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Christine Marie Jonasdotter

(go ahead :D )

10/10/2011 . Edited 10/13/2011 #1

Madame Boibigny knocked on the door to announce her coming, then opened the door. "You wanted too see me?"

10/16/2011 #2

Nicole was seated at her desk, reading over a piece of paper in her hand. When Mme. Boibigny walked in, she set the paper down and motioned for the woman to sit.

"Yes, I did. It's about your request for the ballet mistress position."

10/31/2011 #3

Madame Boibigny tried not to seem nervous and excited as she sat, her hands folded in her lap.

"Oh. You did get it? i was hoping to teach the dancers. As you may know, I was a dancer here from when I was nine untill I was twenty-eight.And I'd love to teach the future stars."

11/1/2011 . Edited 11/1/2011 #4

Nicole glanced down at Boibigny's resume again, then back up at the woman herself.

"You certainly have the dancing creditentials. However, I don't see much of a history in teaching. Have you ever taught someone to dance before?"

11/4/2011 #5
"I actually have. I worked for several years as a ballet teacher for a very good dance studio. Several of my old students are dancing in Russia Paris and England. One or two are even dancing currently at this opera house." she said, trying not to fidget like a school girl.
11/4/2011 #6

"Really?" Nicole tried not to look impressed. It was an interview, she had to keep a poker face. "Well, you really should put that kind of stuff on your resumé. I wouldn't have known otherwise." She placed the papers to one side, picked up a pen from her desk and began to spin it between her fingers. "Do these students of yours have names? I need to do my research, you understand."

11/4/2011 #7

Mme. Boibigny could have slapped herself.How stupid of her to forget something so important! "Of course I understand. Yes, their names are Abrielle Gravois and Sarah Antelicue . They're in the beginning pointe division."

11/5/2011 #8

"You don't say?" Nicole looked thoughtfl for a moment, then rose from her seat and pulled open one of the drawers of the filing cabinets behind her. She rummaged through the files, muttering, "Gravois, Antelicue, Gravois..." Before pulling two files from the mess with a grand sweeping gesture. "Ah, here they are!" She placed the files on her desk and began flicking through them, not bothering to sit down.

"Well, they do have good reputations here." She conluded after a few minutes. "No major incidents, but Antelicue was involved in the great pudding heist of 2005. Ah well, who wasn't? I still don't know where they hid all that pudding." She trailed off for a second, but quickly recovered and went back into interview mode.

"Speaking of incidents, is there anything major I need to know about you? You don't have a record, but you won't believe what stuff flies under the radar these days."

11/5/2011 #9

Mme. Boibigny grinned despite herself.

"Well... I don't exactly have a 'criminal record', but I did have a hand in the great pudding heist back in 2005. I will say this. The pudding is somewhere under the stables."

11/8/2011 #10

Nicole slammed a fist down onto the desk.

"I knew it!" She cried. "Damn pudding thieves. No offence, Madame."

11/10/2011 #11

"None taken. It was rather enjoyable. So... back to the matters at hand?"

11/14/2011 #12
"Yes, of course." Nicole said. She glaced down at the papers again and nodded. "Well, this all appears to be in order. And we have been in the market for a new Ballet Mistress for some time now. When do you think you can start?"
11/15/2011 #13

"I can start as soon as needed. Tomorrow even."

11/17/2011 #14

Nicole beamed. "Fabulous! I can have your contract made up for seven sharp tomorrow. Does that sound alright to you?"

11/17/2011 . Edited 11/17/2011 #15

"That sounds absolutely perfect! I shall be there long before to prepare."

11/17/2011 . Edited 11/17/2011 #16

Nicole couldn't help but clap a bit. "Wonderful! Madame Marguerite will be pleased to hear she can finaly retire."

11/17/2011 #17

Mme.Boibigny smiled fondly. Madame Marguerite had been the woman that had taught her. '' I shall see you tomorrow then. And I assure you, you won't be disappointed."

11/17/2011 #18

"I certainly hope not. And I'm only half joking there." Nicole grinned as she rose from her seat, digging into one of her filing cabinets for the basic ballet mistress contract. "So I'll see you bright and early to discuss your contract?"

11/17/2011 #19

"Of course you shall. I've been doing tours for four years now, and I still am not used to it. It will be so nice to wake up early for ballet, even if I'm the one teaching it instead of practicing it."

11/17/2011 #20

"Mahvelous! Simply Mahvelous!" Nicole said gleefully, putting on a very fake southern belle accent. She checked her watch and nearly jumped out of her skin. "Goodness, look at the time! By now there must have been three scandals and an unforgivable act of indignation! I'm sorry Madame, I must run. See you tomorrow, if I don't see you today."

11/17/2011 #21

"Au revoir then. Goodness, I should be running to. My cousin, John is visiting. I shall see you tomorrow."

(So, that's a cut.???

11/17/2011 #22

"Tell him a random lady says hi." Nicole grinned and rushed out the door, calling over her shoulder; "Remember, tomorrow bright and early!"

(I guess so. We just wait for Celestine, Jenn or Meghan to lock the scene.)

11/17/2011 #23

(O.K. off to get Kristianne.)

11/17/2011 #24
Christine Marie Jonasdotter


11/18/2011 #25
Christine Marie Jonasdotter

(You guys really need to start making scenes longer though. I can't really turn something that's only 22 posts into its own chapter :P )

11/18/2011 #26
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