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Alias is my favorite tv show, and I always have alot to say about it.....
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I am a HUGE and when i say huge, i mean huge, Alias fan as well and i would love to talk with someone about it cause the season is coming to a close and that makes me sad. Anyway, if anyone wants to Alias chat and be a dork with me, post back. And thanks for making an Alias rock me socks.
2/24/2006 #1
I love Alias, and can't wait for it to come back this month!!! but I miss Weiss and Vaughn, if they don't bring back Weiss when Syd has the baby, o'm going to be mad!! but it's the show and I wish it were on right now, and season five would be out on dvd, cause i own seas 1-4, and need to see more 5!!!
3/2/2006 #2
I know...i heard Weiss is coming back and i am a firm believer in that Vaughn is still alive and him and Sydney are going to ride off into the sunset happily ever after. If he really is dead i am afraid i am going to collapse into hysterics. This season has been so painful for me, Sydney going through the pregnancy alone. It is terrible. APRIL 19TH is the big day. I am excited for the last episodes. Sad and excited at the same time.
3/7/2006 #3
28dOOMDoom28're so lucky i'm only up to the start of Season 3 T.T I own season 1 and 2 though and i repeatably (is that even a word?) watch them...and because australia is so behind in tv...i don't get anything good to see so i end up with spoilers in fanfic...LOL...i dont care anymore...but yea...though i did only start to watch alias in the middle of last year...and i guess i've done alright for myself...
3/27/2006 #4
oypoodle sorry if i ruined it for you...i started watching when it was in its second seaon and i have season 1 through 4 on dvd...i love the show.
3/27/2006 #5
Don't worry you haven't ruined it for me....i've ruined it for myself...i should be able to get season 3 soon and then there comes season 4....i used youtube to watch some bits of the episodes...soooo good...anyways don't feel bad about it...and i love the show any of your friends like it or are you an odd one out?? i know i'm the odd one out within my friends...except for amy....*thinks* then again...she doesn't follow it too well and i have to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING that happens...but in the name of alias i will ;)
3/30/2006 #6
Ah...i am the odd one out...usually i try to get my friends into it but they get bored (GASP HOW CAN THEY)and tell me i am a moron. Not unusual in my case...but Alias is so fantastic i try to spread it...i suppose that kind of makes me a religious alias zealot.
4/3/2006 #7
I spent the whole of study hall today explaining to my friend John, Alias from season one. I drew diagrams and everything. *sigh* i sometimes look at my life and realize how truly retarted i am. And then i turn on the tv and watch more Alias.
4/6/2006 #8
Yup...that is so true...i explain to amy all the time what is happening even during an epi...i haven't done diagrams yet and she hasn't figured why i am so frustrated with the number 47 yet...LOL...she doesn't think it comes up as often as it does...i too look at my life and realize how retarded i am and then i watch even more alias just because!! LOL...and i keep on going on about how season 3 is going to start tomorrow (sunday)to my mum so she knows how important it is...i say every episode is important and then she makes fun of me...but it's true i love them all!! XD we are so retarded...let's join a club
5/6/2006 #9
Just some person
I know. My sister, she watches it occasionally, and asks me, then doesn't care when I tell her important parts. I am an odd one out, my friends think I am crazy when I describe it to them. They would probably say I should join the club. ~Rachelle
5/17/2006 #10
Well I think Syndy and Von make d perfect couple.
5/22/2006 #11
*gags* ok i'm a little biased here LOL...but Sarkney and SL all the way...LOL...yea it's just a little biased...*cough* heh heh...
5/27/2006 #12
*gags* ok i'm a little biased here LOL...but Sarkney and SL all the way...LOL...yea it's just a little biased...*cough* heh heh...
5/27/2006 #13
I like the Sarkney pairing...but I love the Syd and Vaughn pairing. It would have been great if Sark ever joined the good guys.
5/28/2006 #14
Denial is Bliss
i love Alias...but i hate channel seven (the people that air it in Australia) because they are revoking the rights to the 5th season. i can't wait until it comes back on...if it ever does. but i am totally obsessed with is sad, but at least i have a friend to share my obsession of Vaughn and alias with :) i mainly ship S/V, but ship Sarkney aswell and that will only be when she can't be with Vaughn
6/3/2006 #15
Alaina Ross
I ABSOLUTLY LOVE VAUGHN!!!!!!!!!! He also makes a good dad! (thinks about story idea.... two children?)
6/26/2006 #16
Damn i hate channel 7...hey i know *grabs pitch fork* let's round all the alias fans up and start a riot ^.^ lol then we'll show them who's boss.
6/30/2006 #17
Denial is Bliss
i know what you mean i wanna blow up their HQ with flea bombs... why flea bombs?... well i wouldn't have a clue, but it sounded good at the time. but according to rumours, 'Alias' is comming back to air on the 18th of july at 9:30pm... but i don't know if it is totally true, but i hope it is
7/9/2006 #18
petrelli heiress

Oh my god, no one has posted on this forum in awhile. Anyways...

I just got into Alias basically a few weeks ago and have now watched all five seasons. It is SO addictive. I got into it because I knew David Anders (SQUEEE!!) was in it but I thought he was only in the last season so I rented the fifth season but it turned out that he was in all of them. So then I rented the first season, got very into the whole Sydney/Vaughn relationship, and then went on from there. I now own the second and fourth seasons (I could only watch those seasons if I actually bought them - the video store didn't have them to rent).

So, yeah. Looking for fellow Alias fans.

3/25/2009 #19
Poison Passion

I started watching Alias, when it first aired on TV, and got up to the middle of the third season, before my hectic schedule kept me from seeing it every week. I would catch an episode every once in a while, but by then I was lost. [No pun intended JJ, lol]. I've been wanting to see the series in it's entirety for a long time, and finally when buying some books on, I saw that the separate seasons were at reasonable prices. As, you can guess, I bought them all! Haha. I refreshed myself by watching the first 2 season quickly, and I just finished the final season lastnight! [I stayed up until 3 am!]

This is by far one of the best series I have ever watched, and even though season 5 was cut a little short, with only 17 episodes, the final episode leaves quite a sense of completement. To be honest, I wish that they could have gone longer, but all in all I was happy with the ending. It's one of the few series that has been able to make me cry [outright], laugh, show intense anger [Lauren, you ***], and mystified all in one episode.

I'm glad to see that there are many Alias followers, and even thought the series ended a few years ago, that the fans are still keeping it alive, using some of the most beloved characters, who in my mind, became so real to me.

Now that I've finished this series, I don't know what to watch next! Haha. Nothing compares to the works of J.J. Abrams! I've also become a FRINGE follower. XD

If anyone would like to talk about this series, bounce thoughts off one another, let me know. I think it would be kinda interesting.

-Poison Passion-

6/8/2009 #20

I am an ALIAS dork! XD No seriously. I talk about it all the time and my friends get this look on their face that says "Oh, crap, here we go..."

11/18/2010 #21
Charmed Dark Alias

I know how you feel my friends get exactly the same look, a lot of the time. Somehow I seem to find ways of relating almost everything to something that happened in Alias at some point in time. The annoying thing is that none of my friends have ever seen it before so it is kind of hard to talk to them about it.

5/30/2011 #22

It's so sad that this was completely left aside... Alias became sort of a ghost. There are just a few nice fics around here and the topics look like ghost towns. I am sad that Sarkney never became canon.

11/21/2011 #23
Charmed Dark Alias
I am a total ALIAS dork as well it is like a addiction to me.
11/22/2011 #24

Well, I get obsessed with things when I really like them and have found out about their existence recently, so right now I am a little obsessed with Alias. Well, I discovered Alias a year ago, so it isn't so recent. But I am watching the first season for the second time now and I am obsessed with it all over again :D I guess that happens. I just wished there were better Sarkney stories around here. But I really like Stowaway :D

12/5/2011 #25
Charmed Dark Alias
I love it, but I will not read a Sarkney story, personally I am completely a Sydney Vaughn person.
12/6/2011 #26

Well, I like Vaughn too. But some things he did pissed me off, and although Sark made worse things... I just loved him :D

2/28/2012 #27

Plenty of Sarkney on, the successor to, it seems to me. Personally, I find the whole idea of Sarkney so OOC in 90% of cases that I hardly ever touch it.

3/22/2012 #28
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