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Maxniss Everide

Erik was taking long strides through the Garnier for the first time in a few years. The halls were quiet, no one was here at this hour, giving him the freedom that he discovered that he needed. He studied his work skeptically. It was strange to see that in just over a few years, the Palais Garnier seemed to age as if it were over a hundred years old! What could have caused this to happen?

Before he could realize it, he found himself in the grand theatre itself. What surprised him was that he did not head quickly towards the confines of Box Five, but wandered around in the audiance a bit, then to the orchestra pit and before he could stop himself, he was on the stage itself.

9/12/2011 . Edited by Christine Marie Jonasdotter, 10/13/2011 #1
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

Christianne had been sittting just backstage. Rehearsal had been long that day and she had volunteered to stay afterward tofold up the chairs so they could be taken to storage. However, after such a loong hard day, she had fallen asleep partially through doing so instead.

9/12/2011 #2
Maxniss Everide

The man who was hardly more than a shadow looked out to the rows of empty seats from the empty stage. This was the only way that he could ever be on stage; he had to be alone.

Erik tried not to imagine the rows of seats filled with people who would only ridicule, mock, and alienate him. Some of his worst nightmares consisted of this stage. Sometimes he was bound to the floorboards of the stage without the safety of his mask and people would beat and whip him until he cried, even begged for mercy, for death, for anything but humiliation.

And then he would wake up and find himself in the confines of his cellar, alone, and everything would be fine.

He turned away from the rows of seats and headed towards one of the wings backstage, but stopped when he found Christianne lying backstage. He crossed over to her and kneeled down, uncertainly laying a hand on her forehead. How long had she been lying there?

9/12/2011 #3
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She groaned a little at his touch and shifted. She was so tired...

9/12/2011 #4
Maxniss Everide

"Christianne..." he said ever so softly.

9/12/2011 #5
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She yawned.

"Not now, dear..."

9/12/2011 #6
Maxniss Everide

Erik looked at Christianne a bit questionably, but continued, "Christianne, get up. You are on the backstage floor of the stage."

9/12/2011 #7
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She smiled a bit and gave a small chuckle

"Oh honey, you're so funny..."

9/12/2011 #8
Maxniss Everide

Erik only appeared more puzzled than before and was about to set her straight, then stopped himself. He may never get this opprotunity again. He leaned down closer to her and chuckled much like he'd believe her fiancee to chuckle.

9/12/2011 #9
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She rolled a bit and found his hand, taking it in her own and pressing her head to his chest, snuggling in close.

9/12/2011 #10
Maxniss Everide

Erik almost forgot himself and sighed contently. This had to be a dream, this had to be a dream... if it were a dream, he did not want it to end...

9/12/2011 #11
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

"I love you, dear," she murmured, still completely unaware of what was really happening.

9/12/2011 #12
Maxniss Everide

Erik's world seemed to come crashing down on him at that moment. They were only four small words, but they were not meant for him. Not yet.

He realized that he was now lying on the floor next to her and thought to himself, You pitiful monster... how could you take advantage of this? She is probably uncomfortable and here you are, dreaming that she has always loved you... the way she loved him.

He was so disgusted with himself that he could not even relish in the fact that she was holding him now. Gently, so as not to wake her just yet, Erik wiggled out of her arms.

"Christianne..." he nearly begged, whimpered even. Quickly, he realized what he sounded like and said a little bit bolder, "Christianne, get off of the floor." He shook her a bit. "This is Erik."

9/12/2011 #13
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

Her face scrunched a bit in discomfort.


She opened her eyes and saw him bending over her

"What are you doing here?... Wait.... What? Where am I?"

9/12/2011 #14
Maxniss Everide

"You are on the backstage floor of the theatre in the Opera Garnier."

9/12/2011 #15
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She groaned and sat up.

"How in blazes did I get here?"

9/12/2011 #16
Maxniss Everide

Erik, still kneeling, looked at her a bit wearily. "I found you a few moments ago, lying here." He looked towards what was lying near her. "Perhaps you were working on something..."

9/12/2011 #17
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She thought for a moment, and then it struck her.

"Oh! The chairs! I almost forgot," she said, looking about frantically. "Wait... Did the stagehands already take them?"

9/12/2011 #18
Maxniss Everide

Erik nodded towards a few of the chairs which had long tumbled to the ground.

9/12/2011 #19
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She picked herself up and went to put the chairs back in place.

"What are you doing onstage at this hour anyway?"

9/12/2011 #20
Maxniss Everide

Erik stood up and brushed himself off, realizing that dust from the floor was still on his suit. "It is much more peaceful here at night, don't you think? One could appreciate the beauty of this place much better at night."

9/12/2011 #21
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

"I guess so..." she said, stoppin to give him a smile and then continueing on with the chairs. "Erik?..."

9/12/2011 #22
Maxniss Everide

He looked towards her and said, "Yes?"

9/12/2011 #23
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

"There's something that I need your input on..."

9/12/2011 #24
Maxniss Everide

He nodded for her to go on.

9/12/2011 #25
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

"Well... The other day, Mlle Jalo asked me about possibly understudying for Hannah and... well... I haven't exactly told my fiance about it yet..."

9/12/2011 #26
Maxniss Everide

Though he knew about this already, he mocked surprise. "Mlle Jalo asked you to understudy for Mlle Anderson? Why Christianne, that is extraordinary!" He paused for a moment. "Why haven't you told your fiancee?"

9/12/2011 #27
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

Christianne bit her lip.

"Because I'm not so sure that I want to be her understudy..."

9/12/2011 #28
Maxniss Everide

Erik crossed over to her and looked her into the eyes. "You are afraid of Mlle Anderson." It was not a question.

9/12/2011 #29
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

She nodded uneasilly and continued about her work.

9/12/2011 #30
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