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Look at the title, as long as you know the book you'll understand I would sort of like to start at the beginning and instead of going along with what Richelle Mead did we go on with our own story. Starting when Rose and Lissa get brought bac
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Little Dhampir Rogue

Hello, so anyways I would like it if under the 'Starters' area you could post a new topic with your character's profile in it. (if you have more than one character you have to create multiple threads so we can find them if we need them) Then I will post if there are any problems but please claim your character in the characters thread first.

Read the summary first please!!!

Profile... Fill this out please do not change a thing. (Well other than erasing the things that are in parentheses.)

I legally am.... (Full Name)

However I go by... (Nickname or what people call them however if they don't have anything then put their first name)

I am... (Age)

I am a... (race)

I am... (their personality)

Here's a brief summary of what I've done...

(shortish bio, include everythign important, remember we're starting at when they get brought back)

If Looks Could Kill...

Body Type:

Skin Tone:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Any Identifying Marks: (scars, tattoos, piercings, etc)

Height: (not necessary)

What I like:

(things they like make a list, one per line)

Code: (read the summary and you might find it ... O.O I just want to mainly make sure you read that's not that long)

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Samurai don't need angels

I legally am....(Full Name) Danika H. Falman

However I go by... Danny, or Dan

I am...(Age) 17

I am a...(race) Dhampir

I am...(their personality) Quiet, soft spoken, stubborn, and just a bit cold.

Here's a brief summary of what I've done...

Dan has had a fairly normal childhood for a Dhampir. Her mother was a Dhampir, and her farther a royal Mori who wanted nothing to do with her. She enjoy's school, and doesn't cause much trouble. She doesn't have many friends because she is rather shy, and can be a bit frosty. She is a bright person, but has been known to do some pretty stupid things. She is well known for having accidently set an eyebrow on fire when she was seven. She has managed to play it off as arson.

If Looks Could Kill...

Body Type:Slim, tall, graceful, not particularly curvy.

Skin Tone:Olive

Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Brown

Any Identifying Marks:(scars, tattoos, piercings, etc) She's kind of got a funky looking eyebrow.

Height:(not necessary) 5'11

What I like:





(things they like make a list, one per line)


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Maryanna Clarisse Darci

I legally am.... Gabrielle Allegra Cecilia Dashkov

However I go by... Elle

I am... 17

I am a... Moroi

I am... calm minded though hot tempered on occasions, witty, ambitious, driven, and intelligent, though also quirky, demanding, eccentric, and seemingly passive to everything. Many traits contradict each other so Gabrielle can be unpredictable. Elle has a nearly perfect memory and thus easily succeeds in school and memorization. Elle's also granted, a bit spoiled due to her upbringing though she rarely acts like a spoiled brat (even though she is).

Here's a brief summary of what I've done...

Gabrielle was born to Sergei Daniel Dashkov and Cecilia Kathleen Dashkov on February 15 as Gabrielle Allegra Cecilia Dashkov. Gabrielle's mother Cecilia was born as Cecilia Kathleen Dragomir but was latter disowned by her parents when she broke off her engagement to a Badica lord.

Gabrielle was a precocious youth with a easy upbringing as she was rather passive-aggressive in her youth making her very agreeable until she didn't get what she wanted which was rarely, almost next to never. Gabrielle is a distant cousin to Vasilisa Dragomir and Gabrielle was good friends with Vasilisa and Rosemarie Hathaway when they were young. However, Elle never went to St. Vladimir's as she was educated via private tutors as her parents couldn't bear separating from their little girl and thus, frequented Court life and made high connections there.

Gabrielle traveled a lot during her youth and as a result might be considered very worldly by others. When Elle was three years old however, Elle's mother Cecilia died after giving birth to Elle's brother Alexei. This would latter lead to Sergei's resentment of Alexei. Sergei named his son, Gabrielle's brother, Alexei Valeria Dashkov.

However, when Gabrielle reached 12 years of age, whilst she was being driven to her father's villa in Nice, Strgoi attacked and chaos ensued. In the end, her father and all of the accompanying guardians died, leaving Gabrielle and her brother Alexei orphans.

Gabrielle and Alexei were kidnapped by the Strigoi and put in different locations. Gabrielle was eventually able to escape though none but her know what happened since her kidnapping. Now, after six years, Gabrielle is seeking safety and wishes to do so by rejoining Royal Court after hearing that her distant cousin, Vasilisa Dragomir was crowned Queen.

If Looks Could Kill...

Body Type: Waifish figure

Skin Tone: Sunkissed

Hair Color: Chestnut brown with golden blonde highlights

Eye Color: Dark lime-green eyes (like Tilda Swinton's)

Any Identifying Marks: None

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

What I like:






Not being bored

Code: Woo! Hope this makes any sense anyways you are looking for unicorns.

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