Hogwarts Second Generation Roleplay
Join the famous trios family as they take Hogwarts by l are welcome. Based on the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. P.M. if interested in joining.
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Meliodas Dragon Sin of Wrath

You made my brother kill him self so I am going to blow your head off.

11/11/2011 #2,971

Vector walked all the way to his dorm room with Bell and closed the door. He sat on his bed with his face in his hands.

Ally smiled and said, "Vlad, if you don't mind I would still like to have partial custody of Jakey like you gave me when we were together.

11/11/2011 . Edited 11/11/2011 #2,972

Ara set her sketchpad down on her knees and started to draw.

11/11/2011 #2,973
Sofie Clearwater
Bell stroked his hair. "Shh." She whispered. ~|~|~ "Is that funny?" Ilia smiled, tickling him.
11/11/2011 #2,974

Vector looked up at her and said, "I am a horrible person."

11/11/2011 #2,975
Sofie Clearwater
"No youre not." She said firmly. "You're kind and sweet and loving."
11/11/2011 #2,976

"That's fine" Vlad said "He like that"

Jakey just laughed

11/11/2011 #2,977

"I won't be when I turn 18. because i am the reincarnation of Voldemort at age 18 I am going to become evil. You won't want me when I'm evil." Vector said.

Ally smiled, "Okay, oh and your Sonya's godfather."

11/11/2011 . Edited 11/11/2011 #2,978
Meliodas Dragon Sin of Wrath

Ty sat down at the lake and cried Alice went to her room.

11/11/2011 #2,979
Sofie Clearwater
"No." She said. "We all have choices. Voldemort choose evil. You could choose good." She looked into his eyes. "You could choose me." She said softly.
11/11/2011 #2,980
Sofie Clearwater
Ilia held him and lies down. "Do you see the pictures in the clouds?" She asked.
11/11/2011 #2,981

"It's not like that Bell, this I have no choice in." Vector said.

11/11/2011 #2,982

Älex smiled down at Sonya

11/11/2011 #2,983

Sonya smiled up at him and said, "Daddy happy."

11/11/2011 #2,984
Sofie Clearwater
Bell hugged close to him. "It'll be ok." She whispered. She cupped his face in her hands. "And I'll always want you."
11/11/2011 #2,985

Vector looked at her and said, "I love you Bell." He kissed her hard on the lips.

11/11/2011 #2,986

Vlad smiled "Thank you for that"

"I see a cow" Jakey said

11/11/2011 #2,987
Sofie Clearwater
"I love you, too." She whispered, kissing back just as hard and full of passion. "Forever, I'll love you forever." She said.
11/11/2011 #2,988

Ally said, "It's no trouble really I got to choose the godfather and Alex got to choose the godmother. I chose you."

Vector kissed her again pulling her on top off him as they lay on his bed.

11/11/2011 . Edited 11/11/2011 #2,989
Sofie Clearwater
Ilia grinned. "Do you see the bear?"
11/11/2011 #2,990
Meliodas Dragon Sin of Wrath

He was thinking of doing what Sly did.

11/11/2011 #2,991

(Quinn don't you dare or i will gut you like a fish)

11/11/2011 #2,992
Sofie Clearwater
Bell kissed him back, pressing against him.
11/11/2011 #2,993

Vector kissed her back holding her against him.

11/11/2011 #2,994
Sofie Clearwater
She tangled her fingers in his hair not breaking the kiss.
11/11/2011 #2,995

"Who's the godmother?" Vlad asked

Jakey nodded

11/11/2011 #2,996
Sofie Clearwater
Ilia pointed out a few more. She watched Jakey's face as he saw them.
11/11/2011 #2,997

Vector was now hovering over top of Bell still kissing her.

"Elena is the godmother." Ally said.

11/11/2011 #2,998

"I think I've talk to her" Vlad said

"I see a fishy" Jakey said grinning

11/11/2011 #2,999
Sofie Clearwater
Bell kissed along his jaw.
11/11/2011 #3,000
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