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I R Dead Insert Frowny Here
The tier list has been updated by the members of the sbr, this is the OFFICIAL tier list: Top Fox Falco High Shiek Marth Peach Middle Tier Captain Falcon Ice Climbers Samus Doctor Mario Jigglypuff Mario Ganondorf Low Tier Link Luigi Donkey Kong Roy Young Link Pikachu Bottom Tier Yoshi Zelda Mr. Game and Watch Ness Bowser Kirby Pichu Mewtwo If there are any question's about the tier list, feel free to ask, if you wish to bitch about the fact your character went down or Pichu went up, then feel free.
7/10/2006 #1
What?! I never noticed Pichu went up... That scrawny little... Oh well... I guess it really doesn't matter. I mean... he's cute... but HE'S SO DAMN HARD TO USE!! least for me anyway... Anyway, I'm happy because Peach is still in the high tiers... as long as she's not low, I'm happy.
7/12/2006 #2
I R Dead Insert Frowny Here
Oh there is no way that Peach will ever go low. She's too cheap.
7/13/2006 #3
Wow, isn't that something... why the changes?
7/14/2006 #4
BOTH OF MY FAVORITE SWORDIES WENT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that that's over with... At least Marth's near the top tier. He may not be top tier anymore, but he's close. And, aww, Ness went sad...
7/17/2006 #5
What about the characters in SSBB? Why aren't they there?
7/26/2006 #6
I think its because nobody's played with them yet. Tier lists go according to how good Smashers are. Since nobody's played the new charries fromm SSBB... nobody knows how good they are. Of course, when SSBB comes out... the tier list is going to change dramatically.
7/26/2006 #7
KTE votes Pit for top tier, but I vote Meta Knight for top tier!
7/26/2006 #8
I vote for... umm... Let's see... I hate Snake 'cuz I'm decidedly a Metal Gear racist right now... ...Ari already voted teh awesome MetaKnight... ...Zero Suit Samus isn't really new, so she doesn't count... ...Which leaves me to Pit, but KTE already says he's gonna support him... ...Which leaves only one solution... WARIO FOR TOP TIER!! (who would've thought?)
7/26/2006 #9
I R Dead Insert Frowny Here
I garantee Wario isn't going to be high on the tier list. He's going to be slow, which garantees a Mid-low tier character
7/26/2006 #10
True... True... All true.
8/1/2006 #11
I just hope Marth stays near the top tier cause he is my best charac. besides Link, but i hardly use Link cause he's kinda slow to react o0...
8/7/2006 #12
Masters of Disaster 2.0
Yay! Marth is at least in the high! I use only Marth so I'm happy! Megan uses Peach, so she's happy. And another friend of mine uses Sheik, so the world can continue to rotate!
8/14/2006 #13
I use Peach too! ...Sort of... She's tied with Pikachu now... I'm good at both of them equally. I used to be really good with Peach, but then I started getting good with Pikachu... so I guess they're the same for me. SO YAYNESS FOR MEGAN!!! O.o
8/14/2006 #14
Wh ydoes Young Link always have to be bottome Tier? At least Falco is at the top. But you want to know you's really top tier? Me! Yeah I kinda have to spam up all the topics.
12/20/2006 #15
Actually, he's low tier. I haven't seen you in a loong time... on the forums.
12/20/2006 #16
Anybody know how to submit a new category in Fanfiction? I know it can be done. Thanks.
12/22/2006 #17
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