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Look at the title, as long as you know the book you'll understand I would sort of like to start at the beginning and instead of going along with what Richelle Mead did we go on with our own story. Starting when Rose and Lissa get brought bac
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Little Dhampir Rogue

First reserve a character and then once you create a profile I will put your character's name in bold her meaning it is taken.

Alright now here I will put up a list of characters, if there is nothing beside a name then that means they are free for the taking.

If one isitalicizedthat means that it is reserved, which means there is not a profile up for the character yet.

Boldmeans it is taken.

If you do not stay active after a while your character will be put back up for grabs.

You may have multiple characters however please keep them all active and if they are main ones, I don't mean my own list of major ones I mean like if you choose Rose and Lissa and Dimitri that would not be accepted for one person, I may not let you if you only take really main characters. But please try.

Major ones = ones I would prefer to fill in first

Minor = ones I'd rather fill in last and the others are in between however just choose the ones you want

Here we go...


Major ones:

Lissa Dragomir

Adrian Ivashkov

Tasha Ozera

Christian Ozera

Mia Rinaldi

Somewhat not as major moroi:

Victor Dashkov

Ibrahim "Abe" Mazur

Avery Lazar

Tatiana Ivashkov

Jill Dragomir Mastrano

Minor Moroi:

Daniella Ivashkov

Nathan Ivashkov

Jesse Zeklos

Robert Doru

Sonya Karp

Reed Lazar

Emily Mastrano


Major Ones:

Rosemary "Rose" Hathaway ~ Little Dhampir Rogue

Dimitri Belikov

Mason Ashford

Janine Hathaway

Lesser Major Ones:

Eddie Castile

Mikhail Tanner

Viktoria Belikova

Sonya Belikova

Olena Belikova

Karolina Belikova

Yeva Belikova









Now I might accept OCs but please make them fit into the story if you do and realize they might not be accepted since I'd rather get the characters from the books first.

There is a separate topic for profiles and they don't take long honestly just please make them I get that we should know what character is who and what they did but the whole thing is that it will work better and it will make it so that we can all look stuff up if we're not sure or whatever.

6/19/2011 #1

Can I be Lissa? If this is still active of course.

5/22/2014 #2
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