee for training and holding Shadowhunters - where she trains and falls in love with Jace. It turns out that her mother was taken by Valentine - a Shadowhunter who tried to kill all Downworlders - who Jocelyn - her mother - was actually married to Valentine. Valentine took Jocelyn because she had the Mortal Cup - a cup used to raise the Angel Raziel from the lake and ask one wish of him. Meanwhile, Clary and Jace fall in love, and Clary learned that Alec - Isabelle's brother - is gay, and Simon is in love with her. Clary finds out that the Mortal Cup is hidden in a painting from Jocelyn, since Clary also has the power to create more runes, and retrieves it, but Hodge - the instructor at the Institute takes it to give to Valentine. Clary soon meets Luke - her adoptive father, who is a werewolf - and organizes ways to take back Jocelyn and the Mortal Cup from Valentine's grasp. When facing Valentine it turns out that Jace is Clary's brother, and there in love. Clary takes Jace and Jocelyn - in a coma - back, but fails to get the Mortal Cup back.

City of Ashes: Valentine is going around killing Downworlders so he could raise an army, and Jace is suspected by the Inquistor - the second in command of the Clave - and held captive to ransom with Valentine to get back the Mortal Cup. Valentine wants to get the Mortal Sword so he can raise an army of demons, and seeks down Jace to free him from his imprisonment. Jace soon is tempted to join Valentine and finds out that Valentine has the Mortal Sword to summon a demon army to defeat the Clave. Meanwhile, Simon is bitten and becomes a vampire, and faces the challenges (and Isabelle falls in love with him.) Clary and the crew attacks Valentine's ship with the help of Luke's pack and Magnus - a bisexual warlock in love with Alec. On the ship the Inquisitor jumps in front of Jace to save him from a knife, Simon is almost killed but Jace saves him. Simon is dying because he hasn't drunk blood in forever, and Jace lets him drink his blood (starting of one of the best romances.) On the way back from the ship, the sun is rising and about to kill Simon (vampires dies when touched by sunlight) but he doesn't die. It's because of Jace's angel blood. Clary meets Madeleine - a Shadowhunter who was close with Jocelyn - and says she know show to wake Jocelyn out of her comma.

City of Glass:

Mags will finish the summaries when she has some free time


Shadowhunter: a species that is half angel and half human. They hunt down demons to keep them from taking over the world and destroying everything.

Demons: Demons are from the realms in between, they only want to hunt and destroy and kill. Please don't confuse Downworlder with demon.

Downworlder: Four species that have demon blood in them. The species see fairies, warlocks, werewolves, and vampires. They live in accord with the shadowhunters because they signed a contract that says that Shadowhunters won't kill Downworlders unless they are breaking the laws.

Mundanes: Mundanes are regular humans who have no idea of the Shadow World. They do not (or rarely) have Sight and are easily fooled by glamor. Hey are often thought to be the lowest of the low, with no special powers or whatnot. Mundanes can become Downworlders (when bitten by werewolves and vampires) and then obtain the Sight.

Shadow World: The Shadow World is the hidden, supernatural world that demons, Shadowhunters, and Downworlders share. Mundanes do not see the world and are often separated from it.

The Sight: The Sight the ability to see through the glamour and see the Shadow World. To see demons, Shadowhunters, and Downworlders. It can be taken away by warlocks.

Werewolves: These werewolves are not like Twilight! People may say that but it's wrong. Werewolves are not born, they are bitten and turn into a werewolf. When they turn - or experience severe anger and uncontrollable rage - it normally hurts. The turning happens several times before werewolves could master turning unit a wolf. They are the only Downworlder that doesn't live forever (I think.)

Warlocks: Warlocks are a breed of Downworlders that are half human half demon. They are not wizards, in fact warlocks hate being called that. They can preform magic such as healing or teleporting, and can live forever. A warlock often has a mark, such as cat eyes or blue skin or horns or something else that defines them as a warlock. (Even though they can live forever, warlocks can be killed). Warlocks can be hired if any species need magic, they often live for money and are very rich.

Faire Folk: The Faire Folk or fairies are half angel, half demon creatures. They have their own world outside of ours, but some live here. The Faire Folk can not lie, and because of this they are good at bending the truth or choosing not to tell. The fairies only care about themselves, they will be on whoever will win the war and can not be trusted. They are described to have heavenly beauty but devilish ideas.

Vampires: Vampires, like werewolves are not born but created. They are bitten and must swallow some of biter's blood to be created into a vampire, so simply being bitten doesn't turn you into one. When turned into a vampire, a person can not eat or drink human food, go out into the sunlight, or touch holy water or holy symbols. If they do they will either be extremely injured or die.

Accords: The Accords is a peace treaty between the Downworlders and Shadowhunters over how to react with mundanes and each other. The Accords used to hold the punishments for Downworlders for breaking any of the Accords. It must be signed every fifteen years by representitives from every group.

Allicate: The city of glass, and home of the Shadowhunters. It's located between Belgium and Germany (I think). No demons and Downworlders may enter unless under permission. Mundanes can not reach it because it is super glamoured, and if you try you will just skip over it.

Mags will add more vocab when she has more free time


Clary Fray/Fairchild/Mogerstern: Our main character who was raised a mundane but is actually a Shadowhunter. She has a higher concentrate of angel blood in her so she can create new runes. Clary is stubborn, funny, loyal, very stubborn, weak in body (until last few books) Fire red hair, green eyes, short

Jonathan (Jace) Wayland/Mogernstern/Herondale: Our leading male who is the greatest Shadowhunter of his age. He was raised to believe he was a Wayland child but was actually a Herondale who was adopted by Valentine and raised with Sebastian. Jace is arrogant, sarcastic, funny, loving, stubborn, and super strong. Blonde hair, amber eyes, tall.

Alexander (Alec) Lightwood: He was born and raised a Shadowhunter in a uptight family and is super close to Izzy. He is gay and wants to hide that from his parents. He is more conservative, has the vibe of "I told you so," responsible, down to earth, and loving. Black hair, blue eyes, tall.

Isabelle (Izzy) Lightwood: She was born and raised a Shadowhunter in an uptight family and is super close to Alec. She is sarcastic, saucy, stubborn, a little spoiled, hides her feelings but loyal and loves. Black hair, blue eyes, tall.

Simon Lewis: He was a mundane who was Clary's best friend growing up. He was turned into a vampire who then drank Jace's blood, so he was turned into a Daylighter (a vampire who can go out into the sun), then some crazy stuff happens, he loses his memory of Clary and the Shadow World to save his friends, becomes a mundane again, and then trains to become a Shadowhunter and is Accended. He is loyal, kind, sensitive but still a little selfish. Brown hair with brown eyes and tall.

Magnus Bane: The diva of the group. He is a 800 year-old bisexual warlock who is a boss. He is sassy AF, but he still shows lots and lots of wisdom. He is super cool, hot, funny, sarcastic, loving, stubborn, wise, and perfect. Asian with black hair with yellow cat eyes.

Jonathan (Sebastian) Mogerstern: The hottest ya villain of all time. He is a part demon, part Angel Shadowhunter and it makes him super strong. He is basically a Jace without love* (cocky, arrogant, funny, ironic, stubborn) and the greatest kinda-Shadowhunter in the whole series (he's demon!) He died in the third book but was brought back to life by Lithe and is super powerful. We call him Sebastian because in the third book he pretended to be Sebastian to take over Allicate. Tall, white blonde hair with black eyes. *Tectnically he does love Clary, his sister. Incest much?

Valentine Mogerstern: The villain of the first three books. He was so obsessed with perfect that he wanted to purge the world of Downworlders. He was into science and advancements in Shadowhunter technology that he would use his own wife as a test subject against his will. Kinda insane and dies in the third book by Raphel. Tall, white blonde hair with dark eyes.

Jocelyn Mogerstern/Fairchild/Fray: The mother of Clary. She ran away from the Shadowhunter life once she learned what Valentine was doing down in the basement. She's an awesome artist, kicks butt, and is super protective of what she loves even if she isn't a top-notch Shadowhunter. Jocelyn is kinda, stubborn, a little over protective, argues a lot. Short with bright red hair and bright green eyes.

Lucian (Luke): Luke is a werewolf who was once a Shadowhunter. He is super amazing at fighting and loves Jocelyn with his whole heart. He was thrown out of his home once he became a werewolf, and his best friend told him to kill himself once he Turned too. Luke was best friends with Valentine before he Turned.

Maia Robert: Maia is a werewolf who is awesome. She believes everyone is equal and is loyal with her whole heart. She is amazing and my favorite character. An African-American with black hair.

(Mags might also add more characters later!)


Mogernstern Family:

Jocelyn Fairchild/Fray/Mogerstern married Valentine who then gave birth to Jonathan (Sebastian) and Clary

Lightwood Family:

Robert Lightwood married Maryse Lightwood who then gave birth to Alec, Izzy, and Max - Alec and Izzy's little adorable, cute, innocent little brother (let's not talk about Max *sobs*). Then some crazy stuff happens and suddenly Robert and Maryse aren't in love anymore...


Cecily married Stephen who then gave birth to.. .Jace. Literally, he is the only surviving member of the Herondales.

Some drama in the Herondales... So Luke's sister Amatis was Stephen's wife but then Valentine (who Stephen was close with) told him he had to remarry (because he didn't trust Amatis because she was related to Luke who is a werewolf) and he married Cecily who they then had Jace. Amatis basically single forever, and she's a little bitter about that...

Ships (there are like three ships that everyone ships)

Clace - Clary and Jace: Basically the whole book series was around the ship. It will live on forever since *spoiler* Jace kinda proposed to Clary in the end. They're both stubborn and so cute to ship.

Sizzy - Simon and Izzy: MY OTP!!! This ship isn't as popular as Clace but it is amazing. Simon is more open, softer, loves everything and is gentler with life, and stubborn. He is so, so loving and caring, and cutely clues, and he doesn't want to do harm. Isabelle is a kick-butt, no-shiz, funny, stubborn, hard, tough girl who wears stilettos. Even though it doesn't look like it, she is super caring to the point that she's nonchalant about it but is super passionate deep down. She will do anything to protect Simon and it's so sweet! THEY WILL LIVE TOGETHER FOREVER! Just read "The Sleep of Reason" in City of Heavenly Fire. (I refuse to talk about what happened at the end of City of Heavenly Fire)

Malec - Alec and Magnus: The entire fandom ships them. Alec is super down to earth and practical and Magnus loves glitter and is a diva. Plus, Magnus is a 800-year-old bisexual warlock and Alec is a 18-year-old Shadowhunter. THEY'RE MEANT TO BE! Everyone ships this. Period. Period. Period.

Jocelyn and Luke: They were meant to be. Jocelyn deserves to be with someone who isn't a psychopath! Luke cares and loves her and they will be amazing! Plus, it's canon - they got married.

Jocelyn and Valentine: No, nope. They are a short term ship, good for abuse/love fanfiction and violent love fanfiction. They did get married but Jocelyn spent most of her adult life running away from him, so... No one will ship it.

Maia and Bat: Bat was Luke's second in command, and when Maia takes the lead of the pack, she often leans toward him for advice and other stuff. The best non-canon ship of all time.

Sebastian and Clary: For those of you who don't know or remember, Sebashtian is Clary's brother. He actually believes in his heart that he will marry and have kids with Clary (and if she won't go willingly, he'll make her.) He loves her so much, and she hates him, and weird stuff happens (like how he tried to rape her....) No! I don't think anyone ships this long term.

T.V. Show/Movie:

The TV show ABC is making out of the series is the scum of the earth. It is literally worse than the Percy Jackson Movies. It will live in hell, and I hate it. If thou mentions it in the fandom with any good word, I'm pretty sure you'll be killed.

Like, the movie was better for everything except the casting of Alec and Jace...

(God, I hate the TV show!)

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frances janvier

Poke's primer for Undertale.





I'm only about 2/3 through the game so I don't know much.

The Runs: There are a few different ways you can play Undertale. Pacifist is the nice and best way to play when you start, and it is never ever ever choosing the "fight" option. Neutral is occasionally fighting, and genocide IS THE WORST ROUTE WHERE YOU KILL EVERYONE WITHNO MERCY AND IS THE MONSTER ROUTE THE FANDOM WILL HATE YOU IF YOU PLAY IT QAQ When you first do the pacifist way, it's technically neutral or smth? Once you complete a genocide route, once you restart and do another pacifist route, it is the True Pacifist Ending and is apparently quite messed up and emotional ;-;

Plot: You are a human who has fallen down into a mountain with these weird ruins. You meet this nice-looking flower named Flowey, who you find out is evil a minute later when he tries to kill you with "friendship pellets" :D

An actually nice goat monster thing named Toriel comes and rescues you. She teaches you a few things about the ruins then leaves you on your own. You make it through the ruins and stuff and make it to Toriel's house. She gives you a cool room and butterscotch cinnamon pie. But, there are stairs leading down to the exit of the ruins. (The game is leading towards getting out of the ruins btw)

Toriel tries to stop you


1/31/2016 #43

Bre's primer for Lab Rats, Part 1.

This covers Cannon-Only, which I'll do best I can seeing as I have extensive headcannons for the show that I refuse to change because I've had them for the longest time (since I started writing Lab Rats and some at least pre-season 2.5)

Important things:

  1. Yes, it is technically rated Y-7 but like if you're like me and have an active imagine, it's easy to see though the likes, like with Douglas, Marcus and Krane, who I shall get to later.
  2. As of 12:24 am Central on 3/8/16, there are 2.1K fics in the fandom.
  3. Joey Logano (Nascar) guest starred, and so has Willie McGinest (American Football) and Andre Ethier (LA Dodgers).
  4. Hal Sparks, who played Donald, was in the tv show Queer As Folk for those of you who have seen that show.
  5. It is/was the highest rated show on Disney XD.
  6. This show helped me get through a lot my depression and anxiety, especially when it was so bad I did not go to school (7th-8th grade) and made me love writing fanfic even more than I already did because of Big Time Rush.
  7. I actually started two cliches, the cliche of Chase/OC and the cliche of Donald have biological children (Adam, Bree and Chase were genetically engineered).
  8. Super Important: Bionics refer to superpowers that come from computer chips which are implanted into people, specifically their necks.

I'll try to keep this as headcannon and spoiler free as possible, but there are a few things that may require it to be explainable because there is a lot of vagueness, especially concerning the creation of "The Rats".

  • Lab Rats is a show on Disney XD. It's about three bionic super humans, Adam, Bree, and Chase, and their father/creator, Donald Davenport. Adam, Bree and Chase, or as I shorthand them when referring to them collectively outside of fic, A, B, and C, (as they were originally subjects A, B, and C because science) were raised in a basement lab up until Donald Married Tasha, who he met online, because her son Leo accidentally discovered them and took them to school with him.


  • Adam, the oldest of the trio, his main Ability is Super Strength. Because of this, he is often portrayed and goofy and they like to do the strong = stupid trope. He almost never thinks anything through and often takes things in a literal context and gets confused with metaphors. Sometimes he understands things immediately, but not often. He loves practically everyone and anything, and is very caring towards others. Though he's not school smart, he is street smart for the most part.
  • He thinks like a little kid, but knows what people want. He has a somewhat impish sense of humor, and doesn't understand sarcasm.
  • He is always eating, and he has a list called "Incredible Edibles" aka weird and/or gross things he has eaten.
  • He loves animals, especially farm animals. He once brought home a horse.
  • He has quite a destructive temper, and if pushed to his limits, he can be quite dangerous.
  • He always teases Chase for being 'short", and he likes to tease Bree, though he treats Bree like his baby sister and is quite protective over her.
  • Adam loves to play 'Bionic Brother Toss' aka throwing Chase.


  • Bree is the "middle child". Her main bionic ability is super speed. She's basically a typical teenage girl, boy obsessed, makeup, nail polish, that kind of thing. Her personality is pretty hard for me to describe, though she of course does have one. I tend to have a unique way of portraying her. (and keep in mind I'm also using the wiki as a reference for this).


  • Chase is the youngest of the main three bionic superhumans. His main ability is Super Smarts. He tends to be called a fun-killer in-show for how goody two shows he is, however, it's understandable for him to be that way with an older brother as destructive as Adam, and being raised in a lab in some guy's basement (not that Donald is just some guy- I'll get to that later).

(This is going to take at least a day, probably more, sorry.)

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Bre's Primer For Lab Rats, Part 2

(this is a placeholder because I know there will be a part two of this and they need to be together.)

3/7/2016 #45

Riley's Primer for the Wonderfulness that is Steven Universe! ( I haven't written for it yet, but you all deserve to know about it.) *spoilers* Updated October 2016

Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network animated series created by Rebecca Sugar. It first aired in November of 2013, and is currently ongoing, though it is on hiatus. Recently, the show has mostly updated via "Steven Bombs" during which five episodes are released over five consecutive days. Six Steven Bombs have occurred, the most recent of which was in July/August 2016.

The cartoon's premise is hard to describe. It takes place in Beach City, a fictional American town in a world where alien creatures called Gems exist. As indicated by their name, each individual is named based on her (they all appear to be female at least) particular gemstone.Their bodies are illusions; they can only die if their gemstones are cracked or destroyed. The plot revolves around a boy named Steven Universe who is the only gem-human hybrid in existence. Though his human father is prominent in the show, Steven lives with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, a group dedicated to protecting the earth from gem monsters who call themselves the Crystal Gems. As the show progresses, Steven learns to master his gem abilities and goes on more missions alongside the Crystal Gems.

Characters- Gems:

Steven Quartz Universe- The protagonist and title character of the show, Steven is 14 as of the most recent Steven Bomb. He's kind-hearted almost to a fault, making friends with even the "cool teens" of Beach City, and resourceful. His hybrid status give him abilities unique to him alone, such as the ability to resist gem destabilizers. In spite of his dangerous and occasionally dark life, he is upbeat and cheery the vast majority of the time. He views the Crystal Gems as his family. Son of Rose Quartz and Greg Universe, best friend of Connie Maheswaran. His gem weapon is a pink shield made of energy, which he inherited from his mother.

Garnet- The current leader of the Crystal Gems, Garnet is easily the most powerful thanks to her status as a fusion. Fusion occurs when two gems join together, and the result is a being that is both of them and a unique creature at the same time. Garnet, sometimes called "perma-fusion", stays fused all the time because her two component gems, Ruby and Sapphire, are in love. Her personality is straight-forward and direct; she does not speak when nothing needs to be said. She relies on her gift of future vision to make choices and as such does not analyze situations closely. She also often acts as a peacemaker between Amethyst and Pearl. She loves Steven dearly, and is known by the fandom as "Square Mom" based on her hair shape. Her weapons are gauntlets.

Pearl- Formerly a made-to-order servant like the other Pearls on the Gem Homeworld, Pearl trained herself to be a master technician and warrior under the guidance of Rose Quartz, who she loved dearly. She is a perfectionist, and has a deep inferiority complex because she feels she needs directions from another to be able to function. She was so dedicated to Rose during the war for Earth that she risked her life over and over. Because of her beak-like nose, she is often known as "Bird Mom" in the fandom. Her gem weapon is a spear, but she is also a master swordsman.

Amethyst- Besides Steven, Amethyst is the baby of the Crystal Gems. Unlike the others, she was made on Earth when Gems were attempting to colonize it. Fun-loving and carefree, her character is in many ways a foil to Pearl's. She does, however, have self-hatred stemming from her dark origins, and she can be carefree to a fault. Amethyst loves sleeping and eating even though Gems don't need either, and she is the most likely to goof around with Steven. Her gem weapon is a whip. She fuses with Steven to form Smokey Quartz.

Rose Quartz- Not much is known about Steven's Gem Mother, as she gave up her physical form to bring him into the world and is currently half of him. She began the rebellion to protect Earth after becoming enamored with the different life-forms. The original leader of the Crystal Gems, she was an excellent tactician and fought with a shield and a sword. Rose was Pearl's liege, which led to animosity between Pearl and Greg when she fell in love with him. She also had healing tears, which her son inherited in the form of healing spit. It was recently revealed that Rose shattered (killed) Pink Diamond, one of the gem matriarchs.

Lapis Lazuli- A Homeworld Gem, Lapis spent millennia trapped in a magic mirror. She befriended Steven because he talked to her and later freed her from her prison. However, she was unable to escape earth because her Gem was cracked and she couldn't stretch the ocean all the way to Homeworld. Steven used his healing spit to mend her gem, so she flew away with water wings. However, Lapis soon returned as an informant for a mission to Earth. When the mission failed and the ship crashed, she attempted to escape but instead fused with Jasper to form Malachite, who she then took control of and dragged into the ocean. Lapis is mostly submissive, but her aquakinetic abilities make her very powerful when she wants to be. After being freed from Malachite, Lapis now lives in the refurbished barn with Peridot.

Peridot- The newest member of the Crystal Gems, Peridot was once a prime antagonist who was on a reconnaissance mission to Earth from Homeworld. When she is captured by the Crystal Gems, she is forced to team up with them, and eventually Earth wins her over and she rejects her old life and insults her former leader. Initially morose and ruthless, Peridot becomes much less so once she allies herself with the Crystal Gems to the point where she seems rather goofy in her naivete of earth. Currently, she lives in the refurbished barn with Lapis Lazuli. In a recent episode, Peridot discovered that she can control metals, an ability she uses to defeat Jasper.

Jasper- Peridot's Homeworld escort, Jasper was very underwhelmed by the Crystal Gems and took no interest until Steven used his mother's powers. After that, she captured them. However, he managed to escape and free Garnet, who defeated Jasper in combat. When the ship crashed, she convinced Lapis to fuse with her to take revenge, but that didn't really work out for her. Jasper is determined to defeat Rose Quartz (Steven) because she could not in the war for Earth. Powerful and well aware of it, Jasper's weapon is a war helmet. Recently, Jasper became corrupted by her desire to kill Steven and became one of the gem monsters the Crystal Gems fight. She was defeated by Smokey Quartz and Peridot.


Greg Universe- Steven's father. He runs a car wash in Beach City and was formerly a one-man band, which is how he met Rose. Though he is laid back and lives in a van, Greg is a responsible parent who cares for Steven more than anything. He likes to avoid "Gem Stuff" and has hoarder tendencies. In a recent episode, Greg received a check for $10 million and reconciles with Pearl, who disliked him because Rose chose him over her.

Connie Maheswaren- The only child of strict parents, Steven was Connie's very first friend. Bookish and shy, Connie does have a fierce side and trains under Pearl to become a master swordsman. Steven discovered his healing power when he unknowingly healed her eyesight. She and Steven can fuse to form Stevonnie, a powerful genderfluid warrior who defeats Jasper at one point.

There are many other humans, but Connie and Greg are easily the most important. The others are all super great too; Sadie Miller is one of my favorite characters.


The first season has around 50 episodes, and the second is ongoing with about 25 right now. The fourth season just recently began (sorry, the season divisions are super unclear). I have a tendency to forget how childish and plain strange some of the first episodes are, but I promise they get better. The only episode I did not like is called Cat Fingers, in which Steven's attempts at shape shifting go horribly wrong. My favorite episode, The Answer, aired during Steven Bomb 4.0 and chronicles the story of how Ruby and Sapphire met and first formed Garnet. As of October 2016, two more episodes have tied The Answer for my favorite. They are Mr. Greg, a fully musical episode in which Pearl and Greg reconcile, and Mindful Education, in which Garnet teaches Stevonnie how to cope with mental dilemmas.

Feel free to PM me if you would like to know more or if you try watching it---- I love it to pieces.

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Dragon MoonX

Dragon's primer for Final Fantasy VII:Crisis Core

WARNING - SPOILERS Don't read if you plan on playing the game (that means you, Lamia)

Timeline - Crisis Core takes place seven years before the events in Final Fantasy VII, and is the fourth part to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Storyline basics - the world is in the grip of the Shinra Electric Power Company who dominates via its monopoly to Mako energy, a power sourced directly obtained from the Lifestream, the life force of the planet itself. Shinra operates on many different fronts from vehicle and weapons manufacturing to genetic engineering, and is in control of army known as SOLDIER, which consists of trained fighters enhanced with Mako power that has given them the ability to use magic and cast spells in battle.

SOLDIER has three first class warriors known as Sephiroth, Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley. When Genesis begins to suffer from a condition known as genetic degradation due to the experiments that gave him the ability to use magic, he raises an army and leads a rebellion against Shinra with the intent of finding a cure.

Genesis is obsessed with LOVELESS, a famous poem that has been adapted into numerous plays. He first read LOVELESS at a young age and it became his favorite, and he has spent his life trying to decipher it. He takes the words of LOVELESS literally believing to have discovered its meaning; he considers himself, Zack, Sephiroth, and his friend Angeal to be characters in the poem, and believes that by fulfilling its words he can obtain the "Gift of the Goddess" to cure his degradation.

The story portrays Genesis as a deserter, arrogant and prideful. Being adopted, Genesis feels betrayed by both his true and adoptive parents, and his main source of turmoil comes from discovering the secrets of his birth that leads him to resent Shinra and all those associated with it. He takes pride in the handsome figure he cuts, his fighting style, and the popularity they garner him, but does not enjoy mingling directly with people, and only opens himself up to his companions, Sephiroth and Angeal. Although he considers Sephiroth a friend, Genesis envies him.

For a more detailed, in depth look at the characters featured in Crisis Core, you can find pictures as well as character bios here.

  • Genesis Rhapsodos -
  • Sephiroth -
  • Angeal Hewley -
  • Zack Fair -

For a complete, detailed overview of the entire game, including spoilers galore and every detail of the game's plot/storyline from start to finish, read this -

I recommend reading the above link, as it contains a great amount of detail not listed in the basic storyline I provided, and tells more about the story and its other characters.

Basic information regarding the use of magic in the Final Fantasy VII world can be found here.

  • Mako -
  • Lifestream -
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River of Broken Souls

Rivy's Primer for Warriors

In a very small nutshell, Warriors is a series about feral cats. Much description. Such wow.

It's a book series written by six authors under the name of Erin Hunter. There are currently 5 completed series, and the first of teh sixth series just came out recently. Each series is six books long, making the main story line 31 books long as of today. There are also 34 extra books, whether they be super editions, short stories, guide books, or mangas, making the grand total of warrior books 65. Now that the book info is out of the way, time to talk about the actual books.


Every series is based of of four groups of cats: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan. Their ancestors/dead relatives live in Starclan. (Basically cat heaven.) In fanfictions, some author prefer to create new clans (Ex, Forestclan, Waterclan.) Currectly, I'm using a made up clan, so descriptions of all the other clans aren't necessary. I'll add them when I need them.

Warrior Names:

Here's the basics on warrior names.

When a cat is born, their mother will give them a prefix. Prefixes are either adjectives, verbs, colours, or thingy the cats could find in teir eyco system (Ex, Long, Running, Blue, and Leaf.)

Until they are 6 moons (Months) old, the second half of kits names are kit, showing how young they are (Ex. Bluekit)

Once a cat is 6 moons old, the second half of their name is paw, showing that they are in training. (Ex. Bluepaw)

Once a cat becomes a warrior, their names change again. This time the clan leader decides what the second half could be, but it can be anything. This hald that is added usually represents the warrior being named. If a cats suffix is pool, they are most likely calm. If a cat's suffix is strike, they are usually strong. (Ex, Bluefur, Bluepool, Bluewing,)

If a cat is lucky enough to become leader, their suffix changes to star, showing their leadership. (Ex. Bluestar.)

A cat's name may be changed. If one of their eyes goes blind, the may want to change their name to One-eye.

Cat ranks:

Cats are called by their ranks, in fanfiction and canon. Here are all of them.

Kits: Kits are the youngest of the Clan. Until they become six moons (six months), they are stuck in the nursery with their mothers, eagerly awaiting the day they become an apprentice. They can either become a warrior or a medicine cat based on their interests, although most become warriors.

Apprentice: An apprentice is a young cat training to be a warrior. They are usually trained by an experienced warrior. Their mentor teaches them to hunt, fight, and protect their Clan, and teaches them the Warrior Code. The Warrior Code is a list of rules each and every cat must follow. Apprentice's names end in 'paw, such as Leafpaw, Hollypaw, and Poppypaw.

Warrior: Warriors protect, feed, and defend the Clan. Some warriors can become mentors and train younger cats, called apprentices, to become a warrior. Warriors names can end in various names, such as Fireheart, Sandstorm, Ashfur, and Brambleclaw.

Senior Warrior: These warriors are older than most, and are close to joining the Elder's den.

Elder: Once a warrior becomes too old to continue fighting and protecting their Clan, they have the option of becoming an elder. Elders usually tell kits stories, and are frequently groomed and checked for ticks by warrior apprentices.

Queen: Queens are she-cats that are expecting or nursing kits. If a female warrior is expecting kits, they join the queens in the Nursery.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: The Medicine Cat apprentice is trained to become a Medicine Cat. A Medicine Cat doesn't necessarily have to die for the apprentice to become a full Medicine Cat; usually, they finish their training before their mentors join StarClan.

Medicine Cat: The Medicine Cat is the closest cat to StarClan, the Clan's warrior ancestors. They can predict prophecies by reading signs. They also heal cats, and know herbs and berries most helpful for healing their Clanmates.

Deputy: The Deputy of the Clan organizes patrols and keeps the Clan in order. They have regular warrior names. If the Clan leader dies, they will take over and become the new leader of the Clan.

Leader: The Clan Leader rules the Clan and decides what they'll do. All Clan Leader's names end in 'star, like Firestar, Bluestar, and Blackstar.

Rankings for cats outside of the clan:

Kittypets: Kittypets, or "Twoleg pets," are looked down upon. They eat gross "rabbit pellets," as the Clan cats call them, and live with Twolegs. Most Clan cats would never stoop this low, for it is against the Warrior Code, and everything they have ever lived by.

Rogues: Rouges are cats outside the Clans that defend their own territory. Most don't have warriors names, and have names similar to Kittypets'. They tend to cause lots of trouble.

Loners: Loners are the same as rogues, although they don't claim their own territory.

Really, that's all you need to know for now. I'll update as needed!

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Red Roses1000

Rose's Primer for Heroes of Olympus - Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Heroes of Olympus is, basically, a sequel series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It takes place a few months after the last book of the PJO, The Last Olympian. So here goes. HoO is a greek-mythology-based (also Roman-based later on in the series) book series written by author Rick Riordan. The series is complete, with 5 books: The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, the House of Hades, and finally, The Blood of Olympus. Now it's time to move on to the overview of the stories, so scroll down a few spaces until you see it (it should be pretty obvious, where it is).

Overview of The Lost Hero:

Jason wakes up on a bus, apparently on a field trip with the Wilderness School to the Grand Canyon; the key word is 'apparently' because he has a mysterious case of amnesia; he doesn't remember his name, the people with him, or even who he is. The people who are supposedly his 'friends' are sitting around him; their names are Piper McLean and Leo Valdez. Piper claims that she is his girlfriend while Leo, in a likewise way, says that he's Jason's best friend. But the weird thing? Jason doesn't remember them, at all. Once they get to the canyon, they only have a few blissful moments of peacefulness, but those minutes are still weird. Coach Hedge is saying that he never saw Jason before, even though Piper and Leo said they did see him before. Coach Hedge is being mysterious about things, and seems to be suspicious of Jason. Nevertheless, Jason partners up with Leo for the field trip project. Piper is forced to partner up with a guy named Dylan, who Jason is suspicious of. Once at the canyon, the weather's not looking too great; harsh winds, gray eyes, stormy clouds. Coach begins to usher everyone in, but Dylan, Piper, Leo, Jason, and himself end up being locked out. Dylan suddenly transformed into an evil storm spirit (or Venti, in Roman form) and tries to attack them, also calling on venti friends to assist him. Coach Hedge reveals that he is a satyr, and tries to protect them. Piper falls off the edge of the canyon, and impulsively, without thinking, Jason jumps over the edge to try and rescue her. In middair, he manages to catch Piper and for some reason, they stop falling. They are floating; flying. Jason and Piper abruptly go up, and back to the battle scene. Much to Jason's own surprise, finds a coin in his pocket that turns into a magical sword and he fights for his 'friends', stopping the venti from further damage. However, as they leave, they kidnap Coach Hedge.

A chariot suddenly squeals into view, and in it is a girl named Annabeth Chase; she is looking for her boyfriend, a boy named Percy Jackson, who mysteriously disappeared. Annabeth is disappointed that her boyfriend is not here but takes Jason, Piper, and Leo into the chariot, knowing that there's something different about them. She takes them to Camp Half-Blood, where they find out that they are demigods (half human, half god). Almost immediately, Leo is claimed by Hephaestus, the god of the forge. Sooner or later, Piper and Jason are both claimed by Aphrodite and Zeus/Jupiter (Roman) respectively. Piper and Leo soon discover that they have strange powers; Piper can charmspeak (persuade) anyone to do anything for her, while Leo can control fire. Piper has been having weird dreams about her father - who has gone missing three days ago - being captured by a giant, and she's afraid she'll have to betray her friends in order to save him. Leo is afraid to use his powers because his mother had died in a fire. Jason doesn't remember a lot concerning his family, but he learns he has a sister named Thalia Grace, who is part of the Hunters of Artemis. She is not in camp at the moment.

Through many reveling discoveries and earth-shattering prophecies around a campfire, the trio learn that they have to go on a quest to rescue Hera, who is being held captive by an unknown offender. Leo manages to fix a stray dragon that was in the Half-Blood woods (he names it Festus). So up, up and away they go into the sky, flying through the air with Festus to go on their mission. On their way to saving Hera, they encounter dangerous enemies such as: cyclopes, Medea, King Midas, and wolves. Leo, Piper, and Jason manage to rescue Coach Hedge along the way. Festus manages to break down and is shattered beyond repair, which leads to them having to find other means of transportation.

As their journey continues, the foursome piece their knowledge together and learn that Gaea, known as 'mother earth' is awakening. This is bad news; Gaea is actually evil with intent of overthrowing the Olympians. On Gaea's side is a villainous giant named Porphyrion, which is bad news. Along the way they manage to bump into Jason's long lost sister Thalia, and they catch up on stories. Thalia had thought Jason was dead. Meanwhile, Piper mentally decides that she can't betray her friends for her father, since Leo and Jason had came so far with her. She admits to everyone that her father is in trouble, and they aren't mad at her. They decide to help her out. Thalia volunteers the hunters to delay Gaea's army, and that gives the demigods (and Coach Hedge) time to save Mr. McLean.

The fight to save Mr. McLean isn't easy. They must battle a giant and some Earthborn, and at the end they miraculously manage to win. Piper saves her dad, who is an emotional wreck. She gives him a potion that will make him forget about the kidnapping and the gods because, again, he was a wreck and was having nervous meltdowns. Coach Hedge stays with Mr. McLean to help him safely along, so it's up to Jason, Leo, and Piper. They go to the Wolf House, where Hera is being held, to try and stop Gaea.

They manage to win the battle against Gaea, air spirits, and wolves (somehow). Gaea is not awakened, which is good news. They go back to Camp Half-Blood, where Leo starts to build a giant flying ship which will help them along on their adventures. Piper and Jason officially become a couple. Most importantly, the Camp has a meeting and they discover Jason comes from a whole different camp altogether, for Romans. They piece everything together, and they realize that Percy was at the other camp, for Romans, probably having memory-loss, too.

Overview of The Son of Neptune:

True to Camp Half-Blood's word, Percy Jackson is lost and on the other side of the country, on the run from monsters who just can't seem to die. He is has no memories, like Jason, but this time he can only remember one person: his blonde-haired, gray-eyed girlfriend Annabeth Chase. By initial guidance from Lupa, the wolf goddess, he manages to find the entrance to an unfamiliar camp, Camp Jupiter. Upon arriving, he is attacked by a trio of gorgons, but he manages to successfully defends Juno (Hera in Greek), who is disguised as an old woman. Percy gets help from the guards on duty, Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque, and they fight off the monsters. Later Juno tells him that he's a son of Neptune, and that he can only regain his memories if he survives the challenges at camp.

He quickly befriends Hazel and Frank, who are apparently outcasts in Camp Jupiter. Percy swiftly gets used to the leaderly, orderly ways of this camp, though he has a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that something isn't right. However, Camp Jupiter soon hosts war practice, and with Percy's help, the trio leads the cohort to victory. Soon after the victory, the god of war, Mars drops in and says that Frank is his son. Frank is disappointed, as he wanted Apollo to be his father. In the meanwhile, Mars gives them a direct prophecy to free Thantos, the death god. With the death god captured, chained, and tied up, there is no death and the monsters will never die. Before Frank, Percy and Hazel have a chance to recover from that, they're selected for the quest. They barely have time to prepare before they are forced to leave Camp Jupiter for the quest.

During the trip, they encounter many monsters but twice as many secrets; it's learned that Hazel is from the past and Frank's lifeline is tied to a piece of firewood. If the piece of firewood burns up, his life is over. They also learn that Gaea is awakening and they are counted on to possibly stop her. They somehow manage to defeat the Alaskian giant and free Death. However, they are faced with another problem: the Doors of Death are open, which means that monsters can escape from the underworld. However, even Death can't close it. They are forced to solve the problem some other time.

Along the way in the journey, Hazel and Frank develop their strengths, skills and confidence learning that they can be good fighters, too.

At the end, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, and Jason arrive in the Argo ll, the battleship Leo had built. The book ends when Percy puts his arms around Frank and Hazel and says to them that he wants them to meet his other family.

Overview of The Mark of Athena:

The book starts off right where The Son of Neptune left, except this time told from the Greek camp's point of view. The Camp Half-Blood representatives (Leo, Piper, Jason, and Annabeth) are aboard the Argo ll, where they are beginning their descent into Rome. Annabeth is hoping the Romans will be able to peacefully negotiate with them, with no war/fighting. However, she is wary of this happening, because the Greeks and Romans have been at war for a long time. They piece together a puzzle and realize that they are living the great prophecy, where seven demigods must go on a dangerous mission: four Camp Half-Blood representatives and three Camp Jupiter representatives. At Percy's discretion, he chooses Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, and himself to accompany the other four. Annabeth and the praetor of Camp Jupiter, Reyna, take a walk and talk about the quest. However, an Eidolon sent by evil Gaea herself possesses Leo and forces him to fire on Camp Jupiter. This leads Octavian, the easily-panicked augur, into thinking that the Greeks were trying to trick them.

The seven demigods (Jason, Hazel, Frank, Percy, Annabeth, Piper, and Leo) manage to escape with only mild injuries on most of them. They have to land near the Great Salt Lake for a short period of time in search of celestial bronze, which they steal from a narcissist named Narcissus. During that very search, Leo accidentally stumbles upon a goddess named Nemesis, who is the goddess of the scales. She gives him a fortune cookie which he can open in a time of need, but for a price of something big.

Percy, Jason, and Piper meet with Bacchus (Dionysus in Greek), the god of wine and parties, upon hearing some information about him. Gaea invades again and two Eidolon's possess Percy, Jason, and later Leo, but the seven manage to defeat them. Later, Percy, Frank, and Coach Hedge go to the Georgia Aquarium in search of information about Gaea. They are sent after with a monster, but they manage to stay alive. Throughout the journey, tension is thick in the air, especially between the two demigods Frank and Leo, who both seem to have a crush on Hazel. Hazel gets upset with Jason and Leo for being hesitant to save her half-brother Nico di Angelo, who had been captured by giants.

The seven search for The Mark of Athena in Fort Sumter, but are ambushed by the Romans. However, Reyna decides to let Annabeth finish her search, but the Roman leader warns them that the next encounter will not be easy. While crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Leo, Frank, and Hazel are thrown overboard by the monster that the people in Georgia's Aquarium sent after them. However, they end up in a safe placed called Camp Fish-Blood, which instead of training demigods train ichthycentaurs. The demigods rendevous and resume their travels after Leo, Hazel, and Frank manage to find a way back. In the midst of many monsters and swirling secrets, they manage to find their way to Rome, where they have no idea what to do next. Soon the seven split up so they can cover more ground, with Coach Hedge defending the ship; Percy, Jason, and Piper going to the Colosseum; Frank, Hazel, and Leo trying to locate Nico; and Annabeth in search of the Mark of Athena, alone.

Percy and Jason are confronted by the twin giants, who they are forced to battle until Bacchus comes and saves the day, finishing them off. Frank, Hazel, and Leo are trapped underground by the Eidolons, and Leo decides to use his fortune cookie, which allows him to make use of Archimedes Ball, and he uses the ball to seal off the Eidolons for good. Meanwhile, Annabeth has to go through a variety of challenges designed to kill whoever tries to follow the Mark. At the end, there is the worst enemy, Arachne herself. Annabeth somehow manages to bind Arachne inside her own trap. The other demigods arrive on the Argo, ready to save the day. They help to push Arachne into Tartarus, which a hole in the spider woman's lair was leading to. The demigods secure the Athena Parthenos and bring it to safety, alongside saving Nico. However, Annabeth's foot gets caught onto Arachne's silk and gets pulled down, too. Percy, in attempt to save her, tumbles down alongside herself. Before they fall, Percy requests Nico to meet them on the other side of the Doors of Death.

On the Argo ll, Leo realizes that Percy and Annabeth falling where the consequences of him opening the fortune cookie, and he feels responsible for their fall. The story ends here, and the next story is The House of Hades.

Overview of The House of Hades:

Out of the seven, there are five remaining demigods: Jason Grace, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez, and Piper McLean. They are accompanied by Coach Hedge and Nico di Angelo on their journey as they anxiously set sail for Greece, hoping to find the Doors of Death and rescue Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase along the way. The five demigods give a failed attempt to try to cross through the Apennine Mountains so Hazel leaves with her horse Arion to meet with Hecate, a goddess of magic. Hecate offers Hazel four directions to chose from, and Hazel picks the northern route. Hecate promises that Hazel's choice will work under the condition that the demigod learns how to manipulate the Mist (what veils magic from mortals; ex. if demigods had a sword in their hand, mortals' minds would trick them into thinking it was a baseball bat, etc.) When the demigods arrive at Bologna, the Argo ll is invaded by monster thieves, who steal Leo's Archimedes sphere, much to his dismay. They also steal many other things. Leo manages to corner the thieves and he retrieves the stolen items, alongside some other things, such as: an agricultural book belong to an assistant of Demeter, and an astrolabe belonging to Odysseus. Leo spares the two thieves under one condition: that they head to New York and stop the Camp Jupiter army from invading Camp Half-Blood. Hazel, Frank, and Nico travel to Venice and meet Demeter's assistant, Triptolemus. However, Triptolemus, upon hearing that Nico was a demigod of Hades, forces Frank to kill katobleps (monsters of Venice) by taking Hazel and Nico hostage. Frank succeeds, and the quest continues on.

A deadly monster blocks their path to the Balkans, but Hazel learns to manipulate the mist so he falls into his own trap. Hazel's father, Pluto (Roman version of Hades) appears and confides in them that the Doors of Death are located at the very lowest level of the Necromanteion. The Necromanteion is in Eprius. At Jason's discretion, the demigods visit Split, where the palace and tomb of Emperor Diocletian is located. This very emperor is Jason's hero. Jason and Nico search for the legendary Diocletian's scepter, which is said to command dead roman soldiers. They are transported to a far-off mountain by Favonius and stumble upon Cupid. Cupid forces Nico to admit that he has a crush on Percy, which takes Jason by surprise, who thought Nico liked Annabeth. Finally, Cupid leaves them the scepter. The demigods scramble to get the quest back on track, and soon enough they are well on their way to the Doors of Death.

However, they are delayed because an evil snow goddess named Khione, and her siblings, come to fight them. She sends Leo to a remote, magical island by the name of Ogygia before she is halted by Piper, who uses charmspeak to get Festus to help them. Meanwhile, Leo is cast off the ship and into the island. He crash lands, and this makes the only person there, Calypso, mad. She is still steaming from Percy Jackson leaving her there (from the Battle of the Labyrinth). Leo learns of her curse and her encounter with Percy. Soon enough, they develop a close bond and Calypso sadly helps Leo escape the island. However, Leo is in love with Calypso, and even though it is said that no man can return to Ogygia twice, he swears on the River Styx that he'll return. They share one kiss before the magical raft takes Leo back to Greece.

Meanwhile, the Argo ll rests on the North African Coast and Jason decides to become a Greek. The demigods manage to meet up with Leo at Malta before heading to the Necromanteion. They descend throughout the temple. Leo and Hazel separate from the rest of the group to battle the guardians of the Doors of Death. The others are surrounded by monsters, which they try their best to fend off. Jason gives his praetorship to Frank, who uses the scepter to take command of the dead Roman warriors and defeat the monsters. Hazel once again uses the Mist to fight.

Meanwhile Percy and Annabeth have to venture through Tartarus to find the other Doors of Death. They try their best to navigate throughout the otherwordly area and encounter enemies that they have seen before. Annabeth uses an underworld altar to tell Rachel Dare (a mortal friend of theirs; also the oracle of Camp Half-Blood) to meet with Reyna and negotiate with the Greek demigods in Greece. They encounter many obstacles being thrown at them - quite literally - and soon enough they come across an elevator, which serves as the Tartarus' Doors of Death. The Titans Hyperion and Krios are guarding it. The two Titans have released all the giants back into the mortal world, which is bad news. To buy Percy and Annabeth time, their newfound Tartarus friends named Bob and Damasen sacrifice themselves so the two demigods can make it out. They arrive in time to see Hazel, with Hecate's help, sucessfully slay the last of the enemies.

The demigods have a reuniting picnic party before continuing their travels through Greece. Reyna comes and joins them, having gotten Annabeth's message sent through Rachel. Annabeth requests that Reyna should bring back the Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood, thinking it could possibly reunite the Romans and Greeks. Coach Hedge and Nico volunteer to help her. Later on, the story ends while Percy looks up at the stars.

Overview of The Blood of Olympus:

The seven demigods have no choice but to continue on their journey in Ancient Greece. Jason, Annabeth, and Percy overhear that resurrected souls are gathering at Odysessus' home in Ithaca, so they disguise themselves with Hazel's Mist to eavesdrop on the gathering. The trio learn that the Giant's army is not planning to invade Mount Olympus, but the Acropolis in Athens, were most of them are. The Gulf of Corinth is heavily defended by the Giant's army, so the demigods have to find a different route; in this case, circling around Peloponnese to get to their destination. Michael Varus, a resurrected soul, realizes the demigod's tricks and attempted deception, he tries to force Jason to confront his mother's wild, insane spirit. When Jason refuses, Michael gives him a mortal wound. As Jason heals, Percy and Annabeth summon Juno. Juno tells them to seek Nike at Olympia, and try to speak with Artemis and Apollo, who have been banished by Jupiter.

At Olympia, Frank, Percy, Hazel, and Leo are forced to compete in Nike's deadly Olympic Games, but they manage to capture and detain the goddess. Nike reveals that one of them is destined to die in the future, and that they need the Physician's Cure. The cure consists of the curse of Delos, Pylosian mint, and the heartbeat of the chained god. Frank Zhang is the first to uncover an ingredient, which is the Pylosian mint. The others think that the chained god is Ares, for a statue of him shows that he is chained. Piper and Annabeth go to the ruins of Sparta, where she said statue supposedly is. They gather yet another ingredient, which is Makhai. The duo is forced to battle with a giant named Mimas, and Piper is the one to finish him off. As sailing through another sea, the Argo ll is knocked off course with a harsh, raging storm which Jason and Percy realize is caused from a daughter of Poseidon. Jason manages to convince this daughter to switch to the good side and together they kill Polybotes, an evil villain.

Upon reaching Mykonos, Leo, Frank, and Hazel meet with Artemis and Apollo at the local Delos, where Apollo gives them the third ingredient: the cured aster. He reveals that the Python at Delph is blocking his prophecy powers. Apollo also reveals the location of his son, Asclepius, who is able to make the potion. As they leave the island, a reluctant Leo hesitantly confides with Frank and Hazel his plan to sacrifice himself to Gaea and inject himself with the cure afterwards. After they obtain the cure they finally reach Athens. The demigods head to the Acropolis and spar with the Giants, who are defeated when the Olympian gods come to help the demigods, lead by Zeus himself. The god's split personalities are healed, but however, with a price. The giants were able to injure Annabeth and Percy, and the duo's blood spills onto the ancient stones. This awakes Gaea, back in Camp Half-Blood.

Meanwhile, Reyna, Coach Hedge, and Nico head back to Camp Half-Blood with the Athena Parthenos using Nico's shadow-travel. Upon reaching Pompeii, Reyna learns from her dreams that they are being sought out by a giant. At Evora, they are attacked by Lycaon and his wolf aides. They manage to defeat him and shadow-travel to San Juan, Reyna's homeland. Reyna is captured by the Hunters of Artemis, led by Thalia Grace (Jason's older sister), who are working together with the Amazons, led by Reyna's sister Hylla. The giant that is pursuing them turns out to be Orion, who appears and causes havoc throughout the Hunters, Amazons, and Coach Hedge/Reyna/Nico alliance. Before Orion can reach Reyna, Nico shadow-travels them to South Carolina. Reyna reveals her past. They are being secretly spied upon by Bryce Lawrence, who tries to kill Reyna for patricide. Bryce is turned into a ghost by Nico.

Coach Hedge, Nico, and Reyna manage to arrive at Camp Half-Blood, only sustaining minor injuries, with the help of Pegasus. Nico and Hedge travel to camp while Reyna is confronted by Orion. She manages to defeat him with the help of her mother, Bellona, and Athena. Nico meets up with demigods such as Will Solace to try and kill Camp Jupiter's onagers. Just when the two camps are about to go into a full-out war, Reyna reveals the Athena Parthenos. She ends the battle before it really began. However, Gaea abruptly rises and begins an attack on the camp. The seven demigods, transported by Zeus, arrive at the scene, ready to fight. Piper uses her charmspeaking power to make Gaea sleep, and Leo sacrifices himself to kill her.

The two camps are mourning, yet they still celebrate victory at Camp Half-Blood together. Nico decides to stay at Camp Half-Blood permanently. He also reveals his crush to Percy, but says that he's moved on. Percy and Annabeth plan to move to Camp Jupiter together to attend college after they graduate high school. Meanwhile, Leo, who was presumed dead, had drank the cure and is still alive. However, he manages to arrive at Ogygia again and picks up Calypso, whom he promised he would return. They share another kiss. Calypso finds herself no longer bound to her curse of staying on Ogygia for eternity, so she sets off with Leo and sails into the unknown.

Relevant/Important Characters:

Perseus "Percy" Jackson: Percy was the main protagonist of the PJO series (hence the name), and he's making a comeback. However, this time, he is a main character alongside six others. The most important thing you should know about him is that he's a son of Poseidon (Greek), or you could say Neptune (Roman). As for his personality, he is loyal and never likes seeing a friend hurt, or down. Percy is determined and friendly, rather impulsive as well. He's one of those well-liked, all around characters, as you can say. His downfall is that he would do anything for a friend. He likes being in charge and is a good leader. Lots of people like to look up to him. He's also a friend to everyone. As stated in the last sentence, he is a friend to everyone, but his best friend/girlfriend is Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena/Minerva. He would do anything for her. He originally comes from New York City and Camp Half-Blood, the Greek camp.

Annabeth Chase: Annabeth is Percy's fellow sidekick, and she was also featured in the PJO series. She's generally a nice, friendly person but she can be tough as nails and really determined. Her fatal flaw is hubris, which means she thinks she's better than others. She is a daughter of Athena/Minerva, and would do anything for Percy Jackson, her boyfriend. She is really smart, and really strong, and can hold her own. She fights with a dagger, which is a hard weapon to use against monsters.

Leo Valdez: Leo is the type of guy who likes to joke around a lot, and he's a really funny person. He's fast on his feet and with his brain, and he's quick to think of comebacks or sassy remarks. Leo is also a well-liked person, and he's the son of Hephaestus/Vulcan. Leo is in love with Calypso, who is his unofficial girlfriend. He is best friends with Jason Grace. Leo is also technically girl-crazy, but he can never get the girl.

Piper McLean: Piper is basically a nice girl, who is always there for her friends when they need a shoulder to cry on. However, her father is movie star Tristan McLean, and she tries to hide this fact because she thinks people will treat her differently. All that aside, she is a sweet girl and is very persuasive. She is dating Jason Grace. She is the daughter of Aphrodite/Venus.

Jason Grace: Jason is a perfectonist, who like Percy, doesn't ever want to let his friends down. He tries to be the best, and he tries to defend his friends. He never likes it when something has to cover for him, when he's hurt/injured, because he feels as if he always has to help out. His personality is the same to Percy's. He is dating Piper McLean, and is the son of Zeus/Jupiter.

Frank Zhang: Frank is an unsure boy. He always feels left out of everything; an outcast. The only thing - or person, I should say - that's keeping him grounded is Hazel Levesque, his unofficial girlfriend. Frank is also a shapeshifter, and can change to become any animal he pleases. Frank has a hard time building confidence, but he is gradually getting to that confidence point. He was also born into a family of warriors.

Hazel Levesque: Hazel is kind, caring, and compassionate. She is also ready to help out anyone in need. She gets along with all of the demigods, even though she's only 13 years old, the youngest of them. However, she is also helping and always has a smile on her face. She has control over the Mist and underground objects such as gems. Plus, she is a resurrected soul and she was actually born in the 1900's, but she died and was brought back to life (This primer is long enough, so if you want more information about her backstory, just Google it).

Story Pairings:

Percy x Annabeth: Percabeth

Piper x Jason: Jasper

Hazel x Frank: {I don't know the ship name}

Calypso x Leo: Caleo

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Poke's Primer for The Mysterious Benedict Society.

So, this is a book series that I think is geared towards a younger-ish audience? Idk, I read them in 5th grade and there isn't anything inappropriate. ANYWAY. I have only read the first two books (The first book is the title of the series, and the second book is The Perilous Journey.) They're about this secret society of children that got together through a series of weird tests put out by Mr. Benedict. I'm not going to do complicated things with this, probably just AUs or character/pairing studies.


The story is told in Reynie Muldoon's point of view. He sees this newspaper ad for special opportunities for gifted children. The proctor of these tests is Number Two, who is Mr. Benedict's assistant. Reynie makes it to the second stage of the tests and meets Kate, Sticky, and Constance. There are a few more cool puzzles and then they go to Mr. Benedict's house. Mr. Benedict explains the weird shiet that's happening:

Basically, there's this thing called the Emergency going on rn. This means that basically the world is panicking over global warming political stuff and other really awful things. The person behind this is Mr. Curtain, who actually turns out to be Mr. Benedict's twin. He uses children's voices to slip hidden messages into tv broadcasts or on radio waves. This is cause like children's voices can go unnoticed in an adult's mind. Anyway the messages are super weird and cryptic and we don't ever really find out the true meaning of them all, but the power is increasing and Mr. Benedict thinks something big is going to happen.

The messages are coming from The Institute, the elite school that Mr. Curtain runs. There's also these really cool and powerful water turbines connected to the school. The benedict society infiltrates the school and relays information. Reynie and Sticky excel in the classes and become Messengers, who are the senders of the hidden messages. (backtracking a bit but mr. curtain kidnaps and brainwashes orphans. he also has ten-men to go out and steal them. they're called ten-men 'cause they have ten different ways to kill you~) Mr. Curtain has this machine called the Whsiperer which is really the one sending out the messages, technically. It can also brainwash/brainsweep people, which is what happened to Milligan.

Anyway, in the end, they stop the Whisperer from going full power and take it back to Mr. Benedict so he can research, although Curtain runs away.


Reynard Muldoon: Everyone calls him Reynie. Technically the main character. He thinks more on the logical side and is good with riddles and puzzles. He's an orphan and was raised for a while in the town orphanage where he was bullied for reading and he had no friends save for his tutor Ms. Perumal, who he now calls Amma (which is mother in tamil) since she adopted him.

George Washington: i kID YOU NOT. Everybody calls him Sticky though. Literally everything sticks in his brain. He remembers everything. He can read things super fast. He also takes things literally. Whenever he's nervous, he tends to polish his spectacles. He's also bald. His knowledge was invisible for most of his life but then his parents found out and signed him up for a lot of quiz shows which he kept on winning and his parents were getting richer and richer and were loving the rich life until one day he just ran away.

Constance Contraire: She is literally a toddler. But she's really intelligent for her age and makes up spectacular insulting poems. Cranky, whiny, and tired most of the time.

Kate Wetherall: Kate is the adventurous person of the group, although she's not as smart. Her father is Milligan, but when she was younger he disappeared (was kidnapped by Curtain) and she ran away and joined the circus ;D Her most prized posession is her bucket. She keeps lots of things in it. It turns out to be quite useful. She can also accurately measure distances and lengths with only her eyes.

Milligan: He works for Mr. Benedict. At the beginning, he's always super glum and sad, although he changes disguises often. His memory was wiped by Curtain but her managed to escape and Benedict gave him a job. It's discovered that Kate is his daughter and he's happy again :)

Number Two: In her twenties. She works for Mr. Benedict too, and almost never sleeps. She eats constantly so that she has the needed energy to watch over Mr. Benedict/work. Her skin is yellow-ish and she has an entirely yellow wardrobe, so she is jokingly referred to as a pencil. One of my faves ♥

Rhonda Kazembe: Also in her twenties and working for Mr. Benedict. She has a really playful personality and jokes around a lot. She can look younger than she is.

Mr. Benedict: He's an orphan, and came from Holland many years ago with his twin. He has a large nose that resembles a cucumber. He has narcolepsy, which basically means that strong emotions trigger him briefly falling asleep. He's a genius and has a soft spot for kids. He adopts Constance at the end of book 1.

Mr. Curtain: Also super smart like his twin, yet totally evil :D He has this really big journal with lots of stuff in it. Kinda insane.


The books don't focus much on romance, but there are a few ships.

Kate/Reynie: WHY IS THIS SO POPULAR. WHY. I don't like it one bit, but the fandom does :/

Sticky/Reynie: I ship this. A few other people ship it. It's not as popular as Kate/Reynie but still there.

Number Two/Rhonda: My OTP ♥ I think I might be the only one that ships it, though xD I'll definitely be writing them into my stories.

I believe that's it! :)

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four-legged clover

Clover's Primer for Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera is:

a) A book by Gaston Leroux, written in 1909 and first published in French.

b) An Andrew Lloyd Webber musical first performed in 1986.

c) Phantom is a book by Susan Kay that follows the Phantom's backstory, published in 1990.


Erik is a horribly disfigured musical genius, who, shunned by society, lives in a lair underneath Paris's Opera Populaire. He tutors the orphaned Christine Daae in secret through the walls of her dressing room (pretending to be the 'Angel of Music'), and is slowly falling in love with her and her voice. When one day at rehearsal Carlotta, the prima donna, leaves after a mishap, Christine steps up and sings in her place - and succeeds. That night at the opera house gala, she sings the big song for everyone and is recognized as possibly the next great singer. After the show, Meg Giry, daughter of the dance instructor and a ballerina herself, asks Christine how she can sing so well. She replies that she has learned from a great tutor.

As it turns out, Christine's childhood friend Raoul was watching the show and saw her grand debut. He visits her afterwards and insists that he and Christine go out for dinner afterwards. She tries to decline (as Erik doesn't want her seeing anyone) but he insists and leaves her to get ready. Erik has seen the whole exchange and appears in Christine's mirror as the Angel of Music. He hypnotizes her with his voice and they travel through the mirror, across a subterranean lake, and into Erik's majestic lair. He plays his pipe organ for her and explains that he has chosen her to sing his music, then sings for her himself. Christine is enchanted, but sees a mannequin in a wedding gown that resembles herself and faints.

When Christine awakens, Erik is composing music at the organ and does not notice her. Too curious, she sneaks up behind and unmasks him. He whirls around and furiously yells at her, terrifying her with his gruesome disfigurement. Christine is frightened and apologizes, leading Erik to return her to the upper world. When she returns, she learns that mysterious notes signed O.G. (Opera Ghost) have been delivered to the managers that demand the Christine (rather than Carlotta) play the starring role in that night's opera. Carlotta refuses. That night, Carlotta stars as Christine is forced to play a silent role in the opera. Midway through the first act, however, Carlotta begins to croak like a frog and runs offstage in tears. A dance interlude ensues as Christine is hurriedly prepared for the part, but the dead body of the stagehand Joseph Buquet drops to the stage. This causes a general panic as everyone rushes out of the Opera Populaire. Christine and Raoul take this opportunity to rush to the opera's roof. There, they declare their love for each other and promise to stay be each other's side. Little do they know that Erik has been watching the whole exchange. In a fit of passion, he declares vengeance on Raoul and vows to make Christine his and drops the opera's majestic chandelier into the audience.

Six months later, the chandelier has been rebuilt and a masked ball is being held. Christine and Raoul stay by each other's side and dance together as people in absurd costumes whirl by. The peace does not last, for Erik appears at the head of the grand staircase dressed as the Red Death and has a skull for a mask. He terrifies the crowd and throws his recently completed opera Don Juan Triumphant at the managers, demanding that they perform it. He vanishes in a puff of smoke.

As rehearsals for Don Juan Triumphant commence, Raoul concocts a plan to capture Erik once and for all. He reasons that if Christine plays the starring role (Aminta), then Erik will be sure to watch the show and the police can capture him in his private box. Christine is torn between her friend and her teacher, and decides to go to her father's grave for guidance. Erik appears to her as her father's spirit and begins to hypnotize her, but Raoul shows up and stops him. Erik shoots fireballs at Raoul as he attempts to escape with Christine. They eventually succeed and return to Paris, where the premiere of Don Juan Triumphant is starting soon. Christine gets onstage to sing a duet with the actor that plays Don Juan. As he begins to sing, however, she realizes that it is not Ubaldo Piangi (who was supposed to sing) but Erik! The song ends and Erik declares his love for Christine, who promptly rips his mask off and reveals his deformity to the crowd. Horrified, Erik grabs Christine and disappears into the underground lair through a trap door. A moment later, Piangi's dead body is found off to one side of the stage.

Raoul, along with Madam Giry (the ballet instructor), travels down through some tunnels. Madam Giry instructs him to keep "your hand at the level of your eyes" to prevent Erik from lassoing him like he did Buquet and Piangi. A mob forms and follows Raoul, aiming to kill Erik once and for all. Meanwhile, Erik has forced Christine to put on the wedding dress. When Raoul arrives underground, he drops his arm and is lassoed by Erik. Erik tells Christine that if she promises to stay with him forever, then Raoul can go, but if she wishes to leave then Raoul will die. Overcome, Christine kisses Erik. He is so overwhelmed that he lets them both leave and is frozen in shock. He recovers before the mob arrives and vanishes for the last time.

This was mostly the plot of the musical. The Leroux book is slightly different, and the Kay novel is completely different.


Christine Daae is an orphaned chorus member at the Opera Populaire with an amazing singing voice. She is taught by Erik (under the guise of the Angel Music) and falls in love with her childhood friend Raoul.

Erik is the mysterious Phantom of the Opera, lurking under the opera and delivering ultimatums to the hapless managers. He trains Christine and eventually falls in love with her and attempts to force her to marry him.

Raoul de Chagny is Christine's childhood friend and now lover. He will do anything to stop Erik and live a happy life with Christine.

Madam Giry is the ballet instructor at the opera and is Meg's mother. She does errands for Erik and is almost a mother figure to him. She helps Raoul and Erik, which can lead to some tight spots.

Meg Giry is Madam Giry's daughter and a ballerina. She aspires to be a singer like Christine and is overwhelmingly curious sometimes.

Andre and Firmin are the managers of the Opera Populaire and are terrified of Erik, doing almost anything he asks.


E/C: Erik and Christine. There are not really any ship names for this one. A lot of Phantom fanfic authors are die-hard EC shippers that believe wholeheartedly that Raoul is an idiotic fop and Christine should have stayed with Erik.

R/C: Raoul/Christine. This is actually canon, but fairly unpopular in the fanfiction world.

Merik: Meg/Erik. I actually really like this one, it's cute. Meg is so outgoing and bubbly and balances out Erik's mopiness.

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Hazards' Primer for Hamilton

Or Hazards' very Maria-centric primer for Hamilton, as that is who I am going to write about in the current fic. This may be expanded, if I want to write more Hamilton fics for here, but for now, it is Maria-centric. For now will go only up to the events of The Reynolds Pamphlet


Hamilton is an orphan who comes from the Caribbean and becomes George Washington's right-hand man. He also marries Eliza Scuyler. After the war, Hamilton becomes Treasury Secretary, and proposes a plan for a new form of government. However, there are some, such as Thomas Jefferson, who oppose him. If he doesn't manage to get his new plan through, he will lose his position. Eliza and her sister, Angelica, leave for a visit to their father. Hamilton remains behind, needing to get his plan through Congress.

While Eliza is away, Hamilton cheats on her with Maria Reynolds. Maria Reynolds is married to James Reynolds, who is an abusive, manipulative (insert quite a bit of censored language). Anyway, he finds out about the affair, or it had been orchestrated by him, it isn't clear, and blackmails Hamilton. His enemies trace Hamilton's finances, and decide that he engaged in speculation, using the money from the treasury. To clear his name, Hamilton published the Reynolds Pamphlet, a 95 page paper about his affair and created America's first sex scandal.

(The following isn't in the play, but is what happened historically, so I count it as canon):This was really bad for Maria. She managed to divorce herself from James, but lost custody of her daughter, so her daughter wouldn't have to be raised by someone the public hated. After that, no one knows what happened to her.

Ok, that should be good for now. I will expand this later, I promise

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wait I'm bored and have a lot to say so I'mma do a primer for Ham too

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Bea's Primer for Hamilton: An American Musical

This is basically a really emotional history lesson on my part.


Hamilton: An American Musical is a musical currently running at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. It debuted on Broadway in August 2015. Hamilton's music, book, and lyrics were all written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, already a Tony winner for his work on In the Heights. Hamilton won a Grammy in 2016 for Best Musical Theater Album. The musical was nominated for a record 16 Tony Awards (out of 13 categories!) and won 11, including Best Musical, Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical (Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr), Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical (the love of my life, Daveed Diggs, as Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson), Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical (Renée Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler Church). A fun fact: all four of the big awards for performance in a musical went to POC. Where you at, Oscars?


Actors are from the original Broadway billing / the OBC album.

Alexander Hamilton — Lin-Manuel Miranda / Javier Muñoz

Aaron Burr — Leslie Odom, Jr.

Eliza(beth) Schuyler Hamilton — Phillipa (Pippa) Soo

Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson — Daveed Diggs

George Washington — Christoper Jackson (fun fact: Jackson worked with LMM on In the Heights)

King George III — Jonathan Groff / Rory O'Malley

Peggy Schuyler / Maria Reynolds — Jasmine Cephas Jones

John Laurens / Phillip Hamilton — Anthony Ramos

Hercules Mulligan / James Madison — Okieriete (Oke?) Onaodowan

For actors with more than one role, the first role is in Act I and the second role is in Act I.

In the case of Alexander Hamilton with two actors: Lin-Manuel Miranda originated the role and Javier Muñoz is his understudy. Note: Muñoz was also his understudy for In the Heights. LMM is loyal, y'all. On July 9, 2016, Muñoz will take over the role of Alexander Hamilton.

King George III has two actors because Jonathan Groff originated the role, but he was the first to leave the original cast so Rory O'Malley (of Book of Mormon fame) has been King George III for a while. It's also important to note that King George III's actor is the only non-POC member of the cast.


It's 1776 in New York City. Nineteen-year-old Alexander Hamilton finds Aaron Burr in the city because he wants to know how Burr graduated early from Princeton University. Burr replies that he did because it was his "parents' dying wish before they passed." (He fails to mention that his father was one of the founders of Princeton — that probably had something to do with it.) Hamilton decides that they should bond because they're both orphans, so they go to grab a drink. There, they run into Hercules Mulligan, Marquis de Lafayette, and John Laurens.

It's extremely important to note that Hamilton is very, very opinionated. Burr is almost his exact opposite, preferring to remain neutral. Although they become friends, this is a problem between the two.

I'm getting too detailed so I'll come back

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Rebecca's Primer for X-Men

Note: Since the fanfiction that I'm writing this primer for is set during the first movie, X-Men (2000), this is mostly a primer for that. Also because trying to write a primer for the whole series would just be too darn much.

Background and Overview

Based on Marvel's looong-running comic book series, the popular X-Men film franchise launched with its first film, X-Men, in 2000. Several sequels, prequels, and spin-offs have been made since then, with the most recent, X-Men: Apocalypse, just released in May 2016. In the films, mutants are people with various supernatural abilities – anything from reading minds (Professor X) to controlling the weather (Storm) – that begin during adolescence. There are many mutants in the series, but the main focus is on a team of mutant superheroes, the X-Men, led by Professor X, and their ongoing battles with a team of mutant supremacists, the Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Magneto, who are intent on wiping out humans.

The films all deal with discrimination, and X-Men's mutants have long been seen as a metaphor for gays: their powers start in adolescence, some want to keep their mutations a secret and "hide," while others argue that they shouldn't be ashamed. This theme is one reason why Sir Ian McKellen agreed to play Magneto, a militant mutant supremacist (the villain in the first film) with the ability to create magnetic fields and control metal. Magneto and his former friend Professor Xavier, a telepathic, benevolent mutant leader, have been compared to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Synopsis of the First Film

Set around 2003, an discriminatory anti-mutant bill, the Mutant Registration Act, is being discussed in the US legislature. Magneto, a mutant who was imprisoned in Auschwitz as a child, is convinced that seeds are being sown for a mutant Holocaust, and he determines to stop it "by any means necessary." (He also warns, "Identification is how it starts.") He builds a machine that he believes will trigger mutations in ordinary humans. (Actually, humans effected by it live as mutants for only a short time before their bodies reject the new mutations, and they die.)

Meanwhile, young Marie is understandably terrified when her dangerous new mutant powers manifest, and she runs away from home and adopts the new name Rogue. On the road, she meets another mutant, Logan, a man with claws and no memory of most of his life, who grudgingly lets her travel with him. They eventually arrive at a school for mutants, run by Professor Charles Xavier.

But shortly after their arrival, Rogue is lured out the school and abducted by Magneto, who intends to use her powers to run his machine. He wants to trigger mutations in the many world leaders who are attending at a global summit on Liberty Island, New York. Professor X's team of mutant fighters, the X-Men, have a big battle against Magneto and his own team of mutants at the Statue of Liberty, managing to stop him and save Rogue just in time.

A Few Characters

  • Logan (aka Wolverine): The face of the film franchise, Logan has several mutant powers, including immediately healing from any injury, never aging, hyper-acute senses, and retractable claws in his hands. Logan's first solo film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), revealed that he was born in the early 1800's, but he has no idea of his age (or of who he really is) because several years ago, he underwent a surgery that grafted indestructible metal onto his claws and the rest of his skeleton, and also wiped his memory. Between his claws and acute senses, Logan has a rough, animalistic nature and a lot of fight scenes, but the films also explore his more human side, mostly through his father/daughter-like bond with Rogue and unrequited love for Jean. Since he never physically ages, he is played at all ages by Hugh Jackman.
  • Rogue (aka Marie): Rogue has the bad luck to get stuck with the crappy mutant power of unintentionally killing any human who touches her skin. (She kills mutants too, but she absorbs their power first, and they have to touch her longer.) At 17, she runs away and eventually arrives at Xavier's school. She fits in happily at "Mutant High," as the teenagers call it, making friends and a boyfriend (whom she can't even kiss). In the first film, Rogue is basically the "child in peril" part: she gets tricked into leaving the school by Magneto, who abducts and nearly kills her before the X-Men rescue her. Rogue is played by Anna Paquin.
  • Charles (aka Professor X): Wise, wheelchair-bound, and bald, Charles Xavier is an extremely intelligent, powerful telepath. He is the leader of the X-Men team and the founder of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, a school for mutant children and a safe haven for mutants of all ages. Ever optimistic, he hopes for a peaceful existence between mutants and humans; this usually puts him at odds with his ex-bestie Erik, a mutant supremacist who believes that "peace was never an option." Charles is played as a young man by James McAvoy and in old age by Patrick Stewart.
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Legendary Biologist

Bio's Primer for Gungrave

Do not go beyond the grave if you are afraid of spoilers.


Gungrave is a 3rd person shooter game developed by Red Entertainment, with Yasuhiro Nightow (creator of Trigun) as the original creator. In 2003, an anime adaptation is made by Studio Madhouse (Trigun, Monster, Death Note). However, Gungrave is more well-known for the anime, which is why if you look around any fanfiction websites, it's placed in Anime/Manga category.

And thus, this primer will be more focused on the anime.



For starters, how do you start it? The anime itself starts in medias res.

If you start from episode 2 (recommended), Gungrave tells a story of two men in a small-time gang, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell. To stay alive in the mafia-infested town of Billion, they do what crooks do: stealing, conning, fighting in the streets, etc. When the story starts, they accidentally pick on someone who has a relation with the Mafia, which leads to the deaths of everybody in the gang except Brandon and Harry. Not long after the incident, Harry offends a gang leader with his rebellious attitude, which almost gets them killed until Millennion, the biggest mafia organization in Billion, interferes. Harry finds himself interested in Millennion because of the possibility to be free from a pathetic life, so he asks to join the organization. Brandon is initially shocked by Harry's plan, but seeing that he'll be alone and aimless without Harry and considering that his lover, Maria Asagi, is already in Millennion, he decides to join as well. This is when Brandon's and Harry's friendship is tested.

If you start from episode 1 (not recommended, because it's just episode 18 without all the flashbacks), spoilers ahoy! Gungrave tells a story of Brandon Heat, now a necrolyzer called Beyond the Grave, is out to seek vengeance on his murderer, Harry MacDowell. He has been sleeping for thirteen years inside Dr. Tokioka's trailer until Mika Asagi, child of Millennion's deceased founder, Big Daddy, and Brandon's lover in his mortal life, Maria Asagi, comes to him for protection. Because Mika's parents are murdered by Harry, she shares the same goal with Grave: seeking revenge. However, as the struggle continues and more people are dying in Harry's hand, their mettle is tested.


Original Gungrave

Pretty much similar with the anime synopsis if you start from episode 1. However, the game focuses more on the action/adventure than the emotional aspect. Do note that in the game, necrolyzers are called deadmen, and they come from SEED drug, something developed from, for the lack of a better term, aliens. And the game ends differently, with more emphasis on revenge rather than love and loyalty.

Gungrave Overdose

Set five years after the original game, it starts with the spread of SEED drugs to the entire world. Fearing the impending chaos due to the drugs, Mika decides to wake Grave from his hibernation. Much to Grave's surprise, she has grown up and found a new friend to help sustain Grave's body in Dr. Tokioka's absence: Spike Hubie. During their journey, they meet two deadmen: Jyuji Kabane and Rocketbilly Redcadillac.


For starters, as stated by Yasuhiro Nightow in the artbook (cited from endlessrage (dot) net), the anime and the game are two separate canons. Be careful if you see a resource out there that integrates the game's storyline into the anime's.

  • The difference in characterization will be elaborated in CHARACTERS section.
  • The game has many terms for different species of undead (deadman, death scythe, mad asura, dragonfly, etc), while the anime keeps it simple: necrolyzer, orgman, and superior.
  • The technology of reanimating corpses is developed by doctors/scientists in the anime, while in the game, it is developed by aliens before being spread to Earth.
  • SEED drug is the drug used to create a deadman in the game, while the anime keeps the drug unnamed throughout.
  • Grave's hair is grey/white in the anime, while it's black in the game.
  • The superiors in the anime are the bosses in the original game. The anime tones down the over-the-top designs.
  • The anime ends differently from the game. I won't speak much about this, but I'll just leave this clue for the anime's ending: "Hatred does not cease through hatred, but through love alone they cease."
  • And last but not least, the anime lacks the cool actions the game has, while the game lacks the substantial character development the anime has. Simply put, it's an equivalent exchange within the series.


To keep it short, I'll just list the important ones from the anime, with more emphasis on Brandon and Harry. Spoilers lay beyond the grave!

Brandon Heat/Beyond the Grave - Silent. Loyal. Selfless. The passive and faithful Brandon always lets his actions speak for him. Due to his silence and his job as a hitman in Millennion, he often comes across as cold and apathetic. However, deep down, he has a warm and gentle heart, which he doesn't hesitate to show to his friends and family. He is highly protective of his loved ones and nothing can stop him from doing his job. When the situation calls for it, he won't hesitate to give his all, even if he has to take a bullet for somebody else (becomes a daily basis once he becomes Grave, as his body resists bullets). Brandon has high moral standards and despises killing, but because it's the only way to protect his friends and family, he forces himself to do it. He excels in fighting, especially with guns and fists. Unfortunately, he is very poor at making decisions and can be rather careless.

In the game, after becoming Grave, he is almost incapable of feeling emotions. He is completely silent in the original game, and he only speaks once at the end of Overdose.

Harry MacDowell - Brazen. Rebellious. Selfish. The proud Harry can't stand being bossed around and always wants to be a leader in everything, which often causes problems. Suave and cunning, Harry is highly capable of manipulating people for his own (and his loved ones') benefit. Harry is not bound by any moral standards, so he will do anything to reach the top. He excels in business and politics. Harry isn't all that bad at fighting, but he openly admits that throughout his life, he has never taken a single bullet (because he always lets others fight for him).

In the game, Harry is depicted as a complete jerk who shows no remorse towards what he has done throughout his life.

Mika Asagi - Big Daddy's posthumous child. Mika lives in seclusion with her mother, Maria, until Harry's minions come calling. Much like her mother, Mika is nice and gentle. However, being young, she is childish, naive, and cowardly (and much more stubborn), though she can put aside her fear when Brandon/Grave is in danger.

In the game, Mika is shown to be much more mature than her anime counterpart.

Big Daddy - Millennion's founder. He leads Millennion before Harry takes over. Big Daddy is a lonely and wise old man who wants nothing but harmony in Millennion. He is said to have committed many amoral acts as he climbs Millennion's ladder.

Maria Asagi - Brandon's sweetheart when he was eighteen (or something), although her adoptive father despises her relationship with Brandon. Maria is a gentle and graceful woman.

Dr. Tokioka - The doctor who develops the technology of reanimating corpses and is also Grave's caretaker. He is a pensive old man who is often haunted by the guilt of creating such a dangerous technology.

Bob Poundmax - A cheerful fatty (see the clue in the name?). You can rarely see him without a chicken drumstick. With a lot of connections outside, Bob serves as a valuable member in Millennion with his precious information about their foes.

Balladbird Lee - An ambitious and cold-blooded Chinese gangster. He idolizes Harry, likely due to their similar personality: to reach the top, he is willing to do anything, even if he has to off his brother. In Millennion, it's said that Lee has the highest body count. He is very speedy and fights with needles (think acupuncture).

Bear Walken - One of the senior members in Millennion and is also a fan of Japanese stuff. Bear is a loyal and wise old man. He is very protective of his daughter, Sherry. He's good with guns and katanas.

Bunji Kugashira - A yakuza who becomes Brandon's apprentice after Brandon beats him (or possibly fight to a draw) in a fistfight. Cold and ruthless, Bunji is a lone wolf and has his own moral code. He respects Brandon a lot and has a pet cat, though. Being a fair and honorable man, he wishes to engage Brandon in a fair fight someday (especially in the game).

Sherry Walken/MacDowell - Bear's daughter and Harry's wife. Initially, Harry sees her as just someone who can help him reach the top, due to her status as the daughter of a senior mafioso. But things aren't the same later on.


Yules - The currency in Gungrave universe.

West District - The slum where Brandon and Harry live during their teenage years. Some sources use 'Desolation Alley'.

Millennion - The biggest mafia organization in Gungrave universe. It was built by Big Daddy to protect the people he loved. It was later led by Harry, whose autocratic behavior went against Big Daddy's regime and wasn't well-liked by the majority of the organization's members. After Harry's downfall, it was led by Biscoe, who presumably went by Big Daddy's regime.

Sweeper - Another term for hitman.

Family - A term for the members of Big Daddy's inner circle in Millennion. Family also refers to Millennion as a whole. However, according to Gary and Widge, Family is a bond that exists between people as long as they don't betray each other. Mika learns the definition from Gary and Widge, but later, her definition of family is more like nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten, depending on the interpretation of the anime's ending.

Code of Iron - "Traitors must be punished with death." This code was developed by Big Daddy to preserve the harmony within Millennion.

Overkill - Bear's elite sweeper squad in Millennion.

True Grave - Brandon's elite sweeper squad in Millennion. It was later renamed as The Kugashira Group by Bunji, who took over the squad after Brandon's death.

Necrolyze/Necrolyzation - The process of reanimating corpses. Developed by Dr. Tokioka.

Necrolyzer - The initial product of necrolyzation. A necrolyzer has immense strength, endurance, and immunity to bullets (unless they are custom-made like the anti-necrolyze or large caliber bullets). A necrolyzer doesn't need to eat, but it must have its blood refreshed regularly; otherwise, it will dry up, decay, and finally crumble to dust. Dr. Tokioka regards necrolyzers as mindless tools of destruction. The exception is Brandon; with his immense loyalty and Mika's existence, he turns out to be gentle unlike other necrolyzers.

D-Point - A large caliber pistol that looks like a .475 Wildey. Brandon once uses this to incapacitate necrolyzers, but due to the strong recoil, he ends up injuring his arm.

Orgman - Stands for 'Re-organized Man.' The later product of necrolyzation. They cannot think on their own, since the creator's commands are programmed into them before their activation. Developed by Laguna Glock.

Superior - Orgman with a mind of its own. They are much stronger than orgmen.

Beyond the Grave (Grave) - Brandon's alias after undergoing necrolyzation. He earned this alias from Dr. Tokioka because he still tried to protect the organization even after death. Before dying, Brandon had asked Dr. Tokioka to necrolyze his corpse in case he died and deliver his letter to Big Daddy, which gave Big Daddy the authority to summon him when needed. In other words, Brandon's loyalty and desire to protect literally go beyond the grave. However, Mika chooses to call him 'Brandon' instead of 'Grave' near the finale, probably because she feels closer to him this way.

Cerberus - Grave's twin handguns. The name comes from the three-headed dog in Greek mythology, since there are actually three guns in Cerberus series (as revealed in the game universe): Left Head, Right Head, and Center Head. Grave uses Left Head and Right Head in both anime and games, while Center Head belongs to Fangoram in the second game. With 15mm caliber bullets as the ammo and 60 cm barrel length, these guns pack a punch.

Coffin - Grave's secondary weapon. It's a huge coffin-shaped case that contains various guns, including a missile launcher and a chaingun. In the second game, it's called Death Hauler.

The Trailer - A trailer that Dr. Tokioka uses to keep and sustain Grave's body. It contains various equipment and tools. Some sources say that it's destroyed after episode 22, but actually, it's still kept inside the warehouse where Grave and Mika live in. It's parked alongside Grave's motorcycle in episode 23.

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frances janvier

Poke's Primer for The Book Thief.

So, the basic gist of it: A story narrated by Death about the story of Liesel Meminger in Nazi Germany. It's by Markus Zusak, and it is a splendid and beautiful book. Not only are the characters, plot, and general story fantastic and original, the writing style of the book is just so perfect. I can't even. I recommend reading it. The book is so much better than the movie, by the way.

For now, only the details needed for my July MOC fic will be included in here, but more details will be added later.

Max Vandenberg's father, Erik Vandenberg, saved Hans Hubermann, Liesel's foster father, in World War I. Erik's accordion was given to Hans when he died the same day. Max was two at the time.

Max is a Jew. He has swampy eyes and hair like feathers.

When Max was nine, his mother sold their family's music studio and they moved in with cousins.

Max loved to fistfight on the street with other boys. He often lost, but he still continued to fight.

He fought a lot with this boy named Walter Kugler. Max's favorite match of theirs was the fifth one when Max got knocked down twice but still ended up winning. One of his friends called him Maxi Taxi that day. They fought thirteen times, 10-3 for Walter.

When they got older, hate turned to grudging respect to friendship, and they cared a lot about each other. They each got jobs; Walter at a printing press and Max at a factory.

Max and the rest of the Jews got kicked out of the factory, not long after the Nuremberg Laws came out.

Soon after the Nuremberg Laws came out (not allowing Jews to have German citizenship, and not allowing Jews and Germans to intermarry), Max and Walter met on the small corner where they used to fight. They reminisce about the olden days. Walters says that they wouldn't ever be allowed to fight like they did before. Actually, I'll just quote the passage:

"Jesus," Walter said one evening, when they met on the small corner where they used to fight. "That was a time, wasn't it? There was none of this craziness around. We could never fight like that now."

Max disagreed. "Yes we could. You can't marry a Jew, but there's no law against fighting one."

Walter smiled. "There's probably a law rewarding it—as long as you win."

Over the next few years, they barely saw each other. Max had a few girlfriends (Tania, Hildi) but neither lasted. (they're also never mentioned again ;))

Then, on Kristallnacht, when so many Jewish lives were destroyed, Max got to escape. A Nazi came to Max's family's door to take them away, but Max ran away with Walter, bringing nothing.

For two years, Max would remain in hiding. Walter gave him food when he could and kept him a secret. Six months after he started hiding, Walter decided to take a risk and go ask Hans Hubermann for help in hiding Max. He said yes and sent him a copy of Mein Kampf with his address and food and that stuff.

Max relocated a few times and then eventually, he was given a train ticket to Munich and the materials to give himself a shave by Walter. He had to go because Walter was in the army and had to go away to fight but couldn't trust anybody else.

Hans and his family help out Max and hide him. Unimportant stuff happens.

One day, he feels so guilty about burdening them. He walks out the door and leaves them. Eventually, he is caught and is sent on the long and painful walk to Dachau, a concentration camp, with lots of other Jews. They are barely fed and they are whipped quite often.

The parade of Jews to Dachau passes through Himmel Street, the street that the Hubermanns and lots of other families featured in the story live on. Liesel spots him one day in the parade and talks to him briefly, but is then dragged away and beaten. It's awful.

More about everything else will come at a later date :)

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Mei's Primer for GI JOE!

G.I. Joe was originally a toy line based on the American military. In the 80's a comic book was made giving the toys life and breath and backstories in order to garner interest and bolster toy sales. The overarching plot consists of GI Joe, an elite and covert military unit, battling a worldwide terrorist organization known as Cobra.

Since then, GI Joe has become a staple in the comic book world and has gone on to expand into cartoons and, most recently, somewhat terrible live action movies. There are multiple universes and continuities (at least seven by my last count) though the main characters and plot (Joes vs Cobra) remain largely the same. I will primarily write fics based on the GI Joe: Renegades cartoon that came out around 2011 and that's the continuity my primer will focus on.

G.I. Joe: Renegades

In this universe Cobra, while still TEH EVIL, is considered by most of the world as an honest and legitimate corporation. They are a global corporation with businesses in telemarketing, pharmaceuticals, grocery chains, and even bakeries. However, all of their legitimate fronts are a cover for conducting unethical scientific research and illegal arms trafficking in an effort to one day effect world wide domination.

The premise of the show can best be described by the opening credits monologue:

"Accused of a crime they didn't commit, a rag tag band of fugitives fights a covert battle to clear their names and expose the insidious enemy that is....


Some call them outlaws. Some call them heroes. But these determined men and women think of themselves only as ordinary joes.

And this is their story.

So yeah, it's basically like the A-team, Cobra accused this band of soldiers (later dubbed "Joes") for blowing up a pharmaceutical facility that they were sent to investigate (even though Cobra shot first) so now the Joes (Scarlett, Duke, Tunnel Rat, Roadblock) are on the lamb trying to prove their innocence and expose Cobra. Snake Eyes tags along as their ace ninja in the hole whenever things get hot. Cue wacky sci fi adventures and cartoon violence.

They are on the road for most of the show, helping out citizens in need or trying to secure evidence that will exonerate them. By the end of the show the Joes have exposed Cobra and it is implied that they will set up an official military team that will help to dismantle the many arms of the evil organization, so in a lot of ways it's an origin story for the GI Joe team as we usually know it.


Lt. Shana O'Hara (aka Scarlett) -

While Shana was in college, her father, renown Cobra scientist Dr. Patrick O'Hara, died suddenly in a lab explosion. Shana always had a rocky relationship with her father, who was absent most of her life in order to pursue his scientific research, and since his death she has been ruthlessly bent on uncovering the secret behind how he died and exposing Cobra for the evil corporation that it is. This leads her on a career path in Intelligence and eventually joining the army.

At some point along the way she makes the acquaintance of Snake Eyes, who later trains her in the art of ninjitsu and becomes her loyal partner and soulmate in her quest to take Cobra down. Being the ranking officer, she is the de facto leader of the Renegade Joes, however field leadership is often relegated to Duke who has more combat experience. Gritty, determined, fierce and clever, with her skills in Intelligence she ferrets out Cobra's secret hideaways and keeps the Joes moving in the right direction.

Snake Eyes -

Snake Eyes was an outsider who became accepted into the ancient Arashikage ninja clan. He excelled in his training, eventually earning the trust and favor of the Hard Master, the leader of the clan, who wanted to pass on leadership to Snake Eyes in lieu of his hotheaded and brash nephew, Tomisobaru (Tommy).

This led to a strained relationship between Snake Eyes and Tommy, culminating in Tommy's attempt to poison Snake Eyes. But unbeknownst to Tommy, the Hard Master drank the poison intended for Snake Eyes. Tommy witnessed Snake Eyes attempting a tracheotomy on the Hard Master and wrongfully took Snake Eyes to be the Hard Master's murderer, throwing a shuriken which slashed through Snake Eyes' throat, rendering him henceforth mute.

Snake Eyes, who believes Tommy to have willfully murdered the Hard Master, flees Japan with Kimi, the Hard Master's daughter, whom Snake Eyes had promised the Hard Master he would watch over and protect.

He presumably moves to the US and takes up his ninjaing there. At one point he gets a job working for Patrick O'Hara, who wants to keep one of his discoveries, a teleportation device, out of the hands of Cobra. Snake Eyes heads off the Cobra soldiers while Dr. O'Hara destroys his machine, triggering an explosion which Snake Eyes barely escapes alive and which leaves his face so scarred and disfigured he wears a mask at all times.

Before Dr. O'Hara sacrificed himself he asked Snake Eyes to watch over his daughter (sound familiar?) who he knew would be looking for answers. Snake Eyes agrees and eventually makes himself known to Shana, trains her in ninjistu, and helps her take down Cobra while falling desperately in love. However, he keeps his role in Dr. O'Hara's death a secret from her for most of their relationship.

Obviously Snake Eyes doesn't talk through the show, communicating with signs and body language which Scarlett interprets, and his face is never shown.

Sgt Conrad Hausuer (aka Duke) -

Duke is basically your typical blonde buff white guy, star quarterback, prom king, all American Hero. he busts his leg in the big championship game and decides his best course of action is to join the army. He is courageous and loyal and will never leave one of his own behind, even at the cost of his own life or career. He has the most combat experience of any of the Renegade Joes and is their field commander and general straight man.

PFC Nicky Lee (aka Tunnel Rat) -

Nicky Lee grew up in Brooklyn, the son of Chinese immigrants who own a local restaurant. He joins the army and becomes one of the Renegade Joes, his main role being the field medic. He's essentially the sassy comic relief of the show, always with an ace comment or withering observation. He also likes to crawl around in sewers, hang out in the dirt, and therefore smells really bad.

Cpl Marvin Hinton (aka Roadblock) -

Raised in Buloxi, Mississippi, Roadblock has a passion for cuisine. He's the Joes' cook and their muscle, being the biggest and strongest on the team. He's also the mechanic who lovingly takes care of the Renegades' ride, a stolen Cobra vehicle they dub "the Coyote." As far as team dynamics, Roadblock is largely played against Tunnel Rat as part of a comic relief duo.

Kimi Arashikage (aka Jinx) -

Daughter of the late Hard Master and rightful heir of the Arashikage clan, after her father was murdered Snake Eyes whisked her away, presumably to the US, and trained her in the ninjistu arts. She has a great respect for her sensei and views him somewhat as a surrogate father. She is intensely jealous of his regard, to the point of butting heads with Shana who she views as an interloper in hers and Snake Eyes' life.

After coming of age she becomes curious about her past and travels back to Japan and the clan in hopes of finding the truth. On her way back to Snake Eyes' hidden dojo, Storm Shadow follows her and attacks the Joes. When Storm Shadow explains his reasons for thinking Snake Eyes is the true murderer of the Hard Master, Kimi reluctantly abandons her sensei and goes back with him to Japan.

She eventually learns the truth and vows to lead the clan in the path that her father wanted.

Tomisaburo Arashikage (aka Storm Shadow) -

Tommy is the Hard Master's nephew and was slated to be the next leader (since Kimi was too young at the time) until Snake Eyes swept in and stole his thunder, and the Hard Master's favoritism.

While in the main GI Joe continuity (and most others) Tommy and Snake Eyes are bffs who become enemies only through misunderstandings and convoluted plots, in this particular continuity Storm Shadow hates hates haaaaates Snake Eyes with the passion of a thousand suns and will stop at nothing to destroy him. He poisoned the Hard Master in an attempt to poison Snake Eyes, but believes Snake Eyes to be the Hard Master's killer.

With a vendetta the size of Manhatten, he joins Cobra so as to chase after Snake Eyes for most of the show, thus making great opportunities for entertaining Ninja battles. Eventually, he stops being an idiot and realizes his error, handing over the clan to Jinx and wandering off into the sunset to become a lone ninja or something.

(I'll add the main villains and other characters when and if they become necessary to understanding my fic. As of now they will focus mostly on Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Jinx.)

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HP Slash Luv

Samantha's Primer forVeronica Mars

Seriously, don't read this unless you want to know everything I could remember. (I went a little crazy as I couldn't decide what wasn't important to know and what was important. Sorry.)

This is basically just a character list and Season Overviews.


Veronica Mars is an American teen noir mystery drama television series set in the fictional town of Neptune, California.

Veronica Mars is a student who progresses from high school to college while moonlighting as a private investigator under the tutelage of her detective father. In each episode, Veronica solves a different stand-alone case while working to solve a more complex mystery. The first two seasons of the series each had a season-long mystery arc, introduced in the first episode of the season and solved in the season finale. The third season took a different format, focusing on smaller mystery arcs that would last the course of several episodes.

Although I had been skeptical at first about watching a show about a teenage detective, I was hooked after the first episode, and especially loved the dynamic between two of the main characters—Veronica and Logan.


When Veronica discovers new evidence that suggests that the man convicted of killing Lily is innocent, she decides to investigate the case. As she delves deeper into the murder, she also works on other investigations, including seeking her mother's whereabouts, and deals with the aftermath of being drugged and raped during an 09er party. Veronica, no longer part of the school's wealthy in-crowd, makes some new friends: Wallace, Neptune High basketball star; Weevil, leader of the PCHers, a Latino biker gang; and Mac, Neptune High's resident computer genius. Using her friends' resources, as well as those provided by her father and his contacts, Veronica gains a reputation for sleuthing and finds her skills in increasingly high demand at her school. Things get more complicated when Veronica falls into a relationship with Lilly's ex-boyfriend Logan, who for a time held Veronica partly responsible for Lilly's death and went out of his way to harass her.


The season starts off with Veronica and Logan broken up, and Veronica once again dating her first boyfriend, Duncan Kane. Things are strained between Logan and Veronica, and things go from bad to worse when on the way back from a field trip, the bus crashed, killing many students, and putting one, Meg Manning, into a coma. Veronica hadn't been on it, and she becomes obsessed with finding out the truth, especially when she hears something that sounds like a bomb in a recording. Someone intentionally made the bus crash, and Veronica is determined to find out whom. Not only that, but personal lives are complicated when Veronica finds out that Meg Manning is pregnant with Duncan's baby, and Logan starts dating a blonde Sophomore named Hannah.


The season continues the story of Veronica Mars, now a freshman studying at Hearst College while moonlighting as a private investigator under the wing of her detective father. The first mystery is established when her friend Parker Lee becomes the latest victim of the Hearst serial rapiest in a storyline begun in a second-season episode. Feeling guilty for not helping her, Veronica sets herself to catching the rapist. The next mystery, a murder, commences in the same episode that the identity of the rapist is discovered, and that is the murder of Dean O'Dell. The season chronicles Veronica and Logan's failing attempts to maintain their relationship in the face of Veronica's mistrust.


(Get ready for a lot of characters. The ones I chose to describe I thought were important for at least one storyline of the show, or at the very least, were important background characters.)

Veronica Mars [all seasons, movie] — There is so much to say about the character of Veronica Mars. She is a highly-intelligent teenager/young woman who regularly assists her father, Keith Mars, in private-investigation work. Using the skills she learned to help her father, she often helps out her friends or is hired to help solve minor crimes/scandals. After her best friend Lily Kane was murdered and her dad lost his job due to accusing Lilly's father, Jake Kane, Veronica became motivated to solve the mystery herself. While Lily was alive, Veronica had a carefree life as one of the popular teens at school. After Lily's death, not only did her alcoholic mother abandon the family, but Veronica experienced something horrible—she was drugged and raped at a party—and with no friends at the time, as they turned on her when she decided to stick by her father, she became cynical and mistrusting of most people. Her first real boyfriend was Duncan, and a major relationship throughout the series that gets a lot of focus is the one between Logan and Veronica. Her best friend is Wallace, and her closest girlfriend is Mac. Both of them sometimes help Veronica with her cases. (I could go on and on about Veronica for ten pages, but I'll stop here.)

Keith Mars [all seasons, movie] — Keith Mars is the father of Veronica. They have a very close relationship, and he is very protective of her. Keith was formerly the sheriff of Balboa County and later operated as a private Investigator.

Logan Echolls [all seasons, movie] — Logan Echolls is Veronica's on-again, off-again boyfriend, and Duncan Kane's best friend. He is a snarky, witty 09er who ranges from being hostile to deeply caring. He was dating Duncan's sister and Veronica's best friend, Lily Kane, until she was murdered during their sophomore year, and he later finds out that the killer was his A-list actor father, Aaron Echolls. Veronica's choices at the time leaves Logan feeling betrayed and he takes to bullying her. When his mother commits suicide during his junior year, Veronica assists him in confirming her death, and they later begin dating. (My OTP is Logan/Veronica 'LoVe', so if I do write any Veronica Mars fics for this forum, it will either be LoVe or character-centric pieces that focus on one of the two characters.)

Wallace Fennel [all seasons, movie] — Wallace Fennel is Veronica's best friend and occasional partner in investigations. He lives with his single mother, Alicia, and his brother. Wallace quickly becomes Veronica's best friend after he transfers to Neptune High. They first meet when Veronica cuts him down from the Neptune High flagpole after he had been duct-taped to it by Eli "Weevil" Narvarro. Deciding that Veronica was a better friend than any of the 09ers or jocks who simply laughed while he was taped to the flagpole, he began sitting with her at lunch. The two became fast friends when Veronica helped get him out of trouble with the PCH biker gang.

Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie [all seasons, movie] – Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie is a computer hacker at Neptune High and a good ally and friend to Veronica. Mac uses her computer hacking and cracking skills to help Veronica with her cases; the two joke that she is a kind of Q to Veronica's James Bond. Whether coincidentally or not, Mac (a common nickname for "Mackenzie") has also shown a decided preference for Apple Macintosh computers, which share her nickname. Mac is 19, a Sagittarius and her hometown is Neptune, California. Mac has always felt like an outsider in her family, having completely different tastes and views to them. While digging for dirt on Mac's parents, Veronica discovers that Mac was switched at birth with Madison Sinclair. Since the mistake was uncovered four years after the births, the parents decided to keep the children. Each family received a handsome cash settlement from the hospital. While Madison's family invested and flourished, Mac's started a business and went bankrupt. Interestingly, Mac's biological mother shows some longing to know Mac, while Madison's biological family have no interest in her whatsoever. She formerly dated Cassidy Casablancas, but the relationship ends when Cassidy balks at becoming sexually intimate with Mac. They are back together in time for prom, though. However, Veronica discovers that Cassidy had been responsible for (among other things) the bus crash. Cassidy, intercepting Veronica's warning message, robs and abandons Mac while she is in the shower, leaving her without clothes. He then attempts to kill Veronica, and, later that night, commits suicide. Mac attends Hearst College along with Veronica. At Hearst, Mac falls for and dates an animal-rights activist named Bronson Pope, to whom she loses her virginity. They date for while until Mac meets Max, a student who sells copies of exams. After the two connect, Mac breaks up with Bronson and begins dating Max. When Veronica returns to Neptune, she and Wallace come by her house to greet her. In the end, Mac quits her job at Kane Software and goes to work with Veronica at Mars Investigations.

Eli "Weevil" Navarro [all seasons, movie] – Eli "Weevil" Navarro is the head of the local PCH biker gang and ally of Veronica. A member of Neptune's underclass, Eli Navarro, better known as "Weevil", lives with his grandmother and younger siblings and for a time, his cousin. Weevil's grandmother was a maid who worked for the Echolls family which led to Weevil receiving much grief from the wealthy Logan and his classmates. Weevil is a Gemini and his hometown is Neptune, California. As leader of the PCHers, Weevil is often in and out of trouble with the law. He has new transfer student Wallace Fennel duct-taped to the flag pole after Wallace reluctantly turned over a security camera tape showing several members of the PCH biker gang stealing from the mini-mart where Wallace worked. Vowing further punishment for Wallace, it was only the intervention of Veronica Mars who saved Wallace. She arranged for the video tape to be switched with a tape of a Neptune deputy receiving oral sex from an escort. The case against Weevil's underlings was subsequently dropped, and Weevil agreed to seek no further revenge against Wallace. Weevil wants to make his grandmother proud and receives tutoring in order for her to be able to see him graduate. With Veronica's help, Weevil is able to get a job working as a maintenance man at Hearst College. He was the primary suspect in a robbery of an on-campus underground casino, but Veronica was able to prove that he did not commit the crime. As of the movie, which takes place nine years after the series ended, he is married to Jade Navarro and has a daughter with her named Valentina. After Valentina was born, he stopped riding a motorbike until after Celeste Kane falsely accused him of attacking her. At the end of the movie, Veronica and Weevil are talking about his case. Weevil thanks Veronica and leaves with the bikers, indicating that he'd return to his old life, just as Veronica returned to the PI business.

Van Clemmons [all seasons, movie] — Van Clemmons was the Vice Principal turned Principal of Neptune High. During high school, Veronica constantly gets into trouble and as a result, regularly meets with Clemmons. Occasionally, Clemmons asks Veronica for help, once asking her to locate the missing school mascot. When the current principal is fired thanks to Veronica's detective work, Clemmons becomes principal. When Veronica graduates, Clemmons says that he cannot decide if his life will be easier or more difficult with her gone. In the ten years that Veronica had been gone, the school was much more peaceful. In the movie, which takes place nine years after the series ended, he attends the Neptune High Reunion after the abrupt end, trying to figure out who caused the mess, but quickly deduces it was Veronica when he saw her walk past him. He gives her a heartfelt look and tells her that it's been boring.

Cliff McCormack [all seasons, movie] — Cliff McCormack is a public defender in Neptune who has served as an ally to Keith and Veronica, as well as a steady client of Mars Investigations. Although rarely a key player in the series, he has had some notable and memorable appearances. For instance, Cliff was seduced by an escort hired by Aaron Echolls to steal his briefcase, which contained the Logan Echolls murder case files and keys to the storage locker containing Aaron's personal belongings, including an Oscar statue. And he's always there to do whatever he can to help Veronica and Keith out when they need it.

Richard "Dick" Casablancas Jr. [all seasons, movie] — Richard "Dick" Casablancas, Jr. is Logan's womanizing 09er best friend. He was a bully in high school and later became a frat boy at Hearst College. Dick brags about having lots of sex, likes to surf, and bullies poorer kids, especially Veronica. He gave his girlfriend, Madison Sinclair, a drink laced with GHB at a party, which was then passed off to Veronica. Dick then encouraged his little brother, Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, to rape Veronica while she was unconscious. Dick was painfully cruel to his little brother throughout their childhood. He and his father saw him as weak and bullied him mercilessly when they weren't ignoring him. After graduation, his mother pulled strings to get him into attend Hearst College, and he has become a member of the Pi Sigma Sigma fraternity. Dick has trouble coming to terms with the shakeup in his life, most notably caused by the suicide of his brother Cassidy and his father's fleeing the country to avoid his charges for real estate fraud. But he finally comes to terms with everything when his father came back to town.

Kendall Casablancas [Seasons 2–3] — Kendall Lacey Casablancas (née Shiflett), born Priscilla Banks, was Dick and Cassidy's gold-digging stepmother. Kendall Casablancas is a former Laker Girl. She is a trophy wife in every sense of the word, having seemingly married real estate magnate Richard Casablancas for his vast wealth. Now stepmother to two high school boys, Dick and Cassidy, she begins having an affair with their friend, Logan. Cassidy hired Veronica to investigate his stepmother. Veronica discovered that Kendall was helping Richard commit real estate fraud. Veronica reported the affair to Cassidy, but also turned the information on Richard over to the S.E.C.. Before he could be arrested, Richard fled the country. Kendall was left with nothing, so she began selling Richard's belongings for money. Cassidy approached her with an offer, and she accepted it due to the prospect of the eventually salary, despite their mutual dislike. At the beginning of Season 3, Kendall's former lover and accomplice, Cormac Fitzpatrick, is released from prison. Keith Mars reunites the two, who are trying to escape from Liam Fitzpatrick with the money Kendall received from Phoenix Land Trust. As Keith leaves the two, Cormac shoots and kills Kendall and tries to shoot Keith.

Richard Casablancas [Season 2] — H. Richard Casablancas is the father of Dick and Cassidy and husband of Kendall. Richard is the C.E.O. of Casablancas Enterprises, apparently a real estate corporation. However, he was conning his investors for millions with his fake illustrations of real estate properties. Veronica stumbles onto the truth when his son, Cassidy, asks her to investigate Richard's young, gold-digging wife, Kendall. Veronica reports Richard to the S.E.C. When Cassidy tells his father about Kendall's affair with Logan, Richard panics upon finding that he had hired a private investigator, realizing that the P.I. would have uncovered his treachery. Richard orders his employees to shred all their files as the S.E.C. agents enter his building, and Richard flees to the rooftop and onto a helicopter to escape. Cassidy actually knew about his father's dirty business all along and, wanting to punish him for how he treated him, merely asked Veronica to "investigate" so that she would come forward with the information instead. Richard, "tired of running", turns himself in, getting only a year in jail for his crimes. He returns to Neptune a few months before his incarceration, hoping to spend time with Dick before his year-long stay in prison. Upset, Dick confronts him about Cassidy but cancels his trip with Logan nonetheless, and is left evidently bothered by his past attitude towards Cassidy after that.

Lily Kane [Seasons 1–2 (kind of)] — Lillian "Lilly" Kane was the daughter of Jake Kane, the billionaire CEO of software company Kane Software, and his wife Celeste Kane. Duncan Kane is her younger brother. She was murdered on October 3rd, roughly eleven months prior to the time of the show's first episode. Her murder changed Veronica's life completely and was the catalyst for a series of events that included Keith Mars losing his job, Veronica's mother Lianne Mars leaving town, and all of Veronica's friends abandoning her when she needed them the most. Although she was in the grade above Veronica, the two became best friends. Prior to her death, Lilly had been dating Logan, but had been cheating on him with Weevil and Logan's father, Aaron. Lilly's death occurred during her junior year at Neptune High. The teenager was found by the Kanes' pool, her cause of death a blow to the head that had been apparently caused by an ashtray that had been thrown into the pool after her murder. Her real murderer was protected when someone else—an ex-employee of Kane Software—was accused of the crime. The real murderer was actually Logan's father, who killed Lily because she took some tapes of them having sex and wouldn't give them back to him. Lilly appeared several times after her death in dreams, as a hallucination and possibly as a ghostly apparition, so even though she was dead, she was a very prominent character in the show..

Duncan Kane [Seasons 1–2] — Duncan Kane was Veronica's ex-boyfriend, and the brother to her dead best friend, Lily. His best friend is Logan. His father, Jake, perfected streaming video. Duncan broke up with Veronica before Lily died by ignoring her until she got the point. It was because he believed that Veronica might be his half-sister because Veronica's mom, Lianne, and Duncan's father, Jake, had a long-term affair. Even though Duncan thought they might be half-siblings, he still slept with Veronica after each unknowingly consumed a drink laced with GHB. In Season 2, Veronica and Duncan start dating again after Duncan gives Veronica a fortune cookie that says "True Love Stories Never Have Endings." Their relationship leads to a rift between Logan and Duncan - Logan is not only upset because Duncan is dating Veronica, whom he still has feelings for, but because he wasn't there for him all summer when he had to deal with being accused of the murder of Felix, a PCH biker. Duncan is upset with Logan mainly for being so mad about Veronica, but he also harbors resentment over the fact that his dad killed Lilly, even though he knows that Logan and Aaron hate each other. However, they end up reconciling and remain best friends. Duncan and Veronica date for the first half of the season, until his ex-girlfriend Meg Manning dies, as a result of a blood clot which she sustained after surviving the bus crash. Meg had been carrying Duncan's child, which is delivered shortly after her death, and in order to protect his baby, Duncan and Veronica come up with an elaborate plan for Duncan to kidnap the baby girl and take her to Mexico instead of allowing Meg's abusive parents to have custody.

Jake Kane [Seasons 1 and 3] — Jake Kane is a software billionaire, the owner of Kane Software. His immediate family includes his wife Celeste, and their children Duncan and Lily. After the murder of his daughter, he contributed a great effort into covering up evidence he believed would convict his son. When Aaron Echolls was eventually arrested, Jake was also arrested for obstruction of justice. It's also discovered that Jake and Lianne had a long-term affair, and there was a possibility that Veronica might be his daughter—a speculation that was eventually proved to be untrue.

Celeste Kane [Seasons 1–2, Movie] — Celeste Kane (née Carnathan) was first introduced on the piolet as Duncan's mother, who, when Veronica and Duncan were dating disapproved of their relationship. She decided to tell Duncan that Veronica could have been his half-sister, because of Jake's affair with Lianne. This caused Duncan to break up with Veronica. Before Lily died, Celeste had shown some resentment towards her daughters' way of life, and blamed every problem her family faced with was on Lilly.

Meg Manning [Seasons 1–2] — Meg Manning was a student at Neptune High and was the former girlfriend of Duncan. She was initially the only survivor of the Neptune High Bus Accident. She is one of the popular 09er girls and the anchor on the school news program. Despite all this, Meg was kind to Veronica, lending her a spare cheerleading uniform when Veronica's clothes were thrown into a toilet as a prank. When Mac created the purity test for Neptune High, an unknown student used Meg's computer login and took the test for her, publishing her fake score for all to see. When Meg was overwhelmed by the false rumors and accusations, Veronica came to her home and told her to get tough. Eventually, Veronica helped Meg find the person responsible: Kimmy, a girl jealous of Meg's success. In a later episode, Veronica helped Meg find out who her secret admirer was, and it turned out to be Duncan. After finding out that he and Veronica were not in fact half-siblings, Duncan broke up with Meg, who blamed Veronica. In the opening episode of Season Two, Meg's attitude towards Veronica was openly hostile. On the way back from a field trip to a baseball ground, while Veronica was talking to Weevil during a rest stop, Meg deliberately implied that Veronica had returned to the bus, causing it to leave without her. However, the bus subsequently careered off a cliff and into the ocean. Meg was the only survivor, but she remained in a coma for much of the second season. During that time, Duncan and Veronica found that Meg had compiled information about a child whom she often babysat. The young boy was being abused by his parents. Soon, the two uncovered that the abused child (who was referred to by Meg as a boy) was actually Meg's youngest sister Grace. Meg's parents are religious zealots who lock Grace in a closet when they are out, and make her fill out exercise book after exercise book with the phrase: "The path of God is paved with righteousness." Duncan and Veronica found dozens of these books in Grace's room. Veronica later discovers that Meg was pregnant. Shortly after she left, Meg awoke from her coma. When she woke up from the coma, Meg apologized to Veronica for her harsh treatment and then asked Veronica to make sure that her baby wouldn't fall into her parents' hands should anything happen to Meg. Later that same episode, Meg died of a blood clot to the heart, but not before giving birth to her daughter Faith, who was later renamed Lilly by the child's father, Duncan.

Faith Manning [Season 2] — Faith Manning is the daughter of Duncan and Meg. She was born in December, 2005--on or right before New Years Eve. Veronica helped Duncan kidnap Faith and escape the country with the help of Vinnie Van Lowe and Astrid, Celeste's assistant. After fleeing the country, Duncan renamed his daughter 'Lilly' after his sister.

Carrie Bishop [Season 1, movie] — Carrie Bishop was Veronica's former schoolmate who was notorious for spreading rumors at Neptune High. About a year after graduating from Neptune High, she hosted a a private party on her father's boat, the Serendipity, with all of her friends. They procured drugs from Stu Cobbler, whom they knew from high school, who then insisted his way along to the party. Something happened, and Carrie's best friend, Susan Knight, ended up dead. Cobb forced all of the party guests to keep the incident a secret and forced Carrie, Gia, and Luke, to push the body overboard and anchor Susan's body down to the bottom. He then blackmailed them with photographic evidence. Carrie strove to forget about the incident and live her life the way she wanted to. Carrie eventually became a pop singer in Neptune and went by the stage name of "Bonnie DeVille." Years later, Carrie developed a romantic relationship with Logan Echolls and gathered many fans of her pop songs. However, during her pop singer career, Carrie could not cope with her life hiding the truth of what happened to Susan Knight years ago. A habit of drug and alcohol abuse started to develop. At Logan's insistence, Carrie checked herself into rehab but checked herself out shortly after. A second stint a few weeks later also ended quickly. Reports of loud arguing between Logan and Carrie — first at her home in an exclusive gated community, then, repeatedly, in public — plagued the couple for months before Carrie's well-publicized affair with music video director Sean Friedrich finally sounded the death knell of their relationship. Her songs held hidden messages about what happened to Susan Knight, and Cobb ordered two others to help him kill Carrie in order to prevent her from revealing the truth. Gia came to visit Carrie, with Cobb hiding in her trunk, allowing him to slip by security and kill Carrie by electrocuting her in the bathtub. After she was killed, Cobb gave Gia Carrie's Samsung tablet and forced her to frame Logan to ensure that their secret remained.

Jackie Cook [Season 2] — Jackie Cook was a student at Neptune High. She is the daughter of Neptune Sharks baseball legend, Terrence Cook. She is very self-conscious of the way her classmates view her. Jackie is befriended by Wallace Fennel when he helps her find out who hit her father's Porsche, and they date until he leaves for Chicago. However, she and Veronica frequent frequently butt heads, and she even has Veronica Punk'd on a local cable show. Her fortunes change when her father is accused of causing the bus crash that killed several Neptune High students, making her a social pariah. Eventually, she and Veronica become friends, and she resumes dating Wallace after at first trying to turn him away. When her dad ends up in the hospital, she visits him frequently and they become much closer. But after he is released, he says he no longer has time for her and tells her that she should leave Neptune. She leaves Wallace a note saying she has left for Paris to attend the Sorbonne, and after graduation he heads to Paris to find her. However, Veronica tracks her to Brooklyn, New York. Although Jackie claimed to be the daughter of a model who grew up on the Upper West Side, she is really the daughter of a waitress, and she is working in a diner with her mother. Jackie also has a two-year-old son who her mother had been raising while she got a new start in Neptune. Jackie intercepts Wallace during his layover in New York, and tells him that she has to stay in New York so that she can be a mother to her son.

Leo D'Amato [all seasons, movie] — Leo D'Amato was the new Sheriff's Deputy, who Veronica befriends. Without his consent, Veronica steals a recording of an anonymous tip implicating Abel Koontz in the death of Lily from the evidence room. Leo is shortly suspended for the break-in, and when Veronica attempts to apologize, he is reluctant to forgive her. When Veronica admits she has fallen for him, he dismisses the claim. However they kiss during her school dance. When Veronica secretly begins to date Logan, she confesses the affair to Leo and ends the relationship. The pair manages to remain on good terms, and Leo assists Veronica in breaking-up a dognapping ring the same night she breaks up with him. In fact, Leo is always available to help Veronica with her cases, even if the legality is questionable. To get enough money to send his little sister with Down syndrome to a private school, Leo steals and sells the Aaron and Lily sex tapes to Logan. Logan promptly destroys the tapes due to the traumatic nature of them, however he inadvertently compromises the pending case against Aaron. Keith discovers Leo's participation in the theft, however, he covers for him by stating that the tapes were stolen because Leo was not at his post. Leo is promptly fired from the sheriff's department, but is able to keep the money that Logan paid him and help his sister. He now works as a detective at the San Diego Police Department. Veronica pays him a visit. At first, he seemed to not remember her, but was merely joking. He assists Veronica's investigation on the Susan Knight murder case by giving valuable information that he got from taking the testimonies of the people on board the Serendipity the night Susan was murdered.

Stu Cobbler [movie] — Stu "Cobb" Cobbler was an unpopular Neptune High student who read gun magazines during class and dealt drugs. He also had a crush on Gia Goodman. Gia and her friends wanted to hit him up for drugs, but he managed to worm his way onto their party boat trip. That night, Susan was killed, and Stu suggested weighing her down with an anchor and throwing her body overboard. Gia, Luke, and Carrie did so; Stu took a photo of them in the act and used it to them to blackmail the group for years afterward. Carrie started to feel extremely guilty, even going so far as to include themes from that night in her new (final) album, Confessional. Stu decided that it was time to shut her up and blackmailed Gia and Luke into helping him murder Carrie. Gia lures Logan to the scene, making him the primary suspect. Stu finds out that Veronica had bugged Gia's apartment and manages to use the bug to listen in on Veronica and Gia. He then murders Gia when she approaches the window. After missing Veronica by inches, he goes after her in Gia's apartment. Veronica manages to incapacitate him with her stun gun and pepper spray, and run out of the apartment, but the exits were locked. Stu comes after her, but she manages to knock him unconscious with a golf club. He is then arrested.

Aaron Echolls [Seasons 1–2] — Aaron Echolls was an enormously famous movie star, known primarily for his roles in action films. He is also the father of Logan, Trina, and his illegitimate son from an affair, Charlie Stone. He is very kind to his fans, and goes out of his way to sign autographs and make sure that people on tour buses get their money's worth when they drive past his home. He has numerous female fans, due to his impressive physique and good looks. However, this behavior is not indicative of his true personality He cheats on his wife and beats his son, Logan. When things don't go his way, he tends to lose his temper and violently act out. Aaron's abusive tendencies stem from the fact that his father beat both him and his mother. He tried to change his ways after Lynn killed herself when a scandal involving Aaron and another woman made the tabloids. He called her death a "wake-up call". He decided to quit acting and try to reconcile with Logan and Trina. However, he couldn't break his old habits. Upon learning that Trina is being physically abused by her boyfriend, he beats the boy, threatening more if the boy ever returned. Soon after, Veronica exposes him as the man who killed her best friend (and Logan's girlfriend), Lily Kane. Aaron is indicted and held without bail, but is later found not guilty on all the charges brought against him. After being acquitted, Aaron is killed by Kane Software's head of security on the orders of Duncan Kane.

Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas [Seasons 1–2] — Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas was the son of one of Neptune's richest men, Richard Casablancas, and younger brother of town bully Dick Casablancas. Cassidy hangs around with his older brother a lot, even though Dick victimizes him almost as much as his usual targets. Cassidy is extremely needy as a result of the emotional neglect he suffers at the hands of his father, who openly favors Dick over him. During Veronica's investigation of her rape at Shelly Pomroy's party, she discovers Dick had encouraged Cassidy to rape her while she was unconscious to lose his virginity. Cassidy, however, denies it. He tells Veronica that he ran out of the room and threw up, after realizing that he could not go through with it. Cassidy and Mac begin dating during the second season, but their relationship falls apart when he refuses to become sexually intimate with her. When she mentions to Cassidy that she had gone to Veronica for advice, Cassidy abruptly dumps her for bringing Veronica into his personal life. Cassidy was one of the boys molested by Woody Goodman. Veronica discovers that not only did Cassidy set up the bus crash to kill Woody's other victims (who intended to come forward) but he is also responsible for such other the events as orchestrating the exposure of his father's real estate fraud and Goodman's fall from public favor. She also discovers that he did rape her after all, giving her chlamydia in the process, which he had, in turn, contracted after being molested by Woody. After Cassidy blows up the plane bringing Goodman back to Neptune following his arrest, he tries to kill Veronica. Logan stops him, however, and Cassidy commits suicide by jumping off the roof of the Neptune Grand.

Mercer Hayes [Season 3] — Mercer Hayes was a Hearst College student and DJ for the campus radio station, KRFF, where he had a live call-in request show named "Club Flush". He also ran an illegal casino out of his dorm room called the Benetian, at 332 Bennes Hall. He appears to have known Logan before Logan started college, as they talk about a trip they took to Mexico over the summer. He first appears when Logan is gambling at his casino. When Veronica arrives and starts an argument with Logan, he hovers nearby and insists they fight outside. Mercer is at first accused as the Hearst Campus serial rapist, but Logan insists to Veronica that Mercer was innocent because they were both in Tijuana the night of one of the rapes. Veronica is able to find evidence that Mercer was not the rapist as the radio station database shows that his live request show was on the air the nights of a couple of the rapes. It turns out, though, that Mercer acually is the rapist. Veronica figured out how he faked the evidence of his alibi and goes to help a girl that had been drugged. Veronica is drugged and nearly raped for the second time in her life, but a found whistle that she blows alerts someone to what's going on.

Madison Sinclair [all seasons, movie] — Madison Sinclair is the "resident bitch" of Neptune High. She epitomizes the 09er clique: She is shallow, spoiled, and dated Dick Casablancas, one of Neptune High's most arrogant and self-centered young men. At Shelly Pomroy's party, Madison spat into a cup of spiked drink meant for her and gave it to Veronica, she set off a chain of events that led to Veronica being raped. When Dick kissed Veronica in her drugged state, she defaced her car with shoe polish, writing the words "SLUT!" Madison, having gone off to college at USC, is absent from much of Veronica's life at Hearst, until she had several run-ins with her in Neptune in one episode. Veronica first sees Madison when she arrived unexpectedly at Neptune Grand Suite shared by Logan and Dick, thinking that Madison was simply looking up her ex, Veronica sent her on her way. Later, however, she ran into her again at a lingerie shop where Madison maliciously let slip that she had spent the night with Logan while in Aspen over Christmas break, which is when Veronica and Logan were split up. That leads Logan and Veronica to once again breaking up. Veronica encounters Madison in the movie at the Neptune High Reunion. Madison hasn't changed in the slightest, showing disdain to Veronica's presence and even showing her sex tape on the screen, starting a fight between Logan and some others. Veronica ultimately turns on the sprinklers, ending the reunion abruptly. Madison attempts to taunt Veronica once more, daring her to tase her with her Stun Gun, only to get punched in the face, finally getting her own trip to the dentist.

Vinnie "Vinnie" Van Lowe [all seasons, movie] — Vincent "Vinnie" Van Lowe is a private investigator in Neptune, California and is the main competition for Keith and Veronica. Vinnie has rather lax moral standards and is often willing to take on cases that the Mars Investigation team would refuse. It is because of this that he has a much larger caseload than the Mars family. The cases that Vinnie Van Lowe takes on have sometimes helped the Mars family, but sometimes his work has been in opposition to the cases of Mars Investigations.

Felix Toombs [Seasons 1–2] — Felix Toombs was a member of the PCH biker gang. His brother was the previous leader of the gang before Weevil took over the role. He was Weevil's former right-hand man and best friend. Felix was in a relationship with a Fitzpatrick, and their family didn't really approve of Felix. Thumper took this opportunity to kill off Felix to prove his loyalty to the Fitzpatricks, and start business with them. He stabs Felix and frames a heavily injured Logan Echolls. He eventually usurps control of the bikers when Weevil finally finds out about what's been going on. Weevil pays him back by knocking him out and stealing the money made for the drugs provided by the Fitzpatrick. Thumper is chained and gagged inside the Stadium to be blown up. Logan indirectly kills him by pushing the trigger for the detonator.

Don Lamb [all seasons] — Don Lamb, was one of Veronica's main enemies, and one of the most prominent adult characters, after Keith. What little is known about his background includes cryptic comments that hint towards Lamb being physically and/or emotionally abused by his father while growing up and that Lamb attending college on an athletic scholarship for a year before a knee injury resulted in his scholarship being revoked, forcing Lamb to drop out. Lamb joined the Balboa County Sheriff's Department and quickly rose through the ranks through the patronage of then Sheriff Keith. When Keith Mars was forced out of office due to an emergency recall election, after he accused Jake of murdering his own daughter, Lamb quickly maneuvered himself into the job as Sheriff with the support of various members of the 09er community, who felt that Lamb would be a much more controllable figure than Keith. Lamb's biggest action of controversy would be several months after the arrest of Abel Koontz—the one who falsely admitted to killing Lily—when Keith's daughter Veronica arrived one morning at the sheriff's office. Veronica had been drugged and raped and sought to report the crime. Sheriff Lamb agreed to take Veronica's statement personally regarding her rape, but Veronica quickly found that Lamb had ulterior motives, in what has become one of the most controversial scenes in the series: He refused to do anything about the rape, even implying that she was lying. In spite of his flaws, Lamb does at his core attempt to be a good police officer. This was made most evident at the end of season one, when, without any arm-twisting from the Mars family, Lamb arrested Jake Kane for obstruction of justice after it was revealed that his manipulation of Lamb regarding Abel Koontz allowed the true murderer, Aaron, to avoid arrest. In season 3, he is fatally struck with a baseball bat by a suspect and dies in the hospital.

Gia Goodman [Season 2, movie] — Gia Goodman is the daughter of the influential Neptune citizen and professional baseball team owner, Woody Goodman, who later becomes mayor. Gia has a somewhat ditzy and quirky personality. She tends to tell people exactly what is on her mind, even when they are sick of listening to her. Gia started attending Neptune High during Veronica's senior year after transferring from a private boarding school. Her father actually molested many boys and is later killed on a plane blown up by one of his victims, Cassidy Casablancas. In the film, it is revealed Gia was on a boat with Susan, Carrie, Luke, Dick, and Stu when Susan overdosed and died. She helped throw the body overboard and was later blackmailed into being Stu's girlfriend. When Carrie is ready to come clean, Stu forces the group to help kill Carrie. Gia picks up Carrie's hacked Galaxy Tablet and is thus filmed texting Logan, tricking him into showing up at Carrie's place and thus being framed for murder. When Veronica confronts Gia about this, she confesses to the entire thing, unaware that Cobb is listening in on a nearby radio station due to Veronica's malfunctioning bug. She approaches the window when she tells Veronica how she wasn't allowed to have curtains and how Cobb might be watching them that very second. She waves and before she could tell Veronica to try and act natural, Cobb shoots her at the stomach before aiming for Veronica. Gia lies feeble on the floor as Veronica calls the police, and stops breathing as Veronica assures her that help is coming.

Lianne Mars [Seasons 1–2] — Lianne Scott (previously Mars née Reynolds) is the mother of Veronica and the ex-wife of Keith. An alcoholic, she drove Veronica to become unforgiving toward her let-downs and betrayals. Lianne was the high school sweetheart of future millionaire, Jake Kane, but she later marries Keith. Despite her marriage to Keith, Veronica's paternity is at one point under question--it being unclear if Keith or Jake is her father., Keith eventually proves that he is indeed Veronica's biological father. After the Lily Kane murder is made public, Lianne left the Mars family for parts unknown. Veronica tracks her mother down during her junior year,. Lianne claims to want to fix her problems so Veronica, ever eager to help and still wanting to get her family back together, cashes in all of her college savings to put Lianne into rehab. Afterwards, Lianne returns to stay, seemingly sober. It turns out, however, that Lianne is still drinking, and Veronica confronts her. With that, Veronica tells Lianne to pack her bags and leave. Lianne does so, but not before stealing the reward Keith had earned for locating the runaway Duncan, leaving the remaining Mars members in a dire financial situation and Veronica again with no college money. Several years after leaving Veronica's life, she got sober and started a new family with, Tanner Scott, a man she met in recovery. She has a son, Hunter Scott, and was step-mother to Aurora Scott. Tanner and Aurora had been cahoots together to get money and both of them are arrested. Lianne had been unaware and blind-sided by the revelation, but she still faces the possibility of being charged as an accessory to the crime. She has a final, private conversation with Keith and allows Veronica to walk her out. Veronica, tired of fighting, finally forgives her mother and embraces her in a hug. It is later revealed that Lianne was awarded custody of Aurora after the end of Aurora's trial, and was apparently found innocent of the accessory charge. Veronica notes how she is quietly helping Lianne fund Hunter's life, helping to make ends meet.

Parker Lee [Season 3] — Parker Lee was Mac's roommate at Hearst College. Parker is immediately welcoming to Mac, and wants to be good friends. When she meets Mac's good friend, Veronica, she says, "Mac's friends are my friends!" and welcomes Veronica with open arms. She enjoys partying and having a "good time," so when Veronica discovers Mac sitting outside her dorm room and Mac tells her that Parker is with a guy inside, Veronica has no reason to disbelieve her. Veronica goes into the room to get something, and then leaves. The next morning, after Veronica spent the night in Mac's dorm room, she discovers that Parker had been drugged and raped the previous night. Veronica felt extremely guilty, as she had been in the room when Parker was raped and did nothing to stop it, although she had no way of knowing that it was a rape, due to Parker being drugged. Veronica becomes determined to find out who the rapist is. Parker had a brief romantic relationship with Logan after his breakup with Veronica. The relationship soon runs into difficulties as Parker finds it difficult to understand Logan's moods and reasons for doing things. She asks Veronica for advice and Veronica does her best to help her. Parker and Logan plan to go away for the summer, which means that Parker will not have to spend the holidays with her controlling and overprotective parents. However, in the series finale, Parker sees from Logan's intense protective reaction to the sex video of Veronica and Piz that he still has feelings for Veronica, and breaks up with him, leaving her single, miserable, and under her parents' thumb once more.

Stosh Piznarski [Season 3, Movie] — Stosh "Piz" Piznarski was Wallace's roommate at Hearst College. He has his own college radio show at Hearst. He is self-effacing but thoughtful and genuine. He gains approval from both Wallace and Keith. Even Veronica, who thinks the worst of most people, tells him that he's "a good guy, Piznarski." As someone who thinks before he acts and has a "live and let live" attitude, Piz provides a foil and contrast for the more reckless Logan. Veronica first meets Piz when she helps him discover who stole "all his worldly possessions" as he was first moving into his dorm room. He quickly develops a serious infatuation with her, which she does not appear to return as she's dating Logan at the time. After Veronica and Logan's breakup, Piz decides to follow Wallace's advice and go "all in" and kisses Veronica. Veronica responds by chasing after Piz and kissing him in front of an elevator, which opens to reveal Logan. After some initial awkwardness, Veronica gives Piz the friend speech again, surprised at his lack of emotion. Veronica eventually takes a chance on Piz, and the two begin dating. When a sex tape appears on the Internet and makes its way to Logan, he beats up Piz, assuming he was the one who posted it. Logan finally apologizes to Piz, and a lingering gaze between Veronica and Logan (Parker broke up with Logan when he didn't deny his love for Veronica) leaves their relationship status unclear in the series finale. At the beginning of the film, Piz and Veronica are dating after reconnecting in New York, but the relationship doesn't last when Veronica heads to Neptune to help Logan when he's accused of murdering Carrie.

8/14/2016 #59
Mint Writer Presents

Mint's Primer for UNDERTALE! Part 1 of 2 (hopefully)

DISCLAIMER: I highly suggest you don't read this if you're planning to play Undertale but I can't stop you. Just know that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.

Undertale is a choose your own adventure RPG made by Toby Fox with help from Temmie Chang and a few other people.. This game is characterized by the way that you can go through the entire game and not kill anybody and get a better ending than if you kill somebody. It is also characterized by the fact that every monster in the game has a unique personality along with goals and flaws as well as their attacks are different from every other monster.


Background (it'll make the overview make more sense): There are three races in all of Undertale: Humans, Monsters, and Flowers (believe it or not, this is true). Humans are the most powerful out of all of these races.

Humans: Humans, unlike monsters, have a very powerful soul and body. It is not in tuned with its body like monsters. Because of that and how powerful the soul is, a human should can exist outside the body for a long time. During this time, a monster can absorb the sound and become very powerful. If they absorb 7 souls, they become godlike. There are also 7 different types of human souls that are powered by 7 character traits. These souls are represented by color. Here's this list of colors and what type of souls they are.

Red: Determination

Orange: Bravery

Yellow: Justice

Green: Kindness

Light Blue: Patience

Blue: Integrity

Purple: Perseverance

Determination is the strongest out of all of them because every human has determination. Determination is what makes a soul of a human live out of the body as well as keep a human alive as proven in the True Pacifist ending final boss. Humans are able to take huge doses of the stuff because their body is physical while a monster's is made of magic. Doctor Alphys found out that putting determination in a monster will keep it alive for a while but then their bodies will melt and they will become amalamates.

Monsters: Monsters don't have as strong souls as Human souls (all the monsters in the underground with their souls equals the power of one human soul) but their soul is in tuned with their body which makes them able to use magic. Magic often reflects a monster's soul. Unfortunately, it's a double edged sword. A monster's soul only exists as long as their body exists. The only exception is with a type of monster called a Boss Monster whose soul lives a little bit out of the body upon its death. Then, when monster's die, their bodies turn to dust. Monster's age like humans except for Boss Monsters who only age as their children age. When a monster is old, they "fall down" which is where they are in a state where they are still and will eventually turn to dust. The only time that this didn't happen is when Doctor Alphys experimented on Determination and put some in the monsters that had fallen down. At funerals, the monster's dust is put upon their favorite thing where their essence lives on. This fits on as and introduction to the next race.

Flowers: This wouldn't be a race if it weren't for the dust of monsters. There is only one sentient flower in existence and he was created when a certain somebody (mentioned in the overview)died in a flower field and his dust spread across the flowers. Then, Doctor Alphys, experimenting with Determination, put determination into a flower wondering "What would happen if a living thing without a soul gained the will to live." Thus, this made the wonderful friend we all know as Flowey the Flower with his wonderful motto, "It's kill or be killed." :D (Sarcastic smile is sarcastic).



The War: A long time ago, monsters and humans lived together on the surface. Then, the war between monsters and humans came. The humans attacked first because they feared that the monsters would take their souls and become powerful and destroy them. Not a single drop of blood fell and tons of dust was spread across the fields as the humans emerged victorious. They cast a spell that forced them underground. This is called the Barrier. Anything can go through the barrier into the underground but no one can come out except for someone with a human soul and a monster soul which could be a human with a monster soul or a monster with a human soul. The only way to actually break the barrier is to have someone with the power equal to 7 human souls. The monsters longed to see the sky again. They had hope though that the king, King Asgore, would free them.


Chara and Asriel: One day, a gender neutral child named Chara (short for character because you could name him/her whatever you want. For purposes, I'll say she) fell down and was the first human to fall down into the underground. She was injured from the fall and was found by Asriel Dreemur, Asgore and Toriel's son. Asriel took her home and took care of her. Chara became a part of the Dreemur family. Asriel and Chara became like siblings. Chara apparently is able to make a creepy face as proven by a video found in the true lab. It's only speculation but we think that this pic is her creepy face:

Chara hated humanity and she wanted to free all monsters. She learned how to do this when Asriel and Chara accidentally read a recipe wrong and put in buttercups instead of cups of butter. They gave it to King Asgore, their dad, and it made him very sick. Learning from this, Chara formed a plan where Asriel could go through the barrier and get some human souls. She told Asriel and put the plan in action. Chara ate some buttercups and became sick. Her last wish that was a hint to Asriel. The wish was to see the flowers in her village. Shortly after, Chara died. Asriel took her soul and became powerful. According to what Asriel says, the control over this version of Asriel was split between Asriel and Chara. Chara picked up her body and walked out of the underground. She reached the village where she placed her body on a bed of golden flowers. Then, screams rang out through the village. The humans thought that Asriel killed the child. They attacked Asriel. Chara wanted to kill them with their power but Asriel refused. Asriel, wounded, picked up Chara's body and went back to the Underground. There, he turned to dust on the flower bed.

The king and queen were distraught. They had lost two children in one night. The Underground was devoid of hope. The King, in anger, declared war on the humans and swore to kill every human that fell down. Hopes returned. The Queen, Toriel, was disgusted by his actions and, taking Chara's body, fled to the Ruins where the Monsters first settled before moving out throughout the cavern after the war. She buried Chara's body and flowers Golden Flowers, flowers from the surface, grew over her grave. There, Toriel stayed as 6 more human children fell down, went out of the ruins, and eventually died to Asgore.


Frisk and the Start of the Actual Game: Since this game is a choose your own adventure, the ending you get is dependent on you. Here are some main events in the three endings.


Neutral Ending:

Neutral ending is what you must do first to get the True Pacifist so they are basically the same or maybe you killed a few monsters while sparing a few.

At the start, you land on a bed of flowers which is where Chara was buried. You move on to find a friendly looking flower named Flowey the Flower. He says that he should teach you how things work around the place and tells you to catch as many "friendliness pellets" as you can with your soul. If you choose to catch them, you loose your health and Flowey tells you that in this world, it's kill or be killed. If you choose not to, he will continue to tell you to catch them until he says, "You know what's going on, don't you?" Either way, he tries to kill you again but is stopped by Toriel. Toriel then shows you the Ruins and you encounter monsters along the way.

Eventually, she leaves you, saying that she's got to do some errands and tells you to stay there. You eventually have to leave the room and you get to solve puzzles and fight/mercy monsters. Then, you encounter Napstablook, a sad ghost who pretends to be asleep at first. When you mercy him, he shows you "Dapperblook", which is just him with a hat. If you fight him, he tells you you can't kill him because he's a ghost and just lowered his HP to make you feel better. Eventually, you reach Toriel's house where she praises you on how you got there without her help. She surprises you with a room and some butterscotch-cinnamon pie. Upon asking how to leave the Ruins, she runs off to the basement to destroy the exit. She tells you to prove to her that you can survive past the other children that came down before. Whether you kill her or spare her, you eventually leave the ruins.

You end up in a snowy forest. There, you meet Sans, a skeleton with a taste for bad jokes and puns. He tells you that his brother, Papyrus, is a human-hunting fanatic and tells you to hide behind a conveniently-shaped lamp. Then, you hear Sans and Papyrus talk and after Papyrus leaves, Sans tells you that his brother has been down lately and it would be nice if you would meet him face-to-face. Sans tells you not to worry and that his brother isn't actually that dangerous even if he means to.

After meeting Papyrus, he tries his best to catch you through puzzles from an electricity maze to putting out spaghetti that was supposed to keep you there forever. Along the way, you meet dog like monsters that are apart of the Royal Guard which Papyrus desperately wants to be a part of. After all the puzzles, you reach Snowdin Town. When you try to leave, you are blocked by Papyrus.

After an interesting fight, you move on to Waterfall where you meet Monster Kid, a fan of Undyne, the leader of the Royal Guard. After going through puzzles, Undyne tries to attack you with spears multiple times including at a maze which is really hard. Eventually, you fight her where you either kill her or spare her. Then, you move on to Hotland.

At Hotland, you meet Dr. Alphys. She tells you that she's on your side and that she has been watching you through video cameras this whole time. She also says that she accidentally made a human killing TV host machine before you came. Then, right on cue, Mettaton comes onto the scene and does a deadly quiz show where Alphys is giving you the answers. You go through more deadly TV show events like a cooking show with the main ingredient being a HUMAN SOUL, a news report with bombs, and a tale of a human and a monster who fell in love but the human fell into a deadly puzzle dungeon.

Eventually, you reach MTT Resort which leads to the Core where power is made that leads to the castle where the Barrier is. Depending if you spare Papyrus or not, Sans will have dinner with you but I will put that in True Pacifist. Upon going through a puzzle into the core, you find Mettaton. He fights you and you flip a switch which makes him turn humanoid. You beat him and then, you head to the castle.

There, you learn about the story of Asriel and Chara mentioned earlier. Then, you meet Asgore. He is surprised to meet you and takes you to the Barrier. He asks if you're ready to fight him. If you say yes, the six human souls of Bravery, Justice, Kindness, Patience, Integrity, and Perseverence come up from the Barrier floor with a missing soul which is YOUR'S. You are forced to fight him rather that spare and you end up defeating. You have a choice to spare him or kill him. If you spare him, he will promise to take care of you shortly before Flowey kills him. If you kill him, Flowey will be impressed. Then, he takes the souls and says his motto, "It's kill or be killed," and then he'll laugh and your game will crash.

Going back on will cause your game to be different where you'll see a photoshop Flowey. Every Time you die, the game will crash and you have to go on again. You are able to fight him but at the start, it will only do 1-2 points of damage. Continue surviving and you'll reach a weird minigame where you have to press the act button to get health from the souls. Once you've acted on all the souls, you get health and awesome music as Flowey's defense is dropped to 0! Once you finish him, the souls will defeat him. Then, you have a choice to spare him or kill him. Kill him, and he'll say he knew you had it in you. Spare him and he'll say he can't understand and run away.

You'll get to the credits where Sans calls you and tells you what's happening and that the souls are gone and the Barrier is still there. This call changes depending on who you spare or kill. Then, if you spare Flowey, he'll tell you how to get the True Pacifist ending which will be explained in my second part.

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