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Albus smiled. " Good."

Lynn smiled. " Lynn Crystal,nice to meet you"

11/2/2011 #241

"That's good." Aliyana said. "Let's go talk to Ally and Alex."

11/2/2011 #242

Albus nodded. " Alright" He approached to them. " Hi Ally. Hi Alex."

11/2/2011 #243

Ally said, "Hey Albus, Aliyana, how's it going?"

Aliyana said, "Good, I'm enjoying the ball."

(Yey I made a Hunger Games forum, you can request a character if you want)

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #244


Albus replied. " Good,same here." He smiled.

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #245

Ally said, "That's good, now Albus you owe me a hug I haven't seen you in a while."

(I don't remember anyone named Link in The Hunger Games)

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #246

(I was asking for the link of the forum,if you could give it to me,please.)

(is Prim open?)

Albus hugged her. " True, I've missed you sis. How's Sonya?"

11/2/2011 #247

(Oh okay here it is: http://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/Team_Haymitch_for_life/2651161/) (No Prim is taken actually)

Ally hugged him back and said, "I've missed you too, and she's good, growing up fast."

11/2/2011 #248

(oh,okay, I'll take a look at the list,thanks)

Albus smiled. " She's adorable. How old is she now?"

11/2/2011 #249

(Can I do an OC?)

11/2/2011 #250

(Kay) (Sure)

"She's 1 year old." Ally said. "I want to dance, Aliyana do you mindif I steal Albus away for one song because Alex is busy with the music."

Aliyana said, "No, I was going to get something to drink anyways."

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #251

Albus smiled at Aliyana. " You sure?"

11/2/2011 #252

Aliyana said, "Yeah, go dance with your sister." She smiled and went to the dessert table and got some punch.

11/2/2011 #253

Albus danced with Ally,hoping Aliyana wouldn't get mad at him.


11/2/2011 #254

Ally danced with Albus.

Aliyana was drinking punch and she saw Lynn, so she walked over and said, "Hi Lynn."

(I know I accepted your character)

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #255

(can we rp there?thanks)

Lynn smiled. " Oh, hi."

Albus smiled,dancing.

11/2/2011 #256


Ally smiled too.

"How's it going?" Aliyana asked.

11/2/2011 #257

"Good,how are you and Albus?" Lynn asked.

Albus smiled. " Want some punch?"

11/2/2011 #258

"Were good." Aliyana said.

"Sure." Ally said.

11/2/2011 #259

Lynn smiled. " That's good."

Albus got some punch to Ally.

11/2/2011 #260

"Yep." Aliyana said. "Have you seen Ally's baby yet?"

"Thanks. Hey Aliyana is talking to Lynn." Ally said.

11/2/2011 #261

Lynn shook her head. " no, I didn't know she had a baby."

Albus nodded. " I know, shall we go over there,or leave them to talk?"

11/2/2011 #262

Aliyana said, "Oh well she's adorable. She's 1 year old."

Ally said, "Well I want to go over there."

11/2/2011 #263

Lynn smiled. " I'd like to meet her."

Albus nodded and walked over. " Hi."

11/2/2011 #264

Ally followed.

Aliyana said, "Well you have to ask Ally, I think Sonya's is sleeping." She smiled at Albus and said, "Hi."

11/2/2011 #265

Lynn smiled at Ally. " Hi. Can I meet your daughter?"

Albus smiled back at Alyiana,kissing her cheek.

11/2/2011 #266

"Sure, I have to check on her anyways you can come." Ally said.

Aliyana blushed when he kissed her and smiled.

11/2/2011 #267

Lynn nodded and followed her.

Albus kept kissing her.

11/2/2011 #268

Ally said, "So how are things between you and Albus sinc the break up?"

Aliyana turned and kissed his lips.

11/2/2011 #269

Lynn replied. " We're friends."

Albus blushes,kissing her back.

11/2/2011 #270
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