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Since it wouldn't allow me to make a poll on the forum topic, it is going here.

8/27/2011 #1

So, dance it is. I was thinking about just opening up a topic for it for a weekend or something that way there isn't really an issue with the times.

So, post below how many days you think it should be and WHAT type of dance it should be. (like, a ball, masquerade ball, just a dance, the Yule ball, something like that, but all done in the wizardring way and have a different style to it.)

8/30/2011 #2
I think we should host the topic for a week at least, because that gives a chance for everyone to go on at least once. Some people don't come on after a few days anyway. Maybe we could have a black tie theme to the ball?
8/30/2011 #3
A mascarade sounds really nice. Maybe mixed with a black tie event? :) Also, I think that if it's open for more than a week, there can be like q preparation section and the actual dance and then maybe a kind of "epilogue"?
8/30/2011 #4
Oooooo I like that idea! So, sort of like an 'end of the year' dance? The ball will look like Phantom of the Opera :) sweet!
8/30/2011 #5
Yes! And maybe a live band? There could be a special teacher's dance! And this just randomly popped in my head, a aging potion that makes everyone look sixteen? I don't know, just a thought cause it's hard to put an 12 year old like Rose in a ball gown and high heels.......)
8/30/2011 #6
Yeah sounds good! We could get Draco and the Malfoys play there, even though that's impossible and doesn't make any sence. Gotta love Wizard Wrock! And I was just thinking about the age problem. Aging potion sounds good, because I'm pretty sure EVERYONE here wants to see a sixteen year old Scorpy ;) ...no? Okay.....
8/30/2011 #7
Rose does! :) And you and I. ;) So let's not anger Dana by spamming this topic. We can move to the chat topic to go fangirl. :)
8/30/2011 #8
Agreed :)
8/30/2011 #9

So, guys, can we rewind the time setting? Can we make it like a Halloween dance because the school year is going way too fast if it's Christmas. Everything that happened during Christmas could have already happened, but can we at least try to have the holidays close to each other?

So, the masquerade and the black tie thing is a good idea. I've always wanted to go to a masquerade ball, but, sadly, they don't have those at my school.

Aaron can play guitar and sing, but he wouldn't get up on stage and that live music would be good or else have the Weird Sisters like in the fourth Harry Potter book.

8/30/2011 #10
Yes. But we can just post on big green letters that we are having a circuit break and going back to Halloween for a second? Then we can go back.)
8/30/2011 #11

I think something like the Yule Ball would be fantastic!!

8/30/2011 #12

(Um, the entire RP is going to remain in school until next summer, so I think it's best to just have it at Halloween.)

8/31/2011 #13
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